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HTC HD2 Finds Mr. Blurrycam Along With Its Friend, The Nokia Nuron

2010-03-05 10.06.42

Arguably, the HTC HD2 is one of the most anticipated devices T-Mobile has launched in recent memory.  As a Windows Phone powerhouse, it may be the device to bring those who might have otherwise snubbed their nose at Windows devices back into the fold.  While we wait for more news, rumors and gossip regarding a possible or unlikely upgrade to Windows Phone 7, this phone will be here in just about 2 weeks.  Thanks to Mr. Blurrycam who managed to get his hands on the device extra early and was kind enough to send a few pictures our way.  As an extra present, he also included two extra images of the Nokia Nuron.   Our source was also kind enough to reiterate that the original release date of March 24th is still the working date and the phone will be available at a price of $199.99 as we first leaked.  If you’ve been waiting for branded images of the T-Mobile HD2 to show up in the wild, today is that day!

Catch the images after the break!

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