Microsoft Crushes Hopes Of A WP7 Upgrade For HD2


There have been quite a few rumors of a Windows Phone 7 OS upgrade for the HD2, and, until now, there was hope for a possible upgrade to the Windows Phone 7.  In an interview with APC Magazine, Microsoft claims that the HTC HD2 does not meet their criteria for the new OS.  Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out that the HD2 will not qualify for an upgrade to WP7 as “it doesn’t have the three buttons”.   The three buttons Kwan refers to are the Home, Back and Search keys that are mandatory for all Windows Phone 7 devices.  The HD2, on the other hand, has Call, Home, Start, Back and End/Power controls.  Buttons might not be the only things keeping this Snapdragon monster from a WP7 upgrade.  Tony Wilkinson, Business Operations Director for Microsoft Australia said, “There are some hardware components that the HD2 doesn’t have”. Thanks for crushing our hopes and dreams, Microsoft!

Could this possibly affect T-Mobile HD2 sales? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • sorandkairi

    Nope still getting mine, then when WM7 comes out… give it to the wife!

  • pecoy

    Damnthat sucks. Well I’m gonna have to try out the hd2 in person before making a desicion.

  • aLb3Rt

    well then screw winmo7 and microsoft. hd2 is mine once it comes out and put android on it………. or maemo………. or meego……. or whatever….. lmao

  • Kal

    This is a bummer. Now it is going to (for me) depend on the price. I would not mind buying a phone with an OS that will be outdated before my contract is up, if I could upgrade. Knowing that I can’t means I dunno.

    I could deal with outdated hardware (current crop of android phone, minus the N1) because the development community is there. looking at the windows app store and having a gut feeling it will not get much better (due to the OS changes coming) makes me a bit bummed out.

    I still am riding the fence and will not commit one way or the other. But who knows.

  • coney

    It will mess up sales cause I’m not going to buy it now. Ill stick with my blackberry for now

  • dub

    This is sure to hurt T-Mo sales on this phone. If I was T-Mo I wouldn’t even shelf it. T-Mo USA needs to pump up it’s financials to keep from getting lost in the Dutch Shuffle.. It’s obvious this would not and will not be a good product for them with this type of announcement. Me Personally I had high hopes for this product and I just about held off on getting my Nexus One to wait this one out. But I went ahead and grabbed the Nexus One in hopes to grab this one as well when it came to T-MO stores. But it looks like a Flop.. T-Mo USA take some aggression and make HTC/WinMo step up to the plate and don’t let HTC or WinMo(To be Specific) walk over you.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Funny! I said the same thing about google and the nexus1, don’t let them walk over you. At least you can get the hd2 in tmob stores.

  • Akulamenuri

    The Nexus One has ridiculous requirements for subsidized pricing and a bad 3G radio and now the HD2 will be shipping with a soon to be obsolete OS. In my book T-Mobile is 0/2 in Snapdragon devices.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    “Could this possibly affect T-Mobile HD2 sales?”

    -1 right here. No way I’m going to sign up for another 2 years for a phone that will be outdated in 6 months. Ridiculous. My current contract doesn’t really expire until August anyway, so I guess I’ll go back to waiting. What a joke.


      I hope everyone reading this knows that you don’t have to wait 2 years to upgrade again. My contract is only a little over a year through, and on more expensive phones, my price is the same as a new contract. I love t-mobile.

  • CallawayBomber

    Way to go Microsoft…You let this blurb out because of a button issue before HTC releases this phone? Couldn’t you utilize an extra button for easier access to voice command or something similar since states are passing bills for banning texting and talking while driving? Or easier access if someone was missing a phalanges? Try hitting a micro-sized command button with partial or no fingers? Didn’t think so.

    I would have a hard time with this if I were a product/brand manager for HTC. Yeah, it might be a great device with the best processor. But Microsoft just gave your product a half life, before it even hits a shelf.

    With that being said…T-Mobile better price this product accordingly due to that announcement. I can promise that you’ve turned the wrong people off on wasting money on a dated product. The oblivious will buy…but none of us on here are the oblivious.

    • Kal

      It is more then the 3 buttons guys. Seems that there is an issue with it not having a graphics chip.

  • The Calm

    Fuck winmo and t-mo for realeasing the phone 6 months after its initial release…they fucked themselves over…gettin my N900 and tellin everyone to fall back off this phone!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      That might not be a half bad idea. Nokia n900 seems to be the only thing that works w/ T-mo that is consistent (both in hardware and software (OS) quality)… and T-mo doesn’t even sell it!! Sheesh.
      So the N900, a temporary crackberry, or tough it out in 2010 w/ the G1. BLAH! THATS NO FUN!


      You really think its winmo or t-mobile for the late release. Go do your homework. It was HTC choice.

      • mpv

        I bet HTC wouldn’t even want (or allow, if they have the choice) WP7 on the phone. They’ve played up Sense in the marketing, big-time — the phone even hass “With HTC Sense” printed right on the back. Don’t think they would want Sense to wiped away as part of an official WP7 update, 6 mos. after release.

  • Justinhub2003

    Ah I’m sure if you get the phone xda devs will cook a special rom for it. I’m buying it for more of a mid device myself. . Android is my only true love and the Nexus keeps me satisfied

  • SteveG1

    This phone just lost my vote. So sad.

  • YanivC

    Ill be waiting till November then.
    However, that doesn’t meant his phone isnt glorious in its own right, and Im sure a lot of people are dying to get their mits on it.
    Me…. Im dying to test out Series 7 over my Nexus. As a developer I can honestly say…. Nexus is a great phone… as a cell phone user and consumer I can honestly say… Android still has a waaaaaaaaaaaay to go.

  • Carlos

    I was absolutely going to buy this phone….until now that is! This seemed to be the perfect phone. Not anymore! For me at least. I have my T-Mobile G1 and it’s in perfect condition. I have been waiting for something spectacular to come out on T-Mobile for a long time now and just when I thought the time has come, I find out this phone will be an antique in a few months time. Can someone besides apple make a phone that will be HOT for a long time just like the iphone? I personally don’t want an iphone. I want something new and fresh that will stay current for a long time just like the iphone has stayed current, AND ON TOP OF THE GAME for what seems like FOREVER!! I might just wait for the new iphone or iphone OS or whatever Apple comes up with and just say F**K it and just get one because OBVIOUSLY no one else can do it better. This is not T-Mobile’s fault but if this WP7S doesn’t impress or come through with all their promises, I will be another customer going over to AT&T to enjoy having an iphone and being on top of the competition. I’m really hoping WP7S is going to be as amazing as it seems because that is what I am interested in. I really don’t want to leave T-Mo because they do have the best plans BUT I rather pay a little more and be happy with my device than pay a little less and be jealous of everyone else and be unhappy. We shall see what happens.

    • davidohio

      LMFAO!!!! “On top of the game”. The iphone is nice yes, but it not the best thing out there! It has run it’s course and newer, better things are about to come out or have come out (nexus one) so I don’t mean to make fun of you but your post made me laugh. It is just so funny how people think the iphone hangs the moon. It can’t even send mms! Anyway, that’s just my opinion. You enjoy your iphone if you decide to defect to at&t lol. Cheers.

      • Siberiously

        The iPhone has been able to send mms for forever now. Get your facts straight before you comment. IMO the hd2 is similar to blackberry, great/ beautiful hardware but outdated software/OS. I will most likely pass until t-mobile releases something with top of line hardware and software that is not directly sold by google.


        Maybe if people (Siberiously) took the 30 minutes it takes to make ones phone MUCH better, they could stop complaining.

  • kathi17

    I will definitely wait to see if they get android ported to this phone. With all of the hype surrounding WinMo 7, there are a lot of people who won’t by this phone if there is no hope of an upgrade, especially if it is a high priced phone. Another phone with even better specs which runs WinMo 7 will be right around the corner, and IMO, an awful lot of people will wait.

    I really want the Desire, but if it doesn’t come to T-Mo US, the HD2 was my second choice. I figured it would give me the chance to try WinMo7, with probably an option to switch to Android if it gets ported. (My G1 is running eclair). No way would I buy an expensive WinMo6.5 device. I already have WinMo6.5 and don’t like it as well as Android.

    • Mockerfab4

      There is. It’s called HTC Supersonic and its coming to Sprint.

  • Snapples

    That’s not kool better off putting andriod os in it then windows.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Better shmetter…. yeah, until you hit 2011 and there’s like Android 2.XX, and you have to wait and hope that the handset you own gets picked in the Lucky Droid Update Lottery, which seems to have zero rhyme or reason AND you have to hope that somewhere between the manfuacturer and the carrier, you can even get it.
      Or you can hack it, which is fine for those who know and ENJOY it. Just because I knew how to root my G1 doesn’t mean I acutally enjoy the process or enjoy sitting around week to week searching for the latest Roms. Some could call it a hobby, I call it an f’n chore.

  • Craiger_B

    I’m still getting it. As it has been said before, XDA-developers are amazing when it comes to making these upgrades. On top of that, T-Mobile could put some pressure on HTC and Microsoft that might cause them to change their minds. We should probably remember that WP7 isn’t even final yet. Things could change. I believe that this graphics chip requirement could be laxed if there is enough outcry before the release of WP7. However, this is all wishful thinking.

  • The Wing wasn’t supposed to be able to run Win 6.5, but thanks to the chefs at XDA, mine is running 6.5.x perfectly fine. I really don’t have a lot of doubt that the good folks at XDA will have a WinMo7 ROM available shortly after it’s release. Buttons can always be remapped.

    Besides, I’m looking at it for the sense UI which largely hides Windows anyway.

    It will of course depend on price, and do think the “value” of this phone did go down just a bit with this announcement, so we’ll see what T-Mobile comes up with.

  • Gizmalien

    I’m still getting it. By the time my next upgrade comes along, hopefully they will have patch the inevitable bugs that will surface in WP7S, lol.

  • Deep

    Yeah this post definitely crushed my dreams. I’ve been waiting for this phone for about a year now. I almost pulled the trigger on a few other phones like the Nexus One, but when factoring in the high cost of these phones and committing to another 2 yr agreement, I decided I shouldn’t have to sacrifice with any new phone I bought. I think the HD2 is still a great phone but this announcement will make me wait a little longer before changing out my old phone. Now if xda developers can make WinMo 7 work for the HD2, then all will be great. However I think this will definitely cause new buyers to take a pause for now in regards to making a 2yr commitment and undoubtedly paying a high price tag for a phone featuring an old OS that will not be upgraded.

  • Inuyasha

    I’m definitely still getting this phone. I don’t care about WP7. It’s ugly in my opinion. This announcement hurt sales? Only by SOME that follow this stuff. The average user that doesn’t follow tech blogs probably doesn’t even know about WP7. They’ll be looking and then see a shiny new phone with lots of eye candy.

    • TMoEmployee


      • lol

        Bravo someone actually understands people great job inayusha… my thoughts exactly more than half the people who buys this wont care about wp7 they are gonna walk into t-mobile and see a huge screen and slim like features and as inayusha said eyecandy and buy it no because of WM7

  • ndy500fan

    Are you people seeing something that I am not. The 7 series DOES NOT impress me at all. In fact, I find it quite ugly and dated. The only thing that will stop me from getting the HD2 is if they don’t release it at all. The HD2 with Sense is a far and away more impressive looking phone than any pictures of the 7 series that I have seen. I suspect that some of you are caught up in the newness of it. Sometimes newer doesn’t make it better. On another note. Don’t you think that it might make more sense to wait for an official announcement from somebody in the US that might know a little more than a chick in the Asia/Pacific region. I do think that Microsoft should start doing a little damage control. This announcement is really unfair to T-mobile and HTC.

    • Sgt. Cell

      I have to agree, not sure what’s with all the love for WP7? It looks generic to me. I’m fine with 6.5. Will still get this phone the day it’s released.

    • dub

      I don’t like WM7S either.. the look of it and I prefer Sense UI as well.. But to pay a boat load for this phone and it lose value because it is not upgradable is what I am looking at. This is really unfair to both the consumer and T-Mo and I think T-Mo should do something about it. They should just allow MS to get away with this.

    • davidohio

      I agree with you, I personally don’t care for win7 because it does look ugly and outdated but you know how some people are, they want the latest, greatest asap! Oh well…….

    • newcleus

      WinPho7 may not be the prettiest, but it’s simple which is nice and more importantly, integrates Zune and XBox. That in itself is a good reason to get a device with WinPho7. IMHO anyway.

      • TMoEmployee

        Zune & Xbox!!?? You must be a kid. LOL!

      • beej

        Yup! That’s the main reason I’m waiting for WinPho7…want to finally combine my Zune and phone. Plus, I played around with a friend’s ZuneHD. Oh man, that’s awesome!

      • newcleus

        I’m not a kid – just because I enjoy music and games? Sounds like somebody needs to grow up and realize their is more to life than being serious all the time.

    • miggedy

      You might be right. The HD2 we are getting does have different specs than the one already out overseas. We it doesn’t get WM7 Then just enjoy the phone. It is still a beast can can do what you need it to do. By the time your next upgrade comes WM7 will be bug free.

  • davidohio

    This is not the end of the world folks. I know you are let down but come on…..6.5 is still a good operating system. Look, the technology changes so quickly in this industry. I see comments on here that make me laugh (out loud) ! Win7 will be outdated as soon as it is released, okay. We get a phone upgrade every year or 2, unless you buy a new phone every time one comes out ($$$$), i still have a G1 and it has been a great phone. I think I will get a nexus one, it looks feature rich and vert fast! Also the OS is easily upgradeable as future upgrades become available (no matter how many buttons it has lmfao!) Sorry guys, I know you really wanted win7 but I guess this fall/winter you will have a couple devices to choose from that runs win7, maybe even a similar device to the HD2. I personally am sticking with android. I have nothing against windows, its just not for me.

  • Peter

    I think this is a mistake in Windows part. As it stand the HD2 is the most powerful device in the market and will be release in the states this month. If they really want user feed back on WM7, the HD2 is a the way to go. Other than that, sit back and let apple steal the show again with their 4th gen Iphone. One would think they would try and push this out to get folks into it. Because right now everyone wants to try this OS out. Get them while they are hot.

  • GMoney

    Certainly affects my potential purchase. I was seriously considering buying the HD2 assuming it was going to be upgradable to WP7. But I sure as hell to want to be stuck with 6.5…

  • Mockerfab4

    Nope. Still planning to buy it off contract. I’m sure WM7 will buggy as heck as soon as it comes out, so will wait at least 6 months before investing in it.

  • dub

    I just looking out for myself and other consumers as well as T-Mo.. This hurt their sales.. believe me it did! before the handset is even released.

  • just some d?de

    @ Its just my style of writing, it keeps things exiting for the forum, what you call inflammatory is just my opinion. As i have said before if someone does not like the comments i make just pass my post and move on to the next one. This is still a free country is it not where someone can express them selves.

    • David

      It’s not your style of writing, nobodies style of writing is “Android Rules” unless their entire vernacular is limited to two words. It doesn’t keep things exciting for the forum, you do it for no other purpose other than to inflame and ignite contempt for your posts. You get a kick out of it and probably look forward to this as part of your daily routine. The free country routine is tired, as is the free speech argument which isn’t so black and white. You want to keep posting, try adding to the debate rather than constantly derailing it.

      • just some d?de

        contempt i can handle it does not matter to me, I am also saddened by your view on the “free country/speech” view. It is people like you that benefit most from free speech. and to call it tired is a shame. When two people have opposing viewpoints on a subject sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to add to the opposition.

        • David

          See a well reasoned and well thought out reply…much much better.

      • davidohio

        Very well said David, and very true. He does it just to egg people on.

  • Srinivas


    can anyone tell what are the limitations of Andriod as far as exchange e-mail is concerned vs windows mobile? any workarounds for the limitations

    wanted to get HD2 but now with this new thinking of going Android way

    • Mockerfab4

      There is an app you can buy which is apparently $15 that does Activesync mail, calendar and contacts. I’m sure Anroid fan has the name of the app. I had Android and the the big problem it had was it’s inability to handle Outlook calendar, contacts and mail. I missed appts on calendar because of it.

      Didn’t get the $15 app. I returned it instead.

      • mpv

        I believe the app is called TouchDown (and there are others, too)

  • Yeah it’s ME

    I really really really hate using this phrase but it’s the only one that seems appropriate…epicfail (I feel like a lame just saying it)…anyway, I’m not sure how long I can stay on tmo…I NEED a new phone but the only ones doing anything for me are the nexus one (which I’m not paying $529 up front for) and the HD2 (which isn’t going to be upgraded)…what am I to do??

  • Winmo4ever

    That’s a bummer but not surprising. By the time the Windows mobile 7 actually does come out, there will be another monster phone on the block.

  • lp894

    7 syllables…….X-D-A De-vel-op-ers lolol!

  • newcleus

    I will say that I’m now having 2nd thoughts about getting this. I’m still leaning towards it because I don’t want to keep fighting with my G1 and I have faith that the XDA dev’s will cook up a ROM for this and give us the Zune integration (that’s what I really want). Well that and a phone/device that is fast.

  • WMisbest

    Yeah I would place my bet on XDA Developers modding a ROM to get 7 on HD2. It will probably not have all of the capabilities if the devise is lacking a Graphics card but o well. I do think the price should reflect the lack of an official upgrade.

  • Bryan

    More than the basic operating system differences it really effects the development of applications for the phone in the future. I am more concerned with being able to find the applications that I currently use on Android or similar ones for windows mobile 6.5. The WP7 announcement killed off much of the development market for WM6.5 applications since they will not work with WP7 at the end of the year. Development for WM applications is already far behind Iphone and Android and getting further behind by the day.

    I have no problem with WM6.5 as an OS but the HD2 will most likely be an expensive phone, and will be lacking support as the OS ages and developers move on to WP7 over the next 6 months – 1 year. If the phone launches around $350 on a 2 year contract (same as a touch pro 2 when that phone launched) then it is not much more to get a Nexus one and know that the phone has full software support.

    I will still be getting a HD2 to try out since I am mostly interested in the Sense UI, if I cant make it work for me I will return it and order a nexus 1.

  • da9th_one

    if that comment came from the guys over at xda, it would have more merit…

  • Cortex

    Not having WP7 is not what is going to kill the HD2. Having a windows OS, period, is enough to kill it. Android is superior to windows mobile in so many ways, one of the most notable being the marketplace for apps. I love everything else about the HD2, but I just can’t settle for that OS.

  • TM-Tech1

    T-Mobile we stick together and over at XDA we stick together, I’m still getting the T-Mobile version HD2… I will turn this phone into a multimedia freak mobile device… Window mobile 7, that’s why we got XDA, but HTC and T-Mobile should do something about this too, this bad news will definitely hurt T-Mobile sales of the HD2 without a doubt……

  • MG

    Atleast we found out before anybody rushed out and bought the tmo hd2. Now you can make a choice if you want to wait till dec. to get the latest WINMO 7 or get the hd2 now and it would be ‘last years news’ in less than a year. I bet TMO was not going to tell you that when you purchased the phone. This is why we come to tmonews

  • dsim91

    Get it or don’t just remeber when you pass on the HD2 because no wm7s update or you are to scared or cheap you will be carrying a piece of junk phone and I will be carrying the best phone ever made to date the HD2 see I’m buying based on what the phone has to offer not what we we’re all wish it would get so stop crying about it and move on

    • davidohio

      Wow dsim91, all that and not one single period or comma. This is what is called poor writing skills. I mean where does one sentence end and another begin? It is really annoying reading your post, please learn how to write a paragraph.

      • dsim91

        If you are annoyed by my post then skip over it this is a post on a blog site not a letter to a friend or a email sent at work or a english paper submitted for grading so find yourself a life an get over it :)


      While he needs punctuation badly, I would have to slightly agree with dsim91

    • just some d?de

      you can have the best hardware out there, its what drives the hardware underneath that counts. And if you have the HD2 with the same old crappy WM then waht do you really have, A phone that has potential but really is crap.

      • Nick

        @ just some troll

        With evry single stupid post you just prove more and more how stupid you are. Feel really sorry for you.

  • Nick M

    this was the exact reason I left winmo and switched to Android.

  • kevin niven

    That kills it for me. No sale here, ill stick with Android!

  • TrinNY

    Actually I think TMO lucked out on this one better to find out now. HTC realeased the phone in the USA in 2010 it was not a TMO decision. But let’s see how savvy TMO’s marketing ppl are they should let HTC know that they still owe them a premiere release on a hot phone. Of course they will never do that. I was on the fence on the HD2 now I’ll wait til November. What I really need is an upgrade for my G1.

  • TMoEmployee

    Who gives two craps about WP7! The Sense UI is way more attractive. Everyone is getting caught up in the “new” hype. Chill the F* out! And, I think what’s pissing me off, is the fact that there are no facts! Everyone here is speculating! WP7, Android, 6.5! Wow, you people are so geeky shallow. I love technology, God knows I do. It’s not going to hurt sales for T-Mobile, from the average user. And believe me, there are many more average users out there than techy geeks. I’m still selling Touch Pro 2’s and G1’s. Most people want a device that will handle their everyday lives with a some kick. Geeks want to dissect, probe and restructure. Geeks, they heard you! They made the N900! You can do damn near anything you want with that device. The HD2 is sleek and sexy. A multi-media beast and it’s compatible with the everyday PC user. You know, outlook and Microsoft Office Suite. That’s what they want. Are you people really looking at this WP7!? Do you know something about it we don’t know? And I say all this without bias…why? Because I’m a Mac lover, to death! I hate Windows and all of it’s unstableness. But, this phone looks good with that HTC Sense. It’s either this or the N900 for me. Again, I’m a techy but all the phone has to do is make calls, browse the net, have a nice UI, a good calendar, and a couple of entertainment and productivity features and I’m set. In other words people, stop crying all over your pathetic suggestion box rhetoric and get a life!
    T-Mobile will sell a million bars (of HD2)!! LOL!! (Courtesy of Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka)…

    • wojax2

      what a great post brother!!!! I agree with you 100%!!!! you silly-whiney a$$es are still gonna buy this beast! quit bitchin or go grab your bad reception nexus one!damn! listening to some of these post sound like im in a freakin nursery,with 10-day old babies…no win mo 7?!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! people…..chill, you’re still gettin this phone-stop the nonsense t-mob costumers.Be thankful we are the only provider to get this phone.


    Forget this. It will be quite easy to unofficially “upgrade” to windows phone 7. Its why we rely on tech freaks, to cook these things up.

  • Innuendo

    Do you guys really think WinPhonee Classic skined to HTC sense is going to be outdated just because 7 series comes out? Sure I love 7 series as much as the next guy but sense is still sense and that more than makes this a killer platform still.

    /still bummed, but not as ape shit as you guys

  • JR

    Why is everyone surprised? New platform, new phones, more money. Even if it did meet all the “specs” they still wouldn’t do it because they would loose money on the licensing. No surprise here. The HD2 will sell just fine using 6.5.3. because it has the sense overlay. Hey with TMOs upgrades to it why wouldn’t you want it?

  • SEFan

    Well, this definitely gives me pause. Still, I’m not a true phone geek like a lot of the others here, so I’ll at least give the HD2 a look. If it doesn’t have 3G radio issues I might get acceptable functionality out of it for a couple years. It does bother me that the HD2 is likely to be an expensive device at the end of its OS life cycle. I don’t need that many apps, but I will want SOME. Who’s going to develop, or maintain, apps for an OS that’s going extinct? A lot will depend on pricing as well. If the HD2 is seriously expensive the N900 is going to look more attractive…

    This one hurts because T-Mo for once is bringing a first-line device and now MicroSquish decides to essentially screw it over. Sort of like Google and the Nexus One. Should have been the absolute killer Android device, but the 3G reception issue has really hurt sales. Are we T-Mobile users cursed?

  • ME

    This saddens my heart, I hope that the XDA community will come out w/ a wp7 rom and that will be that fix..cause I have a g1 now and the cobwebs are forming, but everyday a new rom comes out and give the other android phones a run for their money.. but it’s a small screen..maybe i’ll get the HD2 and wait for android 2.1 to make an appearance on the HD2

  • NewGuy

    All of you people who are complaining are idiots. How do you survive in the real world? Do you not buy a car because a new model is coming out next year? Do you not buy a computer because a newer model is in the works? Did you not buy DVDs for 6 years because there were rumors of a new DVD technology coming out? A few of you with intelligence already mentioned that by the time WM7 comes out it will already be obsolete, so start hating on WM7. It must suck, cause Microsoft is already working on something new. Oh yeah, and T-Mobile sucks too cause they don’t have WM8 phones yet. I’m going to Sprint cause that’s how my logic works…
    Sales will not be affected, because only the 15 or so crybabies on here aren’t going to purchase the phone. Everyone else in the country is going to buy the phone because it satisfies their needs now, not 8 months from now. I know phones are expensive and you’re making a big investment. But there is always something new in the works, so you pull the trigger based on what exists now. We all know things happen and releases get pushed back, so WM7 probably won’t come out till 2011 and there will be newer and better phones.
    And I’ll check back then to see the same crybabies on here whining about those phones too.

    • TMoEmployee

      I like you (not like that) but, I like you… LOL!

  • Richard

    Well unless I’m missing something I’m confused.

    Considering when it comes out the HD2 will be arguably by far and away still the best handset on T-Mobile I find it hilarious that there are those that are upset by this announcement… besides the fact that you have NO idea what WM7 devices T-Mo will actually get or how ‘outdated’ they may be when we get them.

    To me, and I haven’t paid all that much attention because I still haven’t made up my mind if I even want it… but by what I’ve read and seen the OS now with the Sense overlay looks better to me then WM7 does by itself… and since the hardware itself is superior to anything being offered……… what is it about the phone that would now make those that considered it look at it and consider it ‘outdated?’

    The simple truth is that even if you purchase a brand-spankin’-new WM7 device in December this year… by March 2011 it’s going to be outdated in the hardware dept anyway.

    If you’re concerned about the OS……. geez, I guess I’m old enough to remember not even knowing what an OS is or was or even mattered on a phone.

    If it works… it works. If the apps are there you like now, it’s probably not going to matter what’s there 6 months from now because half of you will just end up buying a new phone then anyway. It’s what the phone companies depend on.

    • NewGuy

      Amen brother, amen….we need more intelligent people like you on here. David, any chance you can institute an IQ test before anyone can post??

    • DarkCloud

      I’m glad someone has sense because i think ppl are just lazy and stupid to under that if you have had a WIN mobile phone and you haven’t heard of cooked ROMs which i put my bottom dollar on it XDA will have a Cooked ROM available alone with cabs to change the function of one bottom action to be search. Besides look at the specs of the HD2 t-mobile version what phone out there or 6 months to come will have better specs than that. Look at the road map for 2010- 2011 of HTC’s release device not one of them have the specs of the t-mobile version. also just think about it what hardware will wm7 phones have what a 2ghz processor 1G RAM 1G ROM to be honest if a phone needs that to run some tiles i only see winmo7 being a epic FAIL :). Don’t let this article crush your hopes. Remember this if you have doubts of what this phone can do visit also think about this if a ZUN runs this new OS with lesser specs than the HD2 just added phone and email features there’s something wrong i hate apple with all my heart lol but if they can run and iphone of the same hardware as the iPod touch IDK what to say but don’t listen to these fools like “Natasha Kwan” we both know that things and news changes before anything is released, besides by the time the OS pops you’ll being buying another phone but as for hardware the HD2 thats the t-mbile verison of this phone if you dont know the specs check it out, but this phone superior in its field.thats all i got to say.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      EXACTLY!!! Could not have put it better.

    • lensovet

      AMEN BROTHER! That’s why the iPhone was so successful, because the OS is NOTHING and hardware is EVERYTHING…CHECK OUT THOSE SPECS…*drool*…LOL.

      get a grip.

      • John V

        Really, and it tool APPLE three generations of iPhones to get a native video camera. And even that app is a little disappointing.

    • Usman

      There’s a huge difference between buying a phone and it being “outdated” after a few months, and buying a phone that’s outdated before you unbox it. I know you love T-mobile and maybe MS, but you can’t escape that fact that this is a serious problem for the geek community.. and we’re the ones that propagate these new devices into the market.

      The only saving grace this phone has is SenseUI. That’ll sell some units on its own.

    • Scritz McGritz

      I was considering getting the HD2, but hearing this announcement is pushing me towards the Nexus One. Actually this announcement is the reason why I am going to get the nexus one. Really Htc and WM, Really, such a stupid mistake. I was never a fan of WM to begin with.

    • davidohio

      I agree. So much whining and complaining. “If it was android”, “if it had win7”, blah blah blah. It is what it is, a very sweet, fast device fully loaded and clearly the best thing out there, but for some people it just isn’t good enough! These are the type of people who will never be satisfied with any device that comes out or any device they get. They will always find something to whine and complain about. “Outdated”…lmfao! Seriously guys??, wake up.

  • CEO2Be

    Whatever! I am still getting this baby. I don’t care for the new look of W7 anyway.

  • Akulamenuri

    I think it is ridiculous that people are saying their going to buy the HD2 and wait for XDA to cook something up. XDA is a wonder to have but I hate the idea of buying a phone when out the box it needs to be fixed. Hacking should be done because you want to, not because you NEED to.

    • DJ LU

      I agree but I believe thats why T mObile is taking so long to release the HD2, they must be solving all the issues before releasing it. My opinion HD2 is the most impressive phone out rite now and I never understood why would HTC want W7 to push their Sense UI to the side anyways?

    • Tom

      Necessity is the mother of invention…

  • Jr

    I don’t understand why anyone would want a MS OS on their phone. I just ordered the N1 and a big selling point for me was that it does NOT have a Windows OS.
    As a faithful PC user for the last 20 years now, I would appreciate it if MS would keep their focus on their desktop/laptop OS. They don’t exactly have a stellar track record on that front. (I was “fortunate” enough to purchase my last laptop during that unfortunate window of time when Vista was the only OS offered. I’ve suffered through it and it works ok now, but definitely not ideal.)

    • Mockerfab4

      Exactly how I feel about Google. Google needs to focus on search engines and maps. Had a horrible experience with Android. I actually use Bing Maps now, because of the many new features they are developing. Once Bing goes on every iPhone and WM7 device, watch out Google…

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Being a current (and avid) Android user, I can agree… However, the specs of the HD2 are just too impressive to pass up. With Sense and WinMo 6.5.3, I found my TP2 very useable (with a cooked ROM of course) and even if I can’t get an Android ROM to load on the HD2, I’ll be happy with WinMo 6.5.3.

      • Usman

        Honestly, aside from the screen size, comparing the other specs of this phone to the N1 is apples to oranges. Android doesn’t need the ROM or RAM that WM does… it’s bloated and therefore requires a lot more resources.

      • Scritz McGritz

        You are comparing apples with apples. The N1 and HD2 are two phones with a 1ghz processor, that happen to have different operating systems.

  • randall

    why is this suprizing to anybody, as soon as the winmo 7 specs were anounced it was clear the HD2 wasnt going to be upgraded.It doesnt meet MS specs.It will still be a kickass device regardless.

    I am still waiting for the motoroi myself.

  • WMisbest

    It’s not so much about the os. It is about the freaking apps! Like it was mentioned previously, Developers will begin to develop for 7 and 6.5 not so much and as we know 7 series apps will not be compatible with 6.5.x so this is the largest issue for me. Not a dead os but a lack of development. (not so worried but this is my issue presently).

  • mmafighter077

    That sucks but I’m looking more forward to Android being ported to it. That will heal the wound of this bad news. For shame Microsoft… for shame!

    • Scritz McGritz

      OMFG that would be the best Android on the HD2… That would be like the ultimate phone. OMFG stop getting me excited man… It’s never going to happen though on T-mobile.

  • dial7

    If everyone in the country is going to buy this phone then I definitely dont want it now. Furthermore, whoever thinks wps 7 looks outdated must be smokin apples or androids.

  • Reason #685 to get an Android phone…

    • efjay

      Yep, enjoy using Xbox and Zune on your android phone.

      • Mockerfab4

        Or Outlook sync…

      • Ritchie

        Not an XBOX, or a zube fan, itunes, wii and PS3

      • davidohio

        Xbox and zune are cool….if you are 12 years old.

    • Oce

      Or native support for apps to ad card. My biggest quam with android.

      • Usman

        Google has already said they’re working on this. By the time anyone really NEEDS Apps2SD, it will be out. For now, there’s no way you can fill up the storage unless you download shit just for the hell of it and never use it.

  • geonex88

    To think that a company as connected to Microsoft as HTC couldn’t get a waiver from Microsoft to make the transition to WM7 on the HD2, would be idiotic.

    If the HD2 never formally supports WM7, it will be due to the engineering cost of pushing an update out.

    I’ll still probably buy an HD2, though it will be interesting to see what the new iPhone has in store, other than video chat and an ebook reader. My G1 is a mediocre device that has been all but forgotten in a little over a year.

  • wojax2

    by the way-did everyone forget the lg prototype that was shown with winmo 7? didnt it have like-5 buttons?! just sayin..

    • just some d?de

      WM7 will go away just like that zune thing did.

  • Nobody cares

    This doesn’t affect my decision one bit. I’ll be there day one to buy this bad boy.

  • Idk. I still want either this phone or the Motoroi, or maybe even the MyTouch Slide. Or any great spec Android for that matter. A good phone is a good phone regardless of the spanking new/current OS.

  • lp894

    Seriously….as long as XDA is still around…this phone will most definitely be ported to Windows Phone 7…and I’ll use it. Not only that….but WM 6.5 isn’t SOON to be outdated. The fact that this phone is getting reviews like this means that the upgraded processor, in addition to the capacitive touch screen make a difference in WM usability. The only thing that makes me question it is the lack of physical keyboard…but hey…imma try it anyway. And yea….everyone in the world might have this phone especially since it’ll be the first WM phone with a capacitive touch screen

    • Ben Scarbalis

      With a screen size bigger than the iphone, at least typing on the screen “should” be easier. I still prefer my blackberry keyboard however, aka a physical keyboard.

  • Ben Scarbalis

    Remember people, every piece of hardware, and equipment is outdated the moment you buy it. I think of the phone like this,
    This will be the best Windows 6.5 phone to date whereas, the first Windows 7 phone to come out will be flawed with errors since it will be the first of its kind. Agree of Disagree???
    I see it in my laptop, just 6 months old, and now their is a better version with a better processor, battery, etc for 50 dollars less.
    Im still happy with my blacberry 8520, and now that the 9000 bold is out i know that i cant keep up with technology. Just deal with what you have.

  • jamssx

    You’ll have to translate it but WP7 on the HD2 already has been spotted. Even if not official it works….

    • efjay

      This is a fake.

    • Oce


  • SactoKings

    Hopefully this puts a little less hurt in the price….doubt it though. Regardless, I already have my case and screen protector ready for this….I’m buying it Day #1.

  • At first I was a bit discouraged. I’m due for an upgrade for a phone anyway though. I’m patient enough that I don’t have to get a WP7 phone as soon as one comes out. I can wait until next June when there will be even better WP7 phones than there will be at WP7’s release.

    • SactoKings

      Good point Josh.

  • dsim91

    Let me ask this has anyone seen the tmo version ? We all know it has more ram and rom memory . But does anybody have an answer why it is taller than the older versions already released ?

    • efjay

      Couple of t-mo employees has posted they have held one and so far no one has mentioned anything different about the external hardware.

  • It seems I will be holding onto my G1 for just a little longer.

  • TopOfNewYork

    We knew this for awhile. HD isnt getting an upgrade b/c Microsoft decided it wants to be apple more than anything else. They are trying to create a Zune phone to rival the iphone. They firmly believe its possible. We’ll know more about it soon but ‘unless it has the buttons’ fits right with this scheme. Odds of WM7 bombing are still very high based on this information.

    • efjay

      I’d like to borrow your crystal ball, please.

  • illone

    The reason HD2 not getting WP7 matters is because once WP7 is released, WM6.5 will likely not receive many more 3party apps; also WP7 apps will undoubtedbly look nice.

    So getting a confirmed no to HD2 getting WP7 means much more than buying an outdated device; you are buying a device with a deadend to future apps. In addition, WP7 will have zune and xbox integration. Meaning tons of games will be unavailable to HD2 owners. And easy zune pass access (something I personally value) is also less than stellar.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “The reason HD2 not getting WP7 matters is because once WP7 is released, WM6.5 will likely not receive many more 3party apps; also WP7 apps will undoubtedbly look nice.”

      I seriously doubt it… with literally MILLIONS of 6.5.x phones still out there, there will be tons of apps still available and still under active development. Look at it this way… XP, which is nearly 9 years old now, still has a very active development ecosystem. WinMo 6.5.x has the same (not nearly as large, but still very active).

      WM7 development is likely to be slow at first with momentum growing over the first and second years.

      • illone

        95% or greater of programs written for windows 7 or vista are backward compatible to XP. So to say XP still has an active development ecosystem is meaningless. You write a program for windows 7 and presto, it works in XP.

        The same is not true for WP7 and WM6. We will learn more at MIX, but they have said as much that programs written for the two are in no way compatible. New API’s, new design philoshies: i.e. WP7 will not support multi processing which probably means programs will be forced to support some type of serialization for mid process loading/unloading, programs will not have direct access to the system, so programs will be heavily dependent on the new WP7 API. In the end, it will be more than a token of plugging in a new API to get a WP7 program to work in WM6 and vice versa.

        As for the WM6 current install base inspiring developers to continue support, it could go either way. If you’re a big company with an APP, then you’re more likely to have the resources to support two platforms (code branches). But if you’re an individual or small team, then time is going to be the constraing factor. Thus you have to make a decision on where you’re going to spend that time, on the older platform with a bigger but dieing install base, or the new platform with no install base, thus exponetially growing install base.

        Also, microsoft is going to be doing quality insurace on programs before they reach the MarketPlace. The crietria will not only be the things I mentioned above like like serialiation support and CPU performance tuning, but I assume will include things like professional looking UI’s and the like. Which means WM6 owners will not have access to these better looking/higher quality apps.

        If you’re buying a HD2, you should really consider what app support will be like.

      • illone

        *multi-processing should be multi-threading

      • illone

        *multi-processing should read multi-threading

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m still buying this, but I’ll be using SPB Carousel Mobile Shell 3.5 ROM instead of WinMo 6.5. It just looks much better in my opinion even though I have no problem with WinMo 6.5. Now I just need the price. This is getting like the Nexus One which didn’t turn out too good with Tmobile existing customers.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      SPB Carousel Mobile Shell 3.5 looks waaayyyy better to me than WP7 anyway so I’m perfectly fine with it.

  • manushka

    All it means to me is that the phone just might be cheaper to get and that it might not sell out on release day. still getting this puppy

    • Mockerfab4

      That’s exactly what I’m hoping for too! Was afraid with all this hype surrounding this phone, it may sell out. But if people are going to stay away, then I’ll hopefully have a shot at getting it.

  • Contents

    I’ve been waiting for this phone for a year and just about fell over when I read this.

    With this news I just ordered a Nexus One. While this 6.5 release will be nice I don’t want to be stuck with it. XDA doesn’t have a Android rom yet that I can see.

    I’m going to miss the great screen size and HD radio but here’s my plan: I just spent $566 on the Nexus one. My contract will remain open, and when a WIN 7 device does come out I sell the Nexus One and purchase the new phone subsidized.

    Currently using an iPhone on the EDGE network, and canot take it any longer. Must get 3g!

  • Abhishek

    Another DUMB move from Microsoft.

    Why do they discourage people from buying one of there own product? That too for a product that is not even ready. WM7 is way too far from even being ready.

    MS executives shud just shut there stupid mouth for the sake of retaining market share.

    • efjay

      Better this was said now than after people had bought the device under the false impression it would get an upgrade.

      • Lance

        Amen, I was practically committed to buying this phone, blindly hoping for an upgrade, official or not (xda release). Microsoft was nice enough to keep me from buying a soon-deadend.

  • Flgirll

    I figured it wasn’t going to be upgradeable since at the MWC they announced that any phone with Windows Phone 7 would have to use the same interface, hence no HTC Sense overlay. I knew after that announcement that there was no way that this phone would see an upgrade for it. But that’s okay for me, I still really like the phone and it looks like it will be one of the best phones that Tmo have to offer. I’ve been long overdue for an upgrade (I STILL have my old MDA) so the HD2 is the phone for me. I’m just waiting for the official release date. :-)

  • TheDude

    Go XDA!

  • Deep

    Sign the petition to show support for HD2 and WinMo7!


    I’m going to buy it then sell it when a comparable wm7 phone comes out. It’s not that hard folks.

  • Dave

    Disappointed in this announcement? Yes.

    Frustrated? No. Mad? No.

    I dont fully understand this move from a marketing stand-point: Announce a sexy new OS, get people buzzing about WinPho7 only to have your next release be on the old software with no upgrade path.

    Had this phone dropped last christmas I would have totally understood – its the nature of the tech world – buy a device and have it seem “old” in a matter of days, but to KNOW your device is going to be old before you unbox it does take some luster away.

    That all being said – I am about 99% positive this will be a day 1 purchase -later on, if I do want to go WinPho7 I will simply use my other upgrade and give the HD2 to a family member who isnt as phone crazy as I.

    To summarize – Im disappointed, but not surprised or angry. The HD2 is a beast and should be the top phone on the market until the new WinPho7’s come out about 8 months later (roughly).

    • Todd


    • Todd

      Nice post.

  • Wilferico

    Just writing a title like “Microsoft Crushes Hopes Of A WP7 Upgrade For HD2” for this article shows a high level of bias.

    As far as I know, Microsoft never mentioned the HTC HD2 would have an upgrade to WP7. All these expectations have been fueled by rumors, so get a live and stop making assumptions and rumors into false statements.

    • davidohio

      LMFAO!! Wilferico got OWNED!!!!

    • Wilferico

      Wow, I bet that if I would have written such an insulting message, I would be moderated and kicked out of this place. Before calling yourself an “Editor”, you should learn manners and how to treat your readers.

      I don’t need to learn how to write or spell… you instead, need to learn how to be respectful with your readers. What you just did, is just abusing your “editor” position and hiding behind it. Grow up, buddy!

  • jmts80

    Well that killed it 4 me. Guess I am going with the Nexus 1 and hope i dont have all those 3G problems :/

  • Lindsay Vonn

    I wasn’t getting this phone anyway, but this is enough to make me tell any friends or family considering it to just get an iphone or android phone.

  • david

    microsoft sucks!!!!

  • bmx2500

    Echoing some of what has been said, I think HTC sense with 6.5 would still be a compelling feature on the HD2 despite not having WP7. The idea is to have a easy to use UI for using the basic and often used functions while yet still retaining the ability to access older apps as needed. I was thinking the whole point of WP7 was to mesh a intuitive UI that would allow older apps to used seamlessly. However, I hear that WP7 will not be backwards compatible with legacy apps.
    So basicly, MS is starting from scratch with a very small library of apps. So you would have to wait till MS comes out with WP7. for them to “get it right”? expletitive that! If I wanted to go with a open source OS that was current with intuitve interfaces then I would go with Android and not wait for MS to “cath up”.
    I think I’ll be more than happy with the HD2 as is thank you very much.

  • Lee
  • Mockerfab4

    Interesting read from Engadget. I’d reserve wait until the MIX Conference on March 15-17, when I think we’ll hopefully get a clear answer on whether this phone will be upgradeable or not:

  • delarol000

    home button (start)…start button (windows search)… Back button
    (back) …there problem solved now give us w7 on hd2

  • Z


    oh well, it has been fun fantasizing, HD2.

  • Tom

    I will say this much for the rumor – I believe it. The main reason I do is that Verizon and AT&T did not jump on this phone right out of the gate. There’s a reason, and it wasn’t because TMO offered more money or incentives for it.

    At this point it looks like this will be the Premier Windows 6.5-6.? device. It’s still a beauty. It will sell. And yes, I’m sure the XDA fellas will have this device begging for mercy by the time 7 comes out.

    • efjay

      What makes you so sure at&t and Verizon had info on WP7S that T-Mo wouldnt have had? Are you suggesting either T-Mo was deceived by HTC or that T-Mo knew and decided to offer it anyway? Doesnt make sense for a carrier to enter into an exclusivity contract that they knew would be good for only a few months.

  • J-Hop2o6

    tmo should also release a WP7 version of the HD2 called HD2.5, lol.. what do u guys think?

  • Putting Windows on this device instead of Android was a mistake to begin with. That’s like coming out with a new Ferrari and putting a lawnmower engine in it.

  • davidohio

    Lmao …there is really a petition for this??? Hell no! Lol. Yeah, good luck with that. I don’t think the Hd2 will ever see win7 because by the end of the year, when win7 becomes available, and considering it does not get delayed until 2011, HTC will have a couple devices like the HD2 or better that will run win7, so all this debate about win7 on the HD2 and win7 is completly a waste of time and energy. Think about it.

  • gargoyle999

    Tomorrow is the first day for training that was listed on that T-Mo screen shot. Hopefully some more info shows up by tomorrow afternoon. Price and official release date have to be coming out SOON!

  • Ariel

    Typical Microsoft, “oh it doesn’t the three buttons” Can they be any more pathetic? Goes to show you the lack of imagination they have at that company.

  • Sanjay

    HD2 in March, WM7 in December. Big time difference. I just got my TP2 late last year and now the HD2 is already out. I bet there will be a bigger badder phone out that I will want anyway by December. This makes no difference. I would much rather get WM7 on a phone pre-installed than upgrade to it. Its all about the hardware anyway. The key to the HD2 will be pricing. If they price it high then it becomes a concern. The TP2 full price was quite high for a phone that is already obsolete (kind of) in 7 months because of the HD2.

  • Nobody Cares

    STFU already about WM7 on this phone. Either you are getting this phone or not, end of story….if you aren’t getting it, then why keep crying and bitching about it. Give it a rest already.

  • rolo

    Had we not already known & been teased by wp7 no one would mind picking up an HD2. “BUT” we do know and I think many people will wait until 4th quarter hoping for an early release of wp7 sets. I think this will definitely hurt HD2 sales. Softee should held on 2 their face for now their nose is in trouble.

  • ahh

    Doesnt matter still coppin

  • jpg

    Well, I was going to buy it ! They should just put android on it. Problem solved.

    • God

      hop on over to xda devs and you will probably be able to put Android OR WP7 on it…

  • GentillyWoods

    There goes my getting the HD2 in a few weeks! I was looking forward to getting back into Microsoft’s camp. My poor MT3G will have to rock on until I get to see WM7 hardware.

  • Mark

    This puts a serious damper on a great piece of hardware, what a shame!

  • Mog

    If the HD2 doesn’t support WP7, then WP7 has ridiculously high system requirements.

    Either that, or it really is just the buttons, or something equally silly, like an FM radio. Does the HD2 have an FM radio?

  • Bran

    It’s not just the buttons. It doesn’t have the accelerometer or hd radio

    • chaoscentral

      HD Radio is not a requirement, an FM Radio is however. But none the less the HD2 most definitely has an Accelerometer and an FM Radio. So your points are invalid.

  • LGMarines

    I hope this is a joke. I love the look of the phone and the only reason that I’ve held off buying the Nexus One is because of the “rumored WM7 upgrade”. Do they realize that most people that are anticipating these phones are people with iPhones that are tiered of Apple being a control freak. I have to give it to Steve. He got two of the smartest people together. One to design the hot sexy shell and the other to give it the brains so it wouldn’t fall into the “dumb blond” category as all other phones. Will a company manage to do that again(other than Apple)? Why is it so hard. Here’s an idea… HTC HD2 shell design with Android OS with HTC Sence UI. I’ll buy before you can even make it.

    • DarkCloud

      its call the HTC wimax or new named the SuperSonic

    • chris

      you guys are crazy into this android os stuff.

      first of all let me clear this I have an Android phone. I have a g1 and been modding it since back idk when. but people not buying this just because of 6.5? is ridiculous… seriously, you guys need to like jump out of ur android bubble and use another freaking phone. I would want all 3 phones including the iphone if i was rich.

  • dsim91

    I’m getting this phone the day it comes out, and later this year if there is something better running wm7 then I will get it .

  • smackiesfunkies

    well WTF!!!!
    i was waiting on picking up a n1 because i was hoping itd get the WM7 upgrade too.
    this seriously gives me major second thoughts on buying the hd2
    that suuuuuuucks
    but then again i have faith in the devs that either way the hd2 will get WM7 and android…just dunno if i want to play the waiting game /:
    but i am leaning more towards the n1 now since the hd2 doesnt meet the stupid requirements for WM7

  • Oscar

    I’m an iPhoner waiting for good change . Now I have to wait longer.
    Micro sucks, pcs too. You tried tmobile , good effort!!!

  • whodatfever

    Whew! I was worried I might have to pick this phone up. I can ignore it now.

  • remember they said all phones required the windows flag key on the handset to get 6.5 upgrade, that didn’t stick! so mabye there is hope.

  • DK Brothers

    Bran says:
    March 1, 2010 at 11:21 pm
    It doesn’t have the accelerometer or hd radio.


  • DK Brothers

    It’s strange that not a one of you have seen WM7 yet are willing to say you won’t get this device because the HD2 won’t support it. I’m going to pick this up day one. If WM7 can’t be loaded then I will be going back to Android after this device has run it’s course.

    As it stands now, NO apps will work with WM7. There are thousands of WM apps and none will run on WM7. Why would I want WM7?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      EXACTLY! Seriously people… WM7 is not the be all, end all of mobile operating systems. This phones specs easily outweigh the lack (or non-lack) of an update to WM7. Also, WM 6.5.x (what the phone currently runs) is going to be rebranded into Windows Mobile Starter Edition…

  • Chad

    I was going to get this. There is no reason for me to buy a new phone with software that will be totally obsolete in a few months. Upgrade or no sale, end of story. Reason being, I’d like to have a phone with all the Zune features implemented in, I guess those dreams are now shattered.

    • chris

      did that stop people from buying a Hero? knowing Donut is out? NO! because the SENSE is outweighing the lack of DOnutness on the phone.

      why are people so soft on criticism when it comes to iphone or android but so hard on windows mobile. It freaking works with exchange and does everything a smartphone should do.

  • T

    I am glad the HD2 isint going WM7 yet because Adobe is making flash for 6.5 not 7 so yay:) and WM7 looks horrible, I hate that ugly Zune layout!

  • SEFan

    I saw this via

    It seems there might be a sort of future for the 6.5 series OS yet. Does that change our impression of the HD2’s desirability? Still fine hardware, still Sense UI, and it appears there might be at least some years’ of growth left in the old 6.5.3 OS. Just askin’….

    I suppose if I can get Exchange support, a decent music player, a video player, GPS, I could probably live with the slab for a couple years…

  • Blacksheep427

    Like some others, I thought I’d buy an HTC HD2 and then upgrade to Win Mo (or Phone) 7. But after some comments, especially about lack of apps, this won’t stop me from getting the HD2. Did everybody see the other important post, the prices of some of TMO’s devices? Still great news, IMO.

  • Mixer Mel

    Its a windows phone. Just like if there is a will, there is a way; If there is a Microsoft OS there is a way. >:). I’m sure there is a way around that. I’m still getting one. I actually demoed one and for everyone having doubts, it is well worth it even with WP 6.5. Just don’t EVER drop it. That screen is gargantuan and soooo pretty!

  • I’ll never tell

    I got to train with this phone today, and I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was the preloaded Transformers movies, maybe swype, maybe the overall awesomeness of the screen and weather animations. Damn you snap dragon. I hate WM but why am I feeling so inclined to get this phone. If Android was on this phone it would be a wrap! Thats all I kept telling myself, but now, now I’m feeling like I’m about to cheat. So wrong yet it feels so right….

    • efjay

      Get used to the feeling, apple looks set to try and beat android by the back door, WM may be your only option :)

  • MOBmentality

    I dont even get this whole gush over WinMo7 “official” update..
    A: xda will be putting windows 7 on this phone before windows has time to even realease a true7 phone.. its already cracked and there are already custom roms for it available NOW soft setting a few buttons and porting over the os will be NOTHING
    B: we wont see WinMo7 for MONTHS maybe even q1 next year from the looks of all the last minute holdups.. are you REALLY sweating the $200 upgrade to get this phone THAT BAD that youre gonna sit on your current phone a YEAR till 7 comes out? You dont need a new phone.. you need a better job.
    Plus 6.5 is gonna run parallel for a WHILE.. its like Vista vs Win7 its not like all of a sudden one just STOPS WORKING.

  • MOBmentality

    plus there is already dual boot android systems on winmo phones.. so we will just take the droid rom they are ALREADY RUNNING on the TP2 and run it on the hd2..

  • sortamad

    I think that all the people that are claiming they aren’t going to buy the phone just because it doesn’t have (or isn’t compatible with) WINDOWS 7 are either full of bull or just feel like being GIGANTIC drama queens. We pretty much knew from the beginning that this phone wouldn’t be compatible because of the specs (even though i do agree that the “three keys” rule is just plain ridiculous). Don’t get me wrong, i would like to see this phone run WINDOWS 7 but is it a necessity, no. Obviously someone will come out with a hack to it and we could see this phone running it. But, either way, WINDOWS 6.5 or 7, i’m still getting this phone on the release date. Hope its sooner rather than later!!

  • Nicole Jackson

    I don’t know jack about hacking or even what the hell a “cooked ROM” is, so I can’t just go to that XDA forum and do it. I was hoping for an upgradeable phone. I might just wait and see if the Dell Mini 5 is coming to TMo… It’s the only other phone that gives me chills like this one.

  • 007

    You all are missing the big fact: with T-Mobile you get a full discount every year on smartphones, so buy this phone and next year when there is a decent win7 phone you can buy it…

  • Jennifer

    Even without the Windows 7 upgrade this is a really, really nice phone. I have been able to play with it a few times, and even being a die hard Android fan I am seriously considering getting it. My only hold back, is how bad is the Windows Marketplace going to suck?

  • Chris

    I don’t think that will matter at all. people have already seen WM7 running on the HD2. someone will make a compatible/stable version of WM7 for the T-Mobile version if they haven’t already. I will still be purchasing my HD2 when it comes out and checking out the net for a suitable Rom upgrade until one is released

  • Please someone come out with a Android OS for will truly solve all this Windows 6.5/ 7 hoopla! =)

  • OMG>>>>>PPL>>

    OMFG..PPL..this is not the worse thing that could happen…HD2 is still one of the first of its kind..(hardware/specs)…all these phone company and os developers will never put all their tricks in one phone..(thats how they make money and stay in the mix)..look at the IPHONE…its always getting updated with new tricks..and to me that is what makes a great phone, the ability to always update and with the HD2 specs that will always be possible..Im getting the HD2 because of the 4.3 inch screen and the specs…if I get this phone I will not be changing phones until another phone comes out with these same features and the newest OS…(you all know when windows 7 comes out its going to be on a phone that is no where close to being as attrative as the HD2….(even if someone creates an IPHONE killer there will still be IPHONE users because of all the APPS>>>)…Windows 7 will not matter if it is not on an amazing phone like the for me to get windows 7 if will have to work on my HD2 or be on a phone that is really similar to the HD2…im not going form a 4.3 inch screen to a 3.5 or 3.7 in screen..and android is great but as long as my phone does what i need it to do that is all that matter..and the HD2 is capable…alot of you people are fans just jump abroad what ever is hot..i have always been a windows fan…and been wait for them to put it on a great phone..,.HD2….STOP B**chin..

  • damien

    Just got the phone, it is great!!!! Some of the employees went to a training for the HD2 today and recieved the HD2… It is coming out on the 24th of this month..

  • Bill Berry

    Let’s get real here; it’s not as if HTC and T-Mobile won’t be releasing other devices. Please take a look at HTC 2010 lineup and tell me when did the world come to an end with the release of the HD2? It’s called the HTC Bravo; it’s Android and it’s packing the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor. I own the Touch Pro 2 and am well aware it has half the horsepower of the HD2. The folks over at XDA-Developers continue to put out excellent ROMs for my device to include their own variation of Android called XDAndroid. It’s a work in progress but as of March 1st they now have wi-fi up and running. Check out: The HD2 is not the end of the line and as HTC and T-Mobile roll out other devices that notion will become clear. The HTC Tera is a smaller version of the TP2 but faster processor 600Mhz with keyboard. There is the HD2 Mini which may be the Diamond 3; but whatever the names are it looks like a bright, bright future for smart phones. Personally, I don’t give a damn whether Microsoft shoots their own foot or nose off. It may be a nice mobile OS and a goofy moniker but with no apps for it, what’s the point? I have faith in XDA and their work and they haven’t let me down yet.

  • MoJo..HD@

    I can’t wait…windows 7, we will see how bad or great it is when it comes out..until then screw the hype you people are putting on it…HD2 is official and it’s here..(windows 7 is months away maybe years)…if it is that great I will get a phone with WM7..when it comes out..(till then this phone will be the greatest phone i have ever purchased..(I hate at&t but im not mad at the IPHONE.its just not form me..)

  • ThaNatrix

    This is sad news as it knocks tmobile’s entire phone list out of serious competition with other offerings. A snapdragon windows 7 phone would be a great move, but a 6.5 is nothing new, it won’t draw new customers. Tmobile already lacks in the android department (the N1 doesn’t count because they’re nearly impossible to get at a decent price). They need to bust out an HTC made android 2.1 fast as the best competition device that THEY exclusively control the distro of. Tmobile is behind, and they someone manage to stay there. MyTouch was too little too late, as was the G1, Cliq is too little and too Motorola, Nuron is too little.

  • I will wait until MIX to make up my mind. I want the hardware, but I also want to be able to upgrade to WP7. I like 6.5.3 on my old school and beat up Cingular 8525, but from what I saw WP7 is what I’ve always wanted out of a phone OS. Well see. At least the price isn’t too outrageous like the TP2. WTF was that?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This just in, from a MS exec in the know:

    “For Windows Phone 7 Series we are enforcing a strict set of hardware requirements to ensure a consistently great experience for end-users and developers. While we cannot confirm that WM6.X phones that satisfy those requirements will be upgradeable, every Windows Phone 7 Series device will be upgradeable with improvements and features we deliver with subsequent Windows Phone 7 Series releases. We currently do not have plans to update the HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series.”

    I dunno, but that last sentence does not say that MS will NOT be upgrading the HD2. Saying “currently we do not have plans” is the same as a politician’s response to the question on if he will run for President. Whenever he or she says “currently do not…” that means there still is a possibility for a run.

    In some circles they would call MS’s last sentence “waffling” which in this case is a good thing for those who want to hold out hope the HD2 will get a WP7 upgrade.

    No matter, if I like WP7 I can install it myself, like I installed 6.5 with HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2 months before anyone else got it.

    And truth be told, I prefer it this way. I suspect that this WP7 controversy caused T-Mo to significantly lower the HD2’s debut price. I’ll take a $100 to $150 discount off full retail rather than pay more for a WP7 “rain-check.”

    And you just know that MS, HTC, Qualcomm and T-Mo have some fantastic phones coming out in November. I bet they make the HD2 look very outdated.

    For example, based on what Qualcomm was showing off at the MWC, I suspect the WP7S (Windows Phone Series 7) “superphones” will have HDMI ports (similar to the one Qualcomm was using for the video demo at MWC).

    A cell phone with an HDMI port…?! Anyone want to buy my HD2, used but in mint condition (unless I give the HD2 to my girlfriend).

    • chris

      phones with HDMI port has been out in asia for some time now…

  • HeLLkAt31

    Just think about it, T-mobile has no better phone when its available in late March… I will buy it when it comes out. All of us here on these forums or other tech info forums have the same great knowledge but its also our greatest weakness… The reason is this, we are all so ahead of the game and even years ahead of everyone that we don’t stop to appreciate what is here and now, we are just like Luke Skywalker when he’s lookin out into the distant with the 2 suns in the background, dreaming of whats out there that he looses focus on what he has on the here and now…

  • Mojo

    I think the HD2 will be upgradable..I think when WM7 upgrade comes out, they will just charge us an arm and a leg…just to make up for the price drop they probably made on this HD2…..(and in my mind whatever phone they got comming out in November are not going to be better than the HD2…to much hype was put on this phone. Plus, WM7 will look so much better on its 4.3 inch screen..for HTC, MS, and Mo to make it a 9 month phone that gets out dated in november..will be stupid..(to much money and time put into this phone to just let it fall off because of WM7)….JEEZ that will be just bad business…

  • vikingfan45

    SUPERSONIC come on over to the yellow and black………….

  • vikingfan45

    FYI its not going to be upgradable at all ALL WINDOWS MOBILE 7 PHONES HAVE TO HAVE 3 BUTTONS as you see the HD2 has more stop getting your hopes up

  • Kevin n

    No new HD2 for me!

  • Bill Berry

    What’s Microsoft’s percentage of the mobile market again? You’d think they’d be thinking about their bottom line before making Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements ridiculously restrictive. What were they thinking…Hell I might now like that damn interface to start with let alone what app will run on it; any?

  • at the rate i break phones i’ll need a new one by xmas anyway. just ordered new hd2, will order wp7 phone on holidays and ‘pass along’ to wife. no, i dont get a phone discount.

  • Thubert177

    not sure why anyone cares Windows mobile 6.5 is not that great but is WAY more usefl than WP7. No custom ring tones, no dedicated im application, no file manager, you have to deal zune software (which is a huge amount fo space) simply to transfer items seriously? WP7 is all form and little to no function in smart phone world its like 3 steps forward and at least 10 steps back…..ill pass and for those looking at it if the HD2 was ACTUALLY RELIABLE WHICH IT ISNT it would be the better phone….