Motorola Acknowledges Cliq Update Fiasco

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Well, folks, it seems that the Motorola is finally acknowledging the issues that the Cliq 1.3.18 update (you know, the one that transformed Cliqs into bricks) caused users.  In a statement made to the blog These Are The Droids, Motorola said:

Last week, the CLIQ 1.3.18 over-the-air software update began rolling out to consumers.  While the vast majority of updates were successful, a very small number of consumers reported a date error and found that, after factory resetting their device, their phone was not functioning properly. We have identified a workaround solution for these consumers, which can be found on the Motorola support forum (

To our consumers, we apologize and are working swiftly to reconcile the situation. We are also revising the over-the-air software update so that this workaround solution is no longer needed. Consumers will be notified on their device when the revised update is available.

If you would like to provide more guidance to your readers, below is additional information for consumers:

To our consumers who downloaded the update and their device is working properly, no further action is needed. To our consumers who never received a notification to download the update, please do not take further action. You will be notified on your device when the revised update is available to you. To consumers who received an error or whose device date reads December 31, 1969, please visit the support site listed above for assistance.

Good to see Motorola reaching out to their customers.  Let us know how the workaround works!

These Are The Droids

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  • J-Hop2o6

    why dec. 31 1969??

  • heber


  • Lebron1189


  • I Was About To Get That Phone, Yesterday. I Guess My Decision To Wait was A Good One.

    • wigwam

      Oh! Is that the title of your new book?

  • Aston

    poor cliq users. that phone sucks anyway

  • poopman

    they should just give us the 2.1 update right now to fix it.

  • DF

    Just did they’re work around…so far it seems to help a little, still haven’t changed my mind on ditching moto products for the hd2 as soon as it is released tho

  • Jay

    Why would anyone that’s not a Cliq owner or considering buying one leave a comment that the Cliq sucks?…..Many companies have issues with their electronic devices including Sony and their weekend from hell for PS3 owners…..The Cliq is a first generation MotoBlur phone so us early adopters should expect some issues to occur since we are the test subjects…..I happen to really my Cliq and I wouldn’t trade it for any other phone (including the N1) because MotoBlur is fantastic (I’m hoping for new features with the 2.1 update)…..I can’t wait for a snapdragon MotoBlur phone in the next year or so…..I support Android and all of their phones so if I choose to hate on a phone it will likely be the iphone and the iclones that use it…..Open source FTW! ! !

    • davidohio

      Because they are idiots and think they are better than people who have a cliq, which is actually a great phone. The same thing could have easily happened to them on whatever device they have with a ota update. It is called a mistake and people make them. Plus, they have nothing better to do with their time. Sad actually.

  • jay

    Hey I updated it again for the motorola site and it completely fix my slow texing client so if any one is have in problem with you I suggest re updating it I found out about it in a link on android central

  • jason

    I installed the update OTA the first time and then just did it as this post pointed out. The first one worked good but the second took even better. The sceer was good now great. Really happy the second time around. Thanks moto for the over due fix

  • Ritchie

    The way i got mine to work was to delete all the txt msg and turn phone off then on. Presto works great again.

  • Khaltz

    theyre sending me out a new phone because of the update sucking. Also dont restart your phone because Tmobile said you cant get back into moto blur.

  • menchi

    I tried the workaround update. It fixed a lot of the problems that the ota update had. I don’t have problems texting anymore meaning no more Force closing. The phone battery life is freakin amazing now. 3G issues have been smoothed out. Although its having minor issues with motoblur and my call log keeps acting up showin only missed calls and my speed dial numbers cannot be altered

  • Bill

    I do not think my Cliq sucks, I like the phone but after the update my phone freezes up, I have to turn the phone off to shut off the alarm clock, I still have the problem with the voice dialer kicking on many times when I pug a headset in (second phone) and the texting feature just stops, I have to close out texting and open it back up to get any text to enter into the field. I hope they are working on these issues! I do think 3G, battery life, and bluetooth seem to be working better.

  • Christina

    What I find hilarious about this all is that I was having all these issues right around this time and when I was harrassing TMo for a fix they never once mentioned that these were common bugs due to an update. What fixed my problems was simply a factory reset and a new SIM card. Other than this one time having problems, I’ve never had an issue with this phone performance. I love it. One thing about the actual hardware is that I text a TONand the letters are wearing off the key board REALLY fast. But with this, I can deal. ~Love my CLIQ

  • Cliq sucks

    The Cliq sucks. Simple proof is the crappy apps that it comes with, which you can’t delete, yet said apps get access to your personal user data. I’m returning this phone and getting an iPhone. T-mobile has lost me over this, despite being a customer for 10 years. I hate apple, but the iPhone has way better security and user rights. Flame away, but the market data proves this phone sucks.

  • Beth

    I bought the Cliq the day before I left for a vacation as I had to replace another lousy t-mobile phone and it was the worst decision I ever made. Now that I’m back home, it’s too late to return it and it’s obviously defective – it overheats but cannot be shut down or reset – it fights back and freezes; it shuts down if I use it for more than 2 or 3 minutes, between 10-15 times a day, it freezes up constantly and drains the battery to nothing so it has to be recharged again before I can use it; it cuts off calls, won’t let me end calls, won’t respond to allow me to answer calls and has no working ability to answer call waiting calls, plus it starts flashing through screens with no control and now I’m told that I can get it replaced under t-mobile but rather under Motorola’s warranty as t-mobile doesn’t back the stuff that they sell after 14 days – even you are not in the country! So, I will have to ship it to Motorola and wait for another phone that is the same piece of junk – all the while paying t-mobile. Is it better to switch carriers? Is anyone decent?

  • dk

    It seems that most have given up on this thread. It is now almost October and MOTOROLA STILL hasn’t provided any updates, upgrade for 2.1 is slotted for Q3-Q4, and keep stalling. EOL is the end of October, so I guess we will see if an upgrade is even possible.

  • screenwriter1984

    I have never hated a piece of technology as much as I hate the Motorola CLIQ. I am now running (FINALLY) Android 2.1 and guess what, THE DAMN PHONE has become sluggish. I now hate TMobile for selling this POS and I’m not due to update my phone so I can’t get a G2 without paying full price. Bleh.