CLIQ Succumbs To Firmware Downfall


If you haven’t gotten around to downloading the new firmware 1.3.18, STOP!  As the old saying goes, ” if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it”.  In this case, if you haven’t updated yet, you may want to consider holding off.  For Motorola CLIQ users, T-Mobile has issued a warning advising users that have updated to the new firmware not to to use the MASTER RESET button (I know you want to).  It appears that ever since the intoduction of the new firmware, users have become overwhelmed, ambushed, and bombarded by freezes as long as supermarket lines, down landlines, and a host of problems that include time travel, taking users back to December 1969.  What we didn’t ask for was time travel, but the Motorola CLIQ gives it all: connectivity issues, barred access to MOTOBLUR, problems with display dimming, and keypad issues.  The guys over at Engadget suggest clearing your old messages to help with messaging problems but that’s all as far as solutions go.  For access to more solutions and how to get your life back…stay tuned to TmoNews, your number one source for all your T-Mobile needs.

AndroidandMe via T-Mobile Support Forums

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  • zack

    this update is pissing me off!!!!!!! and not to mention when you flick the ringer off switch, and you have the lock pattern screen you wont be able to get into your phone, then screen fucks up thus making you enter the right code: impossible. Aghh now im afraid to go back to my g1, she might be jealous ;-(

  • Wicked1

    Yeah, problems. And I got this update early, on Feb. 19th, I knew I should have waited until it had been out a little bit before installing. What is Motorola gonna do? From the forums, people who called Moto and T Mobile say there is no answer

  • Wicked1

    I only noticed the dimming, not that much of a problem to me, and the text messaging problems.

  • Ryan T

    My cliq didn’t go back to 1969 but it was freezing like crazy… oddly enough I did a master reset (even though apparently that should make it worse) and now my phone is working better than ever. (Knocks on wood) I’m probably the only 1 happy about this update right now

  • davidohio

    I hope they get this fixed quick. I don’t have a cliq but I remember the other night when it was acidentally released early and then recalled and people were SO mad about the recall. I bet they are not mad now :) this is all motorola needs….more software issues. They have been plagued by software issues for years and then the Cliq came out and it was really great…until the software fail. How embarrasing for Motorola. I feel for you guys that are affected and hope it is fixed soon.

  • phil fix

    I got update on the 19th and not many issues except battery drains faster gps on maps no longer tracks me and motorola blows

  • DF

    I’m so damn done with moto, they could have had a good phone but had to screw up everything up with the motoblur crap, I’ll never be buying another moto product again, the min the hd2 comes out the cliq hits the trashcan

  • mpv

    This buggy update aside, would many of you Cliq owners out there recommend getting one? (Based on some of these comments, I think I already have some idea…) Thanks.

    • timmyjoe42

      I still like it.

    • TMoEmployee

      No, I wouldn’t.

    • i wouldnt even recommend thinking about getting one, just get a nexus, the only good thing bout the cliq is the keyboard

  • Yeah, it f’ed my messaging up. Text & MMS that is

  • randy

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but when I hit the home button google trys doing a voice search…not to m.ntion all the other issues…

    • Chris

      That is because the new update added a feature for that. If you double press your home button, it will activate google voice search. You can change what it activates by going into settings and applications.

    • lesly

      thats cuz yu hit the home button twice you can go to yur settings and change that it confused me too for a while

  • jkspike3

    Ya id say my battery dies faster now than before. Before I could use my phone for about 12-14 hours and have 20% battery left. Now I can only use it for about 8-10 hours and have about 20% left. I’m actually kinda bummed. Oh, and the screen lights up when you touch it and dims back down when you release your finger.

  • Funny. I have NONE of these problems and I updated around Feb. 20th.

  • gremanbuc

    update two cliqs, no problems here, i am using handcent for messaging happy with everything, even got it finally hooked up to my car stereo, so bye bye ipod

  • whodatfever

    This sucks for CLIQ owners and it’s part of the reason why I will never use any Android phone that employs “Sense” of any kind. Updates are late and borky.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Motorola has MotoBlur UI.. HTC has Sense UI

  • countjothula

    My cliq was having so many problems before the update it was almost unusable, now I haven’t had any problems since this update. It seems to have fized all the crap that WAS wrong with the cliq tho. Maybe I’m just lucky tho.

  • countjothula

    Also, DON’T get the cliq, MPV. My G1 was better. I’d go for the g1 or the N1

  • whodatfever

    The Nexus One is a freaking dream machine. It’s about to take the place of my wife.

  • bunny22

    So funny I haven’t had any problems since the update. I use Handcent sms texts are fine, everything else on my phone is fine.

  • mpv

    Thanks to both for the input… I actually had an N1 for a few weeks (and pretty much loved it), but returned it due to a funky stain/discoloration issue (which some others have also been experiencing). I really like the G1, and I’m tempted by it (esp. the keyboard) – but it seems so “outdated” at this point, I wonder if it would be a wise purchase –

  • Not4sakn


    Apparently you dont know much about the cliq because it does not run “sense.” It has blur which is no comparison.

  • Dutty Larry

    Yes, having these problems with the Cliq since the update. FCs on texts, slow to send them, the market opens slowly and the whole phone seems sluggish now. Boo Motorola! Massive Fail!

  • timmyjoe42

    I’ve noticed that my battery drains faster, I am getting “force close” errors for the native music app (lots of them, vs. none before), when using the alarm clock touching the screen is not very responsive to put it in snooze, the screen isn’t any more responsive (If anything it’s less as I have to hit it multiple times to get it to respond.)

  • Ritchie

    I still like my Cliq but i am upset on how slow Motorola is taking to get this issue fixed. Im not getting the new qwerty less cliq but am waiting for the Sony E X10

  • mike

    this phones ia a cluster fuck of bad problems lol

  • _ninjaneer_

    hmm i was really surprised to hear that this update failed on so many fronts. I’m almost afraid to post this fearing that doing so could jinks what appears to be a matter of luck. Other than the update locking up at the stick together screen during one of the reboots, I haven’t had any problems. Still loving the cliq and would definately recommend it

  • stirfry

    Just updated – and ran through the list of issues mentione here – nothing so far. Looks like a great upgrade to me.

  • Michaelk803

    I have to say that my phone runs amazing and I have no problems I got the update on the 23. Also my friend went and got a cliq yesterday he updated and I have seen nothing wrong with his friends..I guess the first batch of cookies were burnt hahaha.

  • Raymatthew

    I got the update, and I’m very happy. My update when good nothing happened wrong. My CLIQ is a little faster and smoother. And I its have .wav support for my music so I can finally hear it. I have less force close apps, and my battery life is alittle better.

    • Raymatthew

      Oh and I did the update on the 24th, I guess people who did this might have did this the frist day it came out? But I think Tmo, or Motorola should fix this. Mostly motorola I think should fix it for people that have a problem. But eh? That what you have to do to have a phone, and if its the first of its kind, you have to work out the bugs, and gitchs out to have a sucessful phone.

  • Joe

    Thats a good point… Is it the early downloads that are having these problems? I also have downloaded the update and have not had any of these problems. I am wondering if the people that are having these problems are the people who got the download when some of us were getting that “Recalled” error message.
    Just a thought…

    • lesly

      no cuz i got the update on march lik 10th and its had major fails i cant even receive calls

  • pedroboe

    Mine works great and it seems to have improved battery life (maybe the battery meter is broken haha)

  • Dutty Larry

    Hmmm…thats a thought. Maybe I shoud’ve waited to do the update a couple days later. Oh well, they still gotta fix this!!!

  • khaltz

    I get the google voice command message a lot and it freezes a lot

  • Zack

    When I first updated I had a little bit of problems with physical keyboard, apps forcing closed, and screen dimming but it all seems to have ironed out 2 days later (keeping fingers crossed) now tho I still love my cliq, touchscreen is more responsive, battery lasts longer, and apps load a little faster ( It seems anyway) thinking of even going with the keyboardless cliq, looks nice with a few extras thrown in :)

  • TMoEmployee

    First off, the phone has too many features for such a weak processor. It’s like putting a 4-cylinder Kia engine in a Lamborghini. Yeah, it’s a reach but, you know what I mean.

    Secondly, I am kind of disappointed in Androids apps. Sorry to mention it but, I feel having it open sourced is screwing with the quality of applications. And too many times people come in the store with a frozen or glitchy Android phone because of some half assed application. As of right now, I can’t see myself purchasing anything from the Android Market that cost more than $2 and it has to have at at least 4 1/2 stars from more than like, 2000 reviewers.

    The Cliq several times throughout the day has touch recognition issues. The voice dialing, SUCKS! It disconnects my Bluetooth after almost every call and not to mention, this is my second Cliq. The first one sucked my battery dry, everyday in like 4 hours with little to no use. In all honesty, I should have kept my MyTouch. It was just Android in an okay touch screen phone. Not too many expectations.

    On all the Android devices (other than the N1 & Droid that I’ve tested), I can’t get over how horrible the virtual keyboard is! I have an Ipod Touch and texting on that device is so fluid. The apps are high in detail and are so much fun. I’m not anti Apple, I’m anti At&t so that’s why I won’t get an iphone. And also, no 3G.

    I too am getting the HD2. I wanted the N900 but, it can’t do MMS last I checked. That’s like 45% of my messaging. I’m all Android out. The hype is gone. Until they can get apps to look as smooth as their comp, they will fail. Sorry for the rant. I’m just very angry at both Motorola and Android.

    • johnson

      actually tmoemployee, the n900 has an app for mms. i have the n900 and can say for a fact it does have a 3rd party working mms. so you should’ve gotten it :P i love my n900. everything on it works like a dream, the multitasking is so nice, and the keyboard layout actually hekps me to type faster. maemo is so much better for the thinkers. :)

      • TMoEmployee

        Does the MMS work flawlessly? And what is it called so I can research this. If this is true then, I will get the almighty N900. Thanks for the update!

  • jake

    The motorola cliq update is a completly scam. My battery dies twice as fast, I’m having 3g issues and force closes it takes twice the time to open apps and . There is a lag swiping through windows. My cliq is so slow tht I get so piss off. Siriously motorola should think more about their costumers

  • F**K DA CLIQ


    • Rex

      The exact same thing happened to me! My new one should be here Monday, Pricks! I know more about Android than magenta’s Android department!

    • Jason

      I did that mater reset too. It fried my phone. The reason CS had me do that was cause when i DL the update last Tuesday, it locked me out of my SIM card. But i could still roam freely on my phone. But didn’t have a signal whatsoever cause i was locked out of my SIM. Then CS had me do the Master Reset, that’s what really f’d it up. I was totally locked out then of my phone. I brought it to a T-mobile dealer and told him what happened and he shook his head and laughed at how the CS person was so dumb!
      I just got my new Cliq yesterday Vis UPS. Dont DL the update i guess and dont Master reset lesson lurned. HA

  • gremanbuc

    Moto has posted a fix for some

    Check it ot

    • Steve

      ..that actually seems to have fixed a lot of the problems.. thanks!

  • BronxBebe

    That cat looks really hungry and evil..I wouldn’t want to be that dude..
    Anyways is Tmobile USA having issues with may things or that’s just me?

  • matb

    I did a master reset and it resolved my texting force closing issue.The virtual keyboard still sucks bigtime.Im so pissed that I had to lose most of my stuff on my phone cause of the update.

    • johnson

      with my mytouch i had, i backed up all my apps to my sd card via root.

  • shakarak

    I got the update and my Cliq is running better then ever. I’m not getting any dead spots on the touch screen anymore, and the phone seems to know how to handle to software better with less force closes. I also can answer all my calls now, that damn slide to the right and it wouldn’t pick up issue was pissing me off.

  • muda

    The only prob I have is the weird dim problem when ever I long press to delete a single message. That’s about it..THe battery is amazing compared to pre-update cliq. Woot.

  • Heber

    HEy guys if you have any problem with the news OTA you can try this to fix please if work for you i hope at least thanks

  • jazzy jeff

    I’m just having problems updating my status, its keeps saying error and that it couldn’t be sent. It says that when I try to comment someone’s else status thru the happenings widget.

  • Kevin

    CLIQ to BRIQ?

  • Raymond

    I got the update and the battery was good for 2 days wen i downloaded it but now it seems to die quickly now like c’mon motorola they are gonna loose customers with this bullshit!!!!!!!!!

  • p3ezi(moto)

    I do not see how so many of you are having problems. I haven’t had a problem what so ever…my phone is actually better than it was…

    • Misunderst00dib

      Your one of the lucky ones *sad face*

  • Misunderst00dib

    I KNEW IT!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • Misunderst00dib

    BUT! since I’m in love with my cliq I will be patient for a fix… PLEASE FIX I hate that everytime I send a text message w/pic or w/out a pic I end up with a FC. UGH!

  • Jay

    My works just fine its maybe because I didn’t do the OTA verison of the update my cliq runs perfectly fine