MyTouch 1.2 Inventory Low


Our heartfelt condolences to all of you who wanted the myTouch 3G w/3.5 mm jack. If you’ve been yearning to get your hands on the new myTouch, sadly you will have to wait until the spring season. Due to a low inventory, T-Mobile is temporarily removing the device from the Handset Upgrade program. If you can’t wait until mid-March, consider looking for T-Mobile stores that might have some leftovers. If all else fails, you’ll be sure to find a cheap one on eBay.

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  • randy

    Meh…oh well

  • CO_Yeti

    Man, T-mobile really likes taking one step forward, 2 steps back don’t they…. How do you not order enough of your #1 selling smart phone?

    • Chris

      Running out of a phone that is really popular qualifies as “2 steps back”? Maybe it qualifies as “sales are pretty good these days”. Always a Killjoy in the crowd.

      • CO_Yeti

        There wasn’t a run on this phone like the Fender, they just simply didn’t order enough which is sad seeing they have 6 months of sales data on the Mytouch. Oh well its only $25 of revenue lost per month per customer, I’m sure DT won’t mind.

      • Zyzzyx

        The Fender was a limited edition from the beginning.


  • thekidddd

    is this true that i can get this upgrade in mid march or is this more bs ?

  • shawn1224

    Already got mines and loving it. It’s extremely fast and swype is awesome.