T-Mobile Reports 4th Quarter Earnings


T-Mobile announced today 2009 Q4 numbers showing a definite turn-around from the previous business quarter. The addition of 371,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter is a definite turnaround from the previous quarter’s loss of 77,000 subscribers.  With a churn rate of 2.5%, T-Mobile saw an increase over the previous quarter and it was the same as 2008 Q4 results.  The introduction of the new Even More and Even More Plus plans is credited with the subscriber increase over the previous quarter.  “Branded customer additions benefitted from strong holiday sales and the launch of the new Even More and Even More Plus rate plans during the quarter.  The Even More and Even More Plus rate plans offer industry-leading value with features including unlimited nationwide voice, text and data services, and include rate plans with and without contracts and subsidized handsets.”

Robert Dotson, President and CEO, included this statement in the earnings report:

“T-Mobile USA delivered on two significant objectives in 2009.  The first was to achieve national scale with a high-quality 3G network offering.  This was realized in the fourth quarter of 2009 with more than 200 million people now covered across the country. The second was to launch our first HSPA+ market.  The successful launch of T-Mobile HSPA+ in Philadelphia now serves as the model for a national roll-out of one of the fastest and most pervasive networks in the United States,” said Robert Dotson, President and CEO, T-Mobile USA.  “This renewed competitive network strength coupled with the strong value of our new Even More value rate plans, which offer unsubsidized handset options and no contracts, puts T-Mobile in a new competitive position to drive increasing data usage and entice quality customers to T-Mobile.”

See the full report here with all the financial information you could ever want!

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  • gargoyle999

    I wish T-Mobile would report the HD2 release date and pricing! ha..

  • more phones is what we need from this site, we don’t come here for earnings. We know where to go for things like that!!

    • watbetch


      • rossi

        Poor Watbetch, I agree with you.

    • STFU


      • trickinit

        Off topic, but..

        How did you change your avatar?? I can’t figure it out for the life of me!

    • God

      I agree with watbetch.

  • Mockerfab4

    I like to hear news about earnings. It helps knowing that Tmo is headed in the right direction and will hopefully squash the rumours of it being sold or merging with a major competitor. Hope earnings #’s like this remain strong, which leads to development of better, high end phones in Tmo’s lineup.

    Great job Tmobile!

  • scuzzy19

    I for one am happy with all news related to my fellow magenta im glad they are successful and not risking getting spun off by DT like the passed rumors. More success this side of the pond and DT is kept happy along with shareholders. This is tmonews not engadgetmobile stop complaining and get your mobile news there since you know where to get it.

    • watbetch

      It’s nice to see some addition to customers.. but I would’ve liked to see lower contract churn and loss.

  • efjay

    Cant complain about news like this, nice to sse T-Mo making positive progress.

  • Yo we will make better moves if we had better handsets and cheaper prices too! I can go to trading sites to get all the news that i need about how many customers we got@

    • God

      You mean the best Android handset? Like the Nexus One?

      Or the best WinMo handsets? Like the TP2 and HD2?

      Or the best Blackberry handset? Like the 9700?

      What magical “better” handsets are out there that TMO doesn’t have and their competitors do?

      OHHHH, LEMME GUESS. You want an iphone, amirite? Well get over it.

      • Nobody cares

        hahaha…..you got owned by God.

    • davidoh

      Hey Uchenna….are you retarded? You said if we had cheaper prices? Last time I checked we are way cheaper than Verizon, At&t, sprint, centenial. If you want to make stupid comments that nobody cares about please go to another site and annoy those people.

      • Robert

        Actually you must be the retarted one then… since T-Mo is certainly not cheaper than Sprint and on half their plans – especially family plans isn’t any cheaper than Verizon or AT&T.

        Shows what you know.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This is what happens when you bring good phones to your company. Good Job Tmobile. Keep it up.

  • watbetch

    Honestly if most of these EM+ customers opened up a payment plan, that’s essentially a 20 month contract because you have to pay the balance if you want to leave.

    • Quasar

      Depending on what phone you get and what services you want, the EM+ plan can still be a better deal. It can save a person money if they pay upfront or even make payments on their phone. It just depends on the phone’s total cost, how much the phone is subsidized and how much more the service would be on an EM Plan if any.

    • pfmiller

      The phones aren’t free. How is the fact that you have to pay for them like being on a contract?

      • watbetch

        I said if you want to CANCEL your EM+ w/ EIP, you will have to pay the remaining balance on your EIP.. much like an ETF of which you must pay to get out of a contract.

        You can’t close out the account with a remaining balance on the equip line of credit, which with CLIQ’s and other devices easily can total $300+

  • Go to att website, tell me what you see!! Thats how i am gonna rest my case.

    • TmoNinja

      We’re not AT&T and we don’t plan to be. If you want AT&T, go to AT&T.

  • Lol i still love my tmobile!! I am just making suggestions that we need more handsets, thats all!

    • davidoh

      I can’t tell you love your t-mobile the way you talk about them and their phones on this site. You should go to at&t..t-mobile does not like you and neither do we!

  • Hmmmm everyone including me was expecting bad news.. its good to know that tmobile did good.

  • Mog

    T-Mobile actually could be doing better on smartphones, though. They have a dozen (just counted at T-Mobile.com) but about half are identical Android sets. It’s not just the i-Word. Where are the webOS phones? Maemo/MeeGo? They’re just now getting HTC Sense, and it’s on WinMo…they’re finally getting a Symbian touch phone but it’s a very low-end one, they should be getting the X6 as well considering the XpressMusic phones have always been strong sellers for them.

    Still, I won’t rain on their parade. I’m glad T-Mobile is growing, they deserve to be with their super-competitive rate plans. But if they had, say, a Pixi for $299…that would be great for all the people who want to go EM+ but don’t want sticker shock…

  • alan

    @watbetch – 2 things, 1) your a douchebag for posting that comment and 2) if you dont want the installment plan, pay the damn phone upfront. If you discontinue tmo service, well not shit you have to pay the phone because its yours to keep anyways… its not a contract, TMO is the only company that is willing to finance the cost of your handsets WITHOUT any interest or financing charges… No other companies will do this for their customer so stop being a douchebag and get you shit straight prior to making dumb comments…..

    • watbetch

      WOW, did you even read what I said?


    cnet news is bashing t-mobile with their headline…..imo they are retarted becasue they state we are losing contract customers. duh they are now Em+ customers but they didnt write about that. Stupid fcuks

  • I think EM+ is good, but it might come back to hurt them. Only thing they might gain, is the price of the phones people buy at retail.


    Congrats to T-Mobile!! 1 million new subscribers. Finally something to cheer about. But those revenue and income numbers are disappointing. They still find a way to stop the bleeding. Will be interesting to see how things are with the coming of the HD2 and HSPA+ being rolled out.

  • mmaxxsooner

    I feel tmob is moving in the right direction, and wait for it, the wrong direction, at the same time. I’ll explain.. The right direction. If the exclusive on the hd2 is exclusive for at least 1 year and is able to be upgraded to winmob 7. I feel it is vital that tmob keep this phone to themselves and with the recent buzz about winmo,this phone will be one for tmob to hang their hat on. Also I feel they are getting good middle of the road feature/smartphones, like the clic xt the neuron and maybe the pixi.
    The wrong direction. The em+ plans must continue to keep customers and not add to churn, because well I bought the phone outright and now I want the (insert whatever phone on another carrier) and since I have no vested contractual obligation I’ll just add to their churn. And my thoughts on the nexus1, what the hell were you thinking tmob, don’t let a manufacturer or google tell you how the phone is going to be sold. Hopefully the dismal sales numbers and pissed off customers will keep that from happening again. Bothers me after tmob gave google their network to launch and test the whole android os, that they let them pull the stunt of determining how a phone will be sold for “their” network. That phone should have been in the tmob lineup like any other. Curious that if the hd2 blows out the door if google will revisit their sales plan and put it in the lineup? Ill bet the hd2 sales numbers beats the nexus1 sales numbers 3 to 1 in comparing the first month out. Hope the hd2 does sell well then I think tmob usa will know they can sell high end phones and all the data that goes with them.

  • alan

    has this anything to do w/ outage today 2/25/2010 in Hood River, OR???

  • Ritchie

    Can we please do a recap to the OTA that the CLIQ got? Lots of us cliq users have lag and force close since the OTA especially on the txt icon.

  • Ritchie

    i.e a new bulletin on such issues

  • Steve

    I’ve been a T-Mo customer for over 10 years and I wouldn’t think of switching! While they don’t have the biggest network they offer tremendous value for my money! Verizon and ATT charge ridulous amounts of money for what is supposed to be a significantly better experience. Hopefully their 7.2 HSPA+ upgrades and EM+ plans will draw in a ton of new customers tired of overpaying. As far as them losing contract customers’ go that shouldn’t bother anyone. Customers should WANT to stay with a provider not because they are contractly obligated to do so. As long as customer counts keep going up and profits are good then all is well!

  • taj

    These numbers are not good…not by a long shot.

    TMO is fourth, with an anchor. Price is clearly not a major decision factor for wireless consumers. If it was, contract numbers would be through the roof during this horrible economic climate.

    Major, MAJOR shake up needed.

    • watbetch

      People not being able pay their bill is easily a good reason for high contract losses. People wanting an iPhone is also easily another reason.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Customer for 6 years and would not think of changing carriers, waiting (not so patiently) for the HD2. Hopefully T Mobile continues to get even better.


  • i think they are showing good stats now but when its time for existing customers to renew can they keep them with the suspect plans they giving? i know im thinking when my contract is done i will probably not stay with tmobile. since they saying the plans are so great its obvious they plan to keep it this way. my only issue with tmobile plans is why do they got to be different rate plans? and even if you want to have it different rates why does the contract consumer get the shaft? we are obligated to pay and if we dont we face a ETF.

    • john

      Ermm….english translation anyone? The words are, is, and a few other transitive verbs would be awesome for you. If your plan is good…keep it retard.

  • @Nkog, dude listen to yourself, you can go to another company, after you pay more, you will appreciate tmobile!!

  • damn for a second there i thought i was in class. point is id rather pay more than put up with there seperate plans. but im still under contract so they have time to change which i doubt. trust me i dont hate them enough to not buy the hd2!

  • Sure men, they gave you two options, pay full price for your phone and be contract free or get discount and stay under contract. Some people just don’t get it, your phone will be financed also, interest free. Tell me another company that will do that for you?You can even buy and unlocked phone and use it here without a contract!!

  • Madeyefergy

    Funny how this site tries to make it look good when it is not. Read BRG’s report on T-Mo earnings. http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/02/25/t-mobile-adds-1-million-new-subscribers-in-2009-income-and-revenue-decline/

    • David

      I really don’t see how their report comes off as negative? Reporting a decline in income doesn’t come off as negative, just at face value its a decline in revenue?

      • Julacho

        Somehow, some people love the huge numbers 1000 trillion in 1 week….

        If T-Mobile is adding more customers and making less money means that they are not screwing their customers as Verizon and A&TT do.

        So that tells you that T-Mobile is a proactive customer friendly company.

        Well some people will always think that the more a company sucks from your wallet the best is suppose to be, luckily I believe in free market, that is why I’m with T-Mobile.

    • J

      Are you aware that Verizon posted a loss of $653 million? This is not a sign of weakness in either of the two carriers. This is a sign of how much work is going on in the wireless industry right now. There is a lot of money being pushed into new equipment and labor.

  • Different reporters will analyze it the way they want, it was not that much of an encouraging news but in all honesty, cellphone business will never be the same anymore. In due time, VOIP will neutralize this business and make it even harder to make profits. Remember 20 years ago how house phone used to be so profitable and now they are nothing? In due time, cellphone companies will be like that.

    • tmorob

      really? are you serious? now i believe in a reformation of cellphones and probably a merger between pc and cellphoens to come to fruition but to be obselete? dude, i dont know what funny business your reading about, but how do you plan they create the connection for the voip? maybe through the nationwide cell network? possibly using a device, named a cell phone? maybe changing the wireless protocol but still exxentially the same thing. busniess needs change as do companies, Your an idiot to think that this essential line to our lives is goign to disappear. this is it. deal with it.

      • asudave

        Uh. tmorob, did you read what Uchenna said or just spout off? No one said anything about cell phones disappearing or becoming obselete. His point is that wireless providers will find it harder to make profits in the future, much the same way that the land line providers have found. Basically, you can get a land line for next to nothing now.

        I agree that as VOIP becomes more prevalent, you’ll see wireless plans become less and less expensive as people rely more on the unlimited data plans. The smartphone is becoming hugely popular and device manufacturers are capitalizing on thirst for more and more features. TMo has finally started doing a good job, I think, in securing some feature-rich smartphones to add to their lineup. Unfortuately, the fiasco with the Nexus One means that they have yet to find the homerun hitter with the Android OS, but the HD2 is going to mean alot for TMO with WinMo/WinPho users, IMHO.

  • Greatest ever

    I’m pregnant

  • Brandon

    Im really happy that Tmobile had a good 4th quarter sales. But they need 2 get their coverage problems together. Tmobile is a good company to be with. Until they get coverage in places where there isnt coverage, they will lose customers.

  • more phones is what we need from this site, we don’t come here for earnings. We know where to go for things like that!!

  • more phones is what we need from this site, we don’t come here for earnings. We know where to go for things like that!!