Dell Netbook Continues To Peek Out From The Curtain


Following our previous news of a Dell netbook headed to T-Mobile, we now have some fresh news!  We have confirmed the upcoming Dell netbook as the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 as our ninjas have scored us some details. According to our sources, Magenta is launching several tier 3 (high-end) devices this March/April.  In order to prepare for these launches, T-Mobile stores will receive provisioned SIM cards for each of the new devices.  These devices include the Motorola CLIQ XT, HTC HD2, and Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect Netbook (Pilot stores only – Dallas, Miami, LA, Chicago).  Stores are expected to receive the new SIM cards sometime this week. Stay tuned for more info!

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  • capsule gang

    Argh, it’s the wrong Dell device! We need the Mini 5 damnit! Seriously, who gives a flip about this thing?

  • Jesse

    Still think this is still the update to the Dark Project that is being discussed in March.

  • J-Hop2o6

    new “provisioned” SIM cards.. what is this?

    • Nobody cares

      Yeah, same question I have. What the hell are these?

    • Kevin

      whatever they are, I want one, lol

  • Mog

    Why would any of the devices need special SIMs? As far as we know, they don’t use micro-SIMs, and they don’t seem to have 21 Mbps HSPA+ either (not that that would necessitate a special SIM). They’re just regular smartphones, albeit nice ones. I guess the Inspiron mini is a little different, but still…

    I hope T-Mobile launches a HSPA+ phone before Sprint launches a WiMAX one. I mean, really.

    • Davidohio

      I called a friend at t-mobile who is a manager and he said the SIMS are demo sims for the store demo phones, not any special kind of sim cards for the new deices.

  • max

    Sigh!!!! Sadly no mention of the MotoRoi

  • kershon

    Just what is a “provisioned” sim card? And why would any of these devices need one?

  • Davidohio

    New SIM cards?? Indeed!

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    Eh. Any netbook on any carrier is going to require an ADDITIONAL data plan. I think I’ll pass. You could just buy the mini 10 from dell and tether instead.

    Which, no carrier is going to sell me on multiple plans. They need all-in-one data plans for any device you want to connect. I am NEVER going to pay double to one company simply because I have 2 devices. Then technically I’d be paying triple if you count my home ISP. I pass, they fail.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      People need to take note of your comment.

      It’s very easy to fail to step back and think about just how much all this tech is costing one per year. If you take a pencil to pad and total everything, on an annual basis, that will wake you up and bring out your cost cutting knife.

      That’s why I am anal about my phone purchases nowadays. If I get the HD2, that’s $450. For that amount of money I can get a really nice notebook computer. So if I want to play with a cool cell phone, I am gonna have to pay.

      So let’s pencil this out for my:

      Cable broadband and TV with HBO only is $140 a month, taxes and fees included. That’s $1680 annually.

      T-Mo for two lines, unlimited everything, $160 a month. That’s $1920.

      Two hot phones annually, about $900 on average, $700 if I get partial discounts. So let’s say $800.

      So let’s round it off to $4500. That’s a number I don’t like. It’s too high IMHO.

      Land line: Went wireless at home about 10 years ago. So that has saved me $40 a month x 10 years = $4800 savings.

      So what Future Guy is saying is critical, where there is duplication of services, cut out the excess. Cut out the unnecessary.

      Sure that netbook with a built-in data plan is cool in concept, but does one really need that? I don’t think so. Seems like tethering to an existing netbook is the way to go for most people unless tethering is too hard for you to get up and running.

      To defray the cost of my phones I keep them in excellent shape and then sell them on eBay. For example, I sold my Touch Pro2 for $50 more than I paid T-Mobile for it.

      Also, I am ditching the HBO since they don’t really have any movies any longer anyway. It has turned into a broadcast station with TV series every few months. I have Netflix so I don’t need to duplicate movies with both HBO and Netflix. Netflix is cheaper anyway.

      And I am considering using WiFi at home and tethering. If I can do that I will cut the broadband and digital TV package.

  • The Cliq XT needs its own SIM card cause of the Android Data plan.

  • ktwist

    The provisioned sim cards are for each of the phones data plans. They are demo sims to provide customers with a real feel for when they activate and use one. For instance, the Cliq XT sim will be preloaded with friends and status updates to show of the moto blur in store. When the first cliq arrived, we had to make up accounts and really couldn’t show how facebook and twitter were intergrated. Now they will have fake facebook accts and so on… Sucks though we cant get a laptop at our store in San Francisco. How the hell did Dallas make it and not us??

    • tucker

      because we in dallas/fort worth are a test market. san francisco isn’t. thats a pretty easy answer.

  • FILA

    Well Flash was updated, along with the Broadcom’s video accelerator, so High Def content will now play on the Dell Mini 10’s smoothly. Im still waiting for April for Asus’s Ion 2 based Netbook so I can atleast have video out and real HD. I’ll tether that, when I do get a new netbook. But the Dell Mini 10 is nice, if its the 2nd gen, which I believe this will be. Longer battery life with a Pinetrail.

    Dell Mini 10 (2nd Gen)
    Aton 2 (Pinetrail)
    Approx 9hrs battery
    TV Tuner
    T-Mobile 3G connection

    Thats a pretty nice Netbook for the price, cuz you should be able to build it online to get extra features.

  • Khaltz

    Okay this article is misleading people about Sims card. First of you make it sound like a new sim card. But in the picture it tell us that it is sort of for the demo devices.

  • J

    They likely just want to make sure no one tries to put one of the really old sims in these devices. Some of the really old SIMs have issues with newer devices. I’ve ran into the issue when doing testing. It is likely they the devices require a certain amount of memory on the SIM.

    A “provisioned” SIM just means the SIM has been associated with an account. It is not some new type of SIM.

  • ndy500fan

    Those Demo HD2 handsets should start showing up in stores soon. I’m sure that if you work in a store and see them arrive, you will let the rest of us know ASAP, Right?

    • Nobody cares

      Amen to that.

  • Tito

    It’s not that complicated, people.

    Each SIM (not ‘SIMS’ – it stands for Subscriber Identity Module) card related to a line of service, aka a “phone line”.

    In the system, each line of service will be allowed to access certain parts of the network depending on what the owner of the line is paying for. This is known as “provisioning”.

    So if you have a SIM Card that only has voice “provisioned”, that means you won’t be able to access any data. If this is in a dumbphone, no one even notices because grandma isn’t going to try putting the SIM Card in a smartphone and accessing the internet.

    For some odd Reason, T-Mobile doesn’t want to let you switch to a different TYPE of device, even if the price would be the same. For example, if you have a blackberry device, you’ll likely have issues if the SIM is in a Windows Mobile or Android phone. Likewise if you have an Android phone you’ll likely have issues if the SIM is in a blackberry, etc. (This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have complete failure. It just means that you might have problems.)

    So, when they launch a new device in the store, they don’t want the store to accidentally put a SIM Card provisioned for blackberry into an android phone, because that could hurt sales when the salesperson is fumbling around with error messages, and then trying to switch SIM Cards, etc. – For technically savvy users, no problem, but for the casual user that they are trying to needlessly upsell to a data phone because it’s the latest and greatest, it looks bad.

    To that end, they figure it’s just easier to create new lines of service for these devices, make sure that they are set up, or “provisioned”, with the correct services (possibly even test it before they send them out to make sure it works). Then color code it to make sure that the incompetents can’t screw it up by putting the wrong SIM into the wrong device.

  • szandor

    dell mini 10, with webconnect. seriously, webconnect? another fine example of lack of style on t-mobile’s part. laptops have had pci-e wwan slots for how many years? the last thing i want sticking out of my usb port is a broadband device when i have a dedicated wwan slot that almost every other cellular provider has by their own ingenuity or 3rd party manufacturer. of course, now that i think about it, pushing a dell mini 10 is pretty late in the game and it did take several years to replace that out of date pcmcia edge card with this usb 3g webconnect thing. i guess t-mobile u.s. is content with staying 3rd rate in cellular/mobile advancement.