Nokia E73 Coming To T-Mobile In June?


To be honest, there is little hope the release of this news will garner the same excitement now as it would have back in 2008.  It has been hoped that Nokia would make a resurgence in the US market and grace us with their phones that are still sleek, modern and generally pretty damn durable.  It’s been whispered to us that the Nokia E73 will make a T-Mobile appearance sometime in June.  The force is strong with this whisper so we’re willing to take the gamble and put this one in the rumor but likely category.  Details regarding the specs on the E73 remain a totally mystery, though I’m sure we can expect it to run some form of Symbian.

While it’s nice to see Nokia get back in the T-Mobile game, is it too late?  Have Android, Blackberry and the coming resurgence of Windows Phone 7 all but eliminated the chances of a Nokia resurrecting itself? What say you?