Puerto Rico Residents Get $35 Bill Credit


Good news T-Mobile Puerto Rican subscribers!  Beginning February 25th through February 28th, customers who activate service in Puerto Rico are eligible to receive an automatic $35 bill credit for each new 2 year contract. Here’s the run down:

Offer Details:

  • Valid in Puerto Rico only
  • Postpaid 2 year agreements only
  • Available for new activations, add-a-lines, and port-ins
  • Valid in Puerto Rico market sales channels: Retail, Business, Telesales, and National Retail (Best Buy and Radio Shack only)
  • Activations must occur and port-ins must be initiated during the promotional period (2/25/10 – 2/28/10)
  • Future dated activations outside the promotional period are not elgible for this offer
  • Bill credits will post within three bill cycles and does not include tax

Account Restrictions:

  • FlexPay
  • Employee
  • Special Dealer
  • Accounts that have Activation Fee waiver
  • Upgrades

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  • watbetch

    Time to move to Puerto Rico

  • gabriel salgado

    yeah cool whatever but still no 3G here, all other companies have 3G here except you!!!!

    • Blargables

      umm…. t-mobile has 3G el stupido

      • watbetch

        3G “Here”..

      • BronxBebe

        I think he meant PR doesn’t have 3G which is true..he’s from PR..

      • gabriel salgado

        yeah “el estupido??????”….when i said here, i was talking about Puerto Rico, the article is all about Puerto Rico getting a discount…but getting a discount “here” (Puerto Rico) doesnt make anyone happy if they are the only company “here”(Puerto Rico) that doesnt have 3G, there you go “el estupido” you understand now?

  • BronxBebe

    Wait I’m Puerto Rican born to BIRTHER Puerto Rican parents from PR but I was born here.. Nah, won’t work.. LOL..

  • Eddie

    I live in Puerto Rico, we don’t want a credit of $35.00 (one time) we need 3G. TMO is time to move, if you dont want to loose market share when the customer of Centennial move to ATT in the summer. Is time to upgrade and add new customers. Remember ATT have 3G.

  • Mog

    Puerto Rico is the second most densely populated US state or territory. If T-Mobile’s not building 3G there, there’s probably a reason, and it’s probably this: The average annual income in Puerto Rico is half that of the poorest US state (Mississippi). I’m guessing your average Puerto Rican probably isn’t terribly interested in paying to fuel a high-end 3G smartphone (the Puerto Ricans posting here being the obvious exceptions, but anyone posting here is not an average consumer).

    Competing on price with discounts, especially discounts that counter bogus upfront fees, will likely play better over there than rolling out an HSDPA network. Not everyone is a cell phone enthusiast who feels the need for speed.

    • Eddie

      I agree with you about the average income in PR, but i see lots and lots of IPhones, Palm Treo,Centros,Nokias,Blackberries and Netbooks here. People want to stay connect. I dont think is about how much we earn here. Maybe is about there realy have interest in this market? ATT buy Centennial last year. Centennial had about 400,00 customer. For a 100 x 35 miles island,is very good amount of customer.

      I am TMO customer for about a year, the customer service is great, they only need a better data coverage for had more customer.

  • Bigmerf

    Puerto Rico needs 3g period. the amount of tourists it gets from the states is high. if ATT ,sprint and big red find it nessasary to implement 3g on the island then why not tmobile? when i was with att and my iphone3gs it was great to have 3g. Now i visited the island 2 weeks ago with my nexus and it was very frustrating at best, to run on edge

  • Coqui

    In PR. Have TMo and Sprint, both on BBs. Sprint has 3G. Works real fast on my BB Curve 8530. 4G is coming. DL at @ 5-6 MB!!!and UL @ 512KB. YES!!! Only use the unlm $39.95 phone deal. SMS and net access too expensive.

  • Coqui

    Mog, good talking points but you fail to mention that PR is also one of the highest credit card debt places. Many, many folks are dropping their landlines for cell. a “typical” monthly landline bill is @ $40.

    You get a phone, unlm calls (made and received), email, some light surfing ? Yes, 3G will be big here. This AM as I leave my condo,Luis the maintenance fellow on his cell phone…he works for a company paying $9.50 an hour.
    Cell market potential here is probably 10-20% above the “average” in US, even the poorest states. Pop. is 4 million. Do the numbers.

  • Angel

    ok first. puerto rico is not the poorest US territory do some research, here we have at&t and sprint with the high bills and a lot of ppl have that, i think is that low because of the lack of “3G” . . .

  • gabriel salgado

    ok, the point here his that AT&T customer….almost all of them have either Iphones or Blackberrys, all using 3G, sprint users have HTC Hero, Palm Treo o BB using 3G also, and now At&T bought Centennial…ok ok T-Mobil imma let you finish with all that discount s!@#$t, but right now you are being the worst company only by not having 3G here! by the way, i love my unlimited plan, my mytouch 3g, but not having 3G got me jealous and mad! im considering changing to At&T in a couple of months! cause i want damn 3g!!!! period!

  • It is insane that TMobile is upgrading their network to HSPA (21Mbps?) and Puerto Rico STILL is on EDGE.

    Sprint, Claro, and AT&T all offer 3G service in Puerto Rico. I guess it is time to say GOOD BYE to T-Mobile … they just don’t care about Puerto Rico.

    As far as Puerto Rico capacity to buy smartphones, just visit the island and LOOK AROUND. EVERYBODY has a smartphone. They sell like hot cakes here. Puertorricans are less conservative when it comes to spending money to new technologies, IN FACT, we adopt new technologies way faster than people in the USA.

    WAKE UP T-MOBILE !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Junior

    About the gross income being very very low, it is, but for those of you who have never visited the island and when I say the island, i mean apart from old San Juan. Puerto rican people are very stuck up or how we say “come mierda” about a few things. 1. Hair – men cut their hair At Least once a week. 2. Clothing – they have to have whats in stile and you will see EVERYONE wearing the same things, which at this moment are the colorful watches, Fox clothing, alpine stars and monster 3. Technology – have to have the newest phones, plasma tvs and laptops. How some of the people pay for them, use your imagination, but YES the majority of people here are very technologically advanced, evenmoreso than in the states. Were even getting wind turbines for power this year, something that the whole southeast US doesnt have. This is coming from someone who lived 95% of his life in the US and moved back not long ago. SO YES we need Tmobile 3g here, Yes people will pay for it, one way or another

  • Bigmerf

    Guess this credit is a bye bye now that 3g has been deployed