HD2 Seen Running Windows Phone 7 Series


Update: And its fake…so we go back to wondering yet again if Windows Phone 7 will indeed make its way to the HTC HD2.

With the HD2 less than a month away (if the rumored release date is to be believed), the big question that everyone wants answered is, “Will the HD2 get an update to Windows Phone 7 OS”? Although Microsoft and HTC have not confirmed whether or not the HD2 will get an update to WP7, it certainly looks like the HD2 can handle the new OS. Yesterday at MWC, an HTC HD2 was shown running Windows Phone 7 Series, and this answers a couple of questions. First, yes the HD2 can handle Windows Phone 7 Series. Second, this sorta increases the chances of an update to Windows Phone 7 Series for HD2 owners in the future. Even if HD2 owners don’t receive an official update to Windows Phone 7 Series, I’m sure the guys over at XDA Developers will find a way.

Leave your hopes and dreams in the comments!

PocketNow Via WinMo.nl

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  • Brad

    It isn’t fully functional yet, and that will take work from HTC to complete if we want to get it in a reasonable amount of time.
    None of the Zune functions work, and other things are still not working.
    But it is promising.

  • chaoscentral

    Oh man, I need this phone right now, replace my decrepit G1 and Zune HD with a single device :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      My girlfriend is using my “old” G1. Have to agree with you there. The G1 compared to the phones coming out nowadays does look pitiful. It was nice when it debuted though.

      • Oce

        G1 was never nice looking! Looked like a brick from day 1!

  • Sean

    This phone will not have WP7 on it. All the articles I’ve read have stated that they will only have it on phones that meet their criteria… which is a 3 button layout with a home, back and search button… and they will definitely not allow any carrier or manufacturer UI on top of it.

    I’m an Android guy, but find what Windows is doing to be pretty sweet. My major gripe with Android phones right now is the fragmentation. It’s annoying to have different phones running different versions of the OS. I have a Nexus One now… thank God…so I have 2.1.. but my lady has the Cliq which runs on 1.5…which is ancient. It’s frustrating for her because there are things like Google Buzz that won’t run on her phone. So thanks to fragmentation, we have a phone running Googles operating system that can’t run Googles Social Network. Argh.

    and….boy did I jump topics.

    Buzz is awesome btw…. did it again…jumping topics…

    …try the Veal!

    • FILA

      We got Buzz on the MT3G’s 1.6

      but anyways Im with you, I like what Microsoft is doing at the fact making guidelines. I wish and hope that Google does the same. Having all these phones, some with more buttons then others (Behold 2), camera buttons, flash, UI’s. I dont mind the UI’s that much. Im not a fan of them, I like stock Android, but it should be an option on the phone. Have stock Android but the ability to turn on Blur or whatever. But Google should have guidelines for there devices

      Back, Menu, Home, Search keys (And stop changing order on HTC devices
      1Ghz processor
      Camera Flash / Button or no button
      5MP camera if not more
      720p video recording

      I like to see video out, but I kno im pushing it right now
      And most importantly a universal rollout of Android versions. Once a new version comes out, Google, not the carrier rolls out the new version within a week or so. So all devices are the same. But if the carrier wants to do it, fine jsut do it when it releases, stop waiting 9 months for the next version when its 7 versions behind by then.

      Along with the lot more specs including RAM and all that, but we pretty much know all that

      • ps

        The big problem is that Moto BLUR and Samsung TouchWIZ are not just skins, but completely integrated in the core of the OS. It took Motorola and Samsung a long time to create and test with v1.5, so if Google was to push out v2.1 it would complete break compatibility with their software. While I am a bigger fan of stock Android, Moto and Samsung believe that their software is the only way they can stand out in the sea of Android phones out at the moment. Back to your original point, this is what everyone is still waiting to hear on Win Phone 7, with these supposed strict guidelines, what is going to differentiate each device from another? How are the companies going to compete when everything need to be almost the same?

  • Microsoft twittered on their Windows Phone account that had nothing to announce “YET”. So I’m assuming that means they will announce something about the HD2 eventually.

  • Phenomenon

    :: drools ::

    • stallion

      I really want to upgrade my old G1 to this phone because the specs sound epic,
      but there are alot of reviews on youtube from Europeans that say that this phone has a lot of problems…

      I dont know what to do!!!

  • Mantikos

    Fake…as discussed @ xda
    look @ the fonts…they don’t even match!

  • All I want is a definitive answer some time before launch/pre-sale times.

    If we will get WinMo7 – then that is fantastic and I am a LOCK to get this device.

    If they tell us we cant get WinMo7 then that is likely a deal breaker as I will wait for an official WinPho7 device later on. I feel confident that there will be ROM’s and hacks to get the WinPho7 skins or feel, but I am not sure you will get the full features – which is why I want the new WinPho7.

    If the HD2 is not going to be given an upgrade (even if I have to pay for it) then I would like to get an explanation from T-Mobile/HTC – it seems crazy to follow up this massive story of WinPho7 with the hottest new device with fantastic specs…only to tell consumers that they are stuck with old software.

    Every review I have seen (of the European HD2) has basically said the same thing – sexy device, great specs, cool weather apps, Sense UI hides WinMo 6.5 but the major detractor?…its a Windows Phone. Now, after reading that, I still love the phone and the specs, but I am not going to shell out likely $300+ for a device that wont have the new sexy software being released just a matter of months later.

    • God

      lemme help you out:

      1. Microsoft states that WP7 won’t be out til the holiday season.
      2. The stick together HD2 webpage from TMO shows an HD2 running WM6.5

      The HD2 will not be running WP7 when it’s released.

      As for an upgrade, how do you think that would play out??
      Let’s say you install a bunch of WM6.5 apps for your phone. You then upgrade to WP7. WP7 is a closed, vertically integrated environment akin to the iPhone. It’s extremely likely that those apps, unless they’re coded for WP7 and approved explicitly by Microsoft, won’t work on WP7.

      • I think you may have missed my requests/questions.

        I definitely understand that HTC HD2 will be released with WinMo 6.5 w/Sense UI by HTC.

        That being said, I would like the option to upgrade the device to WinPho7 even if it means “starting new” with applications and other programs.

        Do I think the HD2 could end up with WinPho7 later on? Yes. Do I think it is really likely. Probably not – which is a bummer as id love to have the new device.

        We will just have to wait and see as nothing definitive has been announced.

      • Bobomo

        The Word of God!

        Also, T-Mobile doesn’t have any reason to announce one way or another. If they announce that they ARE getting an upgrade, nobody will want the phone until it’s been upgraded (for the reason you stated above) and by then, there will be better phones available. If they aren’t getting the update, then all these hardcore fanboi’s + tech bloggers are going to make a big f’ing stink about it. Bad PR, for sure. They sell the most phones by pretending WP7 doesn’t exist.

      • FILA


        Its not like people have another option right now. More people are gonna buy the phone if they know it will be upgraded. Its not like 7’s out right now and there just go with another phone. 6.5 is your only option right now

  • WinmoInsider

    I’m a marketing analyst for Microsoft and from what I have heard the phone will be able to take on the winmo 7 update.

  • Microsoft announced it may confirm next month whether the HD2 will run Windows Phone 7 Series http://twitter.com/windowsphone/status/9181323569

  • Max

    This is likely fake, if you look in the corner it says 3G NL (netherlands) however they are in Spain

  • Sgt. Cell

    I’ve gotten use to the sense interface in all the video’s I’ve seen. No need for WP7. Not complaining, but are they putting too much stuff into this phone?

    • I know!. I mean ,damn I might have to sell my 52″ t.v because I might not need it anymore. Lol.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Agree 100% with you there. See my posts where I talk about my Touch Pro2 with a custom ROM and HTC Sense. I love HTC Sense and would probably debate having to give it up to run WinMo 7. A real Sophie’s Choice for me.

      But I am leaning toward being content with the HD2 running 6.5.+ I like being customization too much to be giving that up with WinMo 7.

      So I no longer care about WinMo 7. If some hot new Windows Phone comes up in November, I’ll buy it then decide whether to replace my girlfriend’s outdated G1 with the HD2 or the new phone I must have (in November).

  • Man, this WinMo 7 UI BLOWS! I didnt think anything could suck more than the iPhone UI… congrats Microsoft.


  • T

    I hate the WinMo7 look its so ugly

    • FILA

      Im glad to see Im not the only one who thinks that. Thank you. jesus.

  • UGH.. so many choices.. I need to upgrade the G1.. Imma big fan of android tho.. and was a hug fan of winmo b4.. But actually thinking of blackberry next with my online business starting off.. Anyone know if theres a new BB coming soon?

    • kullkid92x

      Yessir ! the new BB Tour 2 9650 is about to drop anytime now for Verizon and Sprint.

      Team CrackBerry! ;]

  • I am counting the days down for this phone.

    I can’t wait!

  • TheDude

    Article: “With the HD2 less than a month away…”

    *checks watch*


    *checks calendar*

    The big red circle is….

    *double checks release date of Mar 24*

    It’s 5 weeks away. That’s more than a month. Got my hopes up when I read the first line of the article :(

    • Kevin

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I was actually reading to find this because I wanted to make sure not to double-post, lol. Grrrr, I got so excited. I feel like I have waited years for this phone. I probably have 5 alarms set on my phone to go off on the 24th

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You never know, there could be a preorder period. Make sure you sign up for e-mail notification of when it becomes available. Maybe T-Mo will reward those who signed up for advanced notice.

  • Bdar

    IMHO, WM6.5 with Sense is WAY better looking than WP7, yet I like what Microsoft is doing with WP7’s aggregation and simplification. I think they really need to allow skins/UI modifications. In the video it is mentioned that you can at least change that blue to something else and tweak some of the other visual elements, but compared to WM6.5 with Sense I feel it’s a huge step backward visually.

    • SteveG1

      Agreed, WM7 doesn’t really do it for me either. Even if there is an upgrade path I’d rather have 6.5 w/ Sense. I can’t wait to get the HD2!

  • chidino

    Weird search result from T-Mobile (US) website when asked to search ‘HD2’:

    T-Mobile Complete: Plans with No Annual Contracts

    …TM CLIQ TM Sidekick ® LX TM Studio TM G1 ® BlackBerry ® Bold TM 9700 HTC HD2 Ways to Save Mobile Makeover SM Family Allowances ® Making a Difference Mobilize SM HuddleUp SM…

    The HD2 with no contract? Wonder what that’ll cost…

    • David

      The HD2 with no contract will be very expensive! Probably $500-$600.

  • David

    I think I am just going to upgrade to the mytouch at this point. Android 2.1, 3.5mm jack, I don’t really need all the other stuff like blockbuster and all that. Not to mention not knowing if the hd2 can get winmo7 later..I have a G1 and have been happy with it and am used to android and like it so I will be happy with the mytouch and android 2.1. I may get the moto cliq xt if it will get android 2.1 but at this point I don’t even want to try the hd2 and windowa mobile anymore.

    • TheDude

      okay. good for you

  • Bdar

    I don’t know if this was mentioned earlier or if this always been present on the site, but on T-mobile’s site if you ‘Discover’ the HD2 you will notice that beside the HTC logo they’ve placed a rather different looking “Windows Phone” label.


    • SteveG1

      I noticed that as well yesterday. I think it’s because the phone will indeed be upgradable to WM7, but who knows. Could just be the new logo for Windows Phone. Either way, I can’t wait to get this device. I am not even a fan WM7, would rather stick with 6.5 w/Sense.