HD2 Seen Running Windows Phone 7 Series


Update: And its fake…so we go back to wondering yet again if Windows Phone 7 will indeed make its way to the HTC HD2.

With the HD2 less than a month away (if the rumored release date is to be believed), the big question that everyone wants answered is, “Will the HD2 get an update to Windows Phone 7 OS”? Although Microsoft and HTC have not confirmed whether or not the HD2 will get an update to WP7, it certainly looks like the HD2 can handle the new OS. Yesterday at MWC, an HTC HD2 was shown running Windows Phone 7 Series, and this answers a couple of questions. First, yes the HD2 can handle Windows Phone 7 Series. Second, this sorta increases the chances of an update to Windows Phone 7 Series for HD2 owners in the future. Even if HD2 owners don’t receive an official update to Windows Phone 7 Series, I’m sure the guys over at XDA Developers will find a way.

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PocketNow Via WinMo.nl

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