T-Mobile HTC HD2 Website Entices You With Entertainment, Sort Of


Nothing here that we haven’t already seen, but T-Mobile has got a pretty website set up to keep you enticed on the HTC HD2. There is little question this will be a flagship entertainment phone for T-Mobile. If you want an opportunity to see the phone rotate and spin, this is the website for you. Only a couple of worthy notes here, as included on the website and unknown to me at this point was the inclusion of MobiTV services and GoGo In-flight Internet services, which allows for inflight Internet access on your next cross country trip, assuming of course that your flight has Wi-Fi. Nothing else super major important here but the site is worth a look if you are  eagerly awaiting this phone and need some more eye candy to hold you over!

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  • mordawkubel
    • ricr

      Thanks for that link. I guess that answers the one issue that might have kept me from buying the phone (besides an excessively high price). If it’s running with Windows Phone 7 Series OS now, I don’t see why it wouldn’t later in the year. Now just have to wait for pricing information.

      • manushka

        Me too! I’ve been on a m2m foe a while now waiting for this puppy, they keep sending me offers and all I want is this. and the mini one for the wife

  • Camusa

    In love with this phone, but seriously…why Blockbuster? Gimme Netflix. I know we need Silverlight and maybe with WinMo7?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    What? I see they mention MobiTV, that’s cool because when I commented a few weeks ago when someone else in here mentioned it, I said that MobiTV’s site did not list T-Mobile as a supported carrier. I still don’t see T-Mo listed, but they must have worked out a deal.


    All indications are that this was the announcement that T-Mo tweeted about? More content.


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So here is what others said:

    Today at MWC in Spain, we heard from T-Mobile that the HD2 is still coming soon, but it looks like someone finally took the initiative to attempt to fix the problem with easily getting media content onto Windows Mobile devices. T-Mobile is positioning the HTC HD2 as a mobile entertainment device with multiple content partners and a slightly upgraded piece of hardware over what we currently see in the HD2.

    And here is something I got for those who want to drool over the HD2, the official press release pic of the T-Mobile HD2!



  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, so here is what was said about T-Mo and MWC:

    Today at MWC in Spain, we heard from T-Mobile that the HD2 is still coming soon, but it looks like someone finally took the initiative to attempt to fix the problem with easily getting media content onto Windows Mobile devices. T-Mobile is positioning the HTC HD2 as a mobile entertainment device with multiple content partners and a slightly upgraded piece of hardware over what we currently see in the HD2.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oops… my posts were not showing up so I double posted. Sorry.

    But anyway, so let me get this right, there’s two movies loaded on the phone? Transformers and Transformers 2.

    Wow… I can’t believe that. I have those two DVDs and they cost me $15 each. LOL.

  • SteveG1

    Sick of the I-CAN-D. Want phone NOW!

    • Camusa

      I know right?! GIMME! I have to admit though, as much as I want this phone I will probably wait for a month or so to purchase so the price comes down (or is that just wishful thinking?)

  • manushka

    WOOHOO! now if we could only get a price on that puppy! I agree with camusa, I wish it had netflix but I’m still drooling over it.

  • People have hit the nail on the head here…the phone looks fantastic with a number of fantastic features – Blockbuster, MobiTV to name two of them.

    But all I need to know is this –

    #1 – Please confirm that we will be getting WinMo7 upgrade. Even if they charge some money, just let me know I can have it…or if I cant, let me know up front so I can make an educated decision about buying/pre-ordering.

    #2 – Price. Honestly, this is just curiosity for me, assuming the phone doesn’t have a $500 subsidized price I will be on board (assuming I get my answer to question 1).

  • Oce

    I’ve got an upgrade eligibility burning a whole in my account!!! =0

  • Todd

    I was really hoping for pricing information today and possible preorder info too…..

  • JR

    I HIGHLY doubt you will see this with WinMo 7. Seven is an entirely new software platform and would require an extensive new build and integration on this device. You most likely won’t even see an upgrade of any Win Mo 6.5, 6.5.3 devices to 7. They are just too different.

    • Mmaestro

      Not really. Just because the software is an entirely different architecture doesn’t mean the hardware is. God knows, you can run (if you’re crazy) Windows 95 on an N900. Obviously, we don’t know the WP7 requirements yet, but this phone is high end enough that I think HTC would be crazy to not make it upgradeable, even if that required making some components superfluous for WM6.5. God knows, I’d buy one of these, but only if I can upgrade it in the fall. I expect a lot of people will feel the same way.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have to disagree.

      The HD2 is totally capable of running WinMo 7. The only issue is whether or not first adopters will get a free upgrade. No one on the Net has ever said the T-Mo HD2 won’t be able to run WinMo 7.

      You are correct about certain devices that run WinMo 6.5 will not be able to run WinMo 7 (the expensive Touch Pro2 is a good example. In fact, that’s the main reason I sold my Touch Pro2, because the HD2 has double the power, so to speak). And even MS has said that only certain phones will have hardware specs capable of running WinMo 7, the “new Windows Phones” coming out.

      The ability to run WinMo 7 is NOT tied to software, it’s tied to the phone’s power, processor, RAM, etc. (look at what a Snapdragon chip has on it, that’s what MS is talking about).

      Just like old computers will not run Windows 7 because they are underpowered or lack other specs, so too are smartphones limited or restricted.

      Yes, WinMo 7 is entirely different than 6.5. But that does not mean the software/OS won’t run on the HD2.

      Think about it logically. Would HTC and T-Mobile debut a flagship device in March only to come out with a different flagship device in eight months?

      And assuming the HD2 is still available in July -August this year, what is T-Mo’s intent, to sell it as a WinMo 6.5 phone,” and for it to be outdated and less powerful because of some new handset coming out? I don’t think so, unless someone, somewhere has evidence that T-Mo intends to introduce a phone more powerful than the HD2 for the holiday season.

      And that brings to mind, the Snapdragon processor is the most powerful chip available. I have not heard anywhere that there’s something set to replace Snapdragon in October-November. Assuming that, one can safely say that the only phones capable of running WinMo 7 must have Snapdragon. And guess what, the HD2 has Snapdragon (and even added RAM).

      The added RAM should also cause one to question “Why the added RAM and 1GB ROM?” To run 6.5 you don’t need it (since 6.5 is plenty fast on a Touch Pro2). The only reasons T-Mo and HTC did this was 1) to make the HD2 a media powerhouse; and 2) to run WinMo 7.

      I have not read anywhere on the Net that the HD2 is a ONLY WinMo 6.5 phone. Quite the contrary, the talk has only been “Will WinMo 7 be a free upgrade.”

      MS did disclose that it is adopting a dual-platform strategy, to keep the 6.5 line going (in fact, 6.6 is supposed to debut soon) and on another path have the WinMo 7 OS. Is the HD2 strictly a Windows Mobile 6.5.+ phone? With such specs I would think not.

      Plus there would be a lot of pissed off T-Mo HD2 first adopters if T-Mo deceptively sold the HD2 in March as a flagship device, knowing that in Oct-Nov they will introduce a different flagship phone. And just what would a Windows Phone be? A device cheaper, but more powerful than the HD2? I can’t imagine that, that 8 months later HTC will debut a phone that is more powerful than the HD2 and will sell for less.

      Is the HD2 a “Windows Phone” about which MS speaks? I guess technically (and legally) we don’t know since no one in the know has said the HD2 is a “Windows Phone.” We are all making assumptions, I guess.

      Probably won’t matter at the end of the day, however. Unless MS puts some kind of uncrackable restriction on the OS installing on the HD2, XDA soon enough provide us the ability to install WinMo 7 on our HD2s soon enough. (I do hope that MS does not go the way of Apple and send code to phones that will brick them if one installs an unauthorized OS).

      (Sorry for the long comment, I am on deadline and wanted to keep the engines warmed up.)

      • JR

        “Think about it logically. Would HTC and T-Mobile debut a flagship device in March only to come out with a different flagship device in eight months?”

        Unfortunately, Yes I think they would. There is Blockbuster and all the new S/W that is one this that might not integrate with WINMO 7. Believe me I want it to be true but I am continually disappointed with mobile phones these days. We just don’t get the cream of the crop, or what we all think makes sense.

  • joel2nd

    Hate to admit it, but I’m impressed.

  • Sean

    HTC HD2 spotted running Windows Phone 7

    As the article states, even if HTC/TMO doesn’t officially put a 7 ROM, the XDA-Dev crew will likely get us the 7 ROM (and before the offical release I’m sure).

    This almost seals it as 100% that this phone is MINE -> I am so ready to retire my WING!!!

  • JR

    @Sean, being able to run the ROM is one thing, TMO probably won’t support it as an “official” upgrade, that is what I was really referring to.
    I’m with you. If it’s WinMo 7, I might be swayed to get on board with this one.

  • JR, just get on board- it’ll be worth it my friend.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I just realized something additional. I remember when we (“we” being Touch Pro2 owners) were all worked up on whether or not and when would T-Mo provide a ROM upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5 Many things we said back then are now being echoed in regards to the HD2 and WinMo 7.

    In late August 09 I took the plunge. Installed HardSPL (Secondary Program Loader) on the TP2 and within a few minutes I had a cooked, custom 6.5 ROM installed on my TP2.

    While others continued to ask (on forums, blogs and even T-Mo’s forums) “when will T-Mo get us 6.5” I was loading custom ROMS every three to five days (I had a blast trying them all out).

    So I am going to do the same thing here. To hell when T-Mo issues WinMo 7. It will be available over at XDA soon enough after the HD2 U.S. version arrives.

    I will also enjoy being able to decide for myself which I like, WinMo 6.5.+ with HTC Sense or WinMo 7 when it debuts.

    I am stoked. I just ended future months of speculation and concern about getting WinMo 7 and look forward to getting the HD2 in March (I sold my TP2 last month in anticipation of getting the HD2. So I am WinMoLess for now).

    Get this. Just to test out my three emergency backup phones (since I am totally wireless at home and need backup phones in the event I lose my primary phone) I fired up a 2005 BlackBerry 7100t. A bad experience, but it shows just how far we have come.

    The 7100t does not have a microSD slot, does not play media, has a dual scan display, no camera, and my net connection is GPRS. I am ending the test today and going back to using my emergency BlackBerry Pearl 8120. Sidenote: I remember when the 7100t came out. I was just as excited to get that phone as I am the HD2.

  • manushka

    I thought I read somewhere where the phone is getting a bump to a 1G ram

    has anyone else read that

  • NiiDiddy

    I think that this is the phone that has impressed me by far on all networks. I wish Android had something like this as the Nexus One came really close. The screen alone rocks in size. I will await the pricing while I ponder my next move in a phone device..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey David, What’s the link to that Tmobile HD2 site? I couldn’t find it on Tmobile US, site.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, as others have pointed out, somewhat, and what I finally can put together after seeing lots of stuff.

    1. The HD2 will be a Windows phone. There are many Windows phones on the market. All can run WinMo 6.5.

    2. The HD2 will come with WinMo 6.5 Professional, which gives it a few more features and apps compared to other phones.

    3. In contrast, the phones that will debut in Nov. 2010, that will run WinMo 7 and come with it, are “Windows Phones Series 7” or “Windows Phone 7.”

    4. As far as to how MS is handling this, a Windows Phone Series 7 is NOT the same as a Windows phone. (MS does not capitalize the “p” in Windows phone, by the way.)

    5. As far as HTC, T-Mo and MS are concerned, the HD2 coming out in March is a Windows phone, NOT a Windows Phone 7.

    4. All the XDA experts who have looked at the HD2 have said the HD2 will be able to run WinMo 7, the specs are more than adequate (even the European model will).

    5. It’s up in the air on whether or not HD2 first adopters will get a FREE upgrade to WinMo 7. I think T-Mo could care less, HTC might address it, and I don’t know MS’s attitude about it.

    IMHO 8 months may be too far removed from the Nov. Windows Phone 7 and OS debut

    6. As far as the “three keys” requirement, MS has not said that any WinMo device will have ONLY three keys. They said that Windows Phone 7 WILL have the three keys (start, search and back). There’s a big difference between saying “will have” and “will only have.”

    MS won’t be getting rid of the HD2’s, for example, end call/home and send/call keys because people are used to those keys and need them. Can you imagine “Where’s my end call button?”

    So a Series 7 phone must have three keys including the “Bing” key which formerly was the Windows key (and still is on many devices). The HD2’s Window key can be mapped to turn it into a Bing search key. That’s simply a software programming issue.

    This flexibility makes sense when you think about it. MS is not going to force Bing keys and eliminate the end and call keys. That would be as stupid as HTC forcing people to use a USB port for audio. Oh wait, my Touch Pro2… never mind.

    IMHO MS is really making things confusing for consumers. I don’t think people will pick up on the subtle distinction that Ballmer made during his keynote in Barcelona, calling it Windows Phone Series 7 or Windows Phone 7. I could be wrong. Certainly people know the difference between Win 7, XP, Vista, etc.



  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oops… left off my thought.

    “IMHO 8 months may be too far removed from the Nov. Windows Phone 7 and OS debut to warrant a free upgrade or an upgrade at all. But rest assured this is NOT a hardware issue. The HD2 is the latest phone on the market. AFAIK there’s nothing coming out in the next 9 months that will replace Snapdragon as being the most powerful processor on the market.”

    Sidenote: The main ingredient, so to speak, that Windows Phone Series 7 needs is that Snapdragon processor and the bump in RAM the T-MO HD2 is getting.

    T-Mo bumped up the speck of the HD2 to make it a media powerhouse and/or in anticipation of WinMo 7. I suspect it’s to make it capable of running media smoothly and without lag. But you never know, T-Mo could surprise us.

    But like I said, I want the HD2 as it will be currently configured. Truth be told, I am hoping I get one and don’t have to wait.

    I remember when the Pearl debuted in 2006. I was lucky and got two. A day or two later T-Mo sold out and people had to wait about three weeks for another order to come in.

  • Great points Mike.

    I am not really too worried about the minutia involved with – “is it Windows Phone 7 or Windows 7 Series Phone” or even so much with how many buttons and how it will work.

    The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that we would be “given” an upgrade from 6.5 to 7 – though I do understand that an upgrade could be (and maybe even SHOULD be) possible due to the HD2’s specs.

    I suppose this is just a situation where our knowledge is a bad thing, we KNOW WinPho7 is coming, and therefore some luster is taken off of the HD2 (at least for me).

    I think the best case scenario is that T-Mo/MS comes out and says, “yes early HD2 adopters will be given the chance to upgrade to the new OS when it becomes available during holiday season 2010”

    If they came out with that announcement I would expect MASSIVE excitement (there already is a solid buzz) for the HD2. If they leave people in limbo, the phone will still sell well, it will be popular but I know people will do it somewhat begrudgingly or will be pissed a few months later when their phone appears outdated already (for those who dont know about WinPho7).

    In my personal case, I think I may get the HD2 no matter the announcement, knowing that I have another full upgrade available for October 2010 to use on a real WinPho7 – I can just hand over the HD2 to my brother (who is less cell phone geeky then I) and get my new device. :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ah… cut from the same cloth.

      When I got the Touch Pro2 I loved it. But I also knew that in six months I’d be selling it because I always like new stuff. And unfortunately the cell phone industry is happy to feed my phone addiction (e.g., new models coming out every few months).

      As much as I will enjoy the HD2 I know in October-November I will then want the fancy Windows Series 7 phone, whatever that might be.

      I only have to hope my girlfriend’s G1 (my old discard) holds up until then. 9 more months on a 14 month old phone is a long time. And she is wise to my giving her the phones I no longer want. (Been that way for 12 years).

      Guess if the G1 craps out I can give her my current “emergency phone” I am using until the HD2 comes out. “Look honey, this great Pearl 8120 I have for you, it’s way better than the 8100 you had three years ago.”

    • gargoyle999

      I read your post and big light bulb lit up over my head! My wife has my old Razr that is 4 years old and my BB Curve will be 2 first week of April so I’m wanting to upgrade both. The wife is tired of having such an old phone so I was thinking about getting 2 HD2’s. But now I think I’ll get the HD2, give her my BB curve then wait till WinPho7 comes out. I’ll then get the latest and greatest and give her the HD2!

  • I purchased my HD2 nearly month in the past, already were given lot of apps on it however need more of course. Still wish to to find better PDF reader, with higher fullscreen mode and multitouch. Making plans set up android on it but it will be now not very soon.