The Shack Launches All Phones Free Sale This Saturday

It looks like future T-Mobile customers will have plenty of choices this Saturday to pick up free phones.  Along with the T-Mobile Father’s Day Super Sale, Radio The Shack is throwing its own holiday sale with an all phones free event. With no mail in rebates, no activation fees and the ability to sign up for Single or Family plans without rebates, any rebates whatsoever, it’s a mighty attractive offer for anyone who wants to pick up service with the big Magenta. In the case of Family Plans, lines 1 and 2 are eligible but any additional lines would be subject to regular pricing.  Upgrades and flexpay offers do not qualify for this sale.

Any takers?

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  • DudeDu

    So does this mean i could get a MT3G Slide for free on an individual plan from the Shack on Sat?

  • Mohammad

    Single lines are eligible? That’s good news for those who want a single line. Does shack add any extra equipment fee if you cancel bc what’s to stop someone from opening a single line w free phone & no activation fee and then paying the early termination fee of $200?

    • DudeDu

      That’s what I was wondering. $270 for 1 month & ETF could be a viable option to rid me of my BH2.

    • Matt Hatter

      That’s illogical as it would just be cheaper to do that same thing with a discounted handset. I mean for pete’s sake MT3GS is 180.00 at full discounted price and w/ new activation. I’d rather do that and save the 20.00. But, hey, whatever’s clever.

      • DudeDu

        EM+ is $429 for MT3GS

      • Robert

        DudeDu is thinking that if you get a line, with free activation and free handset, cancelling after a month would cost you around $270 (1 month plus ETF) and you’d have a phone. If you went with a discounted phone, then it’d be $180 for the phone, plus the month and ETF, in which you would be out say, $270 for the line and ETF plus $180 for the discounted phone.. Shack deal sounds better if they don’t have any equipment fees. $270 for a phone for a month’s service and cancelling footwork.

      • DudeDu

        FYI, I’m not a big enough douche to pull this off. Besides, I’ve already figured that I’m going to stick w/ the BH2 until a non-samsung phone comes out on TMO w/ a front-facing camera. Preferably a google-experience phone a la the N1. Until then, Touchdown app makes my phone bearable for the wait.

    • robo

      I’ve been told this free phone is going to be via rebate, but did not know if was going to be full price or discounted. So, I’m betting you pay 2yr contract price for phone on the 19th.. and you get a rebate a few months (who knows how long) later. Terminate before your rebate is mailed, and I bet the rebate goes bye-bye and you pay a termination fee.


  • wack mode

    dude your not suppose to be saying it like that but thats what i was thinking about to.

    • Mohammad

      I’m a straight shooter.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Does this apply to upgrades as well or just new lines?

    • SoutheastTMORep



  • Phylum

    If the EVO is available, this might be worth jumping ship!

    • Corejam

      I think this is for TMO phones only, but if it does include the Sprint, I will definitely be switching over.

  • boredgeorge

    Is there a link for the details on this?

  • pimpstrong

    its kind like you, your boss and lets say 4 of your coworkers go out to lunch. Your boss decides that since this is the first time 3 of your coworkers have came out to lunch with him that he will go ahead and pay for their lunch and give them an extra $5 so they can have dinner later on him. Unfortunently you and your buddy didnt bring any money but you wanted to ride along and in the end thats all you get…to ride along. Thats cool tho I’ll just buy my lunch out right.

  • Eric

    Where was this reported from? I see nothing on The Shack’s website yet, and I would like to find out more details.

  • keele8

    This is where I saw it first. Sounds like just TMobile phones, but not requiring family plan.

    • keele8

      Also if you go to their website and go to the phones page there is a rotating banner that says “free activation on any Tmobile phone, offer ends 06/19” which is the day of the sale. I didn’t click on it for details but maybe there is more info there.

  • Sam

    INFO”Order up to five new lines on T-Mobile on or before Saturday June 19, 2010, and T-Mobile will credit the $35 per-line activation fee. This means you could save up to $175 by ordering T-Mobile service today! Don’t miss this great opportunity to save $$$!
    Customers will receive an automatic $35 credit from T-Mobile for each qualifying line of service activated.
    This offer is valid for up to five newly activated lines per account.
    This offer is sponsored by T-Mobile. Activation fee offer: Valid only for new activations on qualifying post-paid rate plans with 2-year service agreement. Offer valid for lines 1 through 5. $35 per-line activation fee will appear on your first T-Mobile bill but will then be credited back on your second or third bill, and you must remain on a qualifying rate plan when credit is applied. Credits will appear on your bill as adjustments and will not state they are for the Activation Fee Credit promotion. This promotion valid at this online dealer from June 11, 2010 at 12:01 am EST through June 19, 2010 11:59 pm PST only. Upgrade orders are not included in this promotion. General terms: Subject to credit approval. $200/line early cancellation fee and other upfront and monthly charges and fees may apply. See Pricing, Services and Devices brochures, and T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions (including mandatory arbitration) at for additional rate plan information, charges for features and services, and restrictions and details. T-Mobile and the magenta color are federally registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. stick together is a federally registered trademark of T-Mobile USA, Inc. © 2010 T-Mobile USA

    • boredgeorge

      Thanks for the info, but do you have a link to where you copied it from?

      Also, this doesn’t seem to be the same deal mentioned in the original post, because there is no mention of free phones. And the free phones are apparently available only on Saturday, June 19, not June 11 thru June 19.

  • James

    If you add a line and cancel right away you shouldnt have to pay an EFT. Isnt there a 30day/300min policy?

  • Yupyupper

    if you tried that i’m sure you would have to return the phone to cancel they arent crazy…

  • tom stazer

    Ahhh once again loyal, paying customers are advised to suck it. No such option for existing customers who have been loyal for years like me. Arseholes.

  • En2Mente

    I can’t see why upgrades aren’t eligible for this deal, its still agreeing to a 2yr contract. Didn’t they lose over 77,000 customers last quarter or something like that? Wouldn’t it be more logical to focus on both gaining new & keeping current customers?

    • pjs

      @ En2Mente, yes it would, but they “hope” that this sale with bring millions of customers, which it won’t, and catapult them to 3rd place (ahead of Sprint).

      • En2Mente

        Except most of the customers their losing are going to sprint. They need to think of something better, the best way to get new customers is keep the current ones happy enough to convince family members to switch.

        • Roberta Hatley

          Like when Suncom sold out to T-Mobile ; We were not even offered a new free phone ! Look out Sprint ,here I come !!!!

    • Roberta Hatley

      I was T-Mobile when it was Suncom & 7 years now with the same company , now bought out by AT&T and like the last sale out by Suncom , they never even offered us a phone to stay ! But they can give their “New customers a new phone !!!   Just like that tv commercial with the two kids and an ice cream ~~Even kids knows thats not right !

  • thoughtSausage

    maybe all the folks with single lines will quit pissing and moaning now.

  • Desert

    I’m all for the consumer and I’m also an opportunist, but I can say that if a whole bunch of you guys try and get free phones then plan on cancelling them shortly after we’ll probably never see such a promotion ever again OR be penalized with higher ETF’s like Verizon/AT&T.

    Just sayin’

  • aziz30

    how to get free phone from >>
    any site ?

  • yourmom

    I will be leaving sprint from 5 yrs to go with tmobile on this promo.
    the FVO G4 is an additonal $10/month on top of the already $69 minumum ‘everything’ plan.
    then pay $30 for tethering.

    hopefully the coverage will be as ‘good’ as sprint.

    if not, i have 20 days to bring it all back and cancel.

    Now if i can get nights starting at 7, we’ll be all set.