T-Mobile Launches Beta Program For Tuning Up Android Devices

Update: As most of you have already discovered, the beta is closed for today but will re-open tomorrow morning!

Well, I’ve got to hand it to T-Mobile.  Applications like this should be included every time a phone is sold.  Announcing… the Android Device Tune-up Beta program.  Since their words are better at explaining this than mine, I’ll just throw in how T-Mobile describes it:

T-Mobile is continually looking for ways to bring new innovation to our customers.  Within the My Account application, we are adding new functionality in the My Device section called Device Tune-up.  Device Tune-up is built to run in the background at all times and ‘tune-up’ the device by closing unused services that are running.

Device Tune-up is different from most task killers because it does not require you to do anything. Device Tune-up will default to ‘on’.  While on, Device Tune-up proactively closes services to help the device and battery perform at their best. Most pre-loaded applications will not be affected by Device Tune-up. For our non-technical users, this may mean you never even realize Device Tune-up is running; your device may simply run better.

Getting Help & Providing Feedback:

Do not contact Customer Care for help or feedback regarding the Device Tune-up Beta.

We are looking for as much feedback as we can get!  If you need any help at all, please post any questions, issues or suggestions you have in our Device Tune-up Beta board. We will do our best to help you as quickly as we can.


  • This beta will work on all T-Mobile Android devices running 2.1 and below. If installed on a device using 2.2, the you may see the My Device BETA icon but you will not have the Device Tune-up functionality.
  • This beta has not been tested on any devices running custom software outside of T-Mobile approved versions.  It is recommended you do not install this beta if you are running a custom ROM.

Hit the link here for the entire install instructions and let us know below how its working on your Android device!

Via T-Mobile Forums

  • manus

    i just might have to check this out

    • Ryan

      I just tried out a new program to tune up my Android experience with Tmobile and it’s working really well. First I bought an Evo, then I canceled my Tmobile service, finally I turned on my phone. So far it’s been awesome!!

      • Darien

        almost funny….keyword almost

      • pimpstrong

        ill have to call that a good one

      • umaluver

        I like it. +1

      • ash

        haha i’m doing the exact same thing. Sorry tmo, u gotta go :(. i need evo!

      • 2FR35H

        Not as awesome as galaxy S will be :) ta ta enjoy your whack “4G” speeds

        haha tmobile does it faster.

  • phonegeek

    oh wow finally is the keyword of this sentence im glad they made a beta of this welp …download time just got my swype beta now the next victim of downloads!

  • jayy336

    grrr. won’t work on my Nexus with 2.2. Still pretty cool, i can’t wait until it does.

  • Jeremy

    Link for download doesn’t work. And the site won’t allow me to post a comment on this problem too!

    • David

      What site, this site??

      • Jeremy

        No, sorry. T-Mobile Forum site.

        • David

          Ah ok, just wanted to make sure you guys can get comments posted!

        • Jeremy Wood

          I completely understand and sorry for the heart attack David!

  • Jeremy Wood

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issues as I am? I’ve tried it on 4 different browser’s, and on the MT3gS.

  • Matt

    It sucks. It will not kill any preinstalled apps.

  • effdee1121

    yeahh, the link isn’t workin :/

  • Coiler

    link not working SLC, UT

  • Vinny

    Great job T-Mobile. Worked great. Now what you can do is get us the Samsung Galaxy S, HLC Desire and maybe the Dell streak. Those phones would make you top dog along with your fast network you will have all new Android customers flocking to you.

    • jason

      For real. TMO launching HSPA+ to 75 million customers by the end of june with no high quality devices will go down as one of the biggest failures in wireless.

      • jason

        And no, the myTouch slide does not count as a high quality device. Sorry.

      • thoughtSausage

        ‘one of the biggest failures in wireless.’

        thats unlikely.

  • jkspike3

    Hmmm web2go on my Cliq is down or some junk

  • FILA

    lickily im a rooted myTouch


    might have to fire up the N1 to see how this works

  • Wicked1

    Finally got it installed, it was a hassle though. I had to try to complete each step (link) of the process multiple times, it was like a 15-20 minute process. Let’s see if I notice a difference in the way my phone is running.

  • Stephen

    Here is another requirement: Since this is part of T-Mobile’s Web2Go website, you have to access this over their 3G/Edge network…wifi is not allowed!

  • Anyone able to get this?!? I’ve been trying all day (on 3g) and getting a 404…

  • I hope this means that a comparable EVO device is cumming to TMO…

  • Daniel

    link not working

  • jesus

    umm, thanks tmobile but no thanks. id rather use ATK. The setting on this dont allow us To select Preinstalled apps. Amazon is always running out of random and i dont even use amazon …

  • Is it just me but I actually have this app already and it doesn’t say beta on my rooted N1 2.2

  • John Doe

    Switching gears…maybe someone can use their sources to found out how much truth is in this article found on DroidLife….

    • James

      Thanks for posting that. Very interesting read. I wonder how much merit there is to the article and the source who leaked it. Makes me sad if it’s true, but I’m looking forward to picking up an android phone with t-mobile very soon. :)

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well… now I know WHY we get the 404 code. At first I thought it was because I was using a Nexus One but comes to find out they pulled the link because of such a large response. What a bunch of b/s. Either it has a bug in it or they only wanted a certain number of people to test it first. I wonder if anyone has the .apk to share? I was hoping to test it out… but I started to think and I wonder if Tmobile is actually doing this to block people from using any tethering apps. I mean think about it for a minute. HSPA+ starts to pop up around the US and then Tmobile releases a beta app that kills apps? Whos to say it doesn’t put a block to tethering or slows it down to a crawl to provent tetheting apps from working. Could be why it doesn’t work on other ROMs. Also… Android has been around for almost 2 years and NOW Tmobile decides to make an app that helps manage your phone? Come on! Doesn’t it make you wonder? Anyone who actually was lucky enough to get this an uses PDAnet or Easy tether… please let us know if your having any issues because I think I along with others would like to know.

    • Bobert

      Duuuuuude like those black helicopters ARE REALLY LIKE CIRCLING YOUR

    • In my experience (MyAccount, MyFaves), the T-Mobile Android apps add zero value at best and mostly just make your phone run poorly. Not to mention that this app is redundant and probably inferior to popular task killers already in the Market (which are at least a few versions/several updates beyond “beta”.)

      I would imagine this was not intended “savvy” users, so I’m a little surprised anyone that reads TmoNews would want to even mess with it. I prefer my carrier keep their mitts out of my hardware and keep their resources focused on getting their high speed network rolled out.

      BTW, I was happily running PDAnet (wired) on my CLIQ, but now that I rooted/flashed I’m writing this on my Mac tethered via Bluetooth. (And without all the perma-/bloatware.)

  • JBLmobileG1

    Who needs stinken Apple!?!?!? Not Tmobile! I say Tmobile just needs to stick with the Android O/S and bring the Nexus One into the stores. It will be the winner in the end anyways… I almost guarantee it! For those of you who have seen the Android peeing on an apple…. well thats what I wouldn’t mind doing right about now. Sc*ew you Apple! May your future be filled with worms! LOL

    • Bobert

      Google fan boys are just as retarded as apple fanboys

      • Dashi

        i Concur But At Least They Have A Reason XD I’m Not A Fan Boy I Just Hate Apple

      • Frank

        I say who cares, I don’t want the iphone users to be overflooding the network just like AT&T

  • Billy K

    T-Mobile took down the link at 5PM. 06-16-2010 04:59 PM

    Hey Everybody!

    Due to overwhelming response, we have removed the link to the BETA at this time. If you visit the link you will get a page letting you know that the file is not available for your device. We will reactivate this link tomorrow, so if you didn’t get a chance to download Device Tune-up Beta, stay tuned for your chance tomorrow morning!!

    Thank you all for your participation, and we look forward to your feedback on this application!

    • Bobert

      That’s weird I thought tmo was trying to hijack our phones!

  • JBLmobileG1

    To add to my Apple comment… someone (maybe myself) should draw a picture of a worm eating its way out of an apple (have it so there is a hole through it and the worm is hanging out)… and have its head look like the head of the Android. Anyone good with graphics should try it. LOL

  • mlb1906

    Well I can’t speak for anybody else, but I love my Mytouch Slide so this will be interesting to see how it works.

    • tortionist

      I can’t speak for anyone else either. I love my MyTouch Slide also. It is tight, other than the battery life, though that’s still better than the G1 battery life.

  • tchez27

    how I do miss my android, windows os is still very boring. the only good thing about my hd2 is that I can see the tmonews posts easier. anyone dumb enough, I mean willing enough to trade an n1 for an hd2 hit me up. so is anyone getting up extra early on saturday, I dont think this”black friday” line theyre anticipating is happening.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Bobert… let me explain why I have a feeling this could be possible. I have owned an MDA in the past and was able to use my $4.99 T-Zones on it. Later on Tmobile released a patch that was said to improve the phone (I know one of the features was to enable the E for Edge when you were on the Edge network along with other non important improvements) Well guess what… when you upgraded the $4.99 Tzones no longer worked. Funny thing is… I work with cell phones and when the MDA was popular I remember talking with some corp. Tmobile employees and they asked me how I liked the phone… then asked if I updated the firmware. Why ask some pointless question when the firmware didn’t improve much at all? My guess is because they wanted to make sure the MDA’s were patched. All this was way before the OTA updates. This new Android app coming out with AT&T pulling the Unlimited data plans along with Tmobile releasing the HSPA+ would make me think this app may somehow stop any tethering apps from working well. Think about it… if when roaming and your using say AT&T’s tower… does Tmobile pick up the extra fees or maybe they have some sort of unlimited deal. Who really knows. Until I hear this app doesn’t effect any type of tethering apps as far as speed goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if my thoughts were correct. Sorry for all the writing and thinking… could be why my Avatar has a patch over his mouth. LOL

    • Jesus G.

      The app is safe, Lol I Feel Like a FBI Agent or Something.. Im Tethering Right Now And The App is Pretty Much Useless In My Opinion I Havent Seen A Change. Hmmmm..

    • T-Mobile already has a policy that allows them to throttle your speeds once you reach [whatever the limit is at the time of reading this]. I doubt they care how you get to that limit.

  • Trill

    Andrew is already knows at this and there is really no need for this app therefore making it pointless also 2.2 has been optimized for running background task as well. Its simple really just make sure to read so you will no also not all apps run in the background plus android saves the state of the running app which is usually idle but then there is background and foreground but I wont get into this.

    P.S. DEATH TO ALL TASK KILLERS also they only yeild short term benefits.

    • Leachpunk

      That’s good, because we really had no freaking idea what you are talking about anyways.

  • Tmoloyal

    The only thing i need a task killer on my mytouch slide for is that damn amazon app that runs randomly.

  • I think this all means a good device is cumming soon

  • bjjoseph

    sounds pretty good cause i have the original mytouch and man!!!! is it sucking right now….but how comes i cant update my tmobile app….my account or my device in atrackdog its always saying that there is an update but i never saw it in the market..

  • sean

    I don’t understand why t-mobile is workin on this sort of app. every android device with any carrier turns on apps randomly. google needs to step it up and correct their os

  • Billl

    Still not allowing downloads today.

  • Frank

    The real tune up needed is to have UMA for Android..

  • greeniisrich

    The site is still not allowing the download, when will they start it back up?

  • ssfc

    Task killers are NOT required for Android and ultimately can cause problems. I highly suggest everybody read this article and do additional research into Android memory management.


    Leading devs such as Cyanogen frown on task managers for the very reasons listed in the article.

  • aron

    Still not working from the linked site!!!! I want to try it out.

  • Zapp

    Make sure you turn off WiFi and then use 3G to download, otherwise link will hang…Now we’ll see how this sucka works…