webConnect Rocket Officially Announced, Available March 14th


T-Mobile has officially announced (again) the availability of the webConnect Rocket, its first HSPA+ data connect card.  Available starting March 14th, the webConnect Rocket will run $99.  Along with the announcement of their very first HSPA+ data card, T-Mobile has revised their webConnect data plans.  Customers can now choose between an Even More webConnect data plan, which requires a life sentence two-year contract, and get 5GB for $60 per month or 200MB for $30 per month.  Even More Plus fans can take advantage of slightly lower webConnect data plans which will charge $50 per month for 5GB or $20 per month for 200MB.  Keep in mind that all plans have overage charges costing $0.20 per megabyte.

T-Mobile also stated that their entire network is now HSPA 7.2Mbps capable covering more than 273 cities and 206 million people. Also note that the HSPA+ network is only available in Philadelphia at the moment, but T-Mobile has plans to cover most of the network by the end of 2010.

For a glimpse at HSPA+ goodness, take a look at this preview and this one too!


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  • So when can I use my Nexus One as a webConnect rocket? Extra dongles are nice and all but I wish it could piggy back on my “unlimited” data plan with my phone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    That would be great Russell. Maggy should really do that.

  • Trill

    You can use any android phone as a modem as long as your willing to root or pay a fee for the PDANET app.

  • Why pay for PDANet when Easytether is the same thing and only 9.00 and the lite app is free and works great.


  • James

    so HSPA 7.2 has been rolled out??
    i just did a speet test with 3 different apps and got 253Kbts, 471Kbts, and 563Kbts

    Thats the same speeds ive always had…..no noticeable change

    • They towers are HSPA 7.2-ready via software, but if the tower(s) don’t have the physical back-haul to give you a speed boost, you won’t see any speeds higher than 1Mbps. The towers need to either have more than one T1 line, or have Fiber install, for you to really see a huge spike in speeds.

      • elithegreat

        Which is just another false advertisement.
        I’ve also been seeing the same 3G speeds here in. NYC.

        Always in the kbps range. Though I would say these speeds are good enough 4 me being a G1 user coming from a Blackberry using only 2G technology.

    • Davidohio

      I used speedtest.net on my G1 and got 934kbps downlaod and 567kbps upload in Cleveland.

    • Davidohio


      My speed resulys are posted on the above link

  • Blah, that data plan sucks anus. That amount of data is impractically small and absurdly priced. I’d rather buy a tethering program for my phone and go nuts.

  • kershon

    I am gonna pass on this. Can’t see wasting my money when I can tether my TP2. When hspa21 is available to all the coverage area then maybe I would consider this for the speed.

  • Davidohio

    My speed test on my G1 in Cleveland this morning.

  • rushmore

    They have the nerve to charge $99 for this and also ask to pay for over-priced data level plans? The device should be free.

  • Whatever, I still don’t get 3G here in Rochester, NY (Metro of about 1 million people). Coverage Maps suggests it is there, but tech support says my local tower is not 3G and won’t be this year. I got out of my required data due to it.

    So T-Mobile’s entire network is not HSPA+, maybe their 3G network. But their 3G network does not cover as many people as they say, because their coverage maps are a lie. I live less than 2 miles from the city center, in a very urban neighborhood in a metro that has about 1 million people.

    T-Mobile needs to shut up about their 3G already, either deliver it to 200million people or shut up already. And yes I know by their coverage maps that they think they are delivering it to me, when that would actually require my local tower to be 3G, not fringe from elsewhere.

    • watbetch

      You have it wrong too, because your area of the city doesn’t get 3G because 3G isn’t deployed on every tower in some areas doesn’t mean that the entire area is uncovered.

  • why da hell are all of u above complaining ??? atleast u guys have some kind of 3G .. over here in puerto rico t-mobile doesnt have 3G the only companies that have 3G over here are at&t and claro and sprint… we dont have verizon in puerto rico…
    my g1 is stuck on edge which sucks so ima cancel my contract and change company cause im tired of being stuck on t-mobile edge ..maybe ill go with at&t or Claro cause they have a really fast 3G network over here in puerto rico.. and CLARO has video calling all of their phones have front facing cameras… i heard u guys in the states dont have video calling .. which is weird cause we do and we are still part of the usa.

    • i agree with selena t-mobile over here in puerto rico sucks its da only company that doesnt provide 3G services… on the other hand CLARO has video calling all of their phones have front facing cameras .. so maybe ill switch to CLARO. also i agree with selena on this why dont they have video calling in the sates?? they only have their gay video share with at&T .. they are missing out on video calling.. its really amazing that ur able to see the person ur talking to N there able to see u… and another thing thats weird is that in the states they dont even have the company CLARO .. because puerto rico is considered part of the usa …they only have verizon,at&t, sprint ,t-mobile and boost. but no claro …

  • yowuzzak

    The only phone HSPA+ capable at the moment is the Nokia N900, anyone in Philly with a N900??

  • LJPro

    I’ve been with TMo for many yrs and been waiting for the HSPA+ network to hit the area I’m in…. However it’s going to be a real misfortune if they stick to their $59.95 Plan for 5GB of data! If they don’t at least match Sprint and the others that will be coming out shortly with UNLIMTED data for that price or below, they will loose the business….! No one in their right mind and know what’s happening in the industry will pay that amount for that speed and be capped!! Hope they come to their senses before it’s too late, if not many of us will be leaving for another provider taking our voice plans with us…

    Come on TMo wake up and smell the roses…

    One of your long time customers,
    L J

  • LJPro

    One more thing, for those that are interested, in the Phoenix area about 3 weeks ago the speeds went up using Speedtest.net from apx. 700-950Kbs to 1700-2100Kbs but the UP stayed the same around 300-350Kbs… I’m using the Dash 3G tethered to my laptop. This is not HSPA+ only 3G!… so at least this is not too bad.

    • Davidohio

      i was in Phoenix 3 weeks ago and was impressed with the flawless coverage from T-mobile there. i literally had 5 full bars of signal everywhere i was for 3 days and no problems in buildings at all. i looked up the coverage on the map and it was solid all across the Phoenix market. my coverage in Cleveland is really good but not as good as Phoenix.

    • watbetch

      It was HSPA, all of the network is HSPA regardless of speed.

      • Sunnyb

        The status of the HSPA deployment has been followed for months upon months:


        According to the information there, T-Mobile has not upgraded the following cities to HSDPA:

        Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
        Mobile, AL ( 116 )
        Jackson, MS ( 132 )
        Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
        Springfield, MO ( 148 )
        Waco, TX ( 194 )
        Evansville, IN ( 214 )
        Midland, TX ( 240 )
        Erie, PA ( 249 )

        Now we have your statement that “all of the network is HSPA.” Seems wrong. Do you have some source for that?

  • podstolom

    The data plans for websticks and data cards are absolutely PUTRID. All the carriers are totally stuck on this stinking $60/5 Gig nunthin cap and the 200 Meg plan is money totally down the toilet. I’m totally sick and tired of this discriminatory data card pricing when everybody can tether the phone on the cheap or for free. If unlimited data on a phone costs $30/mo then so should data on a card or a stick. Not only is a disconnect there, but T-Mobile puts a 10 gig soft cap on the phone data but charges a hard $60 for only 5 Gig on a stick with overages of .20 a meg? Putrid. Absolutely putrid.

    I totally blame Verizon for this hocus-pocus with the data caps because they started it and all the other corporate execs followed in total anticompetitive collusion with an implicit agreement not to compete on price. Awful. Just totally awful.

  • Davidohio