Dell Netbook Makes Another Cameo

2010-02-26 17.58.27

If you hadn’t yet started to believe that T-Mobile would finally unveil its first 3G equipped netbook, this image might sway you into becoming a believer.  Unfortunately, the details we want most, exact pricing and release date (still placing our money on March 24th), are nowhere to be found but I think this puts to rest any disbelief that T-Mobile was about to roll out its first Netbook.  The only solid piece of information here is the price category, “less than $200″. We’ll have to wait and see how pricing actually plays out as AT&T and Verizon currently sell the bulk of their Netbook line for $199 and below.  Put the price point any higher and T-Mobile better offer up one hell of a rate plan for this as the smaller 3G footprint will require some incentive to get customers on board.  I hope that we’ll get all the answers to  pricing questions and release date soon, very soon.

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  • Cool. Wonder what data plan, they will try to force on the customers. It would be good if the current data plans like the BB data plans, would work on the Netbook.

    • Jennifer

      The data plans are the same as the web connect plans. 5GB for $59.99 and 200MB for $29.99

  • andrew

    do you think you some kind of tmobile sim card or a sim that we use for phone and stuff

  • Spike

    $300 netbook, tethered to your smart phone?
    or this thing for “greater than $200.” plus a mandatory monthly data plan separate from all your other plans?

    Yyyyeah. Ok. Sure.

    However, one thing I will go with is dumping the smartphone and going back to some sleek dumbphone, then switching over my current data plan to this thing and literally use this everywhere… Hmm…

  • Eldin

    Um…am I the only one who sees the price showing as <$200, as in less than $200…

    • David

      Caught and fixed that just as you left your comment, sorry its late!

  • watbetch

    Hopefully the data plan is appropriately priced, I don’t see them selling too many at the same price as Verizon/AT&T per month.

  • erasable

    Anyone know what OS it’ll be running?


    PRice shows <$200 in the picture meaning Greater than $200! WTF?! this thing is gonna be overpriced isnt it?


      DUHHHH…go back to basic 3rd Grade math MORON! <$200 means UNDER $200 FTW!

  • Rob

    It looks like it will be running Windows 7 Starter (what else would a netbook run… Android? not likely). The other solid info we have here is the release date (in the top left) listed as 03/2010… that’s not specific, but it’s true :)

  • stoneyjonez

    For those who skipped on math class… means “greater than”. It is LESS THAN 200!

  • Mark

    Is that with external/usb webconnect dongle or internal radio/capability?

  • TehAndroid

    Ugh why is everyone already bitching about having to do a data plan? What the hell else you gonna do with it?

    Def. cool though will probably get one if the price isn’t too much.

  • Jennifer

    Under the Even More plan (with a 2 year contract) it is $199. Under Even More Plus it is $449. I work for T-Mobile and we had a training on it today.

  • Zyzzyx

    If you want one without a data plan, just go to Dell’s website and buy one for around $300.

  • Jason Bonham

    I can’t even imagine the type of people coming out of American public schools these days. No less than 4 people including the T-Mobile News “journalist” originally reported that it was “more than $200”. Do you now know a LESS THAN sign when you see it? On top of that, even if you were so intellectually deficient that you thought a “less than” sign was “greater than”, you would have only had to look where it lists the tiers in increasing order all the way up from less than $200 to greater than $200.

    • TheDude

      We actually using less than/greater than for some general observations in my beginning geology lab in college. Moron sitting next to me had no idea which direction each one was – the professor actually decided to go back to the whiteboard and “remind” everyone what each one meant. Wow. I am starting to think they do not teach something this simple in school anymore. I graduated high school over 10 yrs ago – I still remember – so it’s definitely a different breed out there.

    • David

      Mistakes happen, it was late and I quickly corrected it. Sorry if I have let down the American public school system.

      • Jonstonson

        OH no!! a typo! hang him!

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Jason Bonham is a shyte drummer who lives in the shadow of his father anyway.

        Me personally, I didn’t bother to look at that screen shot and was relying on T-mo News reporting skills which originally said ‘greater than’ and which we all know was a mistake so a-holes with lame user names need to STFU already. F’n chumps.

  • podstolom

    Well hey Jennifer, how about some speeds and feeds? Wireless n? Bluetooth? HSPA+? Broadcomm HD chip? 1368×768 HD screen? 2 Gigs RAM? TV Tuner? 250 Gig Hard Drive? And yeah, $199 with a contract.

  • J.T.

    Well, this is interesting. Kinda cool, too. I do wish that T-Mobile could’ve gotten their hands on that Nokia mini-Booklet .. xD

  • podstolom

    Yeah, the Nokia was built very nicely, but it was a weak performer in the first iteration. Hopefully Nokia will beef it up in future iterations and then T-Mo picks it up.