HTC HD2 Pricing Leaked (again), Confirmed (again)


We’ve had the good fortune of knowing the HTC HD2 price point for almost two weeks now.  Some of you wanted to wait until it got a little closer and/or wanted something else “official.”  Well, now we have an HTC HD2 leaked price card bound to grace the shelves of T-Mobile retail stores once again and it confirms that beautiful $199.99 price. Of course, with the price so low you can always buy two, especially considering the current BOGO going down now till the 31st.  Assuming the phone drops the 24th with no more release date round robin, that’s a solid week to grab two of these Windows Phone bad boys.

So what say you, $199?  Will you break open the piggy bank?


  • Joe Pa

    $450 here I come…..

    • Jeff

      I’m only 7 months into my 2 year contract, but I’m an 8 year customer of TM’s – can I get the $199 price with a new 2 year?

      • hello

        you might qualify for some partial discount and use ur early upgrade.
        but i am not sure how much. check with ur local tmo store for more details.

      • Daniel

        you have to wait 12 months before you can upgrade your phone if you it on a contract.

  • RCornelous

    I am so there on the 24th!! Ready to get this beast!!

  • DM

    Got my $450 ready to go…

    • andrew

      how about tax

  • justme

    Sweet!!!! I just broke open the bank and i have enough……Can’t wait just have to get the tent out of storage…………..

    • rhomaion

      Lol… nice.

  • beej

    I’ll be getting it on contract. And love it! Now, if only I could sell my G1 to someone who doesn’t want me to “send it to West Africa for $300″…no joke, I got that on Saturday…SHeesh!

    • aLb3Rt

      i’ll give you $20 for the G1….. hehehehe

    • Dalton

      I would buy it, my G1’s wifi doesn’t work and it’s getting past it’s age, i know but no WiFi blowwwsss. (Only have EDGE around here :( ) But I spent all my money. So..sorry. haha have fun selling that…

  • tato22

    I can’t wait how dose that work to get 2 buy one get one free?

    • hello

      I believe the BOGO only works for new customers that’s gonna add a line…
      so unless you wanna cancel ur current one…

  • ahh

    Pricing was never an option for this phone am I right ?

    • Johnny

      so true =]

    • Johnny

      sold my iphone yesterday for $375…
      …got my $450 + TAX ready =] lol

  • DJ LU

    Now all we need is an early release day… : )

  • antura

    Any word on whether one can Upgrade to this phone for the same $199 price. Of course, this is assuming that a full upgrade has been earned (albeit painfully with a BB Pearl).

  • jtg205

    no “f” ing way. screw tmobile giving me a handicap phone that cant up grade to window mobile 7. P.S this version of microsoft mobile sux a*&

    • hello

      lol, why would u want a wp7s?

      — here’s an FYI, wp7s won’t have copy and paste…
      — wp7s can only install apps to internal memory…
      — wp7s can only install app from windows marketplace on the phone…

      now tell me, why would u want wp7s? why not just get an iphone… since iphone does copy paste… i think wp7s is a step backwards microsofts functionality if they’ll strip it down like the one said above.

      • rhomaion

        This is not going to have WM7 on it.

  • craig

    I’m loving it! In no rush for the phone, but hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be getting it off Craigslist, because phones are coming out so often that I’ll just wait for one of you guys to tell and Wham! I get a nice phone for cheaper than 450 there’s no phone worth that price to me, but its a sweet phone. G1 is still in the house. :-)

  • Can we get a current customer pre-order option? I already have my Deluxe dock with spare batter charger on the back end of it, and a 19in1 kit with usb cable, car charger, rubber cases, hard clear case, 3xstylus, 3x screen protector.

    I could care less whether its winSeries7 upgradeable or not. I dont like the UI of it, looks like its targeted at teens-20somethings. I want something professional looking.

    Getting my HD2 and getting SPB Mobile Carousel. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Remember that page where we signed up for T-Mo to give us updates on the HD2?

      My last hope on all this is that T-Mo notifies us that we can purchase the HD2 early, before everyone else. Say about one week early. :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You sooo got that SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 Carousel idea from me. Good Job, as it looks uber cool!!! I will be doing the same. HD2 + SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 = Awesomus Maximus!!!! :)

  • Can we get a current customer pre-order option? I already have my Deluxe dock with spare batter charger on the back end of it, and a 19in1 kit with usb cable, car charger, rubber cases, hard clear case, 3xstylus, 3x screen protector.

    I could care less whether its winSeries7 upgradeable or not. I dont like the UI of it, looks like its targeted at teens-20somethings. I want something professional looking.

    Getting my HD2 and getting SPB Mobile Shell Carousel. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Martin… that is precisely why MS is continuing the WinMo platform. As I keep posting all over the Net, MS dual-platform strategy will be” WinMo for professionals, WP7 for consumers who want to play.

      You are spot on. Can you imagine going into a serious meeting and the boss sees your HD2 with that “party time” WP7 today screen. That can get someone fired.

      (E.g., CEO to VP: “Did you see Bob’s phone he had sitting in front of him at the meeting? Find out what he uses that phone for. It looks like he spends a lot of time on all those party sites, whatever they are called… InYourSpace, MyButt and E-Boner or something like that.” Maybe we need to reevaluate his promotion.”)

      • Dalton

        HAHAHAHHAHA! That gave me a good laugh. :D
        Thanks :P

  • jtg205 says:
    March 15, 2010 at 6:06 pm
    no “f” ing way. screw tmobile giving me a handicap phone that cant up grade to window mobile 7. P.S this version of microsoft mobile sux a*&

    no worries..Android will run on HD2. it’s in the works!

  • Mike

    I’m leaving my pathetic/beta phone(G1) and getting the HD2 on the 2yr contract. One thing that no one is mentioning is that the HD2 has HANDS FREE VOICE DIALING! Android nor iPown have that!

  • Johnny

    just sold my iPhone yesterday…
    …got my $450 + TAX ready to go =] lol

    CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • Joe

    You guys think the retail stores are gonna give us who want to buy the phone out right for $450 a hard time because they want to get the contract sales? That was ALWAYS the case with every high demand, new device on AT&T. They never had enough or they were “reserved for someone”.

    • Joe Pa

      Well, I’ve heard nothing about any type of pre-orders yet so I don’t know if this will be an issue. We should find out all the details tomorrow at the launch event in New York, but I don’t see any issues with landing one of these on contract or off contract. Still, I plan on getting to my T-mobile store a few hours before it opens just to be safe

    • johnny

      i asked someone the other day, they said it shouldn’t be a problem buying it retail since thats what i plan on doing as well =]

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Did you all catch this over at Engadget:

    “Confirmed: HTC HD2 will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 series”

    • Joe Pa

      Yeah, the site here has already started a thread talking about it…..

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sorry, didn’t see it.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t post this kind of stuff, but since you mentioned it, my post was 23 minutes before this Site’s post.

        That’s why I didn’t see it. I thought I was going nuts because I looked before posting the info in here and did not find the announcement anywhere.

        So I take back my sorry. ;)

  • trife

    Anyone know anything about the partial upgrade pricing? I’m guessing $350-380ish? Hopefully so.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Since pricing policies have nothing to do with the particular phone (they are based on purchase price and applicable discount), call T-Mo and ask what discounts YOU are qualified for. It varies with each person depending on a number of factors personal to the customer.

      You can also look on here, do a search. There was some article about new T-Mo discount policies that were supposed to be pretty good. I did not bother looking at it because I buy phones too often to qualify for discounts, except $60 off a $435 phone. (Last month I was qualified for the “6 month discount,” meaning if I would agree to a two year contract they would take about $60 off the phone. Yeah right, sign me up. :) Actually, I don’t think it was a six month discount. It may have been a “current customer” discount.

      While you have the CSR on the line see if he or she will leak some HD2 info.

  • carlos

    i have two upgrades and im going to use one to get the htc hd2

  • goodboy_stay

    This is where I finally use my upgrade! With my last 2 phones at list price I will get the nest phone I’ve ever owned at 75% less than usual. Now that is S W E E T!!!!!

  • bigc

    Ok already, we already know the HD2’s price and kinda confirmed release date, and they’ll probably officially give a release date of the phone tomorrow at the hd2 event but, this is the last time I’m gonna say it Come On T-Mobile, Just Release The Phone Already…….

  • johnny

    sodl my iphone yesterday for $375…
    …got my $450 + TAX ready lol =]

  • wojax2

    I was gonna get the nexus for a sec,but this phone seems to have completely won me over.And all the talk about wp7 is really tickin me off. people are such suckers when a new o.s pops up,but they don’t realize there are already great o.s’s out there. Microsoft might be screwing themselves by imitating crAPPLE,by locking their app store and SD card off the new phones-not good…..anyways I had a chance to hold a dummy unit of the hd2 @ a store. I compared my iphone,one of the reps nexus one and the hd2 side by side. The same way the screen on the nexus made my iphone look small was the same way the hd2 made the nexus look small..It was quite impressive…cant wait.

  • wojax2

    wp7 seems a little overrated right now, now all the microsoft lovers are sounding like a bunch of apple fans….scary…

  • SirMac

    Im sorry to say, but I’ve undoubtedly been paying more attention to this phone then I have my girlfriend in the past week or two, maybe a month I forgot. . .

  • chicago081

    I will get this phone under a new 2 year contract, and at the end of that I will see what else is available. This phone should be fun for those two years.

  • juan carlos

    Is true the event in new york today about htc hd2?because I called t mobile and they said,we don’t have information for that event.I wanna go but I don’t know is true or not.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Come on man, seriously, read the post, it says PRESS ONLY INVITE.

  • Michelle

    Hello David, managing Editor can you tell us more about the fineprint on the bottom. What does it say about the rebate information for two-year contract?

    • da9th_one

      very good question Michelle…How about it Davey boy…

  • Giles

    Ive been waiting to get a new phone now for sometime, i boycotted N1 because of the way long time tmobile customers were getting screwed over so this is the next phone im looking at.
    Today i called tmobile to check a few things about the pricing and once again im frustrated with tmobile.

    Being a long time tmobile customer i get the data plan for $25 a month, when i asked if i bought the HD2 would i be able to keep my $25 data plan and was told that would be up to the retail store selling the phone….
    That sounds like complete BS, what retail store will sell it with a $25 data plan when they have a lock down and can sell it with a $30 monthly plan.
    I dont even have 3g service in my area so paying $25 is bad enough for slow ass internet but now they going to want me to sign 2 yrs and pay even more for shitty service.

    I think im at the point of changing providers… ill pay $30 a month elsewhere but get what im paying for plus i will get all the discounts of being a new customer elsewhere.
    FU tmobile

    • tchez27

      The solution seems simple, why don’t you just get the phone directly from T-Mobile and skip the store altogether. They are known for their great customer service incase you haven’t heard.

    • hello

      in case you haven’t heard, Google just released N1 compatible to AT&T so if you’re looking for a phone with Android and wants a GSM carrier I’d say go to T-mo. I can’t help you with ur decision coz I’ve been a long time T-mo customer and I am sticking to the HD2. And 3g is not a problem in my area. if you already think that ur not getting what u pay for if ever u get the 25 data plan. Then might as well switch carrier. Or just get the phone ONLINE somewhere else other than T-mo. I believe, or something will prolly sell it. They already have the euro hd2 for 700 dollars. decision’s completely up to u. carriers give what they can to their customers and i think t-mo is the best in handling that case. But i can’t deny the fact that the other 3 big ones have more 3g coverage than us. my point is, its ur decision.

  • i am deff gettin this is this better than the cliq?

  • Please dont forget, if you already have a working T-Mobile handset in your possession, you can possibly receive a $50 credit when upgrading to the HTC HD2, pending requirements:

    Trade in criteria:
    Must be functional and in working condition.
    Screen cannot be broken, damaged, or leaking.
    No liquid damage or corrosion.
    Phone hinge cannot be broken.

  • I am using the Cliq right now, it has inherent software issues, signature to most Motorola devices, however i do like the device, it is not a great comparison for the HTC HD2, that device is windows mobile, the cliq is android. Windows does have the Marketplace, which is where you can download apps, however, most apps are paid and there arent nearly as many free apps on windows mobile then on android, so if you like your apps, you might want to stick with android. The cliq is hopefully receiving some updates pretty soon so be on the look out!