HTC HD2: Ugly Edition


So, you have seen some amazing videos, fantastic pictures, and even the price for the HTC HD2, and it couldn’t get any better, right?  Well, you are right, because this will hit you like a ton of bricks or feathers (depending on how comfortable you want to be when that ton hits you).  It has been confirmed that the HTC HD2 will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.  I’ll repeat, it WILL NOT be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.  I know it was touch and go there for a while, but Joe Belfiore has brought down his hammer.  Maybe you can live with a skin or just stick with that glorious Sense UI (which I still like more than WP7 anyways).  So, does this change your opinion on buying the HTC HD2 or are you holding off until WP7 arrives?  Let us know in the comments!


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  • Vic

    Not being able to upgrade to windows mobile 7 does not matter to me one bit. Honestly the Sense UI is great and I know that by the time WM7 hits the market I will be looking for a new device anyway so I can’t see how this is a big deal. I just wish they would release this phone now I really cant take this waiting any more.

    • HerbieDerb

      Too bad for WP7S

      • Mojo..HD

        yes it is to bad for WP7s…this phone is great…and like i said, when a wp7s phone comes out with a 4.3 inch screen i will get it(i have big hands and was getting tired of all the small touch screen phone)…but is wp7 sucks..i will still have the best phone….no crying for me..

    • Bryan

      I agree, I am mostly interested in the HD2 because of the Sense UI and it would not be supported under WP7. My only concern is with finding applications to replace the apps I use in android.

      • TMoEmployee

        Yeah, I have the phone already and I can’t find half the stuff I used on my Cliq. That’s my only concern. But, I may be moving to an N900 anyway. WM7, who cares. I just want a fast phone with great utility apps, great contact and calendar integration and some hot entertainment. Other than that, the OS isn’t a big concern. Unless it’s Windows…oooops!! LOL!

  • Oce

    First! Still getting it!

  • Futurvisionary

    XDA will still hack WM7 right onto this beast so it doesn’t matter. In fact, WM7 never mattered anyway, though the netflix streaming app does look fantastic!

    • ceo2be

      Agree! I wish the HD2 has the netflix app instead of the Blockbuster app. I’m still getting it next wednesday though.

      • gargoyle999

        I wish there was a Netflix streaming app as well.

      • Double U Dee

        I’m also hoping they get a Netflix streaming app. It’s kind of odd that Netflix wouldn’t get their app on this but hopefully it’ll come down the road.

      • johnny

        agreed. a netflix app would be great!!

  • Snapples

    Hopefully sumbody can put andriod on it later.

  • Disappointed…yes, but, I hope the good folks over at XDA get something brewing. I’ll still be scooping up this phone. When it’s time, hopefully get either Android or WM7 on it, but i think i’ll be happy with Sense on this bad boy. Getting real sick of my iPhone on 2g anyways!

  • hustein

    no-freaking-way. phones are quickly made “obsolete” by the fast pace of new technologies these days, but why would i drop $450 on something that is already years behind everything else out there (os-wise)?

    • john

      I want someone to elaborate on why they think this is obsolete. Seriously, the phone batters the competition. So what if it doesn’t go to phone 7, there isn’t anything on the market that is as powerful as this that is marketed directly by the provider.

      • Davidohio

        I know..and “years behind” ..quite an exageration.

  • Chris Riley

    Windows 7 will not effect me one bit. I will purchase a Windows 7 phone once it is available and somewhat stable. HD2 will be an impressive phone and can’t wait. 9 days….

    • Double U Dee

      I’m with you on that. The first Windows 7 phone will likely get revamped after the bugs are fixed anyway so i’m not rushing for W7. I’d rather have a beast of a phone now than wait. I’ve got a T-Mo Dash and I can not state how much I HATE this phone. It’s on it’s last leg.

    • johnny

      definately! i donno why ppl r bothered that the hd2 wont get wp7s. by the time it comes out, i’ll be looking for a new phone already anyway!!

  • Luis Angel

    Hey guys I know this doesn’t belong here and I apologize for that. But this pic just reminded me of somehing…

    Aren’t those icons supposed to be separated by lines that form honeycomb shapes? I could have sworn that Ive seen a pic somewhere where that existed. Or am I just going nuts over the wait for this awesome piece of technology? Let me know =/

    • johnny

      now that u mentioned it, i kinda do remember the ‘honeycomb’ shape seperating the icons lol

  • eYe

    Seriously, how many posts about HD2 do we need? Seems like there’s at least 2 every day! Do we really need to confirm pricing and release date for the 20th time? Give me a break here, T-mo is much more then just that one phone!!!! I can only imagine what will happen if T-mo picks up iCrap, we’ll see 50 posts about it every day.

    • ceo2be

      Then don’t read them.

    • TmoNinja

      If you don’t like the posts about the HD2, don’t read them. Wait, and the key word there is WAIT, until other news is posted.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Do you notice how many people comment on those posts? The phone of the hour gets plenty of attention and as other news presents itself its posted. Its not a conspiracy.

    • david

      Agreed!! Its getting kind of boring!! We all kwow this beauty is not getting wm7 but… who CARES!!?…. Nobody right!!!!

    • ahh


    • johnny

      iPhone is overrated! i actually just sold mine yesterday because i got bored with it. if it bothers u how many posts there are about this phone, then dont visit the site, lots of ppl love keeping up with the posts they put up!! keeps everyone hyped up!

  • Josh

    I am still going to be getting this beast of a phone! It is by far one of the Best, if not the best phone T-Mobile has ever picked up! The way I see it is, WM7 is going to be a new OS with new problems for Microsoft to deal with, and that just means more work for Windows to try and make WM7 a good OS. So far, I have been able to mess with the HD2 for a little while and it seems like the best Windos Mobile Phone. Though, Netflix would be a better option then Blockbuster.

  • David

    The realization that the HD2 will not be upgradable to WM7 is a deal breaker for me. It is the equivalent to buying a car manufactured by a company that is going out of business. It is a shame because the hardware is amazing but the software is almost identical to the first Wm device I purchased 3 years ago. Ive been using a tmobile mytouch for the last couple of months and love the fact that software enhancements continue to be produced for my phone. Both correcting issues and adding additional features.

    • ColoradoGray

      The only smartphone’s that aren’t runing ‘almost identical’ software to three years ago are Android and WebOS devices*, and that is becasue they weren’t being sold at the time.

      I’m not a big WinMo fan myself, and I have never been shy. That being said, HTC did a first rate job with the Sense UI. So much to the point that I will be getting this phone because it doesn’t have that WinMo feel to it. It really does blow away anything currently available, and I am okay with that.

      * Yeah, Nokia too… Fine, but they have a lot of different OS versions bouncing around there on a lot of devices… I can’t keep up!

  • gargoyle999

    Not a surprise. Sort of what has been getting discussed for the last two weeks. I’m buying one on contract and in 12 months I’ll see what’s out there and if it is worth upgrading I’ll do it. Till then it will sure be a lot better than the non 3G Curve I’ve been using for the last 2 years.

  • gargoyle999

    Not a surprise. Sort of what has been getting discussed for the last two weeks. I’m buying one on contract and in 12 months I’ll see what’s out there and if it is worth upgrading I’ll do it. Till then it will sure be a lot better than the non 3G Curve I’ve been using for the last 2 years.

  • Doug

    I don’t want anything to do with windows/microsoft, anyway. I would rather have an HTC Desire/Bravo w Android 2.1 + HTC Sense any day!

    • Bsanto



  • gargoyle999

    sorry for the dup post! tmonews is having some problems I think!

  • gargoyle999

    what time is the press conference T-Mobile is having tomorrow??

    • gargoyle999

      found it..7pm.

      • johnny

        is it gonna be televised somewhere or online?? 7pm eastern time??

  • Capsule Gang

    I want HTC to release an official Android Rom for this beast. Everyone knows they originally designed this phone to be WM7 compliant and Microsoft kind of dicked them over on it. So HTC should try to sell as many units as possible on T-Mobile and offer an Android option with Sense. Make it happen, HTC. LET”S START A CAMPAIGN!!!

  • Jonathan

    Go figure I’ve waited forever for this phone and right before it comes out windows 7 is announced with zune integration and my zune 30gig finally dies a horrible death. I can’t afford both another zune and cell phone so it would be nice to get two birds with one stone but cell phones never last more then 2 years for me and i hit 2 years with my pearl next month. What a conundrum.

  • Jonathan

    Go figure I’ve waited forever for this phone and right before it comes out windows 7 is announced with zune integration and my zune 30gig finally dies a horrible death. I can’t afford both another zune and cell phone so it would be nice to get two birds with one stone but cell phones never last more then 2 years for me and i hit 2 years with my pearl next month. What a conundrum.

  • Chris

    Truthfully it doesn’t make a bit of a difference for me. This will be my first WinMo device so I harbor no grudge toward past versions/mistakes…yet =P. But from what I’ve seen so far regarding WM7, I do not see what all the hubub is all about. Quite frankly the WM7 design looks overly simplistic and basic. IMHO the Sense UI is much more attractive. So all in all it would have been nice to have the option to upgrade, but this news is nowhere near to being a deal breaker for me.

  • abe

    i REALLY WANT THIS Phone! is there anyone out there that can tell me if this has wifi can i get a skype account.i live in a dead zone so i have an 8900. been dodging good phones cause of this issue. if any one could help me out…well…i just though i would as. THANKS TMO FOR THE INFO GREAT SITE

    • Matlock

      No it doesnt have UMA!!! UMA is only on BBs from now on! sorry bro!

      • abe

        na i know. :( i have been trying to find a way to get a good REAL good voip….that i can talk on the phone with via wife.and get a better phone than the 8900. if ya have any insight please let me know. thanks for the reply!

      • Vince

        You can get skype on literally every java-enabled phone, its just not very publicized. Android even has a skype light application to download.

      • abe

        @ vince
        yea thanks man i will definitely try this out

    • johnny

      here’s all the info on the EUROPEAN HD2

      the US version has more internal memory 576mb ram and 1gb rom

  • abe

    LOL, i just thought i would ask thats all.

  • andrew

    i well buy the phone find some way to put android

  • Marcelo L

    1. In the words of the current generation……EPIC. FAIL.

    2. Why even bother to release it, because most folks who would invest the money in such a phone ( again, MOST ) wouldn’t be doing it to get the Sense UI….c’mon….get reals.

  • Oce

    I don’t care for WP7, but my only concern is the lack of app development for 6.5. This to me would be the only “possible” dealbreaker. Still, this is going to be the best windows mobile phone you can purchase until WP7 phones are released. By that time, most of us will be eligible for upgrade anyway. So its not a big deal to me.

    • Bdar

      ^ This.

  • Bobomo

    Don’t know why my previous comment was deleted, but:

    I wouldn’t be so sure about xda coming up with a port. This isn’t going to be as simple as “cooking” a ROM – WP7 is based on a completely new kernel. The second factor is, even though MS has been forgiving of the ROM community so far, it’s possible that this new “walled garden” approach to their mobile OS will mean a slew of cease-and-desist letters to anyone trying this kind of conversion. Not as cut and dry as it seems.

    WinMo 6.5 wasn’t really a concern for me, however I think I’ll pass and wait for a beastly Android phone to come along (or for T-Mo to stop hosing loyal family plan customers with N1 upgrades). I tend to keep my phones for longer than the 2 year agreement, so boarding the last train out of WinMo Station is not for me. Until then, I will look on jealously at those of you carrying this awesome device.

    • Matlock

      T-mo is not hosing you on the N1 upgrade for a family plan, thats all Google! When will people get that through their thick skull, Google set up how they wanted to sell the phone, they had the final say! In order for them to make money THEY decided to do it this way.

      • Bobomo

        Yes, Google has decided that the best way to make money is to sell less phones. They’re geniuses, and so are you for figuring it out.

      • Vin

        Im getting wayyy off topic here and sorry in advance, but as reputable company as Google is, this sales tactic is horrible. No doubt they are making a ton more money per phone selling it by themselves, but the business they are missing out on from not having tmobile retail support is, staggering and would rake in higher overall profit in the end. As a tmo sales associate do you know how many behold 2s and mytouchs I sell on a daily basis to people who either dont know the N1 exists or dont care to research it? a ton! I would easily sell an N1 to almost all of them if it was sold in stores. The only reason i could think of google taking this approach is because google wanted to control the customer care side of their phone and knew they wouldn’t be able to handle the customer base if the phone was sold in stores (they can barely handle it now).

  • John

    Doesn’t matter as this isn’t a deal breaker. Of course XDA will find a way just like they have for everything out there.
    Main reason i’m getting this phone is, SlingPlayer, big screen, fast phone.

    Android is nice but nothing special. MHO.

  • manushka

    Not one bit. In fact I am sure there would be no way in hell this phone would so cheap if it was upgradable to WM7. At this price (with contract) I can use it for 12 months plus and wait the 6months plus it will take Microsoft to fix all the bugs and issues with WM7.

  • John

    Just so you guys know.
    Apple came out, it took at least one year to get things going with the OS. Fix majority of the bugs.

    Google is the same thing. They are still trying to fix things on the phones they are releasing.

    WinPho7 is a brand new OS with plenty of bugs which I’d personally wait until it becomes stable enough.
    So HD2 here I come, but will retire it next spring.


    I’m still rolling with an HTC Dash, (3 + years so far) I’ve waited and waited and waited for something good. I bought my wife the G1 and it is good but I use the exhange server at my work and android just doesn’t do that very well tried and failed. When I saw the HD2 several months back I knew that was the phone I wanted, now the more I see it the more I want it, so Windows Phone 7 might be good, but I can’t wait any longer my vote is YES for an HD2, I can’t believe I’m this excited about a phone but this will be better than Christmas when it comes out on the 24th. I can’t wait!


    I will be selling my HD2 once a wm7 phone comes out with a 4.3 in screen. Problem solved

  • DavidB

    Would I be correct in assuming that any apps for the TP2 would work fine on the HD2 due to the screen res being identical? In which case, between the 2, there’s a great deal of apps either out there or going to be in a short time. Plenty for me, I’ll bet.

  • Michael

    I’m mean seriously Win 7? It looks horrible. I hope that’s not the final version. I mean it’s all plain blue block background. they didn’t give any effort on this win 7. windows 6.5 all the way

    • Twitch110

      I’m with you dude. I feel like Mugatu in Zoolander. He was the only one that didn’t see Derek’s poses as things of beauty. I feel the exact same way. Everyone is looking at wm7 like it’s Blue steel, or even magnum. But here am i saying “what the hell is everyone seeing that is so beautiful damnit?!?!”

      If you haven’t seen zoolander, then you probably have NO IDEA what i’m saying. But it’s a valid example :)

    • johnny

      im with u also, i think wp7 is actually pretty ugly and plain and boring. thats why i gave up my iphone… got bored with the boringness of it lol
      the sense UI is a beautiful piece of art tho!! so HD2 here I come!!! =] cant wait! 9 days to go and it feels like moths from now!!

  • yor_PAPI

    well iam back for more of this htc hd2 t-crap maybe this time they’ve finally got a good device here but that’s wut they want u to think anyways Ive followed this phone for a while now and i hope this piece of shit doesn’t disappoint me like tp2 mytouch or g1 cuz htc is known for making crap an then handling it over to t-crap an they give us SHIT so don’t cross your fingers

    • Photoman

      It’s Not. I’ve the demo at the store and I am thrilled.

    • johnny

      if you hate HTC so much, then get a diff phone!! this phone by far is the best out so far… much better than any phone i’ve had! and i go through phones every 2 months or so cuz i can never find the right one… i think this is finally it though!! and i cant wait =]

  • Wilma Flintstone

    SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 will be the perfect ROM for me and my HD2. WP7 didn’t look good in my opinion anyway.

  • toxtrepla


    I’ll be PLENTY happy with Sense for a long time. Maybe when W7M matures, I’ll flash a ROM from xda on it.. That is if we figure out a way to circumvent Market ONLY app installation.

  • gargoyle999

    my posts are MIA??!!

  • G1 USER UNTIL 3*24*2010

    You can count me in on the bandwagon for the HD2!! WP7 might be good but NOT RIGHT AWAY. I will enjoy my HD2 and once WP7 is running smoothly on all cylinders, I will make the move to WP7. The waiting for the HD2 is what’s kickin my @$$. The sooner it’s released, the better!

  • adien

    I seem to remember a while ago that the Dash 3G and the Touch Pro 2 were NOT, NO WAY, NO HOW going to get 6.5 either, but it still happened. HD2 can handle WM 7, so why not?The thing is, Ms doesn’t know WHAT its ACTUALLY going to do, they never have. That is the big differentiator between MS and apple. Apple wont’ say jack until everything is set in stone and they can control and micro manage every angle of the information. Ms just runs at the mouth and then makes its plans afterwards.

  • brie987

    My vote is to put Android on it as well. But Netflicks is pretty neat.

  • miguel

    Thank GOD!!!!!
    wm7 is ugly!!!!
    plusif u want it
    live it to the
    guys in xda

  • miguel

    Thank GOD!!!!!
    wm7 is ugly!!!!
    Hd2 is the best
    phone out there
    at the moment
    when thy come up
    with something
    better ill get it
    2 for now HD2
    will be mine

  • SugarMouth

    I’m getting one!!!!

  • bigc

    So what the hd2 won’t get a wp7s upgrade, who cares it’s not like windows phone 7 series will be the greatest operating system in the world. In my opinion the HD2 has and does things wp7s phones will probably never do or have because Microsoft only wants their full os and no sense made by htc and for everybody out there who wants their HD2 to have some type of the new windows platform, get the windows phone 7 theme for 6.5. Either way if the HD2 does vor doesn’t get the upgrade, the day the phones up for purchase, I’m going to get it.

  • Mark

    Personally, I am amazed with ANYONE being upset that the HD2 will not be upgradeable to 7S. Techys of all people should realize that very few people keep a phone longer than 2 years. With the T-Mobile policy of being able to upgrade after only 12 months, reinforces the fact that you can get a NEW fully subsidized phone after 12 months.
    In 12 months, the new hardware coming out to support S7 will far surpass the capability of the HD2. Even now there is a 1.5GHz version of the Snapdragon.
    Take the HD2 now, enjoy it for 12 months and then I am sure you’ll be happy with the next generation with S7!

  • Bigg

    WM7 so far sounds like Ms version of the iphone os, we’ll see how it plays out, I’m still gonna get the HD with sense 2.5, by nov my other line will be able to upgrade again so we’ll see about wm7 then

  • narada

    I thought you could only upgrade on TMo after 22 months?

    • DavidB

      New policy – you can upgrade from smartphone to smartphone after just 12 months with a 2-yr. contract renewal and still get full discount pricing. My G1 still has 8 mos. left but I qualify for the $199 price with the 2-yr. re-up.

      • narada

        thank you DavidB. that helps make the decision for me. that 22 months is more than a little scary. 12’s not so bad.

  • i buy lots of phones anyway so i can careless about the upgrade to windows 7. the last phone i sold was the nokia n900. the n900 is a great phone but the battery life is horrible. it looks like microsoft is basically creating there own “iphone” with wm7, so im sure the hd2 will be good for me for years to come.

  • John

    @ Nkog
    hahahaha, I have my nokia N900 for sale on ebay so I can get this beauty. I’m sure the battery on this wont be that great either but I could care less. maemo was a bit laggy for me plus the amount of apps available.
    This phone is going to be good. Good luck all.

  • rick

    Still gonna get it.
    Sense UI is one of most pleasant UI i’ve ever seen, and with the hardware backing up, it looks great. Sure, what if I won’t get WP7 on HD2? I can still browse the web, watch 720p movies, listen to music and make phone calls on it. All with 4.3 inch screen.

  • i am not in a rush to get it anymore

  • Blacksheep427

    I am still buying the HD2. I saw a demo unit at the store the other day. Looks Great. Didn’t get to try much because battery was very low. Still AWESOME!:)

  • I’m still all in on buying this beast on March 24th

  • sajujb

    Let us wait

  • Bill Berry

    I’ll say it a million times, the HTC HD2 “unofficially” will have Windows Phone 7 if XDA and websites like it have anything to say about it. Right now I’m on the fence buying the HD2 since I have the Touch Pro 2 and I put it head to head with our town’s Kiosk and my Touch Pro 2 beat the pants off of it…that said that’s NRGZ28s EnergyROm up against T-Mobile’s bloat firmware.

  • Bill Berry

    What I’d give to have a Touch Pro 2 style device with that 1 GHz Snapdragon; then I’d proudly sleep in my wife’s doghouse!

  • Patrick

    2 things….1 – It’ll have WP7S thanks to XDA like everyone else is saying. And 2 – WP7S doesn’t come out until the END of 2010…..after buying this phone March 24th…I’ll be up for another upgrade March 24th 2011, so I’d be what…..4 months behind…but I doubt the phone WP7S will be 100% perfect. Android is JUST NOW getting to where it should have been when it was released, so I figure if I wait a good 4-6 months, it’ll have most of the major kinks worked out anyway. Plus…..1ghz processor? 1ghz ROM, AND 512 RAM….i can’t WAIT to put Android on that beast LOLOL!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      The general consumer does not care about hacking and XDA. So no, it will NOT have WP7… YOU will have WP7 on YOUR HD2 after installing the hacked ROM.

      Every single time someone talks about hacking the phone, all you’ve done is tell everyone how worthless the handset is out of the box.

      By the way, you can get a Ford F150 that gets 50 miles to the gallon. Sure, just go buy any Ford F150. Then you have to remove the V8 and replace it with a hybrid engine. Voila, a truck that gets 50 miles per gallon. So don’t hesistate to buy that Ford F150. You can get 50 miles to the gallon with it.

      I will get an HD2 if they’ll break up the unsubsidized price into payments.

      • Davidson

        In my opinion screw the people who can’t figure out how to install an OS on their phone. It’s especially easy for WinMo. The difference between swapping the OS on a phone and swapping an engine in a car is the OS is free and 10 times easier.
        Patrick up here will probably still not put WP7 on his phone anyway for the same reason anyone else who has actually seen WP7 in action won’t: it looks like crap. Honestly 6.5 + sense is beautiful and will last a year on this phone. After that year it’s all going to be Android.

    • A qualifying T-Mobile upgrade (on a 2-yar contract) is only every 22 months on a single line. You’d be due for another upgrade in December of 2011.

      I’m waiting for WP7S.

  • Steve

    I’ll be there day 1…..played with this phone last week and fell in love. Not worried about wp7, it won’t be holding me back.

  • Dan

    I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Tomorrow, someone else will say the same thing and it’ll be posted again.

  • Sean

    At 1st no WPS7 on the HD2 was a deal-breaker for me. Then I was sure the XDA folks would port it with some crazy ROM skills. The more I see of this device, the less & less concerned I am with WPS7 on it.

    At $449, I’ll buy this & wait for the 2nd Gen WPS7 phones next summer, with HSPA+ and all sorts of other fun bells & whistles. And in the meantime, I’ll have one bad-ass phone with tons of apps available and already ready to go out of the box.

    Sounds like a winning combo for me.

    • addicus

      Agreed. My 8525 is dying fast and I always wanted the HD2. Not getting WPS7 was a slight bummer until the no side installation, no sd card and no copy and paste announcements. My only true issue is buying a near $500 phone with an operating system that most likely will no longer be developed for and supported. If I felt WM 6.5 was going to have a shelf life I’d feel much better about my decision.

  • Flgirll

    This is old news and I’m buying this phone.

  • Steve

    Whats the big rush for WPS7, it looks like its going to be a MS Zune with phone capabilities. Every day more and more details keep coming out on what WPS7 CANT DO( no multitasking, mo mico sd cards, ..etc) rather what it can do. And when it comes out it will be just like a iphone OS and Android in which you will be waiting a while for apps and the full capability of the OS.

    • Oce

      Add “no copy & paste” to the list as well.

  • Tim

    All this means is it won’t get WP7 -officially-. I’ll be very surprised if the phone hacker community doesn’t make an unofficial release. ;)

  • adam

    Your wrong android has multitasking the next update it will have apps4sd card so no window mobile is just not in same league as android anymore.

    • thefrag

      um dude wm has had those features forever. if anything android is still playing catch up to wm. just go over to and see how many more wm apps are developed daily then android.

  • Francisco C.

    I’m still going to purchase this phone. I was able to play around with the actual handset last week at a T-Mobile kiosk in Austin, TX. I used the phone for a good ten minutes and it was running super fast and smooth. Definitely a must buy for me, even if it won’t be upgradeable to WP7. If anything I can just get the ROM from XDAdevelopers if I really want that WP7 experience.

  • Johnny

    i just read an article saying that WP7s will not support true multitasking of 3rd party apps and it will stay away from MicroSD cards…

    so im definately not in any hurry to get WP7s without that… thats one of the main reasons why i gave up my iPhone…

    cant wait for the HD2 with the BEAUTIFUL Sense UI =]

    heres the full article about WP7s,2817,2361377,00.asp

  • Oce

    “Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste” ->

    Wow! WP7 is really shaping up to be one awesome OS!……NOT!!!! The more a more I see and hear about WP7, the more I dislike it.

  • Kuttyjoe

    The beauty of the HD2 for me was the form factor of the phone, and also the Sense UI. When i started hearing about Windows Phone 7 Series, I of course thought that it could be like getting a new phone a few months so that was a plus. So I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be any Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade, but I want the HD2 more than Windows Phone 7 OS. And I don’t really like the look of it. I think HTC is impressing me more than Microsoft.

  • enveed05

    From the reports I’ve been hearing on WP7S, and the significant restrictions that Microsoft is placing on it, combined with missing features… I’m beginning to think the HD2 may be better off without it. I’m getting 2 next Wednesday, downloading the Cookie Home Screen Mod from XDA, and happily using my phone for at least a year. XDA will probably have some iteration of WP7S or possibly even Android for me to play with in my spare time while I’m not actually using my phone, lol.

    The HD2 looks to an amazing phone that stands in it’s own right.

  • abe

    if sence ui can be upgradeable then im all for it… snapdragon rocks!
    this is totally way off topic. its just no one ever helped me on this before

    @ Vince who said “March 15, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    You can get skype on literally every java-enabled phone, its just not very publicized. Android even has a skype light application to download.”

    thanks man i will try this out on the next good phone for tmobile

  • waugh

    a quick question, help out folks –

    is there copy-n-paste function in this 6.5 version of HD2 ? Has HTC done something about it ?

  • pedro

    Two words.. NO ANDROID.

  • Janusz

    So what? It doesn’t have moled screen either. So what? I ordered HD2 from Tmobile anyway.

  • Janusz

    BTW, I have using G1 with Android for 2 years. Now I am going back to WIN Mobile and HD2. Yes, Android is good OS with plenty of free applications but telling you truth, after time I didn’t care for them anymore. What I will miss is Google Nav. Everything else doesn’t matter. HD2 rocks.

  • Tarmonster

    Got HD2 last week, a very stellar phone even if it does not get WM7. At this point i don’t care. this phone rocks!!!!

  • d

    if the htc HD2 was an android phone i think it would be the greatest phone ever!!!!

  • My lovely new LG Cookie no longer seems as appealing since somebody appears to were in a position to hack into my telephone and access the web whilst I’m asleep. I bought it through the O2 shop and have an O2 sim card. O2 are not at all useful but around £42 worth of credit have been sucked out of my pre-paid account. Any tips about wherever I can find out ways to solve this dilemma?

  • WP7 is really shaping up to be one awesome OS!