Cliq XT Coming In At $99, The Price Is Right


Well, after a little bit of website trouble, we’re back and ready to report some good news. For you Cliq XT fans, a few more days of waiting will cost you less than previously thought.  The first of the month showed us a leaked price sheet that put the Cliq XT at $129.99 and, as it turns out, the actual price on a 2-year contract will be $99.99.  No word on pricing for Even More Plus customers.  As we last heard, it was $329.99 so we’ll be sticking with that until we hear differently.  Judging by the feature set and with the probability of a future Android OS update, $99.99 is a steal for the Cliq XT.  In our eyes, $99.99 is a sweet spot and should bring some nice sales numbers.  Of course, you can always get two.

Want a good long look at the Cliq XT?  Take a look at Noah from Phonedogs unboxing video!

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