Phonedog Unboxes The Motorola Cliq XT

Oh, yes, it’s that time.  It’s getting close to the eventual release of a device that bloggers everywhere let loose in their unboxing videos.  Sadly, our own video is MIA, as we believe Motorola might have lost our address.  Not to worry though, our good friend Noah from Phonedog has pieced together a lengthy (almost 17 minutes) of pure Cliq XT joy for you to feast on.  Running through the specs and, of course, giving you a taste of that built in Swype keyboard, Noah breaks it down for you.  Stop reading now and hit the video!

For the record, the Cliq XT is expected to release March 17th.


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  • Davidohio

    Nice! This really is a nice phone for the price.

  • NK

    I thought it was getting released on the 10th. :O

  • Ozz

    Its nice played with the demo and the tacktile feedback feels different the resistive touchscreen is pretty responsive! Would of bin a lot better with a bit bigger screen since there is no keypad. All in all nice device.

    • NK

      It’s a capacitive touchscreen.

  • lev

    I read everywhere it was March 10th, has this been delayed?

  • Shawn

    I talked to my local T-mo rep and he said it was getting released on the 10th, but that they hadn’t gotten their shipment in yet.

  • mpv

    it’s not exactly lightning fast, is it…

  • Davidohio

    nice but i think it is total comedy how he struggled and struggled to open the port at the bottom because he chewed off all his fingernails lmao!

    • Jason

      I played with one yesterday and the back really is that hard to get off. I tried for a couple minutes and failed miserably and gave up and I do have nails.

  • Ozz

    Sorry guys its resistive but pretty responsive for being resistive

    • NK

      What’s to be sorry? It’s a capacitive, not a resistive.

  • lev

    Its actually capacitive

  • Ozz

    Sorry guys once again it is capacitive I got confused with the Nokia Neuron witch I messed with and was resistive. =)

  • Cliqxtwoohoo

    It’s official! Release date is the 17th for cliqxt! Excited! But I’m so confused if I want the xt or hd2….. I wish the HD2 had android market…. What do you’d think cliqxt vs. HD2????

    • NeedanewPhone

      I like the HD2 but I h8 Windows mobile so I’m goin w/ da CLiQ XT!!!!! I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!!!!!!

    • NK

      Windows Marketplace is crap compared to the Android app store. I’m getting the CLIQ XT. :)

  • galatians51

    Called a store today, they are telling me it will be released the 17th, pricing will be $100 with a 2-year contract. I’m getting one for me and my wife!