Nokia Nuron, Official Announcement


It seems like we have been talking about the Nokia Nuron‘s arrival for a while now, but the official announcement and price were detailed today by T-Mobile and Nokia.  It will be joining the March 24th phone release party and come in at $60 with a new agreement.  I feel bad for it, really, since it has been completely overshadowed by the HTC HD2 (see recent headlines).  It might be worth the money for some symbian goodness.  Oh, for your convenience, I’ve linked some reviews.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Engadget – Review

MobileBurn – Review

CNET – Review

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  • J-Hop2o6

    it will be fine since data is only $10.. some ppl dont wanna pay $30 for data on a phone.. i think this will be a good alternative.

    • pdxduckfan

      What’s the difference in the $10 data plan with this phone and the $30 plan for the HD2….other than the obvious $20……Can anyone tell me? My current data plan is 20 for unlimited. I’m annoyed I will have to pay more for the HD2 Data Plan….but…of course I will do it…..

      • ColoradoGray

        The $10 is for mobile web access (WAP websites) while the more expensive ones (these days $20 – $30 depending on your rate plan) are for advanced devices that pretty much approximate a real desktop browsing experience which would be the smartphones. An advanced device is going to use more data, thus the price difference.

      • Deaconclgi

        Dont believe yhe Tmobile lies, the $10 plan allows the same web access on Symbian. Your browser depics what type of pages you see. I have had Full flash enabled browsing on tzones and web to go for years with Symbian phones.

        Also the default S60 browser is flash enabled and has been for years as well.
        This has been my experience with Symbian on TMo for over 2 years.

      • john

        @deacon, in the ihlr, the provisioning tool that tmo uses, the $10 web doesn’t carry the internet 2 provisioning. Tmo hype no, facts yes

    • God

      It’s a good 3g device, with a much cheaper data plan, and FREE TURN-BY-TURN.

      I can see this being a birthday gift/christmas present for a LOT of women.

      • TMoEmployee

        @ColoradoGray – I would agree with you but, I have the Nuron and has full web browsing like any other smartphone. Except it’s not considered a smartphone. It supports flash wonderfully with SkyFire browser. I personally don’t know why it’s not considered a smartphone or why it renders real web browsing for such a low cost (I’ll look into that). One thing may be that it doesn’t have push notification for e-mail, as far as I know. I’ve been trying to find that out too. It will only ask me, do I want to sync my email to receive the new ones. It down’t support Wi-Fi, and that could be a difference. Usually I don’t get good reception in my place and I do with this Nuron so, Wi-Fi isn’t missing for me.

        @god (little g for you) – The turn by turn is very nice. You can download many voices. I currently have “surfer dude” and “UK English women”. They are not computerized and sound very authentic. It’s hot!

  • “The nokia what?? Oh I’m sorry I forgot they were launching this phone too” – The hd2

    • TMoEmployee

      You say that but, you can do more practical things with the Nuron than the HD2. I am lucky to have both devices. y).

    • NokiaMan

      Go ask the store how many HD2s they got to sell vs. the Nuron…5 to 1 in Nokia’s favor.

      • Go ask the store how many hd2’s are gonna sell, compared to the nuron.. It’s a good phone but let’s put in perspective.. It’s no hd2..that said it still is a bargain.

  • HEB

    They are already selling this phone at my local HEB. When i saw it i asked myself if it was the 24th already lol wouldnt mind to get this as a back up phone but as every other person im getting the HTC HD2

  • Mog

    With $10 data, Ovi Maps and, oh yeah, a $180 price tag, this should be a great offering for T-Mo.

    The Engadget review was horrible. They seemed stunned that a $60 phone could not have WiFi (like, uh, every feature phone ever?) and they claimed that the “real” cost of the phone was $270 — $70 + a $200 ETF. They were completely oblivious to both the low off-contract price of the phone and the inexpensive data, which are the two main selling points of this phone. So yeah, of course they’re not going to like it!

    The POINT of a low-end phone is low price, but they apparently didn’t know its price.

    • kershon

      That’s because it is on T-Mo. If it was ATT or VZ they would be raving themselves silly over it. Back on subject: I really think this phone is the bargain of the day. Even though it does’nt have wi-fi the 3G should be pretty fast with the upgrade to 7.2. With a good 3G signal I can browse almost as fast as wi-fi on my TP2. With changeable color back covers it should really be a hit, especially with the women.

  • J

    I am really excited for this phone. My contract on my current phone is up in 3 months and I was going to go with the even more plus plan once it runs out,and was gonna have to pay outright for it anyway, so might as well buy this phone now and save me the $50 in data I would have to pay for the rest of my contract.

    It is simple yet useful, prefect for someone like me who wants something smartphone-ish but not over the top. No wifi doesn’t bother me one bit, I can live with no wifi, I don’t think I would get much use out of it anyway.

    Also, I agree the engadget was kinda bias. I felt like they had it out for the phone from the beginning.

    I am buying this phone on the 24th regardless.

    • TMoEmployee

      @ J: You’ll be happy. I like the phone personally. No it’s not a smartphone but, it doesn’t a lot that a smartphone does. It just doesn’t have Wi-fi and push for emails. But, I find that I can download pretty okay on Edge where I don’t have 3G. And all you have to do is go into your email and fetch the messages and they all come streaming down. Just be careful as to not overload your phone with too many messages of all kinds cause the Nuron will get angry. Just clear it up a little and you’ll be fine. And remember to have your apps save on the micro sd. Have fun!

      • Deaconclgi

        Nokia Messaging IS push email. All you do is add your email address to your Nokia Messaging Account

      • Deaconclgi

        This non smartphone junk is getting rediculous. Stop lying to people and swaying their opinion to match your misinformation or unwillingness to believe the facts. Just because it doesnt requir a smartphone data plan doesnt mean it is not a smartphone and just because you and others may not be well versed on symbian does not mean it isn’t a smartphone.

  • Annnnnnd back to the HD2

    This phone is perfect for people on a lower budget than others. It’s a shame it’s not getting any attention. Talk about bad timing. They should have came out with this phone earlier in the year. The HD2 is getting all the attention and unless you don’t come on these types of websites I’m sure most people have not ever heard of the Nokia Nuron (what a horrible name). The HD2 is so popular that even if you don’t get on these blog sites, you would have heard of it. Poor Nuron. Anyways, I can’t wait until the 24th so I can finally have my own HD2. I’m tired of going to the store to play with their demo’s. I want my own already. If you ask me, they should’ve started selling this phone earlier in the year. I’m sure they would have sold a lot more HD2’s that way but to be honest I could care less about the sales on it. I know I’m getting one. I’m not crazy enough to go to Wal-mart to pay 500 dollars for it that’s for sure. Lol. Tmw is my bday. It has been a good one for me. I get the new Jordans with some nice clothes and a few hats and then the next day I get the HD2 and on Saturday is my B-Day party where I can show off my phone! Ahhhhh the good life!

  • jyf

    i think this a really good phone with a lot of great qualities. Im a girl and I have long nails most of the time so I prefer resistive over capacitive. Like others said, this will be my intro to both touch screen and smartphone.I have a Nokia 5310 XM and I really like it, and I had the N800 earlier. The wifi, yeah would not hurt to have it but we can live.

    One thing I wish was already definite is the details of the contract. I keep hearing different things. I just contacted Tmobile chat support asking if the Nokia Nuron will require the $10 data plan and they said it is well recommended but not obligatory. But every other website says differently.

    anyways, Ive played with both about two weeks ago and the HD2 is pretty sexy Im not going to lie, but its not in my budget and although its gonna steal some of the Nokia’s thunder, budget conscious consumers are still going to consider the Nokia… (me thinks)

    does anyone know about the data plan? is it required or not?

    • Daedalus

      Since it is not being classified as a smart phone TMO is not requiring it. So yes you have the option. The phones with out the option and is mandatory are things labeled Windows, BlackBerry, Android.

  • BB user

    Is this a smartphone? Would it be possible to debrand the device? Thanks.

    • Deaconclgi

      Yes, 100 percent it is a smartphone and you should be able to debrand the firmware to the default 5230 firmware. All other recent nokias have been able to run any hardware compatible firmware using NSS.

      • Davidohio

        Deaconclgi…you seem to know a lot about Nokia. I had my mind made up to get the HD2 or Cliqxt but the more I read about the Nokia Nuron and watch the videos, the more I actually like it. Wifi is nice but I don’t NEED it . I may actually get the Nuron if it has flash on the skyfire browser, push e-mail by adding my e-mail to nokia messaging, etc. This really seams like a sturdy, quality, feature rich low priced smartphone! I might end up getting one. Thanks for your informative posts! :)

  • TMoEmployee

    The HD2 and the Nuron is like two distinct types of women for a man.

    The HD2 is a slim beautiful model style woman that comes with everything physically you’d want. Great shape, can dress to empress and you can show her off to all your friends. A trophy even. But, when it comes to doing simple things, she lacks. And her heart is like coal.

    Can’t cook or clean:

    Windows Mobile houses on of the most messiest ways to find files in my opinion and saves things EVERYWHERE!! Yes, it still has this problem on the HD2. I’ll go to Myspace on the thing and then go to my albums (photos that is) and it’ll have tons of images in an imagecache folder. It’s saved to the device. I was wondering why my device memory was running low until I found this. Average pretty phone buyers won’t know about this until they call CC (customer care).

    Has an attitude problem:

    OMG! This thing freezes up consistently and I’m always loosing a 3G signal where my Nuron still has one. Windows have made enough phones to try and at least keep an Edge signal.

    And is very materialistic:

    The market has way too many apps to pay for. And too little to care about. I know it’s pretty new but, c’mon! There is a free store but, they lack the basics and it’s risky).

    The Nuron is an average gal with a little weight on her. She isn’t the most attractive in the room but, she’s cute. Pretty exterior and even better interior.

    She can cook and clean:

    Simple. That’s the best way to describe how files are stored. No saving in multiple places.
    And for it not to be a smartphone, it can multi-task.

    Attitude is smooth, but don’t cross her:

    The Nuron can take but so much. You may have to clear out your text and such or it may give you an error. But, the good thing is, you can sync it to Nokia USA and save.

    And she’s not materialistic:

    The Ovi store has way more applications than the Windows Market. And a lot of the apps are free.

    Don’t get me wrong, my HD2 is my trophy for right now. If I could, I’d trade it for either a N900 or Nexus One. But, I find myself going to the Nuron for the simplest things. Like, to crop a picture! Or the Turn by Turn Navigation. And believe it or not, in my opinion, the damn thing takes better shots in low light than the HD2.

    You have to remember, Symbian was built to be a phone OS from the ground up. Windows….of course we know of it’s beginnings. HTC would have to do a complete overhaul to the whole OS for it to hide windows completely. But then, it wouldn’t be Windows now, would it? I figure some complaints and a firmware update of two will make this phone a whole lot better.

    Don’t get me wrong on this either. The Nuron is just simple. And sometimes being simple is all we need. It has it’s quirks and jerks. It’s a pain in the ass to sync this thing to the Nokia site. I know I must be doing something wrong. It might be, that I’m using a Mac. But to be honest, it’s not that bad. It’s the best low end device T-Mobile will have.

    Take my opinion as just that…my opinion. See for yourself….

    • Marc

      Well lucky me, I happen to like avg pretty gals with a little meat on them, so I guess I’m in luck.

    • NokiaMan

      awesome post!

      • TMoEmployee

        Thanks! I’d love to be a paid reviewer.

      • Deaconclgi

        That is NOT an awesome post because he said the Nuron wasnt a smartphone that nagates his entire post and credibility.

      • TMoEmployee

        Hey @Deaconlgi!! Numb nutts!! I was just basically speaking on the possible overshadowing of the HTC HD2 to the Nuron. And why it won’t really lose sales and a little extra. So shut up next time. Thanks! (smiling with a middle finger up like Jaguar Wright)

    • Keebler

      While I have not played with the Neuron I cannot comment on that device. What you wrong mentioned is that CC will deal with this. this however is wrong, all CC reps will for passing these calls about the device to PDA which will have to explain that because people that cannot monitor their own usage and take care of their devices like a PC(most don’t anyways) we will over steps to resolve the issues you so described. no matter what the device, if you are browsing, clear your cache and cookies.

      As for the the Neuron, I am looking forward to Nokia stepping up the game in the US market. This is a great device with a ton of features. It may not be listed as a smart phone but it the next best thing

  • HD2 here I come

    Nice book you wrote there. Just kidding! The good thing is that we have 14 days to return the phone. I will get the HD2 since I’m so in love with it. If I don’t end up liking it, I will simply return it. I see it as a win-win situation.

    • TMoEmployee

      LOL…book….LOL! Yeah, I would definitely push the phone to the limit. Good luck. And have fun!

  • SirMac

    Im planning on getting this phone for my mother and step-dad, they are very old school and still use a razr and a clamshell nokia. They are scared of new technology and claimed “its too advanced.” I showed them this phone and they really like it, the dexterity and dependability is a plus for nokia, my mom had her nokia for I believe 3 years now and they can have a gps, free gps at that, at their finger tips.

    • TMoEmployee

      My favorite phone was a Nokia 3650 with the round dialer. I took literally hundreds of photos with it that I still use today. It always had a signal and it got the job done with extras. Nokia is definitely dependable!

      • GreenRobot

        Ahh…, good old 3650. It was my first smartphone and I still remember it fondly. It was like a plastic children’s toy but surprisingly it lasted a long time and it turned out to be an “old reliable”. It was all GPRS back then too, no EDGE at all. Good old times….

  • bing bang

    I’m kind of glad it isn’t getting all the attention. At least I won’t have to worry about it being sold out since I will wait until next week probably to get it. Haha

  • This phone is actually really rad, great display, and FULL internet..not like the stupid Highlight re-formatted web. But the perk? TMO is only charging 10 dollars for the FULL web on the Nokia Nuron!

    Texting sucks on it though I’m gonna be honest…it messes up sometimes. But it’s better than the myTouch3G texting. So if you can handle that you can handle this.

  • wam

    I wonder how well the reception will be?

    • TMoEmployee

      I get better reception on it than my HD2. No lie. Nokia always had phones with great reception. I get full 3G in the back of my store and only, all Edge to one bar of 3G with the HD.

    • Davidohio

      Nokia phones are well known for pulling in a strong cleare signal, especially in fringe areas.

  • jmts80


  • Cheap

    So is this phone 60 bucks or 69.99?

    • JD

      611 said that it will be $69.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. This price is only good for fully-eligible upgrades, not early upgrade plus, because they don’t consider it a smartphone. Lame…

  • Kayla

    Can you get the nuron with only a messaging add on instead of the data?

    • JD

      611 said you are not required to have a data plan, but without it you won’t be able to Web browse, use email, GPS, or Ovi store.

      • chase

        The GPS will work even without a data plan.

    • cheap

      you won’t get the $50 mail in rebate without the $10 web2go add-on though i think

  • JD

    Just called 611 and they said Nuron is going to have Wi-fi. I asked her to double check, and she said that yes Wi-fi was listed as a connectivity type. Can anyone else confirm this?

    • Cheap

      No wifi check the specs at nokias website plus all the reviews

      • JD

        I’ve seen the specs and all of the reviews, but I can’t help hoping everyone is wrong. It seems ridiculous to think that the T-Mobile system would report it wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me either…

    • NokiaMan

      Phone does not have wifi…100% confirmed.

    • JD

      Chatted TMo this time, and they apologized for the misinformation. No Wifi. Oh well, was to be expected.

    • Slowtweek

       it doesnt its a piece of shyt

  • steve

    cant wait to get this on Wednesday, this will be my first touch screen phone.

  • Mixer Mel

    Guys correction on the pricing. I’ve seen it officially. It’s going to be $79.99 with a $50 mail in rebate. Net cost will be $29.99. I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s the OFFICIAL pricing. Don’t believe me? Call T-Mobile. 1800-937-8997 or 611 from your tmobile phone.

    • cheap

      if you look at the previous post, JD did call about it and they said $79.99 after $50 mail in rebate. But then again, the cust rep was wrong about it having wifi…

  • jtc24

    this phone is nice, but if you have used an android phone, blackberry, or even windows mobile, you will not be satisfied going with the nuron. its great for ppl coming from a phone first device but id never go to it after using the other smartphones. It runs way to slow for my taste. we will def sell a ton of them though so im excited about that haha. oh one more thing, tmobile is advertising it as a smartphone. youll see the signs in the stores with it right next to the hd2 and cliq xt and it says smartphones starting at 9.99 per month!!! its a smartphone!!

  • Unfortunately i will not be getting an HD2 this week.

    I’ve waited so long for this phone but I guess it was not to be.

    Soon I will rejoice as soon as the Supersonic is anounced.



    • Davidohio

      WTF??? What the hell is this jibberish?? What point are you attempting to make?? This makes no sense and the english is poor.

  • jay

    ok look!!! the nuron runs symbian which is an OS(operating system) which Makes it a smartphone. for instance motorola razor= not a smartphone touchscreen noika with symbian= smartphone. plus nokia has had some of the most reliable smart phones out there, i’ve benn using my n81 8gb on TMO for like 2 years and it mutitasks out of the box which is what the iphone can’t do. just because TMO doesn’t classify it as a smartphone(most likely because the average cell phone buyer has no idea what symbian is) doesn’t mean it isn’t one.


  • Kret

    I got this smartphone and seriously it is the best deal on market these days. You pay around $10 for internet, email so on and it cost’s only $69.99. Not to mention that phone has more features than so popular Iphone