HTC HD2 & Nexus One Smackdown, Wirefly Style

Still can’t decide between the Nexus One and the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2?  Wirefly to the rescue!  The awesome guys over at Wirefly have done another one of their smartphone smackdowns, and this time it’s the HD2 vs the Nexus One.  The smackdown overviews the pros and cons of both handsets, including keyboard, interface, customization, and hardware specs.  Sit back, grab something to drink, and enjoy 15 minutes of snapdragon goodness.  Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments!  Is it going to be the HD2 or do you fancy the Android OS?

Wirefly – YouTube

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  • jdog

    The HD2 is really nice but the problem is that it has a dying OS, Firefox just said they will only be working on Windows Series 7 from now on. The Nexus One is the opposite, it’s Google’s flagship phone meaning that it will always be the first in line to get a new OS update. This is why I chose the Nexus One cause unlike HTC Sense, Moto Blur, Sony’s UX, and Touch Wiz you may or may not ever get an update because that is controlled by those companies and not Google. Selling the HD2 so that it can not updated is stupid why didn’t they just take off some buttons so it would be able to receive the Series 7 upgrade, but its all about the money for a lot big companies. Look at the Sony X10 it has the newest version of Android 1.6 oops thats not new thats from 8 or 9 months ago what where they thinking, but they are not alone Motorola just released some phones with the 11 month old Android 1.5

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      You missed the part where MS said WinMo6.XXX is going to continue, and will be supported, as an alternative to WP7, didn’t you?

      WinMo6.XXX = Possibly renamed to ‘Windows Phone Starter’, more ‘open’ than WP7… in other words: MS vs Android.

      WinPho7 = iPhone killer (wannabe), locked down, no multitasking, social and entertainment centric. In other words: MS vs Apple.

      • Ricardo

        Thanks Futureguyknowsolittle. I was about to write the same thing. It’s not your fault jdog. Huge websites are still reporting 6.5 as a dying OS. They did not realize what MS future plans were with 6.5. So once again 6.5 will be upgraded but not to 7. MS will basically be selling 2 OS’s as of november. 6.5 will not be obsolete. MS would have to be dumb to take a phone at the top of it’s class hardware wise and hold it back by not upgrading the OS.

      • jdog

        I already know about what you are talking about and I thought about that when I wrote my comment. Do you really think developers and phone makers will continue to support a crappy OS when they can use Windows Series 7 if you do you are living in a dream world. The only Windows mobile 6.5 (or under 7)phone I think has a chance to sell is the HD2 because of HTC Sense but Microsoft already said that there will be none of that on Series 7 phones so because its the last of its kind that gives it something unique for people who want to buy this phone. Windows Mobile 6.5 is like Windows Vista and how many customers or companies would buy Vista over Windows 7 get real. I will tell you this if there was no Nexus One I would already have the HD2 seriously. I hope this helps people decide which phone is better for them.

      • Cheap@$$

        Yes MS will still “support” WinMo 6.x but they still “support” Windows XP, and just announced that XP wont be getting IE9. All “support” means is that they’ll trouble shoot and provide needed security enhancements. But in terms of developing new features…forget about it. Microsoft is even pushing to get more developers on their side and aiming them at WinMo7, not WinMo6. Unlike computer OS’, apps made for WinMo7 won’t be compatible for WinMo6. So if there’s an app not available for WinMo6, don’t count on it coming. That platform isn’t being retired, but don’t expect to see any more out of it.

    • Jay

      Mozilla will NOT be developing for WP7s since they don’t have access to the NDK.

    • efjay

      Actually mozilla says they wont be producing firefox for ANY version of Windows Phone, 6.5 or 7. MS has committed to supporting 6.5.x for YEARS to come, sadly some developers are being short sighted and withdrawing their support now. But the truth is WM 6.5 will be around for quite a while yet.

    • umaluver

      There seems to be some serious denial in here about the future of winmo 6.5.

    • rushmore

      jdog, depends on the person. I love media and games, but got used to Flash on the N900. Others could care less about media, Flash or games. Then again, why buy the phone if you do not at least care for some of that stuff- HD2 is a bit too much of a device for just phone and texting ;)

    • Davidohio

      you cant please everyone. honestly, most consumers buying this device wont even know or care anything about all that tech stuff. it is what it is. some people just always want the newest latest greatest but phones are outdated as soon as they are released anyway so….it does not really matter in the end. besides, smartphone customers can upgrade every year now so your post really does not matter anyway. no offense.

    • William

      “because android is an o.s geared towards the younger ,hip,crowds-who like an easy to use,and less complicated o.s.where winmo is geared towards the business tech-savy crowds who like an familiar to use and easy to tweek o.s.”

      I think that’s a pretty inaccurate statement; one would think that an individual who wants to fully customize and “tweek” their OS would be more likely to side with an open-source Android device with its range of versions and customizable options (as well as virtually guarenteed upgrades in the case of the N1), as opposed to a WinMo device with an older (proven but non-upgradeable) OS version.

      I’m a fan of both, considering that they have their respective strengths; I decided to go with the Nexus One personally, but the HD2 is far from a weak contender.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Wow… where to begin…

      “Do you really think developers and phone makers will continue to support a crappy OS when they can use Windows Series 7 if you do you are living in a dream world.”

      Considering that WinMo 6.5.x still has the largest enterprise user base compared to any other mobile OS and the simple fact that WP7S is geared for the consumer market, the simple answer is YES. Developers will still write apps for 6.5.x because the enterprise market is a very, very lucrative market to be in.

      “Windows Mobile 6.5 is like Windows Vista and how many customers or companies would buy Vista over Windows 7 get real.”

      Well, let’s see… comparing WinMo 6.5.x to Vista is a joke to begin with. Secondly, WP7S is being developed for the CONSUMER market, not ENTERPRISE. That is where the re-branding of WinMo 6.5.x comes into play. So, your comparison is like apples to oranges and makes zero sense.

      “Yes MS will still “support” WinMo 6.x but they still “support” Windows XP, and just announced that XP wont be getting IE9. All “support” means is that they’ll trouble shoot and provide needed security enhancements. But in terms of developing new features…forget about it. Microsoft is even pushing to get more developers on their side and aiming them at WinMo7, not WinMo6. Unlike computer OS’, apps made for WinMo7 won’t be compatible for WinMo6. So if there’s an app not available for WinMo6, don’t count on it coming. That platform isn’t being retired, but don’t expect to see any more out of it.”

      First off, WinMo 6.5.x is still the leading O/S for enterprise (yes, it even beats RIM, although RIM is catching up). Microsoft supporting the O/S is really all that anyone wants. Microsoft only provides a small amount of the apps for WinMo 6.5.x to begin with, so if all they do is support the O/S and leaves the true application development to 3rd party shops, all the better. Microsoft doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to developing mobile applications to begin with. Plus, let’s not forget that Office 2010 Mobile is set to release side-by-side with Office 2010. If this is such a dead platform, why would they be doing this?

      Finally, how many of you (the ones complaining about this being a dead platform) are actually developers working on mobile apps for any O/S? I do this for a living (hence my name). Believe me, Microsoft’s support for WinMo 6.5.x has not diminished in any way, shape, or form. Every tool that we need (aside from the damned Cellular Emulator not running on x64) is still available and will continue to be. We can still develop apps for WinMo 5.x in Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft trying to push more developers towards WP7S is understandable. Of course they want all the developers working on apps for the new platform that they can get. But, that does not have any bearing on the thousands of dev shops and millions of developers working in the mobile space already. If the need arises for one of my apps to run in WP7S, then I’ll port it. But I, nor is my boss or any of my customers, going to just drop WinMo 6.5 to start development on a platform that is geared for the consumer market. Also, this crap about “if there’s an app not available for WinMo6, don’t count on it coming” is pure speculation. There are still devs on XDA writing new apps for 6.5 and many, many companies are still writing apps. Seriously… this would be like a carpenter running around telling people that because the forests are diminishing, products made out of wood are going to be phased out.

      Quit spreading FUD…

  • HDDeuce

    I will definately be getting the HD2!! It is the best looking phone out there PERIOD IMO. I’ve had a G1 since it launched so when it comes to apps, I could care less. I never use the android market so that for me is not something to look at. I am more into browsing the web and texting and once I get the HD2, watching movies!! I went to a Tmo store yesterday and some of the employees already were using the HD2 as their PERSONAL PHONE. I am so jealous. I tried to have them sell me one but they told me I had to wait. Lucky bastards!! The HD2 is AMAZING. I can’t wait to have one all to myself. I will be first in line tomorrow March 24th.

  • Cheap@$$

    Its not official yet, but if Wirefly can offer the HD2 for that $100 as they mentioned, it just might be enough to get me off the fence. To me I think both phones match up well, difference being the HD2 has better hardware and the NexusOne has better software (apps and customization). The Sense UI is truly great, but its still the equivalent of putting cologne on a stink body; it will only make do for a very short time…very short. Now I’m awaiting news today on the HTC Supersonic for Sprint. It will basically be an HD2 but with Android and the Sense UI. This means that everything, including all hardware, will work out of the gate with Android and you’ll have access to Android apps. So I’ll know what my next phone and carrier will be after that announcement.

    • Davidohio

      yoiu would really switch carriers just for a phone? wow. enjoy Sprints quality solid network lmao!

  • HDDeuce

    Jdog, I for one LOVE HTC Sense on the HD2 WAAAAAAY more than the homescreen of WP7S so I am happy it is not getting upgraded. Windows OS is not dying anytime soon. Windows OS is great for business as well. I guess your more into fun than business. I think the homescreen on WP7 is boring. That is just my opinion. I can’t wait to get the HD2!!

    • jdog

      Maybe I should buy this phone for business right its true I use my Nexus One only for fun cause I have another phone from my job for business. Hey maybe I can get my boss to buy this for me I do hold a high enough position I’m writing this at work and I don’t have to worry about anybody telling me anything.

      • Chad

        So? Stop swaying people away from 6.5, who cares? If it works now, and will continue to work, what’s the point? There is no expiration date on the OS, as there was no expiration date on HDDVD. Sure they stopped being produced, but I still have plenty and watch them regularly.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        May I ask, are you the same JDog from the Gamespot forums? If so, WHAT UP MAN!!!

  • Alvin

    THE HD2 will be on BOGO offer through for 199.99 on 2yr contract. Or if you just want one, 149.99 on 2yr contract.

    • Jess

      That’s for new lines only though right?

      • tato22

        no for upgrades to

      • Jess

        Really? Nice! Is it like the other online upgrade offers though, where you have to switch from your grandfathered plan to the currently offered ones, like Newegg?

    • JD

      Pretty decent offer! Is that good for upgrades or just new activations/add-a-lines?

  • Penny

    Why is the hd2 winmo and the supersonic android? They’re the same phone and specs I believe.


      HTC knows that consumers want variety. Some people like android while other prefer windows mobile.

      • Penny

        Well im on tmo and I want the android version! :) :(

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      It’s all about market penetration. With the HD2 running WinMo and the Supersonic running Android, they cover more of the market.

      • deeone

        currently i don’t have a contract cos it ran out in 2009 november, so when i saw the sprint commercial about the 69.99 450 landline minutes and unlimited any mobile minutes with unlimited text and web browsing and the possibility of the supersonic with android, i said to myself do not be tempted by hd2. i have waited this long since november i can wait for early summer for the sonic, it’s painful but it will be worth it.

    • wojax2

      because android is an o.s geared towards the younger ,hip,crowds-who like an easy to use,and less complicated o.s.where winmo is geared towards the business tech-savy crowds who like an familiar to use and easy to tweek o.s.

  • Mark

    Aside from the whole WinMO6.5 – 7 debate, you can’t really trust Wirefly on an accurate comparison as they’ll be selling the HD2 and they don’t sell the NexusOne. I currently have the NexusOne and it’s awesome! and i’m getting the HD2 on Thursday (hoping that a Winmo7 ROM comes out soon..WinMO6.5 is painful to use, even with Sense). I think the HD2 will be an awesome device for Browsing and Movies right out of the box with the gigantic lcd, but OS-wise (with 6.5) in my opinion it doesn’t compare to android.

  • bigc17

    The HD2 is just a great phone/mini tablet and everybody knows it, even if they don’t want to admit it. From the giant screen to flash support to superior multimedia to a 1ghz processor, you can’t say say that this phone isn’t worth the buy or isn’t good enough to compete against the iphone. Well, tomorrow the HD2 will be what everyone is talking about and this phone is definitely something to talk about right.

  • Cheap@$$

    The thing that sets the iphone apart from other phones isn’t the hardware, its the apps. So while the HD2 has the best hardware out, the available apps and WinMo will limit what you can do with it. Sense UI is great, but you really can’t compare the apps on WinMo to Android or apple. I really believe the reason why Transformers and the other bonuses on the HD2 were thrown in, is to market the phone as a multimedia device and not a head to head competitor with other smart phones. I’ve been waiting a year for this phone since it hit the UK, but I need apps. And spps for WinMo 6.5 have seen their final days.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “the available apps and WinMo will limit what you can do with it.” … “but I need apps. And spps for WinMo 6.5 have seen their final days.”

      Seriously?! You haven’t taken a good look at the available apps then. WinMo 6.5 has some seriously amazing apps. Name one, just one, product out for Apple or Android that supports full Exchange syncing (and by full I mean calendar categories, for instance). Also, point out one area where there are apps available for Apple or Android that doesn’t have a WinMo equivalent. IMHO, WinMo still has the best media players available (Music on Android is seriously a joke… even the 2.x redesign was pathetic). WinMo has also had more browsers available for it more than any other O/S.

      Before you say that there are a lack of apps, you should go spend a few hours poking around Handango or Windows Marketplace.

  • bigc17

    If you want android on the HD2, just download it so you can dual boot both android and windows mobile. has a how to dual boot them both article.

  • trife

    HD2 all day, every damn day. For me it isn’t even a question.

    I’m tired of hearing about Windows Series 7. For one, a lot of the people on this site and the phone junkies won’t even be rocking with the HD2 when 7 comes out–I’m sure I won’t as I switch phones every 5 or 6 months it seems. And the Sense overlay is niiiiiiice and will definitely suffice for my phone needs. Second, Series 7 doesn’t really “wow” me. Would I be mad if the HD2 got the update? Not at all! But there isn’t anything that makes me HAVE to have it on my device. Third, Android doesn’t do much for me. Does it work? Sure. Is it a crap OS? Nope–in fact its a very nice OS. But again, there is nothing that it does that makes me HAVE to have an Android device. And lastly and most importantly, specs. I’m taking the HD2 specs over the N1, but that’s just me.

    Both are great devices though so you can’t really go wrong with either choice.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      It took me a minute to get over the ‘WinPho7 is coming!’ bit, but I agree (somewhat) with you. When WP7 drops… first off, we don’t even KNOW what carrier will be the 1st to have a WP7 handset. I could end up waiting until the end of this year only to find there’s nothing for me (cause I’ll never leave T-mo, at least not anytime soon, and I never switch carriers over a handset… that’s just outright silly).

      I have a G1 and found how NOT ME this phone is. The things I want to do, I can’t because the hardware is lame and old and slow and I get frustrated and just give up on it. Now, if I wanted to do things that have nothing to do w/ my lifestyle, like count calories, schedule my girlfriend’s monthly period, read Moby Dick on a 3 inch screen or read Fuck My Life stories all day… well Android is definitely the phone for that person.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      “All day, everyday!”

      lol. Sorry, it just reminds me of the Nick Swardson skit from :)

  • Mr. Multimedia

    Clearly, even Stevie Wonder can see that T-Mobile’s USA multimedia super ROM HD2 kicks the N1’s ass in this smackdown match, hands down. If I were going to buy a Android phone, it would be Sprint’s Supersonic, not the N1…..

    • zoth

      I agree, Google messed up in selling the N1 and not retailers. Sorry N1 no matter how I think of it HD2 would be a better deal. I’m comming from G1 with Super D’s rom and love the android but I can to betters or atleast the same as the N1. There will always be a WinMo equivalent of any adroid market appz.

      • rolo

        where do u c all these matching winmo apps? i really like the hd2 hardware but i’ll b damned if i’l b stuck in that dreaded winmo marketplace. i’d like 2 have the android OS in the HD2 shell. where’s that?

  • newspeak

    Not sure why the nexus one voice text feature on the keyboard wasn’t mentioned ….why they didn’t mention call quality for either phone….but the hd2 looks good

    i just can’t see buying a phone on that platform …make that same sense overlay on an android phone and its worth talking about ….but winmo 6.5 is being left behind

    • Tig

      Winmo 6.5 is NOT being left behind. There will still be support.

      That said – almost no one buys a phone for what it will do/support in the future. Anyone who says they do is either a liar or is stupid. When a new OS comes out just buy a new phone with the latest hardware.

      The HD2 out of the box will do more than what most people need. It will continue to do that after Windows Phone 7 comes out.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        LMFAO! Well said…

      • Oreos4HD2

        Seriously ppl are just not paying attention so just let them be and realize that in the end when 6.5 (windows mobile starter) will still be updated they will have realized that they missed the chance to own a great phone.

        I personally will be rocking this thing till another great T-mobile phone comes.

  • chicago081

    This phone will do me just fine for two years during the contract time, after that I will see what’s on the market.

  • Steve

    I’m rocking the hd2 til I see what apple has in store for the iPhone 4G…..

    Only 1 more day til the phone comes out.

  • Mr. Multimedia

    If Windows Mobile 7 phone series, next generation does not have HDMI Video IN/Out at 1080P, a projection camera, front facing camera, then I will pick up on WM7 around 2012…

    As far as T-Mobile’s USA multimedia super ROM HD2, yet to be now technology, being not being able to upgrade to Windows 7 makes me very happy. I would hate not being able to customize this wide screen, giant screen multimedia beast, yeah, it’s ON and you know that….!

  • DK Brothers

    This time tomorrow…

    • thechemist

      Ha ha! I will be taking an early lunch tomorrow!

  • Giddy

    If Wirefly does sell for $100, I’m definitely going with them for my upgrade. I can wait a couple of days to save some money. The cheaper the better. I want to have it as soon as possible, but my pocket yells louder. I’m sold. Done deal.

  • thechemist

    I bet when 60,000 new poeple in the first week have WinMo 6.5, the app catalog will go up ;)

    I agree with a few earlier comments. I was all excited about new apps on my G1 for about 6 months. Passed that, the excitement wears off so the apps aren’t a deal breaker.

    Android is amazing, but it’s an OS for a typical person (not used for business). I am an Apple Mac, ipod user/lover, but unfortunately Windows is how the whole business world speaks to each other. This phone suites me better for my needs.

    Even though they have been pi$$ing me off recently, I’d rather call Tmo customer care for questions. Not Google.

    • twitch110

      I’m with you. App selection is definitely not a deal breaker. And honestly, android has SO MANY crap apps that it’s an absolute joke. I use maybe two or three apps regularly on my mytouch that i downloaded from the market. All the apps i use will for sure be on the HD2. Apps are so overrated. I don’t care about a T-pain voice converter either!

  • rigel

    From the video – Wirefly unofficial contract price of $100 (probably $99.99). Moreover, shopping through Bing for the $50 cashback makes this phone a steal at $49.99! I wonder if they will offer a BOGO deal? ;-)

  • Rafy


    • Wilma Flintstone

      I bet Just Some Dude will have nothing to say about that. I’m sooo waiting for his response if any.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Yeah, he has been surprisingly quiet the past few days, huh? Maybe he got one of the HD2’s from Wally World? ;-)

  • TrinNY

    HTC HD2 for me since I do not qualify for the subsized Nexus One pricing because I have a corporate discount SMH Plus I want an Android phone with a keyboard. Hope the HD2 keeps me happy until the Android I want shows up.

  • Mr. Multimedia

    I know all of you are looking for “Microsoft’s TellMe App” for your new T-Mobile USA HD2, go here FOR THE TELLME DETAILS ONLY … NOW to actually get the “” for T-Mobile’s USA multimedia super ROM HD2 go here to the bottom of post # 1 for the TellMe download, install to the the main memory ONLY, SEE PHOTO….

    Just think,imagine having Microsoft’s Voice Command and TellMe on T-Mobile’s USA multimedia super ROM HD2 at the same time, now that’s the DREAM TEAM 2010, a must got to have on your HD2, Yeah, it’s ON and you know that too…

  • Mr. Multimedia

    The TellMe App is here at the bottom of post # 1.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    HD2 Wins for me!!! :D I just wish someone would get Google Navigation on it, that’s my only drawback because I don’t want to pay for Telenav. Other than that, it’s HD2 all the way for me!!! Less than 24 hours now!!! :D XD XD XD !!!

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      You don’t have to pay for Telenav… TomTom actually has a free version available for WinMo. You might want to check it out.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Really? Interesting. I’ll do that. Thanks.

      • beej

        Yeah, that’s good to know, as that’s the one thing I’ll miss from Android. But no matter…in the matter of 25 hours, I’ll have my hands on teh HD2!! Can’t freaking wait!

      • Ricardo

        dotnet, shoot me a message as to how i can get Tom Tom Navigator on my phone.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “dotnet, shoot me a message as to how i can get Tom Tom Navigator on my phone.”

      You need to download a map of your area after you install it.

      I should mention that there are some limitations with the free version. You can only use 1 geographic map at a time (usually limited to a city). Updates to the maps are not nearly as frequent as anyone would like them to be.

      Also, there is a truly free navigator called “Waze”. They make versions for Android, iPhone and WinMo. On lower powered devices, it’s ok-ish. On the HD2, it should fly. You can get it at

      The downside to Waze is that you have to register to use it and you have a 200 mile maximum route that you can plan. I recently tried to use it on a trip from Phoenix to LA and it wouldn’t route it because of that limitation. However, there are some cool features that GMaps doesn’t even have:

      Real-time, user generated traffic info.
      Real-time viewing of other Waze users (for that “social” aspect I guess)
      Mini games (basically, Waze offers points if you drive roads for the first time while Waze is running. I don’t know what the points do or offer, but it’s kinda cool, I suppose).

      All in all, I would give Waze a try on the HD2 and see how it runs. :)

      • Ricardo

        You my friend are a gentleman and a scholar.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @Ricardo: well, at least a scholar… not so sure on the gentleman part (I’ll have to ask my GF)… ;-)

  • Andy G

    The video sealed the deal… HD2 Baby!!! Doesnt the HD2 have google maps… Isnt that just as good as navi… ANd I am pretty sure I saw an app on the winmo mplace for it… Cant Wait either way!!!

  • angelboy

    hd2 anytime.

  • Jim

    I really wanted to get the Nexus One. Android has lots of potential, and I’m getting really tired of Windows Mobile (I still use a T-Mobile Wing).

    Unfortunately, Google and Android have few short comings that are flat out deal killers for me:

    1. Google basically flip the bird to everyone with a family plan (which I have). Not giving us a subsidized option really pissed me off.

    2. Nexus One has lame ActiveSync support. My phone is a business tool. A big chunk of my customer data is stored on an Exchange server. I need mail, contacts, tasks and calendar to sync to my phone. Android only supports mail and contacts. I know there are 3rd party apps to support this, and I looked at them, but I wasn’t impressed.

    3. There is no Bluetooth voice dialing on the Nexus One. I live in California, hands-free while driving is the law. I’ll be damned if buy a phone that won’t like me voice dial via my headset.

    These short comings with the Nexus One are very unfortunate. IMO Android is a better OS than Windows.

    The thing I was really looking forward to with a Nexus One was the awesome Google maps/navigation app. Being able to give voice commands to my GPS navigation app is freaking awesome! I’ve looked around, there isn’t anything even close for Windows Mobile.

    I’m also bummed about the HD2 not being upgradable to Win 7, but I can’t wait another year before I upgrade. At this point it looks like I’ll take advantage of the BOGO offer and pick up two HD2’s and renew my family plan for 2 more years.

  • windsor

    Found out Tmobile in augusta is only get 7 on launch day… What a bummer

  • Which Way is Up?

    I’ve never owned an Android device, but will say that the recent releases from Motorola (Droid) and Google (Nexus One) appear to be great phones with respect to hardware, etc.

    I do own an T Mobile HD 2, since the weekend actually and am quite familiar with Windows Mobile ever since 6.0. I am familiar with the plus and minus of the OS. The HD2 is nothing like ANY other Windows Phone out there, period. The processor and SENSE UI make a world of a difference. Another poster here made an analogy regarding SENSE as good colon on a smelly person (something like that), further stating 6.5 ruins the experience. Again, I have had this phone since Saturday (3/20) and I have yet to see Windows Mobile 6.5. Trust me, I know what I am talking about and clearly understand the point he was trying to make.

    I have owned a Wing (heavily modified), Palm Treo Pro (unlocked and heavily modified) and a Touch Diamond (unlocked and heavily modified). You don’t see 6.5 often only with some circumstances. This phone is amazing. Everyone that has played with it have left with the same impression.

    *BTW, I attempted to register and post pics, etc but ran into some difficulty. I am a long time reader, this site is awesome!

  • Joe Pa

    One day left….can’t wait!!!! HD2!!!!

  • Which Way is Up?

    Oh yeah, pay close attention the marketing behind this device, “Windows Phone.” I honestly would not be surprised if a 7 update is released. According to what we have read, the HD2 is fully capable of running Windows 7 Series and have even seen it running Windows 7 ( Windows 7 has a high bar of requirements, yet we know that the bar will be lowered sometime after the initial 7 Series release (screen resolution, processor, etc).

    I know one thing, the reason why I got this device was for A) Processor, B) Screen and C) Sense UI. If I had to give up Sense UI for Windows 7 Series, I simply would not upgrade.

    • jdog

      Microsoft said no did you read my comment on top they said it has to many buttons how sad :(

      • Which Way is Up?

        Yes, I’ve read that before. Does not mean they will not change direction. Remember, Microsoft had reported previously that the HD2 would be upgradable to Series 7. There was much speculation, the reason behind many sites (including this one) reporting back and fourth from different sources regarding HD2 and Series 7.

        Again, not at all interested in this new OS. I fell in love with Touch Flow back when I was introduced to the Touch Diamond and I am currently married to SENSE UI with my HD2(lol). The gaming capability looks awesome though…

        If what he have read is 100% factual regarding Series 7, my next phone will be running Android with SENSE UI on top of it. As for right now, I am totally content with my HD2!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Just found out that a local store in my area has an HD2 for sale under contract right now for $300. Dilemma, get it now and spend an extra $100 under contract or wait until tomorrow and pay $100 less? I think I can wait.

    • beej

      Yeah, wait for sure. It’s only one day…now, if it were two weeks, that might be different.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    IMHO this was very well done. He did not favor either unit and went over those details that might be selling points for each handset. Excellent.

  • Azfotog

    Tried to buy the HD2 at 2 different Walmart’s yesterday, but no luck. Almost had it in one but the clerk decided to ask before selling it to me and I was denied.
    I then went into a nearby mall where there are 2 T-Mo stores and in the first one, I asked if they had a demo I could look at. The clerk said yes and went into the back but then came out and said sorry but no they did not have one. So I walked over to the other store and asked the same question and the clerk was more than happy to show me the phone. But within a minute of turning it on the battery died. The clerk was more than happy to open another one and let me play with that one. He seemed as excited as me about the HD2!
    Guess I will have to wait one more day.


    Come Wednesday I’ll have both n1 and HD2. Now if only palm would get on t mo that would be nice

  • Mr. Multimedia

    Yeah man, I just talked to the people at WireFly, they got the best deal in town, $100.00 for the T-Mobile HD2. This deal start tomorrow…..

  • WXman

    HUGE factor will be price. On Even More Plus…HD2 can be split into payments, whereas the Nexus One is full price from Google only. That’s going to make a BIG difference for a lot of people.

  • jdog

    For all the people who are talking bad about Android unless you have used it you can’t talk about it. I have gotten a lot of people to switch to Android from iPhones, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and dumb phones, they all say Android is the best hands down. I have used different phones I was on Nokia phones before Android when you think about how some phones cost and what you can do with those phones there is almost no comparison. As an example I can payed $2.99 for the Gameboid app and now I can play the 700 gameboy advance games I have, imagine if you had to pay for every game on something like an iPhone you could a lot of Nexus Ones and HD2s with all that money. Also I have another 1000 SNES games.

    • Oce

      I have used iPhone, Android and WinMo. I like all of them and all have there strengths and weaknesses. I probably would have purchased a N1 but I have a family plan. So I will be purchasing a HD2. Also, iPhone and WinMo have gameboy, snes, psp, etc. emulators as well, so your argument there is dead. Cheers.

  • Mista

    I just went to tmo store and the guy let me play with his phone can’t wait for tomorrow

  • DK Brothers

    jdog: I could give a hoot about games on my phone. Thats why I have a PS3. I’ve used Android on the G1 for a year. NOT READY FOR PRIMETIME yet. Android is a great OS with lots of potential… My biggest complaint now with Android is the amount of phones out and coming out. Each bigger and better than the last. Which to pick? Its just too much. Each phone company with 10 different Adroid devices? Talk about overload.

    • jdog

      You just said you have a G1 thats funny. I have had the G1, Google Ion and now Nexus One there is no way you can compare that phone with a Nexus One LOL. I also have a PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and Laptop to play games on. I said “as an example” douche.

      • twitch110

        Jdog is just some dude reincarnated

      • twitch110

        Jdog is just some dude reincarnated

      • justsomedude

        @twitch110 No he isn’t, how dare to talk about me like that. You got to give this guy some credit for standing up to a bunch of Android Haters.

  • DK Brothers

    Jdog: Also, Windows Mobile has been using the GB, NES, PS ports for YEARS – FREE.

    • rushmore

      True dat!

      Issue is the touch screen, since even on the iPhone, emulators suck due to no control buttons but the touch screen. Still, more room on the HD2 than the Nexus for a virtual pad.

      There are a TON of great apps and games available for 6.5, so people may be surprised how much good stuff is out there. MUCH better than Android, since been around a while and mature OS.

      I would consider buying the HD2 if it had Flash 10.1 coming. The big screen and great chipset make not having Flash 10.1 a true crime.

      • jdog

        Something is wrong with you people I now all about every type of phone you can buy and I know Windows Mobile has a ton of games I said this is “an example” but having a ton of games isn’t going to make people buy these phones doesn’t everybody know that. If windows mobile is so good great then why did microsoft make windows series 7 for. I think everybody here is a fan boy hell there are some big problems with the Nexus One but as of right now there is no other phone that I could buy that is as good. Go to the Nexus One support forums I’m a member and believe me there are some mad people on there but not one has said hey maybe I’ll sell my phone and buy a HD2 (an iPhone maybe).

  • rushmore

    1. How is it a smackdown if neither phone got smacked- down? More like a simple comparison.

    2. Since no keyboard, emulators are not much of a factor, but more quality games available for WM 6.5 than Android (for now, anyways).

    3 If you want Flash 10.1, Nexus wins- no 10.1 for WM 6.5

    4. If you want new software, Nexus wins. For better or worse, almost all commercial devs have bailed from 6.5 and are working on version 7.

    5. If you are a media hound, the HD2 is the best bet, since all video codecs are supported and a hardware EQ can be accessed though audio apps.

    • Bdar

      What’s your source for saying that, “almost all commercial devs have bailed from 6.5 and are working on version 7.”?

      Because that’s not what I’ve been hearing.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Considering that I am in the mobile development industry, I can say first hand that he is full of it.

      • twitch110

        I really love how people just make things up out of thin air. But seriously, did you hear that windows 6.5 is no longer supported by microsoft? And all phones rockin 6.5 will no longer be able to make phone calls. Crazy right? It’s true though. I heard it from a solid source.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @twitch110: Please, please, PLEASE tell me you are joking and that you don’t really believe that…

  • Joe Pa

    Almost had one this morning at Walmart, the clerk starting to ring me up but apparently the corporate offices sent a mass email to all locations instructing them not to sell it until the 24th. I guess they were supposed to take them out of the display cases as well. Oh so close…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… that reads like a movie script. Did you have your sunglasses on and wearing a hat and black raincoat?

      Almost made it past the border guard, alas the phone rang and it was headquarters saying “Stop that man!”

      Maybe next time. Good job at trying.

      • Joe Pa

        LOL…no kidding.

      • Which Way is Up?


        So close, damn… I have my Walmart receipt dated 3/20/10. I had to purchase the phone out right though, approximately $50 over what T Mobile will be selling it for out of contract…

        You have to be very slick with it and you can’t upgrade your line, it will be a dead give away. The clerk at Walmart put me on to Customer Care, they asked me which phone I was going to upgrade to, I told them a BB9700. I got realy shook and told the woman that I was going to buy it out of contract instead and politely hung up with her. I knew then and there the phone was mine.

        Crazy what you will pay or be willing to do for a device you are lusting over… I have no regrets either.

  • Lee

    I have benn waiting for a sweet multimeadia device, Eureka!!!!!

  • Lee


  • Lee

    *been, Typo hell.

  • jdog

    Anyways I am through commenting on the story good luck to everyone who buys this phone I just don’t like when somebody buy something then they regret it later cause we are in a recession you know and money doesn’t grow on trees (for my job it does lol). Just do your research watch all the review videos and then decide. I might get this phone it would be nice to have this as my work phone instead of my crappy Samsung dumbphone since I do have a lot of contacts in my Exchange Email.

  • Magdiel

    Not a fair comparison. The N1 IS MUCH MORE THAN WHAT HE SHOWED IN THE VIDEO. My friend has the HD2 and after a wild it gets boring because you cant customize it like you can with the N1. As far as speed there pretty much a par but ANDROID will win every time when it comes to OS.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I disagree. The video is geared toward prospective WireFly customers, not geeks looking for a tech face off. The Smackdown gives YouTubers what they want.

      In any event, I am not sure what aspect of the HD2 that you are saying “gets boring” but I had the Touch Pro2 with WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense. It was plenty customizable when things got boring (that for me was about once a week).

      I could customize my Today screen, the taskbar, the tab bar, icons, and the quick links. And there are even third party shell programs that can give WinMo a whole different look and feel. E.g., I installed a free app that allowed me to change the color of the animated clouds that cruised across the screen, to red, green, blue, whatever.

      Does not matter anyway. What people want is a pleasant, fun, enjoyable and trouble-free experience, with provision specific functionality one considers important (e.g. social networking, media, web). Both phones give the user all that.

      99.9% of the users out there don’t give a rip about “customization” or whether the N1 operates 1/10th of a second faster than the HD2. I characterize it as 99.9% because 1.2 billion handsets are sold each year. Compare that with the number comments posted from unique users/”clubhouse” members.

      While geeks can talk the talk about lag, memory, frame rate, ROM, icons, tabs, graphics, 3G, WiFi, GPS, (and even outtalk T-Mobile employees) the fact remains that 99.9% of phone users cannot tell you the difference between ROM and RAM or why Bluetooth A2DP is important to have. In contrast, they don’t like dropped frames in a movie, nor it it takes too long to load a web page.

      The video comparison is exactly what YouTube users (and potential WireFly customers) want to see. The video was 15 minutes. What you call a fair comparison would take two hours and include a discussion that 99.9% of viewers would decry as boring, too long, irrelevant and silly.

      • twitch110

        What i don’t understand is, if you put on a different shell and stuff, does that void the warranty? Am i essentially “rooting” my phone to do that? Cause i never did that on my mytouch because i wanted the warranty. And how is android so incredibly customizable? I swear, i just don’t understand that statement. I’ve had the mytouch for quite some time now and i just don’t understand why people thinks it’s super customizable. What are you customizing?

        “Does not matter anyway. What people want is a pleasant, fun, enjoyable and trouble-free experience, with provision specific functionality one considers important (e.g. social networking, media, web). Both phones give the user all that.”


  • Joe Pa

    If anyone has a Radioshack nearby, it’s worth a try. The store by me just got 7 of them in. The rep said he was just pulling them out of the box….not sure on pricing though.

  • Steven

    Radioshack is selling them for $550 without a contract or $149 for new customer or $249 with an upgrade. I will wait till tomorrow and get one at tmo.

    • Joe Pa

      Thanks for the info…I’ll wait too then.

  • jmts80

    Going on pure looks (hardware and software) the HD2 wins by a mile. But I am still not sure about going back to Winmo. I also don’t know if I can trust the N1 with all the 3G issues it has had… Damn I cant decide!

    • Miguel

      I have had no 3G issues. Performance is identical to my G1. I’ve been using the N1 for a month.

    • Spencer

      I’ve been using the nexus one since it came out and 3g is flawless, I don’t know about all the rumors but I haven’t personally heard of anyone having 3g problems. Also google released an update to fix this for the few ppl that had problems. Nexus one is SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the HD2!!!!!!! One huge reason for me its the screen, even though the hd2 has a little bit bigger screen, nexus one is SO much cleaner and brighter and more colorful thanks to the amoled display

  • Steven

    go with the HD2 jmts80. I know WM6.5 is nothing to write home about but the phone is so much fun with SenseUI. Even when you get tired of sense you can load just about anything on it from XDA Developers. The Hardware is awesome. The N1 is the best Android phone out there but I have grown tired of the interface real quickly. The HD2 just gives me something unique that no one else has. That’s just me. Either way you WIN.

  • Bdar

    Just got back from my local T-Mo store and confirmed my name on their HD2 reserved list. Also of interest, they showed me a printed out pricing on the HD2 and the unsub price is no longer $450, but $509.99! I’m still going to be purchasing two unsub at full price so my monthly bill is $30 less than with the EM plans. (@ $450×2 it would have still been $20 cheaper over 2 years with EM+ than the EM plans [even W/ BOGO], but now at $510 it equates to $100 more paid overall after 2 years with the EM+ plan)

    As for those saying that this phone won’t sell out, the rep there showed me their list. Their location is only has 8 phones available (2 are mine :P) and they’ve reserved those about 6 days ago, since then they’ve added 14 more names to the list of people who want one. So for those of you that think the lack of advertising will allow you to stroll into a store mid afternoon tomorrow and get one may be very disappointed.

    • Michelle

      What was the 2 year contract price? Do u remember?

      • Bdar

        Still 199.99 +BOGO for 2nd line.

    • Joe Pa

      $509.99?? Where did that number come from? I’ve talked to numerous stores and it has always been 449.99….maybe you are paying for that reserve list. Nah, just kidding.

  • Steven

    I just called the tmo store in my area and they said that they cannot make a reserved list for phones. It’s first come first serve. If I’m first in line and I don’t get one because someone called in and reserved one it could get nasty. They also said the phone is still $449 outright. Worst case I could go down to the Radioshack and get one but it’s a full $100 more outright. Ouch.

  • deeone

    sprints htc supersonic with android 2.1.

    • Michael

      Sprint!%? what’s that? Will never go to that carrier, ever!

    • david

      Sprint?? WTF!! You must be crazy man!!!

    • shawn1224

      It’s now being called the HTC EVO

  • John

    I also question the price increase to $509. The corporate CSR rep I just spoke with didn’t know anything about an increase and told me the unsubsidized price is still $449.99

    In fact the HD2 web page ( has the following pricing information at the bottom of the page: $22.50 down payment, plus 19 monthly payments of $22.50 required. If my math is correct, I believe that totals $450.

    • Bdar

      Yeah, I was more than a little confused when I saw it, but the blue/magenta graphic pricing label seemed legit. I mentioned that everything I’ve heard about it listed it at $450, and not $510. They said that they printed them out when they received them from corporate about a week ago, and that maybe I was right and the price has changed but they just haven’t received the new materials to show that. I’m still crossing my fingers that they’re $450.

  • Nexus One pwns 411!

  • Steven

    Anybody know what the best thing to do about insurance when you buy a smartphone outright? I had insurance on the MyTouch but never needed it.

  • chris

    My local store is getting 7 total… I hope showing up a hour early I will get one…

  • Vision77

    I will stick to my NEXUS ONE for now…..

  • Vic

    The price is $450 so no worries on that note. As far as which phone to choose it is easy for me, I will have both but I will use the HD2 than go from there. The N1 is a great device and I have not had any real issues with it but The extra screen real estate my help the HD2 win out over the N1. but like someone said earlier you win no matter which phone you choose.

  • J510

    for out right insurance options I can think of, 1.inserion through tmobile @ the 4.99 month fee and a 130 dollar deduct. 2.check out com they cover most high end smart phones full replacement for any damage or theft options start at 100 to 150 with them. 3. state farm offers insurance for like 49 dollars no monthly payments the phone must be a value of 400 dollars and up for them to cover it all they need is ur sales ticket and ur serial number on your phone. if u brake it and if warranty is out for basic repairs or theft/lost they cut you a check asap for the value you bought the phone at

  • Steven

    Thanks J510

  • mike

    the insurance for 4.99 doesnt cover theft u need the 5.99 insurance

    • TMoEmployee

      Wrong. The $4.79 insurance covers lost, theft etc. The 5.99 covers the same but, has extended warranty past the first year.

  • Michael

    Called my local t-mobile store and they told me that they will have 20pcs. i think I’m ok. Also be careful guys. They told me that they are doing only new activations and upgrades for customers. that in one week they will be selling 449.00 for non customers. So call your t-mobile and hear what they tell you…

    • Joe Pa

      Yeah, but most of us buying it unlocked are existing customers. So who are these non-customers they are talking about. Are people just buying this device and not using on T-Mobile network? Sounds weird…

  • Steven

    Can you return the smartphone for defect or anything within the first 14 days? Meaning could I add insurance next week so I don’t have to bother with it tomorrow at the store?

  • t-beat

    Both are great phones but the winmo os is already yesterdays model. In Sept Windows 7 Series for mobile will be released. A completely new os … so do you want to purchase a device that is already outdated and will not ever be upgraded?

  • Flgirll

    For me it’s still the HD2 however I want to check it out at the Tmo store before buying just to make sure I’m comfortable typing on the virtual keyboard. Besides that this phone looks awesome and it has all the things that I’ve wanted in a new phone! :-)

  • Jonny Blaze

    I usually never post on here, but that guy’s voice bugs the f**** out of me!

  • jtomm

    just called t-mo to ensure that i was eligible for the bogo. they wouldnt confirm it applied the the hd2 (thanks tmonews) but did confirm and note on my acct that i was eligible for bogo for $199. nine a.m those babies are mine (and the wife’s that is) good times

  • enr08

    Here is the Android equivalent to the HTC HD2 coming to Sprint in the summer. It’s called HTC EVO 4G………

    • waiting4hd2

      Man!!!it looks gorgeous with that 720p recordingm, HDMI, kick stand… I am having second thoughts on HD2

    • Johnny

      yea, but its still sprint… i rather wait for the htc desire to become available!! until then, i will be a proud owner of the HD2 tomorrow morning.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        You and me both…

        10:00 AM MST: The TMO store doors open
        10:05 AM MST: I have the box in my hands
        10:15 AM MST: I start to get rung up and give them money
        10:30 AM MST: In my car, HD2 in my hands and a small amount of drool coming from my mouth…

        10:45 AM MST: Back at work and the envy of all the other geeks around here!


      • chaoscentral


        Make that 9:00AM EST and I’ll be doing the same thing :)

        9:00AM – Store Opens
        9:05AM – Box in hands
        9:15AM – Pay for phone
        9:30AM – Grab a quick breakfast
        10:00AM – Back at work waiting for 1PM to play with my phone extensively :)

      • DotNetCoderAZ


        Blah, you have to wait until 1:00 PM to play with it? I’ll skip doing any actual work… everyone who knows me has pretty much already agreed that tomorrow will be a very non-productive work day for me. lol

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Aaahhhh it is sooo good to work from home…

        10:00amEST – Store opens
        10:05amEST – At counter with HD2 and money in hand
        10:10amEST – Store Clerk says, “you signed up on that HD2 Site List so the phone is free”
        10:11amEST – Wet Pants
        10:15amEST – Walk out the Store with my HD2, big grin and wet pants
        10:30amEST – Post here from my new HD2 while you’re still in line waiting another 30 minutes for the store to open and while Chaoscentral is waiting until 1:00pmEST.

        HAAA!!!! I couldn’t resist DotNetCoderAZ and ChaosCentral.

      • Inuyasha

        @Wilma Flintstone

        My local store open at 9:00am central, so I’ll be getting mine at the same time you are getting yours :D

    • Bdar

      Shame the HD2 doesn’t get the 8.0mp camera, bigger battery, or HDMI out, but only 8GB SD support on a device that can record 720p seems to me to be at least one downside. I also like the red peaking out from behind the body. It seems a tiny bit thicker than the HD2, but with out seeing them together who can really tell? I’m still a WinMo guy though and like not having my every thought tracked by google. At least this might quiet the ones clamoring for an HD2 with android.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Uh, did you miss the part where the HD2 comes with a 16GB SD card? It will support up to 32GB with WinMo 6.5.x and should support up to 64GB by end of year.

      • Bdar


        I was referring to the Sprint EVO (supersonic) that was the beginning of this thread. It only comes with a 2GB card and is only expandable to 8GB according to the one video I watched on the topic. (In retrospect it likely also supports up to 32GB like the HD2 since most of the hardware is the same. Maybe the video was wrong.) Also, the HD2 only records in 480p, not 720p like its Sprint cousin.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @Bdar: Doh… sorry!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I’ll never go back to Sprint even if they gave me this phone for free. (Because I would still be paying them for the plans.)

      I said that back in 2004 to the smartazz, condescending supervisor who bilked us out of $550 in ETF fees and I won’t ever forget it. The guy acted like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

      I have a solid record of boycotting anyone who gives bad service, cheats me or acts like they are doing me a favor by letting me do business with them.

      • Jess

        It was $300 for us with Nextel, but that’s the same reason why we will never use Sprint either. Farking supervisor said that our lines must have been signed up on different days (3 line family plan, all started same day), when I called to cancel the day after the contract expired. Turns out their system showed the other two lines as having another 4 months left! All because of stupid billing errors that we had month after month, that were finally resolved. The resolved date showed as the contract start date. Ugh. I hate Nextel so much!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Jess on mine same thing, the CSR correctly said we had 11 days left on contract. On 12th day canceled. Then a supervisor later said “No, you are on a two year contract.” I said “No, I am not” but had no proof since all the stuff was oral over the telephone and they never sent me confirmation of the plans.

        I did sign up to get some of the money back on a class action settlement. But have yet to see it. Supposed to be this summer:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Although I will never go back to Sprint I have to say that is one sweet phone. Fantastic form factor, excellent specs. And I like the recessed kickstand in the back. A needed feature on the HD2.

      Like I said a month ago, 2010 is going to be a GREAT YEAR for we who love these new superphones. IMHO, this holiday season we will see superphones that match or exceed the EVO.

      One thing, for example, I expect to see is an HDMI port and “TV Out” capability where faster and dedicated graphics chips can export HD quality streamed movies on to a 42″ flat panel TV.

      Also coming out (and maybe it’s on the EVO since Qualcomm intimated at MWC that what I call the “superphone processor” would show up on devices in June) is Qualcomm’s dual core Snapdragon processor.

      I am still getting the HD2 since 1) it’s with T-Mobile; 2) it’s out now; and 3) it’s a sweet phone.

      • Bdar

        I heard it will no longer be the Snapdragon processor, but Dual 1.5Ghz “Scorpion” processors.


        Can’t wait to stalk those phones from the browser on my HD2.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t know if Qualcomm will change the name to Scorpion, but the Snapdragon application processor core is called “Scorpion.” At MWC when Qualcomm was talking about its Snapdragon dual core coming out he did say they contained the Scorpion processor core.

        No matter, in tests and confirmed specs each core was clocked at 1.5 GHz; capable of decoding 1080p! (Current Snapdragon processors decode 720p.) People think video looks good now on the HD2 and Supersonic. Wait until the holidays. As you say… DROOL!

  • Steven

    Looks nice. Too bad it’s for Sprint.

  • Johnny

    yea, but its still Sprint! i rather wait for the HTC Desire when it becomes available, until then, i will be a proud of owner of an HD2 tomorrow morning! =]

  • Oce

    Just talked to a buddy of mine that works @ RadioShack. 3 things. 1. The HD2 will be $249 with upgrade, and he said it was in the system if I wanted to purchase it now! But I will wait till tommorow and save a few. 2. He confirmed that they will be getting the supersonic for Sprint, but it will be called “Evotem” , or something like that he said. 3. Called my local Tmo, and he said HD2 will be $229 w/upgrade but will come with a car charger. So tempted to go to the Shack but I’m trying to resist!!!!!! The wait is killing me! Arghhh!!!!!

    • Oce

      Wow! Just saw the Evo @ Engadget. Now I’m feeling a little jaded about my HD2. Anybody else? Maybe there will b a gsm version.

      • twitch110

        I’m not gonna lie, i am. It kind of put me in a bad mood. The HD2 is the first phone i’ve been obsessed over, and i’m afraid that once i buy the HD2 i will continue to be obsessive over other phones and never be happy. The EVO is making me feel that way and it’s pissing me off. Ugh. I’m sick of this obsessive feeling and want to just be happy. I just feel like the EVO is everything and more of what the HD2 is. Damn, i’m trying to stay positive. And there’s no way i’m going to sprint just for a phone. I would appreciate some feel good posts to help me realize i’m making a good choice tomorrow. I AM RIGHT??!?!

  • TopOfNewYork

    I wish it had the crisp screen of the Nexus One. That’s its only drawback right now. I dont care about WM7 upgrade.

    Im considering sprints supersonic bc its basically the same phone but with a amoled screen that really is looking so much better in this video on Nexus. oh and android.

  • CaptNes

    Any ideas on how long it should take to sign up for a new family plan with two lines and number transfer from AT&T? My lunch hour is just about the only time I’ve got available to stop by during business hours.

  • Codester

    Here is another one for the Schmack Down! Check out this link (for iphone fans).
    As of TODAY you no longer have to have an ATT contract to buy iphones! You DO have to pay full price for them though. I also know that the Tmo stores in my area are unlocking them and porgramming them to work with T-MO account for free.

  • deeone


  • DavidB

    I just called the main T-Mo stores in my area – within a 50 mile radius – and they ALL received 8 HD2s. Seems that’s the maximum initial allotment allowed for any phone in this district. And the 5 Wal-Marts I called either got 3 or none (some stores will NOT be carrying it, too pricey). And they all expect to be sold out within the first 1/2 hour. Lines are expected.

    There’s gonna be a LOT of disappointed HD2 buyers tomorrow across the nation.

  • TMoEmployee

    You will all be overjoyed and disappointed at the same time. I’ve had the HD2 for a month now. Yes, the U.S. version. Other than the beautiful outer shell and Sense UI, the phone is still Windows from every angle. It freezes, has horrible signal strength, always disconnects my bluetooth, I’m constantly having to remove my battery to reset the damn thing to get on the web and the Windows Market is weak for right now. I’m jealous of this new Evo for Sprint that coming out. I can’t wait to get rid of this phone or at least get some updates to fix it’s issues. It’s a gorgeous device, mos def! But beyond the beauty, practicality isn’t present. Logic is absent. And stress will be imminent. Sorry folks. It’s my truth for my device. Maybe I got the test lot. Good luck.

    • DavidB

      Seeing as how the phone comes with a 1-yr warranty from T-mobile, return it! Call it in on warranty replacement. And you’re supposedly an employee? Geez…

      • deeone

        what does returning it have to do with the freezing and stuff, it is a window, i am with him on this and personally, i can not wait for the sprint evo with android 2.1, haven’t u noticed that tmobile never get the best phones, imagine tmobile settling for windows instead of android, i’m disappointed.

      • TMoEmployee

        Hey!! Dumb Ass!! Know the business first!! It’s not that easy for an employee. I’m just giving my experience. If you don’t like it. Shut what I’d like to call…… THE **** UP!

      • TMoEmployee

        The was towards DavidB. @deeone: thanks for not drinking the HTC Sense KoolAid. Cause without it, the HD2 is nothing.

      • DavidB

        @TMoEmp…I’m the dumb ass? I returned 2 G1 for not reliably connecting to my WiFi in my house through warranty (turns out the G1 has serious issues with WiFi by nature). And you’re saying you have to remove the battery due to lock-ups? Are you saying you cannot obtain warranty service because you are an employee…or just saying “o well, that’s WM for ya”?

  • NotGiddyAnymore

    My T-Mobile store just called to tell me that the phone will be first come, first serve. She said it’s about 30 people on the sign up list, but they’ve only gotten 12 phones. I’m not fooling with that mess. I’m really upset that for a powerhouse phone the company is literally sending out only a handful of phones. Why have a stacked phone if you don’t anticipate selling it? I’ll just call in and use my seniority to have it shipped next day. :-(

    Good Luck to those who will wait outside the doors. I’m not.

  • Lebron1189

    Hey can anyone answer this?? Can I walk into walmart tonight at 12:00 and get the Hd2 for the $150 upgrade?

    • DavidB

      Chances are, no. At least at all the Wal-Marts in my area, the “connections” area of electronics is only open from 9am to 9pm, and they are the only ones that can do contracts and calling in to T-Mobile for upgrade verification, discount eligibility, etc.

    • dm

      No, their connection center, is not open at that time, I believe 8am-8pm or was it 9-9pm..

  • tmotmo

    Are there any “catches” when ordering a phone through wirefly?

    Say I have a family plan and am upgrading my phone for the $150 price.

  • lebron1189

    Thanks Guys! Damn man I got class in the a.m nd by the time I get out I hope it isn’t sold out. Hmm maybe I will miss a class or 2 =)

  • steve

    Has anyone confirmed the $149 price at walmart?

    • gargoyle999

      I stopped by my local wallyworld after work. They didn’t have any. :(

  • gargoyle999

    Called my local store to verify it was still first come first served like they told me last week. It is. Asked how many they have he said “we have a lot, but everyone and their mom has been calling about this phone”.

    Was going to leave the house at 7am for 9am opening (about 5 minutes away). Maybe I’ll leave earlier and do a little reconnaissance. Hmmm…..

  • lebron1189

    Lol so I jus called my Tmo store and asked when they opened the guy said at 10. Then I asked how many Hd2 phones do they have he said plenty. Then I asked him does he think they will sell out fast 2marrow at the store he was like I highly doubt it lol he said I can probably come in there before they close and it’ll still be phones left because they don’t get a lot of traffic and plus not to many people know about the phone. This is jus the perfect news I wanted to hear so I can go on about my day in school 2marrow with no worries =)

  • k.d.

    Jus left the tmo store n its gunna be 449 first come first serve

  • John

    Just a general question…Does the video shoot in 720p or just standard video? Kinda confused. Reguardless I’m getting mine after work. 1 more day!!

    • Bdar

      640×480 vid capture on HD2

  • abe

    alas i can not bask in the HD2 goodness or for the nexus one goodness either. Live in a dead area.time to say good night to my 8900 till tomorrow. UMA is the only thing keeping me from getting one of these phones. i just hope these reps at tmo(which rock) can pull a gibs on these big wigs and get a tower in my area. GREAT SITE GREAT REVIEW

  • Anthony

    I say nice phone would have been serious comp for the N1 if it was android.The phone not nearly as sexy as the N1. The screen is not as crisp check you tube the N1 beats it out in web browsing test.I think its a nice phone and sense adds to the beauty but under the Hood its windows sad but true.

  • gargoyle999

    The only thing I really wish the HD2 had is the google turn by turn maps. That’s one thing I really like on the N1.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You know that sign-up page where we gave our e-mail address?

    Well I just got an e-mail saying the HD2 is available tomorrow. LOL.
    So much for a special deal or preorder.

  • steve

    I got the same email….what a waste!

  • justsomedude

    I got mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I smashed it cause this damn phone sucks it was messing up really bad I guess I will have to wait for the HTC EVO. Android is better anyways sorry guys I probably could have just given it away. NOT

  • Ms. Matrix

    The phone is nice, I’m not going to lie, but for the lack of sounding nasty it’s too big lol (I have a dirty mind sorry) Tomorrow when I go and pay my bill, I’ll go to the Tmo shop where I’m cool with the reps and ask them if I could play with it. When I was in there looking for the Cliq xt, they was trying to get me to wait to get the HD2, but because I had the Dash and hated Windows 6.5, I stuck to my guns and got my new cliq which i love.

  • Lori

    Bought two Htc HD2 on line yesterday for 99.00 each, will arrive today.

  • Anthony44

    Check out cnet smackdown hd2 vs N1. Good thing hd2 has sense otherwise it would’ve been embarrassing. I think hd2 and I phone would be a good fight but not ready for n1 Android rocks all day

  • rambo6

    I’ve been using an HD2 for one month now on another network. I bought one of my employees a Nexus 1. I’ve had lots of opportunity test then both.

    I absolutely love the HD2s screen. Yes, the Nexus has the AMOLED screen. However, there are some articles that show the amoled resolution is not truly as high as they claim.

    I came from using the HTC Rhodium with a full QWERTY keyboard. It took me two weeks to be able to type quickly on it. I am typing this post on my HD2.

    I would never ever buy a Verizon or Sprint phone again. The reason is that they are both CDMA networks which cause excessive

  • rambo6

    I’ve been using an HD2 for one month now on another network. I bought one of my employees a Nexus 1. I’ve had lots of opportunity test then both.

    I absolutely love the HD2s screen. Yes, the Nexus has the AMOLED screen. However, there are some articles that show the amoled resolution is not truly as high as they claim.

    I came from using the HTC Rhodium with a full QWERTY keyboard. It took me two weeks to be able to type quickly on it. I am typing this post on my HD2.

    I would never ever buy a Verizon or Sprint phone again. The reason is that they are both CDMA networks which cause excessive battery drain. Coupled with WimaX, the Supersonic will be kicks to last half a day.

  • David

    I think HD2 is more worth it cause it comes with its 16gb card which cost 99.99 dollars. So if you think about it, the phone only costs about 100 dollars with contract! :D