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Nokia Nuron Pics, TmoNews Edition

Now that T-Mobile and Nokia have officially announced the Nokia Nuron, it’s time for some snapshots of the handset, TmoNews style.  First, let me just briefly summarize the Nuron.  As previously stated, the Nokia Nuron (5230) will be available starting March 17th for $69.99 with a new 2-year contract and a $179.99 retail price tag.  There isn’t much more to say about the Nuron, so hit the jump for some images of the Nuron in … [read full article]

T-Mobile And Nokia USA Announce The Nuron

T-Mobile and Nokia have gone and gotten all official for the Nokia Nuron which, at this point, wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret.  While I believe this phone is worth a look if only for its odd name, T-Mobile and Nokia want you to know a few things: “Nokia and T-Mobile USA today announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia 5230 Nuron, a smartphone solution for the masses packed with applications, maps with turn-by-turn directions, and more. … [read full article]

HTC HD2, Nuron And Cliq XT Pricing Cometh

I’m going to let the numbers do most of the talking here so this will be short and sweet.  When T-Mobile originally launched the TouchPro2, it was understandably met by a large number of detractors who were taken back by the $349.99 price.  T-Mobile seemingly took that lesson to heart and this time is introducing their next Windows Phone powerhouse with a much more agreeable price, $199.99 after rebate.  At the moment, we can’t verify … [read full article]

Sunday Release Date Bonanza!

I think it goes without saying that release dates for new phones are among  the most sought after pieces of information for the readers.  With that in mind, I’m back again with some updates, some new info and all around confirmation of things already known.  Let’s start with the Nokia 5230, aka Nuron, which remains on track for a March 17th launch with its awful name intact.  The Webconnect Rocket, first previewed at Mobile … [read full article]

Cliq XT And Nokia Nuron Show Up In Best Buy Systems

If you’re one that often purchases your electronic products from Best Buy (who wouldn’t?), it looks like both the Motorola Cliq XT and Nokia Nuron are headed to your nearest Best Buy location. The Cliq XT coming in at a $449.99 retail price tag, will be $69.99 with a 2 year contract upgrade (Existing customers) and $99.99 with a new 2 year contract activation (New customers). On the other hand the Nokia Nuron (aka XpressMusic 5230), will cost … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Shows Itself (Again)

While it’s only been a few days since we first got wind of the Nokia “Nuron”, aka Nokia 5230, the name hasn’t gotten any better. Dropping March 17th as we first predicted, the Nuron will come in with some 3G goodness, a 3.2” touchscreen and the Ovi Application Store. Interestingly enough this phone is being billed to both “Connected Socializers ages 20-40. “ Ok. Sure. While it’s certainly not going to have the … [read full article]