Motorola Cliq Update Details


Update: Users are reporting an error when attempting to download the update, stating that the update has been “recalled.” We do not have any more information at this time but we’ll post an update when we do!

Update 2: Motorola has tweeted that the update is rolling out!

For some of you, the pain and agony of waiting for the Motorola Cliq update has proved to be too much.  For those of you still patiently waiting, Motorola has put up a support page indicating just what is included in the 1.3.18 software. There isn’t a lot here we don’t know.  If you are eagerly awaiting improvements to your Cliq, this page might make you antsy for the update.  Either way, the update is expected to begin rolling out today.  We hope that all of you will receive it soon and have happiness and joy for the new year!


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  • So Motorola MAY finally throwing us red-headed stepchildren in the basement a bone??

    Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath…

    • Antonio Miller

      I can’t understand why it is that every phone I get is treated like the red headed stepchild. First my sidekick…now my cliq..jeez..I swear every day my phone gets dissed by its company, the more I want an iPhone..not because it looks cool..but because I hate that my touch isn’t as thick and as featured as my cliq..but in phone form..ugh..damn motorola got me talkin bad about my baby

      Another question, can you get the update over wifi? I don’t have the data plan….

  • Jordan

    Has anyone received the update yet? Does Google Maps update mean turn-by-turn navigation without at least Android 1.6? Please post if/when it comes through.

    • Jordan,
      The CLIQ will not be updated to Android 1.6, so this update will not have the newer version of Google Maps, but according to the rumor blogs, we should be getting Android 2.1 “real soon now,” so don’t worry. In some of the blogs it’s saying sometime next month, in others it’s saying as late as June.

      • KG

        Motorola’s support site has already confirmed the Cliq won’t get the 2.1 update till Q2 of this year.

      • Jordan

        Cool just wondering. Knew there wasn’t a 1.6 or 2.1 update, but was hoping it didn’t need either of those updates to update to the new maps. It was more wishful thinking than anything. Not relevant but Google Earth in the app market for anyone with 2.1.

  • heber

    3:51 here in phoenix az and nothing yet WTF……?.?.???.? And not. No turn by turn on the update update the hardware no the google software

  • Michaelk803

    I think we have been Moto Rolled yet again..

  • Rex

    *sigh* Been a week and still nothing

  • MMcDonald6

    I got the update on Friday (Cincinnati, OH). Turn-by-turn is not in there. The only real improvement I’ve noticed (yet haven’t seen mentioned anywhere) is the addition of ‘Double Tap Home’ shortcut.

  • jake the snake

    Its 6:45 in Connecticut and still nothing Fml

  • watbetch

    My cellular signal is definitely different after this update, for better or for worse it seems more realistic and I’ve noticed slightly better 3G performance when the 3G network is locked in.

  • khaltz

    Not gonna count on it because still hasn’t came through yet even by turining my phone off… boo tmobile you failed. Why even update the ota when people aren’t even gettin them. I wish the had them like apple does there’s online.

  • mike m

    This is good news that people are starting to see the OTA now. I am in SC and havent gotten it yet. BOOO! Ever since the 18th of Feb. I have tried about 312 times. lol just kidding.. 313. And have tried 5 more times while typing this. Nothing.

  • randy

    Here in phx, az still no update. I’ve been trying to manuely download it but no luck…

    • Rod

      at least i know that im not the only person in phx that hasn’t gotten the update yet either.

    • timmyjoe42

      They can’t release it per “area”. They will need to release it per IMEI number. They couldn’t have every Cliq in one city get the update at the same time, and they would never be able to accurately track which city each phone is currently in, since they are portable and stuff.

  • psn

    Do you have to be in your area. To get the ota? I ask because I’m from chicago but I’m out of town

  • Heber

    no i was driving from albuquerque to phoenix around 8:00 pm i get the OTA but tmobile just have EDGE and was recall so i have no the oprutnity to donwload it completed but i get the update when i was on hoobrock az you will get it no matter where you at so far you are on tmobile network

  • Nate

    Man Im giving up on tmobile and the Moto Cliq. I have been waiting for a week plus since they lied about the update. Then they said today and it is currently NIGHT and still nothing. Motorola will never get my money again. I work for Wells Fargo and we have several company account that I am gonna persuade my boss to cancel just cause I hate them for treating the customers this way.They give us all of these false promises! Im switching over to sprint and getting the Samsung Moment. It is made just like the click except it has a keyboard like the G1 and It has a 800 mhz processor. Yep thats the second fastest processor out for android Right behind the Nexus One. Plus sprint offers a an unlimited 450 plan for $69.99 which is $40 cheaper than my unlimited Tmobile plan. Plus sprint is getting 2.1 next month and unlike Tmobile and/or Motorola they actually release updates as scheduled.

    • BofA

      Good for you…I hope you’ll be very happy over at Sprint. By the way, I wouldn’t go around bragging about working for Wells Fargo because it makes them look bad when someone that works for them can’t do BASIC MATH! You say Sprint offers an ‘unlimited’ 450 plan for $69.99 which is $40 cheaper than your ‘unlimited’ plan. Well, you being a “banker” and everything… T-Mobile has a 500 min. UNLIMITED text and web, no contract plan for $59.99. Now, let me see here, 59 is LESS than 69, and for only $79.99 you can get REAL UNLIMITED mins (NOT 450) text and web. Better have your calculator handy when you go ‘persuade’ your boss to switch FOOL….that’s why HE’s the boss and you’re NOT! LOL

  • joey198209

    I am in jersey and nothing yet. I have been waiting for so long. I spoke with a tmo rep and he said that we should be getting it by the 22nd of feb. Which is today. And i have tried since midnight. And gues what??! NOTHING!!!!!!!! Man i have been waiting so long for any kind of update. Im losing all hope in motorola products.

  • playjoeyplay

    Patience is a virtue :D

  • john

    hey nate do your research. you can get a noncontracted tmobile plan for 59.99 per month which is unlimited text, internet and 500 mins.

  • Antonio Miller

    I can’t understand why it is that every phone I get is treated like the red headed stepchild. First my sidekick…now my cliq..jeez..I swear every day my phone gets dissed by its company, the more I want an iPhone..not because it looks cool..but because I hate that my touch isn’t as thick and as featured as my cliq..but in phone form..ugh..damn motorola got me talkin bad about my baby

    Another question, can you get the update over wifi? I don’t have the data plan….

    • timmyjoe42

      The previous update notification recommended that I either have a wifi or 3G connection and a full battery or it be plugged in.

  • anonymous

    I am a t mobile rep and we are useless for information, hell I get my info from t mo news. In my opinion, t mobile does need to invest in keeping their phones up to date like verizon and at&t, sprints a joke. Personally I think the cliq is the only thing saving motorola right now and I don’t know if its their call or t mobiles but I wish someone high up enough would read this and understand that if you don’t keep us interested then we will fall away from the phone and even if it gets all the updates and upgrades possible you can’t do it too late or we’ll never know orr care at that point. The cliq has my interest and it is a great phone but still on android 1.5 and being last to get a software update, the HD2 is coming soon and if it gets my attention enough then what’s the point in keeping the outdated cliq. Come on motorla. Make my phone something I can brag about.

    • Trill

      You guys’ are useless just uninformed especially when you think its just a pay check and don’t take he time to futher learn about the products and services you sell but not all reps are like that although I’m primarly talking about me appearently.

  • jim

    Yay another round of whiny assed douchebags spouting off about switching carriers is coming. For gods sake people get a grip. This is motorolas baby, tmo has been great with the htc android phones. if you’re so mad you’re gonna cancel over somethin like this I imagine any company out there is gonna leave you feeling unfulfilled. The update is scheduled for the WEEK of the 22nd so just simmer down meow. That is all…

  • ps

    I am still curious as to which version of Google Maps it is getting updated too? It says the most recent version of Google Apps (including Maps) so I am going to assume Turn By Turn is included. Yes I know everyone says that 1.6 is required, but why would Moto put the “latest version of Google Maps” in their press release if it didn’t support those features? Maybe Google allowed them to add it in there (OEM style). Any chance this will add the Multi-touch/pinch zoom like the Droid and the upcoming Cliq XT?

  • Trill

    OMG! Ignorance must be bliss, its not like Moto has to issue updates futhermore no one has lied and delays are natural especially with electronics. OTA (Over The Air) updates are great and patience is what many of you lack although I can understand why you want the update but seriously threating to leave Tmobile for your lack of knowledge is pointless. I can’t believe you guys can monitor updates and the latest and greatest but fail to research the $400+ phone which is comical.

    P.S. Once the update link is out in the wild then you can manually update and if they sent it to everyone at the same time it would be far too much traffic on the network so think before posting please

  • Wicked1

    I got it on the 19th, but I am not seeing an updated Quick Office, still can’t edit or create files. You don’t have to rely on blogs, Motorola posted their schedule for updating their phones. Droid will be getting updated soon, the Cliq will get 2.1 in Q2, which is April-June. Hopefully its April and not June

  • poopman

    update just showed up for me right now im doing it over wifi right now too.

  • Ricardo

    Just got it too. Switched to wifi and waiting for the download to finish.

  • Chris

    Also got it here in Nogales, AZ. Updating as we speak. Oh and by the way I did a manuel search for the update on the phone.

  • Ricardo

    Its saying the update is currently being downloaded but i don’t see a thing.

    • jkspike3

      Me either. I got a notification to update but there’s no progress bar. If I go into system updates it tells me that and update is being downloaded and it’ll notify me when done.

  • woahfred

    Downloading the update now in Alabama.

  • Michaelk803

    Finally got my update anyone know how long it took to download over wifi?

  • muda

    Downloading as I write this!

  • Alan Gatica

    I just got a notification. Only to have it say “Update recalled. No action needed”

  • Jason

    mine started at 1:20 and in five min. came up ans said tha the update had been recalled what that about? was alittle disapointed lol

  • Jack

    Mine started downloading, hung at 91%, then came up and said “Update Recalled.” Now, when I try to check for system updates, it says “currently unavailable.”

  • tooliguy

    Yup over here on the west coast over Wi-Fi.

  • InfidelCastro

    This update has been recalled? Least they sent it faster then the G1 updates got sent out, but only a message no patch.

  • WTF

    Why can I get my update. FML his sucks.

  • Got the notification at 11pm MST. Plugged it in, switched on wifi, and gave it Ok.

    Took a several seconds to indicate the download was in progress. Once installed, be very patient: it appears to gang up on the “Stick Together” screen for a few minutes but eventually completes.

    We’ll see if Motorola finally got it right (until 2.1). I’m only concerned with the touchscreen bug (when a part of it goes unresponsive.)

  • Jay

    I’M DOWNLOADING THE OTA UPDATE RIGHT NOW FROM AKRON OHIO! ! ! ! !………….Thanks Motorola and please give me lots of MotoBlur improvements with the 2.1 update that’s coming in the next few months ! ! ! !…… GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT ! ! ! ! !

  • menchi

    I got the update and it began downloading but then it prompted me to download again… then when I tried it said that it was recalled :(

  • jkspike3

    Hmmmmmm my phone says its downloading but its been like 30 minutes (over wifi too)… lol smells fishy

  • WTF

    Did anyone get an update in Los Angeles yet?

  • anon

    Started downloading update, took over 2 hours over 3G to download (with no indication that it was in progress), only to get a notification saying it had been recalled

  • Update recalled……..

  • networkpro

    I got mine 1.3.8 to 1.3.18, no recall in the Atlanta market. Now its time for me to whine I want the 1.4 update like bunches of cry babies have been.

    No issues ever with my phone.

  • newwwwb

    Had the update notification on my phone when I woke up. Read it, and then clicked download……then got the Recalled popup. lol. Greedy Bastids..

  • tdg

    Well, my Clig was on overnight and this morning had an update screen. When I clicked to install the update another screen came up that said “This update had been recalled no action is required at this time.” Typical moto. Can never get it right the first time… or the second…or…

  • V

    I woke up this morning & the update was available. I tried to download it and I got a error message that the update was recalled! Wtf. When I have purchased a product, I expect it to be current & up to date. Not good business for Motorola to tease their customer with dreams of updates & it never happens!

  • matb321

    Recalled here in dayton

  • vicki

    wow…another recall. no update here in cincy.

  • matb321

    24mb is a big file for a cliq.must be some big fixes(i hope).

  • Rex

    Isn’t this the second time? Next OTA update I’m giving it a day or two and leaving it up to you guys… lol

    I think an incomplete/recalled update would be a bigger nightmare than waiting even longer!

  • randy

    Woke up this morn in phx,az about 5:45 had the pop up on my screen went to download and got recalled… r u kidding me? Moto get your act together…

  • newwwwb

    Well I got the notification again for update available and clicked download. It seems to be downloading, no recall yet and its been about 30 mins. I guess if its a large file its gonna take a while. We’ll see what happens. :/

  • Jason

    i got it again and nothing happened again hit download and nothing dont know what the deal is

  • Jack

    At least we Cliq owners can commiserate about our step-child status. After a recalled update attempt last night, my phone now claims to be “…up to date! No update necessary” despite still running 1.1.31. I really feel like a second-class android citizen, regretting buying moto.

  • tmoFan

    So far in the Mid West, Indianapolis IN, no signs of any update yet. Hope it will happen any time now.

  • Steve

    I downloaded the 2nd RECALLED update…honestly my phone is more sluggish and battery life has gotten worse. My thing is.. now what? You can’t flash the ROM like on HTC devices.. am I screwed till the heavens open up and we actually get 2.1?! I guess I could do a handset exchange but that seems kind of extreme.. ugh! so annoying.. and the thing was.. when I check for updates and ‘got it’ I had no idea that it wasn’t supposed to be a released or buggy version.. ..there are more important things to worry about.. but it’s just annoying..

  • newwwwb

    Well after my second notification of update available earlier, my phone didnt do anything for about an hour, and has now given me the udpate notification again. Silly moto……what the hell is going on over there.

  • richard

    Richard here in South Texas just got the update early this morning and I have noticed overall better performance! Very satisfied!

  • Ricardo

    Everything updated. I’m now on 1.3.18. In Brooklyn, NY. The download started last night but i’m willing to bet that because my battery was under 50 %, it waited before i received the go ahead to install.
    So far:
    The phone is noticably more responsive. Switching from screen to screen with open home is snappy. Pressing on the dock tab, it immediatly pops up.
    Imeem is gone.
    Jewels plays better with the update.
    The VK seems to be better in terms of sensitivity.
    The Gps does kick in a bit faster.
    Manage Sim Caard program is ok.
    Message symbol in notification bar looks different.

    Haven’t tried WMA’s and WMV’s on it yet.
    Overall the greatest improvement has to be snappyness. I’m a heavy user so
    i noticed the improvements immediately.

  • TMoEmployee

    It was recalled!! I can’ wait to get my HTC HD2.

  • word

    No Update yet here in NC! Still Waiting………..

  • Ian

    I got the update this morning, but upon trying to download it, a message popped up saying that it was recalled.

    Moto Rolled.

  • Jonathan

    The update has only been “recalled” meaning they have pulled it from the servers temporarily and are getting ready for the next wave. READ THE MOTOROLA SUPPORT FORUMS BEFORE WHINING LIKE SPOILED LITTLE GIRLS!

  • Jonathan

    In other words: You missed the window to download the update… However, you could find it available again today or later in the week. Be patient and enjoy!

  • Brian

    Woke up to a “recall” message in Peoria, Arizona:-( No update!

  • muda

    i got mine update last works nicely. battery is good. I’m located in Austin, TX

  • muda

    I also noticed alot of responsiveness. Much faster and has more memory free. The touchscreen is a bit more responsive especially in the text situation. Very easy to type with the on screen keyboard. Woot. I love my Cliq.

  • Suarez

    Here in Florida 12:50pm no update yet.

  • yoyoyau

    In Minneapolis at 12:30 pm is got no update yet. Anybody got it in Mpls ??

    • smb3rd

      Got it in Mpls! :) But I don’t see any change in QuickOffice….

  • Ashley

    I talked to Motorola and they do not know when the update will be released.

  • Michaelk803

    i don’t see a difference in the Google apps..

  • timmyjoe42

    Just checked manually and…
    Oh boy!! Downloading now. :)

  • vicki

    Downloading now..

  • scott

    downloading now in Orlando

  • TMOEMployee

    Got mine just now it was recalled this morning

  • Jason

    downloading now in charleston south carolina!!! WOO HOO!!!!!! lol

  • zack

    i got the update in Sin City, around 9:30pm lastnight and i am not liking it, battery sucks, the screen responsiveness is even suckier that before, i dont see any updates in the maps, market, nor other google apps. maybe i dl’ed the pre-recalled update….. FML

  • jake

    well i got the update but my time is 7:00pm date is 12/31/1969 whats up with that?

    • dubbz

      no wayy! u got the time machine update? screw 2.1 i want that!!

  • anthony

    I have my update,but according to the above information we
    Should have access to the latest google applications,and I don’t!

    • Jay

      I figured that would happen ……Stupid 1.5 ……Its like we are living in the dark ages of Android and I’ve only had this phone since October….Sigh :(

  • Just got the update by checking manually in chicago IL. downloading now, we’ll see if it goes through

  • Jay

    My Moto Cliq is FINALLY downloading the new OTA update from Akron Ohio over my 3G network….This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve tried to download it but this is the first time that the download arrow and progress bar actually showed up in the notification panel on the top of my phone….It just finished downloading after about 4 minutes which is pretty good!…..The download hung at 99% for about a minute and now I was asked to install or wait till later….Hope it installs properly….The phone restarted and is now installing with a yellow progress bar on the bottom of the phone…Hope this helps for verification of anyone else going through the same download problems…Hope the new features are great and bring on 2.1 MOTO!

  • Word

    Update is available Right Now! Go Get it!!! I just download and installed it. Don’t see much of a difference yet but time will tell!
    Asheville, NC

  • Jason

    my time and date is off to but still happy

  • Yep all good, update downloaded and installed correctly …thanks moto

  • randy

    Phx,Az here downloading update as we speak ( or as I type ) lol anyways 25mb file…nuf said ha thank god for wifi!

  • bay

    Just got my update touchscreen way betta

  • jake

    on the phone with tmobile/motorola about the issue

  • jazzy jeff

    Just got the update in philly, pa

  • jake

    motoblur is down….causing the time and date to be wrong…

  • jake

    ohh and motorola says “24 to 48 hours” i have a huge paper weight for a phone as of now…

  • mike

    Got mine moments ago….thanks moto! Mike from Dallas, TX

  • Charleston, South Carolina — I’m downloading it now.

  • I’m at work, no 3g available here and it’s been downloading for about 6 minutes already. It’s progressing, but very slowly. Take notice of their notice to download over wifi or 3g, it will save you time and battery life.

  • Jason

    hell if all that is wrong is the date and time i would call that far from a paper waight…. just me talkin its really up to you. happy with mine cant really tell that much diff. its all good though like the sim card app

  • rdeleon774

    I did a manual search in settings to get the update and bam it worked. Downloaded and installed. Phone works better in touch screen responsiveness but I’m disappointed because quickoffice does not let you create documents like it says in the release notes and all google apps are still older version and not newer versions like noted. However new feature in settings under applications section to double click on home button to launch predefined app. Cool.

  • smiley

    i don’t really understand all the heat this update is generating.. this isn’t going to change your phone that noticeably… the 2.1 update is the one everyone should be crying about. i got the update today and everything is just as it was. (now that i think about it the batt seems to have gone down a little more than usual, even after having it plugged in for the d/l and install)

    • herksc

      This is normal. As far as i can tell, the update fixes the battery life reading and actually allows the battery to charge more, thus giving it a higher capacity, and thus initially dropping the percentage charged after update.

  • Rex

    I’m too scared to trust them and download it again… I’ve been hurt before lol

  • Tim

    wat does the new message notification icon look like?????????

  • Tish


  • Got the update driving down the road in Kingsland, GA over EDGE. Took about 20 minutes to download (approx. 100kbps). Installed in under 2 minutes.

  • Jewbin

    I Own a Tmobile Store and did the update. OMG it screwed up my phone even more. So i call Tech Support. and OMG They tell me to do master reset reluctantly i do it and lose everything paid apps all kids of stuff I was so mad then they tell me I have to pay to do a warranty Exchange. LMAO had i not owned a Tmobile Store I would have canceled my contract and gone to Verizon to get a Droid. They need to do something about this. The CS and the TS They blamed Motorola for the problem which i think is BS and then they tried to Charge me for a warranty exchange. LMAO. What is UP TMO?

  • Rex

    I got this great Time Machine App with the update! Apparently it’s December 31, 1969 7:22Am EST Fuck you Tmobile!

    • Rex

      And oh yeah Fuck you Motorola, HTC here I come!

  • Jason

    I downloaded the update that was FINALLY available. TOTALLY FUCKED MY PHONE UP. After i downloaded and installed the update, the phone rebooted. Then when that was done it asked for a SIM CARD UNLOCK KEY or something to that fact. I have never had a pass code for my SIM before. EVER!! i was locked out of SIM meaning no service whatsoever! Only emergency calls. I called customer service and lastly they had me master reset my phone. Now it’s messed up even more. I have no phone now. i have to go to a store to get this resolved and probably a new phone and SIM. But i have to wait a couple days to do it cause of work.
    Thanks Motorola and TMBOBILE!!! You just made my day.

    • Jennifer

      If it is still asking for the sim unlock code, call customer care and ask for the puk code. You will then enter **05*(puk code)*(new pin)*(confirm new pin)#. That should take care if it.

      • Jason

        Thanks, but now because customer care advised me to master reset my phone, and now it’s totally locked down. It doesn’t ask for a SIM UNLOCK CODE anymore. The only thing i can do is call 911. otherwise all buttons are not funtioning.

  • Jason

    Oh, and i had to borrow a friends phone to call CS if anyone was wondering.

    • redwoodflyer

      Don’t forget about their online live chat help thing.. That’s how I got my PUK code when I locked myself out..

  • eddy

    Got the update and it made my phone sooo effin slow! In philadelphia, PA

    • tom

      I updated my phone and it is screwed up

  • bay

    I don’t know what everyone else talkin bout I got the update and my phone works pergectly fine I really can’t tell the difference I know the touchscreen works better but other than that that’s the only difference I see anyone no any forums for the cliq that stay active cause everyone I go to seems to be dead and without life

    • Ritchie

      Wish i was that lucky for the OTA

    • Ritchie

      Lucky you, my OTA was messed up

  • nick

    Been downloading for one minute on wifi and is 25% done. Manually checked, I did not receive an updaTe message. Located in ny

  • woahfred

    Now that I’ve had the update for a full day, my touchscreen responsiveness seems to have gotten WORSE. I know everyone else says it’s better, but I am having the hardest time getting the Notification Bar to come down after the first touch since the update.

  • Jay

    The only thing that seems strange since the update is my phone is taking really long to charge it normally was done charging in like an hour or so but I notice the lenght of time it takes since the update

    • Jennifer

      That’s probably because it is showing how much battery you really have. Mine takes about 2 – 3 hours to charge.

  • Hellraiser

    Got the update by manually checking for it! Wish I never did it!!! I cannot send text messages now and my phone is 10 times slower. Called customer service and they first wanted me to do a Master Reset of the phone and then once that didn’t work they blamed the problem on Motorola and they didn’t know what to do!!! Everyone should flood the phone lines with calls for this piece of ****!!!!

  • Julie

    I got the update last night and everything else is fine but now my text messaging is all messed up. Loading any messages takes forever, if they even load at all and doesn’t make me force close. And if I try to send a text a lot of times it won’t even send. I’m so mad!!

    • Mine too & I was just about to ask about that. But, this is clearly a bigger problem with this update, that’s just not on me.

  • John

    Im in the same Text Message boat. When they finally load up, i have to hit the wait button about 6 times before the message sends. This sucks

  • Joe

    Got the update yesterday, works great for me. Screen response is better, haven’t noticed any issues or problems.

  • tmoFan

    I got the update and agreed with other people here, sending text messages seems a little bit slower, before the update the message was sent inmmediately.
    Also after the update was completed and I used the phone to retrieve my voice mail messages I turned off the phone. It could not find the network at all, the phone was not able to make calls at all. I restarted the phone like 3 or 4 tiems and nothing, no signal bars, not network at all, then I will start browsing, and closing and opening applications then the network signal will come for a couple seconds and then it would go again, this behaviro was like for 5 or 10 minutes, the singal was very unestable, It will come and go, so finally after half an hour it got normal with the signal bars, I did not know if it was the update or really something happen in the network that the phone was not able to attach itself to the network.

  • david

    ok guys, I have not gotten the update yet but now im afraid to even allow it to load once it comes in. What do you guys think? Should I load it or not? My phone is working fine and I would hate to do a master reset!

    • Rex

      Don’t do it!

  • Mossbeep

    I got the update last night and downloaded it and installed.
    When phone came back up, kept force closing 2 or 3 times, google talk wouldn’t sign in, the marketplace would let me connect but nothing would download. Turned it off 2 or 3 times, removed battery and sim card and mem card and still the same process would force close. I had to do a master reset and now everything works great. The master reset is not as bad as it sounds, well at least not for me it wasn’t. I exclusively use google for all my contacts, and that’s it, when I was using tmobiles contacts I would have 2 or 3 entrys for phone numbers and email address. My suggestion would be just pick one for your contacts only, google or tmobile and then delete the others and make sure you unlink the tmobile part from all your contacts. That way when you do a master reset you don’t end up with a mess. Googles contacts are also easily edited from the gmail webpage using any pc, tmobiles is not easy and motorolas is pretty useless right now.

  • patrickem

    What I want to know is where is the updated Quickoffice with ability to create and edit word documents?

  • Jose

    my phone is deleting my recent calls after the update…. anybody with this issue?????

  • urbanrio

    updated last night. things seemed to go well, but now the text messaging app is so slow and is constantly asking me if I want to force close the app. I do not recommend updating.

  • matb321

    My cliq is all f@cked up now.texting is awfully slow and force closes and other stupid little things that piss me off.I wish I never updated.

  • Tim

    i dont see any improved caller notifications!!!!?????
    did yall notice anything???

  • Rick

    I have to agree with everyone else. The screen does work but like everyone else I’m having problems with the texting and also one more issue I didn’t see mention is when I change the screen time out settings for 2min. It keeps reseting back to 30sec. On its own…..definately there are issues with this new update but it seems everyone is having different issues…..but still a big issue.

  • cavaliersboy

    Hmmm I was experiencing the same issues with texting being snail-like slow and the annoying force closes but my phone is working just fine force closes and texting is back to normal..I stil haven’t had a chance to see what the other improvements are though

  • Tim


  • Ritchie

    Can we get a new post bulletin about this issue, iee. what the F is going on, i downloaded the OTA update and i didnt notice anything funny, till i saw that my phone was lagging. It is better at touch but when i open my txt icon its slow to boot up and then tells me that it will force close. I love TMO and i love my CLiq but this OTA set me back a step instead of forward….Please let us know what is going on.

  • Rex

    Customer service suggested that I master restart my phone, and that all my apps well return. But I couldn’t sign into my Motorblur account because the date and time were 30 years off. Now I have a very expensive paper weight… I get a new Cliq in a week… fml

  • Rex

    I had to master reset it, but it wouldn’t work with the date in time off by 30 years. Now I have a very expensive paper weight, my new Cliq is coming in a week.. fml

  • bunny22

    I can honestly say that since updating my cliq I haven’t had any issues! the touch screen is much better and I like it!

  • thechadster

    My phones force close has INCREASED probably 10X if not more. I STRONGLY recommend NOT updating your phone. Im pissed and am trying to figure out what to do next. Debating selling the phone, I am losing hope. Any recommendations on how to unupdate my phone??

  • gatorx

    Just got the Cliq 10 days ago. I couldn’t stand how much the screen reponse sucked, but after this update, it’s almost as smooth as my iPhone 3G. I might acutally keep the phone now. No troubles so far, text msgs get send right away.

  • FrustratedFemale

    I am really frustrated with this damn update!! I am also experiencing slower than ever text messaging. I keep getting the wait or force close message….its super annoying! How do you fix one thing and then f*ck up something else? especially with the text being the most frequently used program and now its useless. I was able to send messages back to back at lightning speed and now I have to WAIT OR FORCE CLOSE! GET IT 2GETHER MOTOROLA I PAID FULL PRICE FOR THIS FKN PHONE!

  • bunny22

    Use ChompSMS or Handcent SMS I never use the stock texting.

  • joe

    I’ve talked to a moto cliq rep they told me that 1.6 should be rolling all week that 1.3 point whatever update was for motoblur. So no worries we’re getting the update we’ve been waiting for besides 2.0 but that may take a little longer.

  • angela

    Got the update. Touchscreen does work better, but my phone is EXTREMELY slow now. Everything, especially text messaging is force closing constantly. I was also locked out after reboot when the update installed. I think I just entered ‘1234’ for sim code. I forget, but it worked. Phone crashed a few times after update before os loaded again. Text messaging doesn’t even open without a lot of patience, amd me hitting ‘wait’ about five times. Most of my texts aren’t sending. Every application I’ve opened has done the same thing, to varying degrees, since this update. Phone worked so well before that I was recommending it (& tmobile) to everyone I know. Does anyone know if there’s some sort of magical trick to roll back to the last update? Its running worse than my hacked 2001 razr now.

  • Nikki

    I updated mine just fine and my battery lif lasts longer now but I can not download apps what so ever and there is hardley any memory on my phone even after doing a master reset. I think I’m going to try to get a replacement phone tonight because I’ve had problems since I got it.

  • TheSharkster

    Just performed the update and all seems well so far. Tested text messaging and experienced no delay. Touch screen seems more responsive. VVM plays back over BT. Definitely not a substitute for 2.1, but a step in the right direction. I will forgive Moto of it’s transgressions with the Cliq if I see a fully functional 2.1 update within the next few weeks.

  • angryyyyyycustomer

    you guys are just going to love how awesome this story is hahahaha.

    so last night, i innocently downloaded the new amazing update and it was working fine and everything and the battery seeemed to be doing good because the cliq battery SUCKS. anyways it was working good until i noticed that apparently it was 5 and december 31, 1969 or whatever. so then i do live chat with tmobile and the chick shows me a website how i can get rid of the upgrade or fix it or whatever. so i do it and then it brings me to the motoblur sign up thing and it won’t let me log in! it says sign up error because the clock isn’t working or something. so anyways i am freaking pisssed. so i call tmobile up and talk to the lady for literally 2 hours and my master reset wont even work! so she’s like we are just going to have to do an exchange. but oh no i can’t do the exchange without paying 130 bucks for the crack in my phone. i am soooo PISSED. my phone worked fine when it had a crack. i don’t have 130 dollars for a new one and it works fine when it was cracked. motorola is the one who messed it up! they broke it and i think it’s stupid. so i have a crack in it, oh well? it worked FINE with the crack. they messed it up! anyways i am really pissed and i’m calling motorola tomorrow so hopefully i can get them to consider just giving me a new phone. i pay for the insurance every month, my phone is still under warranty. but anyways. motorola screwed us over so hopefully this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  • raymula

    Tmobile better do sumthing about this…the update has made my phone so slow. My internet slow, youtube and etc. Please fix this problem it makes no sence…waste of money. I wheater get a iphone now..

  • Mark B

    Thanks for Fuking up my phone, Tmobile. really appreciate it!

  • Robert

    Factory hard button reset

    If lost your password an you lock motoblur out so the the phone locks you out . But you can login on motoblur on the internet but not your phone. You also cannot get into the notification menu,or settings. you have to do a hard button rest on the Cliq XT
    1.power off, then.
    2. power on holding the power button an the camra button together, a prompt will appear to release the camra button, release it .
    3. D.O,S prompt appears
    4. select sys. recovery (volume down) you will get a exclamation mark with a triangle,
    5.hold the menu button down an to the left for 30 sec.(square pad)( this may take several tries to activate the blue screen)or tap the right corner of the pad.
    6. the touch screen is now active use the menu/scroll an highlight factory reset an press ok.
    7. when done high light menu+back option ON THE SCREEN an press ok. * step 4 is tricky dont give up.

  • mad Af

    so i updated my cliq xt now the internet & Youtube is really slow .come on Tmobile .Fix it!

  • Marc

    HiDo U know where I can get the cliq: URL scheme/protocol specification/ABNF/rules ?I’m implementing a server and need to differenciatebetween valid/invalid URLs.
    thx :)