Trackball Issues? “Roll” Into A T-Mobile Store February 24th!


While the launch of the BlackBerry Trackball Replacement Program is still two days away, T-Mobile retail stores are starting to receive shipments of the BlackBerry Trackball Replacement kits.  As previously stated, we’re still expecting a February 24th launch unless there is another delay.

Anyone going to take advantage of this?

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  • Ben Tolmachoff

  • Chad D

    I’m sure they will be glad to replace that trackball with a trackpad and a new 2 year contract! ;)

  • Dalton

    What about a G1? They replace those?

    • Kickstar13

      BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120 and the Curve 8320 handsets are only eligible for this replacement program.

      The G1 has trackball issues?

      • Dalton

        Mine seems to be breaking, so yeah. But then again, my phone sucks. But who knows. :P
        I could always use a replacement.

  • What about Sidekick Trackballs – will those be replaced, too??

  • Carl

    This appears to be only for Blackberries.

  • bill

    I keep my Pearl charged up for emergency use only but I’ll be taking advantage of it.

  • M

    Alright, give reps something else to do for their rapidly expanding busy-work responsibilities.

  • Samson

    I am SOO waiting.. I’ll be there..! However, I called my local store, the other day, and they said they wouldnt be ready until next month?!.. He wasn’t real sure. He kinda sounded like the new guy..

  • Tony

    Hey TmoNews or anyone else.. Do you know if they will replace dirty Trackballs?
    Cause Like I’ve had the 8320 for over 2 years and it gets dirty of a while, so Yea.

    Thanks to those that Answer!

  • Brian

    so whats going on? they will replace my trackball for free?

  • MichaelH

    Anyone had their trackball replaced yet? I was just curious if folks and any testimonies of their experience. I plan to go tomorrow or Friday.

  • jj15951

    Yeah! Has anyone had this done yet??

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The trackball is very, very easy to replace or tinker with (e.g., back in 2006 when I discovered a way to color the trackball, that is, before a program was developed to change colors).

    Anyway, recently I bought two trackballs on eBay for $5 shipped. $2.50 per is pretty dang cheap.

    If you decide to replace the trackball yourself here’s some tips.

    1. The problem with removing and replacing is that the chrome painted ring is actually very cheap plastic. On the internal part of the ring there’s three plastic pins that hold the chrome ring in place (and the trackball housing too).

    When people either remove or replace the trackball they don’t line the pins properly, they force the ring into place and that bends or breaks off the plastic pins. After that the ring will not stay put.

    You can see the pins I am talking about in some of those eBay auctions I link to below.

    2. What I do to prevent this error is take a Sharpie (any color) and make a mark on the chrome ring at 6:00. When putting back the ring I know which way the ring must be placed because of that mark.

    3. Also, when removing the ring make a mark on the trackball housing so you can see how it needs to be placed when reassembling.

    4. Lastly, when removing the chrome ring, the key is to apply light pressure all the way around so that the cheap, fragile pins don’t bend or break. The way you get it started for removal is to take a jeweler’s screwdriver and insert it at 6:00 under the edge if the chrome ring. You give slight upward pressure and it will break free. The 6:00 space I am talking about is just above the 2 key on the Pearl, for example.

    Once you get it started you take another screwdriver and apply upward pressure at 9:00 for example.

    This DIY (do it yourself) is handy if you don’t want to hassle with taking the phone in for a trackball issue, the phone is out of warranty or you simply want to clean the inside space where the trackball resides. (E.g., blow compressed air to clean out dust and lint. You would be surprised how dirty it gets inside the trackball housing.)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oops… forgot to mention, the mark made with a Sharpie is easily removed with Windex or other mild cleaner after the trackball retaining ring is replaced.

  • Samson

    I went last night and got mine replaced! Very nice!! It’s like a new phone again! I was really starting to hate the trackball. But now I like it.. Again! Being used to it, I can move and scroll around very quickly!
    Thanks Tmo, and Rim!!

  • AmyRose

    I stopped into my Tmobile store and asked them about it, they had their stock and handed over one with no problem. They even let me replace it myself, after I told them I could do it (seeing that none of them knew how to do it).

    Very pleased that Tmobile started doing this, not having to eBay and pay and wait for a parts shop in Hong Kong for a new ball!