My T-Mobile Perks Preview Unveiled


Magenta has something special for the top 2% of their customers brewing slowly on their website.  It seems some users have been contacted last night and this morning to be offered a preview of a new program called My T-Mobile Perks.  Membership to the new program is completely free and doesn’t require you to do any fancy tricks to sign up. Just click the link in the email, sign in, and then confirm you want to join the preview.

So what kinds of perks are to be expected?  Well, since it’s a preview (read not complete by any means), there’s not a whole lot to choose from just yet.  However, the email mentioned you will receive perks automatically for your birthday, your anniversary date with T-Mobile (how romantic), and other special Stick Together days.  Further investigation found that the free gift on your birthday is a ringtone and a wallpaper and the Stick Together days are additional minutes and messaging for free.  After joining, completing one of the surveys on the site rewarded us with a $5 gift card for Subway.

Lastly, there are GiveBack Bonus Perks that the email mentions, and there will be rewards you receive each time you add My T-Mobile services or products to your existing account.  There’s even a mention of your perks getting progressively better the longer you stay with T-Mobile.  So what do you guys think?  Is this another reason to love T-Mobile (as if we didn’t already)?

Edit: Sorry for the confusion.  It’s only the preview part that has been rolled out to the 2% of customers.  We’re not sure if the My T-Mobile Perks will be available for ALL customers, but here’s to hoping it is!

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  • TheDude

    So the top 2% see the preview now and EVERYONE can sign up for this, or only the top 2% can join period? 2% of 32 million is 680,000 people tho

    It’s a nice offer for 680k people OR everyone. The article confused me. If it is 2%, I assume that means the 2% of people who pay them the most money. Count me out.

    • rolo

      u can b sure it won’t b 680k people. not these cheapos

    • c0z

      Sorry for the confusion, I added an Edit for that.

  • Aston

    how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! i hope its for everyone tho. >:/

  • rolo

    doesn’t sound like anything substantial. how about shorter upgrade timeframes and more BOGO dates

    • c0z

      That’s actually an option in the survey they have available, to shorten upgrade eligibility timeframe.

    • B

      actually there is a tmobile early upgrade plus program being offered in certain markets now (to be rolled out everywhere, not sure on the time from). Its a one year upgrade as long as you upgrade to a smartphone, and you get the same discount as the 2 year upgrade. Pretty sweet if you ask me

  • Koloheboy

    OH man I like to be on this program LOL

  • Malachor

    Out of the three phones on my account, my wife was the only one who got an invitation, but once she went to register it wouldn’t accept her phone number (even though it was shown in the email) – now she gets a “can’t find the page” error.

    • BigGreeneguy

      Same thing here…My phone though

  • Richard

    Top 2%… meaning the ones that send the most money?

    If that’s the case this is a joke because if you’re out there spending a small fortune on cell phone service what do you really care about a $5 giftcard to Subway… or a free ringtone.

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure it’s nice… but it’s one of those things that SOUNDS a lot better in the PR dept for a company to say they are giving away something for free… but then when you see it you see it’s a very small drop in the bucket for what the company makes and what you’re spending anyway.

    It’s like a hotel chain putting a piece of chocolate on your bed each day. It’s nice… it doesn’t really matter one way or the other if they did it… but again, it’s nice.

  • G

    It will be opened up to more people. This is just the trial. It is just the tip of the iceberg of a new customer loyalty program to fight churn.

  • Mark

    On a whim, I went to MyT-Mobile just to check.
    MyPerks invitation was there, even though I did not receive a notification e-mail. May be worth checking to see if you have access!

    • c0z

      Great tip! Check your accounts guys :)

      • Mel

        You may not have the correct e-mail address on file. You can update it on the website so you can recieve the e-mails.

    • heber

      what part of the web page you get acces or you can see the feautre

  • dan

    What the Heck so only the top 2% are good enough for this site ??????? WTF so now T Mo rates me as a poor person because i am not in this 2 %

  • dan

    Ha ha ha eating my words here just went to my t mo and hey got asked to look at it mods please delete my 2 posts apologies to everyone who reads them….

  • I hope that the HD2 rebate dosen’t ruin a beautiful thing because I would have never expected a $199.00 price point. Never.

    Come on TMo, you’re almost there. So close to an EPIC win. Please. . .don’t FAIL me. I’ve waited too long for this.

  • Lebron1189

    If You Buy the Data Plan with The HD2 then you don’t have to pay the Rebate

    • ??????

      Then why not just add it to the MSRP?? Perhaps I’m missing something. . .

      • Well I guess they wan’t to give those who want the phone without a data plan incentive to buy as well.

  • bunny22

    I am sorry that’s hella funny!

  • thatdude

    This is nice and all but how about we get some better phones.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Even if I did sign up for this, free minutes and texts wouldn’t do me any good because I have unlimited of both. This is great for anybody that doesn’t have unlimited though.

  • angelo

    the people that did get the invite are u on even more or even more plus.

    • Mark

      I am on legacy $49.99 unlimited.
      As I indicated earlier, I did not get an e-mail invite but has access to Perks Preview from My T-Mobile website.
      I have been with VS/TMO since ’97. Never a late bill. At least 1500 min plan/data for what seems like forever.

  • Lily

    The customers who have received the invitations (right now) are most likely ones that have been with the company for quite a while, who pay their bills on time, have never been suspended for late payments, etc. Not necessarily those who have paid the most. And I am assuming they are offering the same opportunities to those who are on grandfathered plans as well as the new even more and even more plus plans.

    • TheDude

      Nope. Been with em for many years, perfect pay record never late and never suspended. On a grandfathered plan. Don’t see the invite when logging in. I don’t know where they’re pulling this 2% from but I’m not in it that’s for sure.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I haven’t signed onto Tmobile yet through my PC. Would be nice to get a $5.00 credit towards my bill though because like someone else posted… extra minutes and messages aren’t always needed. I remember when Tmobile gave me 100 bonus minutes just for giving them my new address when I moved. It was a nice gift even though I already had 1,000 minutes on my plan that I never went over on. I would take the 5 bucks if you ask me… that’s some ringtones or a game and those could come in handy.

  • PopArtist

    Hmm, I’ve been with T-mo since the beginning (grandfathered from Omnipoint to Voicestream to T-Mobile), have auto-pay so no lateness AND recently re-upped and added a data plan…no invite for me! :P

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Can’t the article be rewritten or edited to take out the statement that the perks are for the top 2%. No need for Google to pick that up and post it for eternity.

  • Nick

    Can someone post the link? MyT-Mobile is screwy for me on IE8, T-Mobile needs to correct their coding so I can’t see any ad banners on the site.

  • Nick

    I just called and was told it’s not the top 2% ( as is their most profitable accts) but rather a “small number of tenured customers were selected” (based solely on tenure) to preview the program prior to a “national rollout.” Some offers include two months of free CallerTunes or dumbphone data, and other rewards. The rep indicated it is expected to be offered to all customers at some point, but the rewards will likely vary depending on the account/tenure/profit.

  • Mel

    Hey Everyone- This is just a preview (testing out the program). It is not the “top 2%” of customers. The customers were chosen randomly (truly random, single and family plans included for regular customers). It is not based on how much you spend with T-Mobile. It is not based on tenure either. If everything goes well with this preview they will be luanching it to all customers in the future. Hope this helps clear some stuff up :)

  • Mark

    Perks is down this morning. Just went in to see if there was anything new and got:

    “We’re sorry—there was an error in processing your request.
    Please hit your browser’s back button and try your action again, or try again later.”

  • lp894

    I have an invitation…but the link doesn’t work lol

  • Mark

    Hey! Just got my invitation e-mail, a day after I was already in the site. AND the site is back up!

  • Mark

    And now it’s down again. :-(