My T-Mobile Perks Preview Unveiled


Magenta has something special for the top 2% of their customers brewing slowly on their website.  It seems some users have been contacted last night and this morning to be offered a preview of a new program called My T-Mobile Perks.  Membership to the new program is completely free and doesn’t require you to do any fancy tricks to sign up. Just click the link in the email, sign in, and then confirm you want to join the preview.

So what kinds of perks are to be expected?  Well, since it’s a preview (read not complete by any means), there’s not a whole lot to choose from just yet.  However, the email mentioned you will receive perks automatically for your birthday, your anniversary date with T-Mobile (how romantic), and other special Stick Together days.  Further investigation found that the free gift on your birthday is a ringtone and a wallpaper and the Stick Together days are additional minutes and messaging for free.  After joining, completing one of the surveys on the site rewarded us with a $5 gift card for Subway.

Lastly, there are GiveBack Bonus Perks that the email mentions, and there will be rewards you receive each time you add My T-Mobile services or products to your existing account.  There’s even a mention of your perks getting progressively better the longer you stay with T-Mobile.  So what do you guys think?  Is this another reason to love T-Mobile (as if we didn’t already)?

Edit: Sorry for the confusion.  It’s only the preview part that has been rolled out to the 2% of customers.  We’re not sure if the My T-Mobile Perks will be available for ALL customers, but here’s to hoping it is!

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