BlackBerry Devices Getting BlackBerry Messenger


In a case of better late that never, some of T-Mobile’s older BlackBerry devices will be receiving an update to install BlackBerry Messenger to their phones.  This update is for those running the 4.5 software and have either the Blackberry Pearl 8120, Curve 8320, Curve 8520 or Curve 8900.  Of course, if you already have BlackBerry Messenger, this doesn’t concern.  Keep a lookout and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • mike

    come on tmobile give us a real update, like a better version of 5.0.x.x for our 9700’s

    • Devin

      I work for T-mobile in retail and they just released to employees the approved upgrade for the 9700, it should be released to customers soon and it works great.

    • mel

      it isnt tmobile that gives us bb updates (i work for tmo) we have to wait for BB to realease them to our company for us to send them out……believe me you will love the update on the 9700…by far the BEST bb i have ever used….

      • Devin

        Hey mel, don’t mean to get your panties in a bunch saying T-mobile released the update… just saying that BlackBerry got T-Mobile to approve it as the official update which allowed us to then get it…

  • how about OS v5.0 for the 8900!?

  • mike

    i work for tmobile retail as well, where can i find this update streamline?

    • Devin

      Its not in streamline. In my market we have a BlackBerry lead for each store and each BlackBerry lead has contact directly with a rep from RIM. He shot me an e-mail to give us the link so we could download it.

      • Sean

        What version is it? 5.0.0.what

  • RWWackoStu

    WTF everyone… Why wait. It’s a GSM phone. When one carrier releases an OS it’s like they all did. Quit bitching and waiting for TMo and just upgrade already!

  • Runner

    New BBM? i already upgraded to the new one that was available in blackberry app world.. is it the same one or could it be something different?