Blackberry Pearl 8120 color refresh


Sadly, there really isn’t anything here to get your focus off of other more exciting phones. Still, for those of you who like to be color coordinated this little post is for you. From left to right we have Black Emerald, Indigo and Frost. Nothing new here feature wise from the already available 8120 models but still, if matching phones to outfits is your thing then the countdown to October 15th begins! Can I ask why carriers think that color changes are of some importance? Didn’t they learn their lesson after the debacle that was the Motorola Razr? That all the color changes, all the aesthetic changes in the world couldn’t make up for a phone that just plain sucked. Sorry, I had back luck with that phone, 7 exchanges, still a little bitter.

  • Juan

    Why, when they’re bringing out the flip version?

  • tfan

    I want more G1 Andirod news!

  • T1 Connect

    why do they keep refreshing this series of phones time for this phone to retire already

  • Bryan

    Why not retire the pearl? Here’s why: It’s the most versatile smartphone tmobile carries. The pearl is a tried and true phone, and for the OP, 7 exchanges? Are you sure that wasnt something a software update couldnt fix? Either way, what more could you ask out of a phone with such a great form factor? Great 3rd party apps, customizable to the teeth, wifi… the only thing it lacks is 3G. And who can really complain about that other than the niche crowd who has 3G in their market. If any phone needs retiring its the V3… im so sick of hocking that featurless slab of old tech. We should have kept the V3T.

  • SheShe

    I hate when they just add more colors of the phone

  • T1 Connect

    Yo she she david should have a rating system here that allows people to rate the moves that tmobile makes. cause this one was not needed why do they need more colors. when i first saw that phone i was like ok its nice but no.

  • jdslim

    People are talking nonscene about retiring a phone that’s only been with T-mobile sine April.

  • RS


  • David

    I know guys I know, the whole color change scheme is just pretty stupid…besides unnecessary its just not smart, they really should have learned their lessons from the razr. There is such a thing as buzz kill on devices, the Pearl has had amazing success but now its time to bring on something new to retain attention.

  • drivethruboy168

    Also… The Blackberry 8220 Flip is on the employees internal site. I was at a store and I had brought it to the reps attention and he showed it to me. But the date said TBD!!! Oh well… But back to G1 anything new? I posted a comment yesterday about L.A getting 3G, and last night my curve was going in and out of signal and customer service had said earlier that day that they are preping the launch of 3G. So I’m assuming that the techs are testing the 3G network even as I’m speaking! I really hope soo!

  • T1 Connect

    @jdslim the pearl has been around since last year what came out in april was a pearl with wifi and more colors. matter of fact this the second color refresh. no major difference in sofware.

  • ElectricMonk

    Is the indigo one actually 10% bigger than the other colors? If so, that’s… um… still not all that interesting, really.

  • B.

    There were actually several major differences between the 8100 and the 8120. The most nota le was obviously the wifi, but the micro sd support was jumped to 8 gigs and a 2 MP camera with the ability to record video was added. So it was an all around upgrade of the pearl. Not to mention the keyboard on the 8120 just has a nicer feel due to some subtle changes to the shape of the keys. Its really much more like the BB curve in a pearl form. And color refreshes are never required but it is something that the average customer appreciates, having their choice of a few colors makes them feel more powerful in their decision. I can’t tell you how many time when selling a phone to someone the customer asks “does it come in any other colors” so all in all in my opinion, More options is never a bad thing

  • T1 Connect

    well i never had a chance to hold a 8100. i did hold a 8120 and ill never know the difference but the differences you pointed out are right. i guess you can say we tmonews forumers and a little bit more than avarage.

  • Chris Meyers

    LOL I’m trying to figure what world half of these people live in. The BlackBerry lineup is segmentized masterfully. You have the Pearl with Suretype (and now Wifi and 2 megapixel on the 8120) for budget users, teens, young and social, and people who want a tiny BlackBerry. You have the Curve for semi business users or more increasingly for social text based Qwerty trend setters. You have the 8800 series for the serious business drones. Why the hell would they get rid of their largest selling segment, the Pearl segment, by getting rid of it. Are you people morons? Plus they just refreshed the Pearl with @Home Wifi calling. The Pearl segment is THE segment where you would expect to see multiple colors as its the teen social segment. Its obvious most of you people know nothing about business.

  • T1 Connect

    ok thats the way you see it. its not bad though, but dont call people morons. what if im not a blackberry fan. it is a good os but dude the reason blackberry is so popular is marketing and heresay. im sorry dude but bb os is corny to me. not MY prefrence. i can comment, i mean thats why im here.

  • SheShe

    @chris the pearl has different colors..If people like the pearl they will get the pearl they’re not gonna say let me wait a few months 2 see if they get sea green one

  • Juan

    @ Chris Meyers, you need a hug and a nap. One person other than the OP in the entire comments section of 11 that posted so far mentioned retiring the Pearl. It’s obviously not going anywhere so there’s no need for srs bsnss and name calling – fall back.

    What I was wondering originally was is there even a need for a second color refresh when the promo for the flip version has already hit the streets? It just seems unnecessary to me. This thing already comes in at least 5 colors.

  • Chris Meyers

    No. It actually comes in ONE color. Titanium gray. This is a color refresh of the 8120 not the 8100, which currently comes in various colors. The 8120 isn’t the 8100. It has Wifi and UMA, a 2 megapixel camera, and a 3.5mm headset jack.

  • Some Dude

    Why can’t people understand that every phone was not made with YOU in mind? There are over a hundred million wireless phone users in the US. No matter what your preference, it is merely a piece of that pie. Even though the form factor is around 2 years old (well said that the 8120 is indeed NOT the 8100), to me and many others it still today is the best specimen of a truly consumer-oriented smartphone. The size is really spot on for those transitioning from non-smart phones. Not everybody is going to jump on the 8220 just because its the newest thing, especially when the specs are identical.

  • Juan

    Whatever dude. I just suggest you get a hobby if what people on the internet comment about a phone upsets or stirs you that much.

  • terryjohnson16

    The Black Pearl 2 will look like the original Black Pearl. Why not a Black curve?

  • Armo

    i thinks its a great move by tmobile. customers need a variety of colors to choose from. i think all phones should have a at least 3 colors to choose from. i can only dream…

    oh and why would they discontinue the Pearl. the kickstart or w/e its gunna be called is in a COMPLETELY different form factor and it way bulky. i bet its gunna be cheaper then this. the pearl is a GREAT phone. cant wait til the actually pearl 2 comes out.

  • Qady2209

    I have a RIZR that has been and needs to be exchanged again!! It’s a common Moto problem but it’s my favorite phone company! I can’t wait to get my ZINE,I was going to get a ROKR but the ZN5 is better!!!