The BB 8900 Is Old News


It is always a sad day when a popular phone is killed off, and it appears that RIMs Blackberry 8900 is the next phone to be discontinued.  T-Mobile has said that the 8900 has “reached the end of it’s life cycle.”  Well, that was blunt of them.  Let’s just look towards the future, and hope for an 8910 in the future, a Pearl 9100 wouldn’t be bad either.  Honestly, I think this is RIMs way of waging war on trackballs (LONG LIVE THE TRACKPAD!!!!).  Leave your condolences in the comments!


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  • D-COOP

    BB 8900
    You wont be forgotten..

    • Namo


  • Brian

    I loved the 8900. My favorite parts about it were the screen and keyboard. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the screen looked. I am surprised that they are getting rid of it so soon. Both my brother and mom have the 8900 and love them to death. I personally enjoyed the trackball on it over an optical mouse.

  • RoyWentz

    Sweet. The sooner we get rid of the trackball BB’s the better. This one seemed to be even worse than the Curve/Pearl.

  • Ahh Yo!

    The trackball was a great selling point for RIM. It not only glowed, but made suffering more fun. Now that the trackpad hit the scene, it makes the trackball look pathetic. Now if only RIM made the graphics more realistic, then everything would be much better.

    • Oce

      Wow! so trackballs make “suffering” more fun! Jeez I gotta get me one these trackballs; should come in handy when the wife is badgering me. Ha!

  • Stefanie

    thank goodness…. I hated that darn phone! I just got rid of mine haha

  • Steve

    I still have my 8900, and I’m having a hard-time letting go of the trackball. The optic pad is tempting, but I’ve been with a trackball since I got my first Berry 3 years ago. RIP 8900, the best BB I’ve ever owned!

    • kershon

      Go get yourself a bb 9700. You won’t even look back. Believe me there is a world of difference. I have had both.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I had the Pearl, then the Curve. I just got the BB Bold 9700.

        You are right, the 9700 makes the Pearl and Curve feel and look like Kyocera free phone from a prepay carrier.

        I marvel how light the 9700 is compared to the Curve. And the graphics on the user interface are cool. And as we both know, the 9700 is super fast. Commands are instant, no lag at all. And when opening applications and going menu to menu, it is super fast.

        I played an HD file in the video player. Wow, I have never seen such a crisp and sharp video on a BlackBerry.

        I got the 9700 because of comments like yours and the reviews on the Net were all 4.7 out of a possible 5. That speaks volumes.

        The true test of its value is that I bought it for full price (don’t qualify for any discounts). But I am so impressed I won’t be sending it back under buyer’s remorse.

        I did get a certificate from a local store. T-Mo will give me a $75 check if I send them back a working Pearl. I have one and will be doing that. So that’s a discount of sorts.

  • frenchy99

    Glad I sold it last week on CL i didn’t even know they stop selling it. It was a great phone now we can put to rest that a 5.0 official release from TMO will never happen.

  • analog spirit

    Wow, RIM’s retiring the BB 8900 already? I guess that makes my vintage ’07 BB 8320 even more laughably obsolete! LOL! Man, I need to get a new phone…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      We had two of those 8320s (the Curve for those who don’t know what that is).

      That was a great phone. We went from the Pearl to it and we were both happy to get back to a full keyboard (we will never go back to Pearl’s SureType, even though I was pretty good at using it, the key was not to look at the words and trust that SureType would get the work correct that one intended to type).

      I also liked the Curve’s big-for-a-BlackBerry display.

      We sold the first Curve to get a G1, the second to get a T-Mobile Touch Pro2. We were lucky, getting $180 for each phone. Now I suspect they won’t fetch all that much. Especially since RIM is coming out with all these fantastic phones.

      I am keeping one Pearl as a backup phone in case I lose my 9700 (I need a backup since I am totally wireless at home, have been for 10 years. So I can’t afford to not have a backup phone. Matter of fact we have three 7100t phones as backups too. LOL.)

      When you replace your Curve you should consider keeping it as a backup. Never hurts to have an emergency phone in the drawer. (Don’t forget to have a few SIM cards too. So all you have to do is call T-Mo to activate the spare phone.)

      p.s. Your phone is not obsolete. In fact it still is a great phone and far more advanced than many phones out there and better than many smartphones on the market.

      • analog spirit

        7100s?!!! Wow, and I thought MY Curve was old! LOL! Well, even if my old Curve isn’t quite obsolete just yet, it’s still agonizingly slow and its OS (4.5) leaves a lot to be desired by today’s standards. The reason I got it back then was that I wanted a full-QWERTY keyboard, and out of all the phones I “test-drove,” the old 8320 Curve had the best physical keyboard out there, period (at least for me), despite my big hands. It was the only keyboard that just felt right. And you’re right; its screen was pretty good-sized for a BB at that time, but now seems too small and cramped; I guess it’s ‘cos I’ve gotten so used to all these newer, nicer touchscreen phones out there now. And over the past 2 years plus that I’ve had it, it’s been pretty reliable, and extremely durable, having survived heat, dust, water, heavy shocks and impacts, and even a smashed screen, which I replaced myself (a thick guitar pick or bass pick works best, to pry the outer transparency off). I’ve also had to replace that damned trackball several times; nowadays, instead of taking back to T-Mo for a replacement (for free), I just take it apart and clean it out myself (a toothpick or two works best to pry off the chrome retaining ring, so you won’t scratch it). At least it’s relatively easy to disassemble and reassemble; the 8900’s trackball looks like it’d be a real “female dog” to take apart and clean! LOL… I’ve gotten fairly good at “field-stripping” my 8320, so I’ve probably prolonged its life considerably thru timely repairs and preventive maintenance. So now it’s beat to hell, but it still works fine, as long as you don’t plan on doing any serious net browsing. For phone calls, texts, and e-mail, it’s been great (usually). It’s just that, like I said, its archaic OS and browser are agonizingly slow and clunky by today’s standards. When I try to load a page (if it loads at all), all too often it’s lagging like it’s 1999. RIM need to get their BB OS up to speed ASAP. Even the 9700’s OS didn’t impress me enough for me to get one. The screen still seems too small, and so does the keyboard. But that new trackpad is a huge improvement. And those BB outages are intolerable (don’t even get me started on that)! But don’t worry, tho; I will definitely be keeping my old 8320 as my back-up phone after I get my Nexus One… ;)

  • Cybersedan

    I still have mine and will keep it for those days I need UMA, still love it.

  • Jason

    Been a BB user for 5 years and I have this phone and it drives me crazy! It is SOO slow, and don’t get me started on that stupid trackball — whose bright idea was that one?? I can’t wait to replace it with a hot android phone…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The trackball was in fact a bright idea, it was revolutionary. Yes, it has had its problems but RIM dealt with it by coming out with the trackpad.

      I loved the trackball when it came out. And worldwide RIM was admired when it debuted.

      • analog spirit

        Yeah, at the time, the trackball sure beat the hell out of that trackwheel on the side! And that trackpad is even better.

    • Blacksheep427

      Respectfully asking, why wait for Android? Get one as soon as you get to the store. They are available for T-Mo, aren’t they? :D

  • Nerdlust

    I’m reading and posting now from my 8900. This is the best smartphone I have ever owned. I was looking forward to the 5.0 release. It’s a great business and personal device. Maybe I will have to check out the 9700!?!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You will love the 9700. The fit and finish is fantastic. The phone feels like it’s RIM’s flagship product.

      After I get my Pearl recycle rebate ($75) I will have ended up paying about $360 for the phone. The 9700 is worth every penny, even though I am paying more for it than I paid for my netbook.

      Take a 9700 for a test drive. You will end up buying it.

  • Jay

    Good riddance, moving on.

  • FwangDango

    My 8900 is my 7th BB and I love it!! I won’t be getting the 9700 since there’s way too many issues with them. Looks like I’m headed to Google to pick up a Nexus One! Peace out RIM….it’s been a good run.

  • CB addict

    I can’t beleive they got rid of 8900 so quick. T-Mobile still has the Pearl on their site which has been around for a while. I am still using my 8900 and don’t plan to give it up.

  • Randy

    Less than 12 mo. after release, and RIM is already killing it off? It’s kind of ironic, that the day I switch from my iPhone to the 8900, is the day it’s killed off. Part of me kind of feels betrayed….Now I REALLY wish I would have gotten the myTouch 3G (darn two year contracts).

    • john

      14 day buyers remorse.

  • Samson

    I love my Blackberry; however I am not understanding why Blackberry only has 1 model featuring 3G?! What’s up with that? It has me looking at Android phones.
    WHY? WHY!?

    • Ann

      Blackberry only has one model ON T-MOBILE w/ 3G. Honestly, I don’t know why the 8900 didn’t come w/ 3G. Between no 3G & their push for devices w/ trackpads, I guess the end of life for the 8900 was to be expected. I just didn’t think it would be so soon! I ALMOST got this device in October, but I’m glad I held out & got the 9700 in November. It’s a great device.

  • RobSleezy

    lol… its about time, lets bring its sister with the trackpad maybe we wont have to get 13 warranty exchanges lol

  • DavidinJax

    I love my BB 8900.. It has UMA, does the Bold have UMA? If TMobile is no longer making phones with UMA, then I might have to switch carriers. Tmobile does not get signal inside my apartment complex. It’s very annoying. And no I am not moving, I love my apartment complex, and would buy if necessary.

    • coloradogray

      Yes, the 9700 supports UMA services.

  • Viper

    Does the 8900 have UMA?

    • ??why??

      yes! it has uma calling

  • DavidinJax

    Yes the 8900 has UMA, otherwise I wouldn’t own it. coloradogray are you sure? How sure are you? That’s honestly the only thing that has kept me from purchasing it. I was told the 8900 is the last T-Mobile phone to support UMA.

    • john

      It does…but drops calls on uma /3g vice versa switch.

    • Tgre

      I know for a fact the 9700 has UMA. As long as your WiFi is turned on and you have cell coverage it will switch to UMA on the top corner. Also, as john said, it does occasionally drop calls if its on UMA when you first connect. I think this will beworked out in due time, although it hasnt done it to me in a while. I’ve also been keeping it off more lately just because I get 3G in my area and if I’m within a wifi network like at home, I just use my netbook.

  • Upset

    Will then give us OS 5?!!!!
    Well T-Mo?

  • Well?!

    Are we getting OS 5?!!!!

  • Twiztid.mand

    The Bold 9700 has UMa. i call over WiFi all the time.

  • Deadpan

    *holds his 8900 in a deathgrip*
    Long Live Blackberry! The smartest smartphone, if not the prettiest or gimmickiest!

  • TmobileA

    The 9700 does support UMA. T-Mobile’s Bold supports it where ATT’s version does not. I am 100% sure as I work for T-Mobile in Blackberry/PDA/Android Tech Support. Another good resource where you can see yourself is

  • The AX!!!

    8900 is getting the AX and T-mo will most likely not come out with OS5 for its customers. And for you T-Mo Fan boys that say that it is already out and just load it from another vendor, WHY should I go through the trouble when it is T-Mo’s responsibility to do that? I should not have to use another carriers release and jump thru hoops to install it on my phone. That is T-Mo’s job to provide this. You know, like the other carriers have. So it looks like T-mo knew they were going to AX the 8900 so why support it, right? Worse yet, do they inform their customers as to why they will not update to OS5? NO!

    • Jonstonson

      You’re an idiot. It’s not a requirement on T-Mobile’s part to send out the updates. No one buys a phone assuming that their phone is going to get updates, you buy the phone based upon what it currently does for you. It doesn’t even take any extra time to download 5.0 to your 8900. LOOK how easy this is.. Go to google and type in blackberry 8900 5.0 download and there it is!!! Quit complaining. Buy a 9700. Worth the upgrade anyway from that tinker-toy 8900.

      • Why posts are deleted?

        You are the idiot! So when you buy a PC with an installed OS and the OS is upgraded, you do not updated it do you? You are really the idiot. What a fan boy you are. The OS is out there and most carriers have released it to thier customers.

      • Jonstonson

        I don’t recall a blackberry and a PC being in the same category. You’re comparison is irrelevant. The average consumer doesn’t care about OS updates. If they cared enough they’d go out and buy the new phone that was ACTUALLY designed to work with 5.0 OR spend some extra time to download it through another vendor. Apparently it’s not a big enough deal to you. I’m not sitting here complaining that my 8100, 8120, 8900 doesn’t have OS 5.0. When I had 5.0 on my 8900 it ran like crap. My 9700 runs fantastic with the 5.0.

      • Jonstonson

        Not to mention… with T-Mobile offering upgrades on smartphones at 12 months, what room do you have to complain? get the 9700 for $130.

  • Why posts are deleted?

    I just asked if the 8900 will be getting OS5 now that it has been discontinued. I guess no one can even hint at anything negative against T-mo or they are kicked? Am I right moderator?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Walmart will (or might have at some locations already) carry the Blackberry Bold 9700 for around $98 with a new 2yr contract or upgrade I believe. Not a bad deal and it seems to be a really nice phone and I was told it does indeed support UMA. If I wasn’t so into Android and I could switch my data plan but keep the 400 free messages and the price… I would probably consider this phone…. it feel good in the hand and I like the new trackpad over the trackball. Although… like all BlackBerrys…. the keys are a little too small for me.

    • Matt

      That’s through Let’s Talk…and they make you jump through some hoops IIRC. I believe they also have to ship you the phone. It was worth it to me to pay an extra $29 and have it when I wanted it.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Actually no… its not from let’s talk. Yeah they might have it on there but the stores will be getting it at the $98 price. So your good to go. I personally would never use Let’s Talk because all of the problems I heard about it… but going through a WalMart store your fine.

  • Danger Mouse

    I’m actually sad to see the 8900 go. It didn’t have half the problems the 9700 is having. Can you say for three devices sold two come back.

  • So I get my8900 just 2-3 months ago; and now the TMO folks have deceided To trash them? And I have how long on my 2year contract until I “qualify” for a reasonable upgrade? I think after 10+ years with TMO I NEED to look at what the “other” providers

    • Ann

      That’s not exactly true. Of course T-Mobile will still continue to SUPPORT the 8900, they just won’t be selling new ones. That’s all that means. Besides, if you just got it 2-3 months ago, it was already about 8 months old @ the time, & in “cell phone time” that’s quite awhile. You would’ve been better off getting the 9700 that released around the time you got the 8900.

  • No MO TMO? Same happened with the SDA..My eyes R looking around..I am on the wrong side of “this Racket” Not a happy thumb in my house!

  • CallawayBomber

    I personally downloaded and installed and is still very happy with the performance of the phone. This update eliminated memory leak/slowness, which was my biggest complaint.

    You may find it out there on the web, if not, reach me at and I will forward you to a download site for it…It’s way to big to mail..124mb

    If you’ve never updated a phone..just follow the OS upgrade instructions from and everything will be fine.

  • FILA

    I Like Balls

  • ??why??

    why tmobile???????? i was just about to get this phone next week!!! ):!!! i have a sidekick and wanted to get a bb8900 oh well!! i will just get one off ebay!! (:!,.. and trackpads dont rock’!!! i had a bb8330 for verizon and NEVER DID I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE TRACKBALL!! im having problems with the trackball on my sidekick id!!.!! now they should put a Trackpad on a sidekick! then i would buy another one!!! HAHAHHA (::::

    • Ann

      You say trackpads don’t rock, yet you’d buy another Sidekick if they put a trackpad on it? Look, the trackpad is worlds better than any device w/ a trackball I’ve owned. Just suck it up, get a 9700, & feel the magic.

  • Henry

    so wait wait wait, the 8900 has reached the “end of its life cycle” and yet Tmo is still selling the 8120 and 8820? Um, wat?

  • Sid

    I put os 5 on my bb8900 and it runs faster than b 4. Dont listen to all the people bad mouthing the 8900, its still a great phone and if you compare the specs of the 8900 to a 9700 the difference really isnt that big or noticeable in real word usage. Especially after you put 5.0 on the 8900, but the trackpad is nice. But because both devices are so similar it deosnt make any sense to continue selling the 8900

  • Happy Feet

    RIP 8900!

    Poor thing. My phone won’t have anymore brothers & sisters. Oh well. I love my 8900 BB. My 1st one had an accident and I brought another one instead of the myTouch. Hopefully BB comes out with another great phone soon.

  • Android

    ufff thank god they got rid of that horrible phone! I have been a Sidekick user for 4 years, and then the first day the BB 8900 came out, i had to get it…………….WORSE MISTAKE of my life! The 2nd day i got the phone i was bored and tired of it already, luckily i was still under buyers remorse. So i FLEW to T-Mobile and got myself a G1. Havent regretted it since………….except now because i want the Nexus One. Lmfaooo.

    BYEEE 8900, you wont be missed :)

  • Blacksheep427

    I’ve got the 8900, only had it for about a year. It was tmo’s top BB at that time. I’ve been a faithful BB owner for most of the 5 + years I’ve been with tmo. And I still have the 8320 the 8900 replaced. If I were to stay with a BB, I’d be planning to move up to the 9700. Note, I said if. I’m getting an HTC HD2 as soon as I can. Sorry, BB, I can’t wait for the browser, etc. to improve. Just to be perfectly clear, I do like the 8900. But the game changed when HD2 and other power phones start rolling out. Oh, and another thing, I want 3G. Yeah, I know, 9700 has it. Again, sorry BB, it’s time for me to move on. [ ;( a moment of silence for 8900]