Universal Chargers Are Coming

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Let me tell you, the most frustrating thing in the world is trying to find the right charger when you need one.  Well, T-Mobile is planning on making it a little easier as phones begin to change.  In case you didn’t know, the CTIA wireless association decided that phone chargers should be standardized, probably because they were sick of finding the right charger too (plus standardization is awesome).  Starting today, April 19th, 522 T-Mobile stores will be keeping the standardized micro USB chargers in stock as a universal charger, to help get rid of repetitive SKUs.  Remaining stores will receive inventory in the future.  T-Mobile will be offering a wall charger and car charger for $29.99 each, or a 2-in-1 charger for $39.99.  Yay for keeping up with the times.


  • mike

    tmobile has sold these for a while…

  • Holy Cow

    “wall charger and car charger for $29.99 each, or a 2-in-1 charger for $39.99.”

    LOL, nice little profit there. Can find the 2 in 1’s for $15 on the web.

  • Michael

    Duh! Taiwan did this many years ago with Mini USB.

  • Ryan

    meritline.com I think it’s < $5 and shipped free

  • Laz

    Has anyone tried the wireless chargers?

  • TJ

    I applaud the standardization for phones. Now I will only need two: universal and Apple. Wish someone would make or point me to a microUSB to Apple 30pin.

  • DayJob

    But the question is, do they mean mini usb like I read about and seen pictures on, or do they mean micro (the actual micro one is the one motorolla uses vs. the mini which is on blackberry’s)?

  • mikeeeee

    silly question time.

    are we talking motorola/HTC size or blackberry size?


  • Dougisdumb


    Your G1 contains a micro usb port (GASP)….look a little harder next time you moron.

    • Davidohio

      um…Doug, he said ALMOST all android phones, NOT all android phones.

    • DayJob

      The G1 contains a different HTC like port which also works with mini usb, not micro. Micro is common on Motorola Android devices.

    • Jester

      Yes, the G1, MyTouch, and the old Wing all used that weird HTC port, which was about the same size as Mini USB (the G1 USB cable was HTC while the charger was mini-usb), where newer devices like the Cliq and HD2 use the Micro-USB

      • ReadingGood

        Jesus H Fucking Christ Jester, you’re the FIRST person to get it right here. Someone send this guy some cookies.

        For all intents and purposes, people stop saying the G1 ISN’T Mini-USB cause it even though shaped differently, its totally compatible with Mini-USB.

        That odd shaped hole in the G1 is NOT MICRO-USB… Micro is what is on the HD2, like Jester said.

        And yes I know because I have BOTH phones!!! So don’t challenge me.

    • xDeToXx

      Actually, YOU are the idiot. The G1 and the MT3G both use MINI USB plugs, like those found on blackberries. MicroUSB is the one used on the Nexus, and the HD2. Research a little before you start calling people idiots. Jackass.

      • ReadingGood

        Yes, i want to give you cookies too for getting it right as well. Thansk xDetoxx… hey, you gonna ask Dr Dre when he’s going to release you by the way?

    • xDeToXx

      Actually, YOU are the moron in this case. The G1 and the MT3G both use a proprietary cord, but can be charged using a MINI USB, like on most blackberries. A *MICRO* USB is used in the Nexus One and HD2, among other phones. Next time do just a couple seconds of research before calling someone a moron.

  • pdxduckfan

    I read about this a year ago. They are concerned with the waste/landfill situation. Need a new charger/car charger every time you change phones. Apple said it would not comply……Apple sucks!

  • Matlock

    Yeah we got those chargers in at my store, they are pretty convenient!

  • Davidohio

    Really, $30 or $40?,? that is way to much. i found them on the wed for $5 to $15 at the most, but then again, profit is king i will be getting mine on the web, not from T-mobile..

    • Davidohioisacheapskate

      Good for you…and when it fries your battery, or better yet, your phone…you’ll whine about it here!

      • WXman

        Actually, he’s right. $30 for one of these chargers is NUTS. stores online sell these for literally less than $10 bucks all day every day and I have NEVER had a single issue with them. Don’t let the TMo stores rip you off and take advantage of you. Buy the same charger online at a place like cellphoneshop.com and save the cash for a dinner date with your girl.

  • tmorep

    markup is so high cuz of the huge loss tmo takes on all phones… even some at full retail are still a loss for tmo…. they way i see it, if a customer doesnt feel like shopping around for a better bargain, dont come to complain at our stores….

  • mmafighter077

    Wow I got that $39.99 dual charger for 3.99 free shipping as a deal from a website. t-mobile is robbing people.

  • Cody

    Wow, how is the iPhone going to work if the standard is going to be Micro USB?

    • ReadingGood

      Please… its Apple: Sell an additional accecsory to convert the pin connector to Micro USB… Im placing a bet on an MSRP of $15 right now, who wants to take it?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wow, flaming over micro versu mini USB ports. Who would think name calling could develop over that dinky little port. Well, I certainly enjoyed the entertainment. Made an otherwise boring article quite interesting.

    The move to standardized chargers is being pushed on a worldwide basis. IMHO it’s due to environmental concerns, as another said in here. I agree that there is simply too much electronic waste, especially in the U.S. where even the poor have electronic this, electronic that.

    As of January 2009 Micro-USB has been accepted by almost all cell phone manufacturers as the standard charging port in the EU and most of the world. Guess what, Apple is included on the list. Those agreeing to standardization include Apple, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and RIM.

    Worldwide conversion to the new cellphone charging standard is expected to be completed between 2010 to 2012.

    If you want to fill your head with knowledge about this issue, read this short 22 page article:


    As to the now-controversial on TMoNews USB port on HTC devices, yes HTC manufactures certain Windows Mobile and Android-based handsets that have a proprietary connector called “HTC ExtUSB” (Extended USB). The connector combines mini-USB (that’s why it’s backwards-compatible) with audio input as well as audio and video output in an 11-pin connector.

    This proprietary port has more pins than a mini-USB port which is why HTC can run video through it.

    My Touch Pro2 can be added to the list of HTC devices that had this port. (And I could run a TV Out cable from it.)

  • Hurlamania

    this plan was approved a long time ago. before the N97 came out it

  • Damia

    Not a tech savy person like all that are here but I just wanted to add that I’m glad the HTC HD2 is compatible with the Blackberry’s charger (not sure if its all the phone but I’ve tried the chargers from the Curve 8520, Curve 8900 and the Bold 9000).

  • For $3.99 (free shipping) you can get one of these 11-in-1 Universal USB Charger Kits at Meritline …

    www . meritline . com / universal-usb-charger-kit—p-39090.aspx

  • raygles

    HAHAHA this is hilarious!!! Who goes to Best Buy your telling me that T-mobile is ripping people off well the other day i found the exact same tv in best buy as online. Well the end result was best buy was almost 2 times higher. Take a walk in Verizon store once they are the same there. T-mobile is not ripping anyone off they build value and when your in a store and need a charger. BAM here you go here is a car charger for 29.99 people don’t argue why because the rep built value as well as a convienince factor.

  • ReadingGood


    I got THREE Micro-USB cables for $3 each, no shipping, brand new, off ebay, to my mailbox within 5 days. CompUSA wants $15 for ONE Micro-USB cable. What’s the price for a MICRO-Usb cable at T-mo?

    You’re right, you pay for convenience since its right there and you can take it home with you, but it is indeed a HUGE rip off.

    • chasejones8

      I feel the same way. I found some MicroUSB on eBay for <$3 shipped. I would rather wait 5 days than go to best buy and spend $15 on a convertible mini/micro cable or $15 at walmart and get one of those cheap-o off brand chargers that short out in three weeks.

  • eemaan

    i want to knw if sidesick lx 2009 have universal charger cz i travel alot

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