Drop Sprint, Get Paid


Starting April 23rd through April 26th, Sprint customers who port in their Wireless number to T-Mobile at a Costco/Wireless Advocates or Car Toys location may be eligible for a $35 bill credit.  This port-in credit is in addition to the activation fee waiver Costco members receive as part of their membership benefit.  This offer is available only to Sprint customers who port-in their numbers to T-Mobile.  Remember, the offer is only valid in Wireless Advocates (Costco) and Car Toys locations.  Additionally, a new 2-year service agreement is required.  Bill credits will post within three bill cycles.  This promotion is not available to Puerto Rican residents,  FlexPay annual/monthly subscribers, employees, special dealers, accounts that have an Activation Fee waivers and upgrades.

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  • Laz

    This may lure average customers, but no phone geek is going to leave the EVO for the MyTouch Slide! There has not been a confirmed high-end phone on TMO yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating, I am a Verizon Blackberry customer with 4 lines who is waiting on something firm to switch to TMO.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Huh? No kidding.

      The “average customer” is the target of this promotion, you know… the kind of people who shop at CostCo (I love the place).

      And also the kind of people who would consider switching carriers for $35. You know, the kind of people who shop on a budget, once again, the CostCo customer.

      Seems a well-planned gimmick to me.

      It is not targeted to “phone geeks,” you know… people who would buy the EVO and those not impressed with a $35 savings.

      • Laz

        I am too a Costco member and can tell you that they do offer a bargin for folks who don’t require the latest and greatest. I just am pointing out that this promo will be for the masses and not the few who go onto sites like these and others. As I stated above the reason I have a rooting interest in TMO, is I was once a customer who is looking to return for the cost savings as you current customers enjoy now. I like you am a phone geek who gets down knowing that TMO does not offer phones who cater to us. I have not hated on TMO and hope for the both of us that they will release a phone that we all can brag about…

  • chris

    No confirmed high end phones? What the hell is the nexus one and hd2 then? Black Berry sure isn’t a high end phone. Its service provider is expected to crash permonantly in the very near future.

    • Laz

      @ Chris, no need to get to worked up. I thought about the N1 until Google said it would not look further into the 3G issue. As for the HD2, I am not a fan of WM and am ok with a structured OS that allows me to do the functions I need. Aside from the current crop (which the N1 is not) I do not find anything to my liking. I never stated that Blackberry is a high-end phone, but it works for what I need it to do. I was once a TMO customer and hope to return once they drop a phone that my family and I like. What works for me may not for you!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Laz… Chris was not getting worked up, it’s that your statement did not make much sense, commenting that this promo won’t attract EVO buyers.

        Matter of fact, I would venture to guess that the sales reps at CostCo don’t sell many high end phones to CostCo shoppers. The big movers are any phones $200 and under, I suspect.

        Just curious, if you are not a T-Mobile customer, what are you doing on a T-Mobile fan site?

    • 2FR35H


      Nexus isn’t exactly ON t-mobile its sold by google online that just happens to work for T-Mobile more so and other carriers. and HD2 is High end with horrible software. I do believe laz means HIGH end exclusive android phone if im not mistaken or just high end android phone.


        I love the software on the HD2. And I know I’m not the only one.

      • 2FR35H

        @Phone freak

        Sure, but you are one of the few who do. but your pretty much stuck with 6.5 WinMo

  • Tar Tar


    The Nexus One has proven to be a pain the butt to get at a lower price and for anyone with a family plan. It’s either $500 or get locked in the even more plan with $80/per month. Sure you can cancel that plan after 120 days, but you’ve already paid for the phone because of the monthly plan plus the subsidized price. A Tmo rep told me they screwed themselves as far as the selling point goes.

    The HD2 is winmo and not upgradable to windows phone 7 without a hack. Did I mention it’s winmo?

    There are no high end phones confirmed, however, they will have the Dell Streak soon.

  • Roger

    Maybe Tmobile should also worry about its existing customers. For example I am one of the many for whom UMA is critical. I get no reception at my desk so killing UMA would force me to another carrier. (It hasn’t been killed yet but things certainly seem to be heading that way.)

    Similarly my Blackberry Flip recently decided that it would no longer switch on Bluetooth. This is a fairly common problem if you look through forums and the only fix is to get a replacement phone. If you happen to be just past warranty (as these things inevitably happen) then Tmobile has no sympathy. We have two lines with Flips and have been through 5 of the phones (2 original, 2 through warranty, 1 not). Again on the various forums this is not uncommon. Additionally they have numerous bugs but because Blackberry does firmware updates through the carriers, we’ve been stuck on an ancient version of the firmware.

    It will take very little to get me on another carrier.

    • watbetch

      and in other news, the sky is falling.

      • watbetch

        Also T-Mobile offers the extended warranty.. consider it next time. I know this is a shocker because you have a distaste for T-Mobile but other carriers have phones that are dogs. Like the Samsung Rant on Sprint or the Motorola Rival on Verizon or the LG Neon on AT&T.

      • mad dog

        Where have u been dude? You haven’t been posting lately.

      • watbetch


    • Tito

      Heading that way? Hardly. What basis do you have for that statement? The fact that they’re not accepting new Wi-Fi home phone customers? (Whatever name they want to give to the service these days.. it’s changed so frequently)

      Getting your home phone through Wi-Fi (a la Vonage) and UMA are 2 completely separate beasts that just happen to share data delivery over the internet.

      It would be like comparing a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and a school bus. Yes they both have an engine to generate power and roll on the same roads. That’s about where the comparison stops. Just because Mitsubishi doesn’t make school buses doesn’t mean they’re going to discontinue their high-end much-desired sportscar.

      • Roger

        You used to be able to search for phones that supported the functionality, but that was removed last year. It appears to have come back again recently but the only phones with it are some Blackberries. Previously there were several models from different manufacturers.

        As for extended warranties, they would have cost *far* more than new phones, ETF etc. (My phones are all in immaculate condition.) But warranties should not be the solution to lemons. Note how cars etc have recalls.

      • watbetch

        $1.99? For 24 months? Really? Do the math here.. $48 for warranty throughout your entire contract.. explain to me how that’s far more than the cost of a new phone or blackberry for that matter?

        Problematic doesn’t equal “Recall”. That’s so ignorant, I hear that from so many people.. unless your car is a danger to yourself or the environment it’s not going to be recalled no matter how many times you have to bring it in for irregular tire wear or warped rotors.. get real.

  • watbetch

    The port-in credit needs to be huge. Like ETF-sized and spread out over 6 months.

  • 30014

    My brother has the $69.99 unlimited mobile to mobile plan with sprint that includes unlimited text and data as well as 450 monthly minutes for land line calling. I don’t think tmo is offering anything as far as phones or plans to make him switch. He’s a phone junky like me and keeps talking about how awesome the evo will be and I don’t have any kind of comeback on tmo’s part because I know of nothing that tmo has in the pipeline that will compete with it. Hopefully something is coming though.

    • john

      It’s funny you mention that lie of a plan that only includes basic phone or feature phone data, android bb or winmo data costs an extra $20 premium, now we’re at an $89.99 price point for 450 minutes…man, I don’t know if I can justify that instead of having unlimited ulo w/text and data for $85 with tmo.

      • 30014

        Wow, you have no idea what you’re talking about asshole. My brother is rocking the htc hero. The 450 minutes are for landline calling only not your total minutes. What part of unlimited mobile to mobile don’t you understand? I feel sorry for your mother.

    • lensovet

      hm let’s see, how about the EM+ 500 plan, which is $60/month, 500 anytime minutes, unlimited n/w, m2m, messaging, and data, and hey, also no contract! nifty.

      • 2FR35H


        you so just got owned by lensovet

      • 30014

        The difference between sprint m2m and tmobile m2m is that with sprint it includes mobile lines on any network while tmobile is good only to callers within its own network. One more thing while you are paying full price for your phone my brother gets his subsidized with an awesome plan. Now tell me how I owned again. 2FR35H you are one to talk about getting owned, you’ve been getting pounded in the ass lately in the comments.

      • mad dog

        All of u need to shut up, none of u know what you’re talking about. 2fr35h u sound the childish out of the lot.

      • 30014

        You’re right 2fr35h does sound like a kid with the whole “u got owned”. But since you called me out as well, I have two words for u “piss off” and stop being a ass wipe.

        • David

          How about both of you stop…its that simple, stop.

      • watbetch

        $80 unlimited for the 5230 smartphone.

    • 2FR35H

      Sprints service suxx

  • Tito

    I’m surprised no one has asked…

    Why only Sprint customers?

    • joel

      If I were to wager a guess, I’d say it’s because T-Mobile is only doing “direct-attack” promos like this on the carrier that they’re anywhere close to in terms of subscriber base. Can you imagine going after the carriers that have nearly triple the customers and are known for attack campaigns? Seems wiser to go after Sprint to me ;)

    • 2FR35H

      Possibly due to the Evo 4G debuting soon.

  • 30014

    That’s the question of the day.

  • Tim

    I used to work for TMo Corporate as a sale rep, and now have SPRINT service. Why is TMo going after SPRINT customers? Why not V or T? TMo is not cheaper than SPRINT if you have a smart phone. I don’t get it, really someone sell me on this.

    • 30014

      Finally someone than realizes sprint has better plans. Before some smart ass asks I’m still with tmo because of the cs.

      • bakgwailo

        I dunno, I have 70 a month (plus taxes/fees/bleh) for unlimited minutes + unlimited data (about 4mbps/.8mbps over here) and 400 messages. Really never say anyone beat that :)

    • 2FR35H

      Feature for feature T-Mobile is better and cheaper than Sprint! By years end HSPA+ will be at least 21mbps a lot faster than Sprint’s 4G.

      • mad dog

        True, but to the average person 4g will always appear to be a step up from 3g. Tmobile had better cross their t’s and dot their i’s when they start pushing the upgraded network. They really need to hammer the point that their network will be faster than the current 4g offering.

  • greg

    I’m going to quit TMO, AS there 3g sucks. I will switch to SPRINT with they get their new android phone

  • Alex

    Instead of wasting money on promos, why not just lock up the dell streak, samsung galaxy with the kb(!), and the motoroi?!! That trio would drive serious business!

    • T-Swag

      What is a “kb”?????

      • john

        keyboard bud.

  • vib

    just gets us the phones tmobile screw the promo unless there is one to get into a samsung galaxy s for free

  • Andy

    Fck sprint and there fake 4 g network

  • podstolom

    I can’t believe how little it takes to start a squabble-fest on these forums over a $35 dollar Costco promo that’s ending tomorrow. Gawd, it’s just too funny.

    And to think I actually spent my time reading this whole thread. LOL. Pathetic.

  • Danny

    Since this is only offered by participating authorized dealers and ONLY for three days (April 23rd to 26th) and not something T-Mobile is advertising it’s really meant only as a sales closing tool.

    If the sales rep is about to snare in a customer who happens to be on Sprint he can throw out the “hey I’m going to give you a $35 just because I love you,” to make the customer feel special.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I agree with you. For the CostCo customer sitting on the fence, and in the these bad times, $35 to cinch the deal is a good move.

      I suspect that T-Mobile found out that enough customers at CostCo debate between Sprint and T-Mobile because of plan pricing (and not phone model). So those shopping for the best deal will go with T-Mobile because of that $35 deal sweetener.

      Heck, look at these boards. When speculating about upcoming phone prices people post they will not buy a phone if it’s $50 more than what they think it should sell for.

      So considering the average CostCo shopper is inside the store to look for deals and value, I suspect most fence sitters (those deciding between Sprint or T-Mobile) $35 is a lot of money.

  • elvis

    lol i like how the article says, “is not available to, Puerto Rican subscribers”. I wounder if you could lie and say your not a Puerto Rican?


    First off SPRINT does suck. UNLIMITED EVERYTHING FOR 79.99 talking to any network text photo video and yes even unlimited to landlines (this includes the internet for smartphones). On top of that, that sprint 69.99 plan will lock you in to a contract for 2 years. I feel sorry for the assholes that will be stuck paying that company for that long. On top of that tmo’s phones are no contract too. so for an extra 10 bucks tmobile is a hell of a better deal. As far as this EVO 4G, watch out sprint fags, TMobile has a trick up their sleeve before years end. HINT: our 3G will be as fast as your dumbass “OMG 4G”

    p.s. dan hess and steve jobs can blow me (just thought i’d throw stevie in here).

    • 2FR35H


      Careful what you wish for lol dan hess and steve jobs might just pull through on that offer lmao!

  • TheBest

    Whomever said Sprint plans are better than TMO’s is simply retarded. $85 for 450 min? And I don’t care if their M2M includes all mobile devices. TMO’s unlimited everything plan for $79 easily rapes that stupid sprint plan.

    • Creighton

      Tmobile does not give you unlimited data at that price. After discount with sprint im paying just over 60 bucks on the everything data plan which is way better & at least for me 450 landline mins is plenty and for 5 bucks more you can add another 100 when needed.

      • watbetch

        That plan does give you data on everything but the smartphones.

      • watbetch

        Excluding the 5230 which is eligible for the $10 plan

  • Puerto RIcan Subscriber

    You may want to rephrase the “Puerto Rican Subscribers” part of this article to “subscribers in Puerto Rico”, just makes it seem like a whole race cannot get this offer.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Um, $35, wow… And in that Same month, Tmobile has snatched that $35 back for whatever bill you’re getting and now you’re with Tmobile and you end up paying them in the long run. Great Promo. NOT. :(

  • Creighton

    Had Tmo for 6 years with there spotty coverage which only got worse when I moved with Sprint now and couldnt be happier they give you more for your money then Tmobile and have better coverage!

    • watbetch

      You probably had a Samsung

  • Brandon

    I’m a former customer of Tmobile, and even though they do have good customer service, their coverage isn’t the best. I think if they get coverage in places where there isn’t any (especially in certain buildings and houses) and get really good high end phones, they would most likely get more customers. Tmobile isn’t a bad company, they just need 2 work more harder on their network like Verizon and AT&T