Blackberry 6 Briefly Shown Off

Are you looking to see the next iteration of the Blackberry platform?  The Blackberry Symposium, WES 2010 currently taking place in Orlando, Florida, saw the keynote this morning from the co-CEO of RIM.  It was a fast-moving video and did not really show off all the changes we assume are coming in the forthcoming Blackberry 6 platform.  With new devices on the horizon, Blackberry is surely hoping to retain its position in the smartphone wars.  Of course, the upcoming webkit-based browser should help tremendously as a major pitfall for any Blackberry power user has often involved the notoriously weak browser.

Engadget via BlackBerry (YouTube)


  • joemarine23

    Its about time Blackberry!

  • nell_z

    This was nice when iPhone OS 3.0 and Android 1.6 were around. Now that Android 2.2 and iPhone 4.0 are around the corner, plus Windows Phone 7 coming and Palm getting their act together with WebOS, Blackberry 6 APPEARS to be a little lackluster. I could be wrong though.

    • Laz

      The thing with BB, it is still a business tool. My company only supports BB so I will not carry two phones in order to get my work emails.

      Is BB lagging on the consumer side, yes a bit but it is making strides to improve this but it is still primarily a business phone. My only complain along with other BB users is the browser and the 6 OS looks to improve this. I can’t wait…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on Laz. My feelings exactly. I had the 9700 and sent it back. Keyboard was too small, display was way too small (used to at least Touch Pro2 size now, and I have an HD2) and the OS on RIM is lacking.

        I think they are heading in the right direction. If RIM wants to keep the consumer users they gained with the Pearl they are going to need a 4″ slider with a great browser and emphasis on social interaction on the home page.

        When RIM gets those things I will go back to them because I like its office uses.

        Just sayin.

  • Laz

    I sure hope that TMO will soon offer either a slider or touch screen (Storm2) BB this summer or fall with the new 6 OS. I know that the 9700 is great but I have always had the traditional candy bar form (Pearl, Curve, Tour) and am looking to play with a BB touchscreen/slider…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I heard in my travels that RIM is fully aware that it needs to compete with the now-popular 4″+ touchscreen and slider smartphones. As revolutionary as the Pearl was when it debuted in 2006 (we bought two) in 2010 they need something just as exciting as the Pearl was in Sept. 06.

      In Sept.-Oct. they are supposed to come out with just such devices.

  • This is definitely an improvement from the Blackberrys of the past. I really would love to see a Blackberry device with a keyboard AND touchscreen (not a slide out keyboard, but just like the 9700 but with the ability of touchscreen as well).

    I have never been a fan of BB but I am interested to see what line of phones they come out with with this new platform…

    All in all, I’m happy to see companies making the effort to move forward

    • Brent

      Yeah, I would love a Palm Pixi style Blackberry, one that is top of the line specs wise of course.

  • There is a new BB slider touch coming out that’s concept is like the palm pre, looks as classy as the bold 9700 (imo is the slickest phone in the looks dept). Seems as it is compact like the pre and bold but just uses the front realistate for what i think is a 3.2in touch screen?
    If that model comes out running 6.0, that will def be in the top 5 smartphones as is the bold 9700 on
    Come on Big B and show us some new love!

  • JMTS80

    In my opinion it is too little too late

  • Acsteffy87

    It pisses me off that they just show people dancing around touching a screen when most Blackberry devices aren’t touchscreen. Show us how it’s going to look on the majority of your devices, you know, the ones with qwerty keyboards.

  • NiiDiddy

    I like this. It might get cleaned up pretty good before it comes out. Something to look forward to.

  • Scritz McGritz

    Yeah, lets take os #5 and make it prettier. Blackberry’s works for business people and people who want to pretend they are business people. Plain and simple it is not a consumer phone.

  • 30014

    As a former crackberry addict its good to see RIM finally start addressing some of their flaws, but I don’t think it’s enough to get me back.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Will this fix the weekly outages?? No. By the way screens on Blackberry’s are too small except the storm.

  • gadget guru

    I think the best thin going for RIM is that Palm is ON SALE. Put the Palm WEBOS on Blackberry with Email Infrastructure this thing can complete with Iphone and Andriod. Without Palm/iphone/Andriod like OS Blackberry has no chance. Nokia or RIM should buy out Palm. Sorry, whom I am speaking to…both the CEO’s of NOkia and RIM are arrogant and egoistic and of course the management as well.

    Good luck RIM and Nokia looks like both are going to sail away, sail away in the sunset in next decade unless they come up with something dramatic. Microsoft is making dramatic moves and have secured the third place spot pretty solid after Apple and Google’s Andriod.

    • Strider78

      gadget guru, i couldn’t agree w/you more. I bought a Pearl 8100 & haven’t upgraded yet b/c I’ve been waiting for something compelling w/touch or for at least the Storm 2 to come to Tmo b/c I hate Verizon. It seems to me that RIM is interested in being like the bloated GM of the smartphone market. I remember buying the 8100 at the time of its release due to in part to it being the first consumer targeted BB & hadn’t had a cell phone for years before I bought it. I didn’t do much research and realized how limited it was & the lack of support from RIM & Tmo w/their device software updates (which I circumvented via forums & by getting other carriers’ updates to the phone). I believe they both collude to motivate consumers to continually update their phones, when in most cases the software can be improved. However whenever they do update their phones, they do so w/laughable specs. I perceive you’re right about the CEO of RIM, although I can’t speak about Nokia’s since I don’t know much about them, but even they have a phone like the N900 which, if I am correct, has at least an 800mhz cpu & Maemo OS which is supposedly an open source OS & has the first release of Firefox mobile I believe. Those specs seem much more powerful than anything RIM currently has. It doesn’t even seem they are interested in acquiring Palm for Web OS which many argue seems to be the most promising of OS interfaces out there. I’m sure it wouldn’t cost them much, but continuing down the course they seem to be heading down may eventually cost them more sooner rather than later. They may be # 1 or 2 in worldwide sales currently but that can quickly change especially if Verizon gets the Iphone & Android continues to get more agreeable specs.

  • gadgetguru

    Update on my comment above: Latest News:- HP Buys out Palm. I knew that someone is going to make a bold move for Palm as the WebOS from Palm is the most promising OS out there after Apple. I am so disappointed in RIM and Nokia that they just sat on this thing and did not make a move. HP bought Palm dirt cheap for$1.2 Billion. Guess what folks, HP Cells phones and Tablets are coming near you by end of this year.
    If HP Slate takes on Palm WebOS this is going to rock Apple iPad world because it would be the best ipad/tablet out there despite Apple’s iPad popularity. Remember Palm WebOS is very close to Apple’s Experience and does lot of things better than Apple OS. Steve Jobs must be sweating in his pants because like Apple, HP also have access to lots of readily available CASH and manufacturing strength. Folks remember this day April 28, 2010, HP has just taken a giant leap in the Mobile World. HP touch phones coming near you very soon. Given there strength in Corporate World and Govt Contracts watch for RIM like devices with touch screen running WebOS is going to make a tough competition for RIM. Remember HP also has a Email Push/Pull technology that can compete directly with RIM. We have new Boss in town – HP. Good Luck to HP (welcome to Ultimate Mobile Wrestling Match) and also we wish all the luck to Nokia and RIM who did not bid for Palm. GAME ON!!!

    • David

      Ummm no. Hell no. Steve Jobs sweating in his pants? Really? Come on.

      • gadgetguru

        I think you must be vacationing in the Bahamas since last 12 months. Steve Jobs can now see Google now in his rear view mirror and is about to turn his face anything in next six months and will find Google in the side view mirror. You must give up those margaritas and start drinking some caffeine.

  • Blargables

    umm… it got ruined with bad dancing