Hands On With T-Mobile Sense UI

Those folks over at XDA always manage to come through with porting ROM’s over to phones that they simply should not be running on.  This time they successfully managed to port the upcoming MyTouch Slide ROM and move it over to both the G1 AND MyTouch 3G.  Taylor over at Androidandme is praising this move and seems more than impressed with the transition over to the older Android devices.  Of course, these ported ROMS are not without their difficulties as the non-working functions as of today are WiFi, Bluetooth, Browser and Gmail.  We suspect the XDA crew is on it and will have these features working in no time.  It’s always good to breathe new life into an old phone and we welcome these moves.

Hit the jump for one more vid!

Androidandme via XDA

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  • coolmen777

    I like the WM version of Sense a lot better. At least the fact that it is more graphical and pretty. But it is improvement for an Android to help newbies and overall UI.

  • I like this sense, its different from the rest of them…..ans we got it first…gotta love tmobile..

  • JMTS80

    Wow it looks nice, I am pretty impressed! I just hope all those apps and widgets don’t slow the phone down too much.

  • Trill

    Those apps and widgets won’t slow down the phone and the rom is alpha plus this is kind of old since wifi and a few other things have been addressed. Browser, Gmail, and video are the main things.I ran the first release of the ROM by Firerate which was smooth on my G1 although its probably due to the swap partition.

  • Trill

    If you look at the date you will see its a few days old but I’m thinking of doing a more recent video.

  • NiiDiddy

    Love it!!

  • jp2dj1

    Extreamly nice rom! I flashed it on by g1 and I can wait until they fix the: INTERNET, camera, and the blue animation sun! Then I’ll say bye bye hero!!! Screw than I’ll buy the mytouch slide…… I think….. so……….

  • jshin

    gota love XDA, sadly my wife dropped the g1 we had in the toilet. Now she has my tp2 and I have the HD2, both running Energy rom.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh no, tell me what’s your secret in dealing with the pain. LOL. I mean the Touch Pro2 and HD2 are my two favorite phones and I gladly passed on the G1 to my GF when the Touch Pro2 arrived last August.

      How old was the G1? Ours is from January 2009 so it’s ready to be replaced (hopefully with the Galaxy S).

  • Tim

    This Sense UI looks kinda silly to me. Why can’t they just put the desire sense on it? Why T-Mobile?

  • TmoRepInAl

    This guy is an idiot. “100% you” was a motto that was started when the original MT3G came out.. and the sidekick has been garbage for a some time now. It hasnt been popular since snoop dogg and paris hilton were doing the commercials…

    • kathi17

      Chris isn’t an idiot. He made this video to show the MyTouch Slide software running on the G1 and MT3G. Many of us don’t want to leave T-Mobile for another carrier, and we also don’t want to leave Android. Until T-Mobile comes out with a kickass Android phone like the Evo or the Incredible, we like to try new ROMs to keep our phones running the latest and greatest.

      I think the video is very cool, and can’t wait until the rest of the bugs are worked out!

  • Heezy

    I have the desire rom on my Nexus One, and I have the espresso rom loaded on a Sprint Hero, the differences for all the people complaining about the mytouch slide not having the desire rom, are negligible. In fact, the espresso rom has certain benefits over the desire rom, one being the ability to reorder your myfaves contacts, if you see the myfaves implemention on the espresso rom you will be impressed. And I’m running this on a Sprint Hero! Speed should not be a problem for the mytouch slide.

  • FILA

    I HATE Sense and any other UI overtop standard Android. I dont know, call me original or what, but I just liek the plain look and feel of simple Android with no UI on top. The things HTC does do WM6.5 and below is very nice, I like that, but UI’s on Android, no. It seems like more and more phones are gettin UI’s, I hope the next big Android phone by HTC to get released on T will be stock Android!

    • Ruth

      I’m having trouble understanding Tom, dig, but I agree!!

  • andrew

    is the cpu on the mytouch slide better then the snapdragon cpu

    • Mooch


    • Chris

      Better? The Slide isn’t even comparable dude! This phone is such a waste of money. Except for the N1, Android pretty much left T-Mobile in the dust for bigger and better things.

  • Kerry

    I like the UI and I didn’t expect to. I think I’ll get one of these when it comes out; at least I can retire my tired old G1. If something with a 1GHz comes out to TMO I’ll sell my ‘Slide and move onto better and faster things.

  • Hello everyone!

    To that one douchebag up top (@TmoRepInAl): Yes, I know “100% You” is the motto T-Mobile has been pushing with their Mytouch’s and this one takes that motto to a whole new level. With the ability to change or make your own custom themes, I think its implemented a whole lot better than on stock Android (Mytouch3G).
    That’s what I was trying to say. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in the video.

    I know there are some vanilla Android peoples and Sense UI people’s. I’ve always been a Sense guy myself. I like the nice shiny “skin” over everything and even the functionality of having some of the Sense apps.

    I love HTC.
    I love Android.
    I love you.


    • tato22

      hows the aim app if they trying to make this the new sidekick take over then it has to have a good yahoo aim and msn if not u cant compare

      • Trill

        They have improved aim in a lot of ways and its almost perfect but not sure if messages still count as text and they still dont allow icons but other than that its perfect.

      • tato22

        cool i have not used aim fromt mobile in a long time am still using hello im from the market to me is the best even the aol aim in the market sucks

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Hey Chris… don’t let that idiot bother you. TMoNews is where the petulant, immature Android trolls hang out.

      They even talk smack and diss the TMoNews site owner, right to his face in comments.

      Pretty much every comment they post talks about Android, lack of and criticizing anything and everything T-Mobile does.

      They are mostly an ignorant lot. You can detect who they are by the fact that their posts contain horrible grammar and many misspellings (and they echo the same comments no matter the story or thread).

      • claudio

        I think they are all Tmo reps..They go out to defend Tmo, watch out some of them even come out of the screen to strangle you….lol

  • Mooch

    The Galaxy S has a 1ghz snapdragon. Why not just wait for that?

    • Erick

      because its a samsung.

      • Mooch

        Well you just wanna have it all, don’t you? LOL :P

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The Galaxy S is the T-Mobile Android device I am looking forward to, albeit we might get the Slide because it has a keyboard. Besides, it has a 3.5″ display which is almost the same size as my Touch Pro2 display was (3.6″).

      That’s a good sized display my girlfriend’s use, who is using the G1 currently.

      As to power, my GF is the typical smartphone user… I have to force her to reboot her phone every 30 days or she will go 90 days if she can. :( So the mid-range MySlide is perfect for her.

      But I like the Samsung GS. Oh well, maybe I will break precedent and let her decide which phone she likes. LOL.

      • ItsMikeNotMichael

        Can you send a link to the FCC test for the 1700mhz Galaxy S?

    • Kerry

      Indications are that Samsung has ditched Google for Yahoo… I’m not sure how that will work out. However I’m at a point where I need more space and more memory on my phone. 1.6 is working slow on my G1… I have a horrible lag when I try to jump between the browser and the home screen. Mind you I just got a replacement G1 a couple weeks ago (my 4th, btw).

      The ‘Slide isn’t perfect, but its time for a change. We don’t know what we will get with the Samsung phone or when we might get it.

  • bretttttt

    i was using this today on my g1, it flys! so this on a phone that has better specs. its going to be amazing.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for the comment. I might fool with this to freshen up my rooted G1 (that my GF is using). When we get the Galaxy S or Slide I can fool with the G1 more so that if I mess it up it’s no loss.

      Seems a great way to “update” the G1. In a few months the G1 will be two years old. Wow time flies.

  • jp2dj1

    Because the Samsung galaxy s will come to tmobile on THE YEAR OF THE RAT!!!!
    Further more I need physical keyboard like the Samsung galaxy pro!!!!!!

  • davidohio

    good video chris. Good stuff coming to these new devices. cant wait.

  • great video!

  • tomato

    @ Chris Chavez: Thanks for the demo !

    I still haven’t decided if I want to wait for the MyTouch Slide or just get the N1. I like the simplicity of stock android, plus I really like the live wallpapers ;) but no kb, so I don’t know.

    I can’t wait for the “official” reviews of this phone. Hopefully the geek press gets their hands on it pretty soon. I’ve been waiting for this phone since February when a TMo rep told me about it.

  • Oh wow. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! You guys are great! =D

    I’m pretty excited for the Slide as well. I’ve always been a fan of Sense and that was the whole reason I rooted my G1 (to put Sense on it).

    I still might get an N1 (for the development 1GHz CPU) but will use my 1 year upgrade for the Slide… Then I can have the best of both worlds! =)

    Again, thanks for watching my video! I’m glad some people appreciated it. =p


  • equisxx23

    ofcourse n1 over slide if u can get it…but just checkd they have alot of the issues fix from what im reading.