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Nokia 7376 headed our way

With T-mobile’s release of 3G, a lot of concern has surfaced regarding the lack of handsets that support T-mobile’s AWS 3G bands. Well add the 7376 to that short list of 3G enabled handsets. Sporting 1700/2100 IV, this baby should easily be able to pick up T-mobile’s UMTS, and in the future, HSDPA. Sightings of the 7376 have popped up on a few different site, such as … [read full article]

Refer your friends

Well so this week we have announced 3G (officially) but the last newest 3G carrier on the block has a little enticing offer up their sleeves. Starting tomorrow through June 30 T-mobile is offering a $50 referral fee. Show some love to the people you care about, or at the least the people you want to go mobile 2 mobile with. Either way is fine by us. Your next bill should have a little insert in it … [read full article]

3G is official now! (again)

T-mobile has cleared up all the garbage surrounding their 3G nyc launch last week. Nothing really earth shattering here, hsdpa devices on the way and officially clarify that data DOES work. Interestingly enough as you read through this, T-mobile doesn’t give any hints as to how many cities or how broad the rollout will be by years end. All that we get is “By year’s end, T-Mobile expects its high-speed data network will be available in those … [read full article]

Rumor mill: T-mobile to aquire Sprint?

As many of you have heard, there are a lot of rumors floating around that T-mobile, and big daddy Deutsche Telekom are looking to acquire Sprint. Key word in that sentence being RUMORS. We can credit this wave of rumors to the German newpaper Spiegel, who posted their article online. Click here to view the Spiegel article translated … [read full article]

UMTS? Psh, that's nothing!

After years of delays and assorted issues, T-mobile USA finally has rolled out 3G in New York City. We were told it would come out months ago. It didn’t. We were told it would be voice only. It wasn’t. We were told it will be UMTS data. It wont be. Wait, what?! Yep folks, T-mobile’s phase I of their 3G launch involves only UMTS data. However, it looks like plans are to do a little upgrading on … [read full article]

one MORE thing…

Price questions have been asked and has answered. I’ll let the price comparison do the walking and the talking this time around.

One more thing…

I suppose it would be helpful if we mentioned what phones are currently available and able to take advantage of the FULL Family 4-pack add-on features mentioned earlier? Of course, any myfaves phone will do for 3 of the 4, but if you want the unlimited minutes at home using the router, you’ll need one of their special UMA-enabled phones for each family member that wants those minutes. Currently available phones are: Nokia … [read full article]

Everyone loves unlimited!

Oh my faves, my faves how I love thee. Hey T-mobile fans, the commercials are running and we as always have the inside scoop. Starting May 14, you will be able to use your families myfaves as your own. Yup thats right, you have 4 members in your family thats 20 unlimited numbers for you. Guess what, now I can call all of my sisters friends all I want. Er I mean, call my sister whenever I … [read full article]

Flip Blackberry heading for T-mobile??

Our friends over at BoyGenius have gotten their hands on this little gem, the Blackberry KickStart. Blackberry really has caught up with the times and we can see the anticipation building for this superstar. Sporting a 2 MP camera, Video capture, and customizable skin (Sounds an awful like the Gekko we posted earlier), this one should be a winner. Of course on the “flip” side we have to remember what … [read full article]

Sidekick Gekko details and more!

We are getting a lot of people asking if the Sidekick Gekko will be a Limited Edition SK, or a be a completely new device. We’ve also been getting questions as to why T-mobile is releasing a Sidekick so soon after the LX came out. Well, we have answers to both these questions and more. First and foremost, the Sidekick Gekko is not a Limited Edition LX (See: Tony Hawk … [read full article]

3G 3G 3G!!!

Ok T-mobile fans, the big day has finally arrived. According this hofo thread the 3G services are up and running in the Big Apple. We want to hear your reports today on day 1 of T-mobile finally joining the ranks of 3rd generation services. Sound off in the comments about your experiences, good, bad, ugly or all of the above. Were we all duped, is data really available? While you guys let … [read full article]

Motorola W450 coming to T-mobile

Don’t everyone get excited about this phone at once! Wait a second…does anyone even care? Well we just bring you the news, and todays news (Besides that 3G thing nobody cares about) is that the Motorola W450 (AKA Salina) is headed to T-mobile. Scheduled to come out near the beginning of August, the W450 really doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking, earth-shattering, or new. With a 1.3 MP camera, no 3G, … [read full article]