C905 on its way to T-mobile?!


Well by no stretch of the imagination is this one firmly chalked up into the rumor column, but a source is a source. We’ve pegged a rumor down that currently hints at the C905 arrival to the big magenta sometime during the beginnings of summer. For all intents and  purposes, May seems to be the month most mentioned but we all know how release dates can be shifted without warning. 
Combine our source with an email we know is floating around straight from Sony Ericsson regarding the arrival of this device to US shores and we just have to wonder, and hope if T-mobile might be looking to make a grab for it. So for the moment, strictly in the rumor column, but if it comes to fruition, we told you so. 


  • uknowme…

    I am uncertain if T-Mobile will be getting the C905, but I know that T-Mobile is expecting a Sony Ericsson with a Sony Cybershot 5 Megapixel camera, a slider form factor, and 3G. I believe it is the C903 that T-Mobile is getting! Check it out online! It’s beautiful, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Brian

    you mean all intents and purposes, right?

  • rctennis3811

    It’s coming to AT&T, as the C905a has their 3G 850/1900 bands. In fact, it’s coming to Rogers in Canada too, since Rogers has the same 3G bands as AT&T.

    Also uknowme, the C903a has AT&T’s 3G bands, not T-Mobile’s.

  • wow hopefully t-mobile gets this phone. cause all my friends at work have at&t n verizon and they all high plans which there always complaining cause there all expensive. but they all have good looking phones like i-phones n lg dares etc.. and me on da other hand have t-mobile n have a cheap plan and a ugly crappy blackberry pearl. and my friends at work are always making fun of me cause i have a crappy phone. so if t-mobile got something like this my friends for once would be all like ” o mary for the first time u have a good looking phone like us and u have a cheap plan which is a plus gongrats! but yea nyways hopefully it comes out soon….

  • soviet

    either way i am glad that we r getting anything but motorola

  • foo

    it’s here it’s being tested for final release it’s an awesome little phone w/ 8.1meg camera 3G wifi gps hot hot hot i got to play with one recently

  • nanosp

    This would be awesome.. finally some truly great phones are on the way!

  • drivethruboy168

    I knew it! By the way… Any phone coming from europe is going to have AT&T’s 3G! They all have the same bands! It’s just we’re special and have a nice free 1700Mhz band frequency for us to use. I’ve known for quite some time that this is coming to T-Mobile! But I really want a good cam phone! The Memoir seems to do it for me, I’ll wait to see how this one is. I’ve only seen it in person once. It looks soooo nice! Can’t wait!

  • @drivethruboy I hope that’s sarcasm(3g bands)

    I’m hoping that this baby will pass the fcc rocking aws.

  • Some Dude

    Hmm, I swear I’ve heard this before….
    In the forums, circa October, from some wise man….. ;-)

  • AT&T-Mobile

    if tmobile does get this, you think later on in the future theyll get the Idou?

  • SK

    What is the operating system on this phone?

  • mingkee

    it’s still possible, along with C901 (don’t know yet)
    too bad I already used my upgrade, but is it possible to change fw to other region?

  • efjay

    All these dumb phones, when is T-Mobile going to get some real smartphones that you can really make use of and can do more than just look pretty?

  • soviet

    @sk. its se os

  • Pythagoras

    This would be awesome. SE makes great phones. The only thing cooler than this would be the real deal – those 2 new HTC Touch phones.

  • mingkee

    I’d rather to see T-Mobile is flooded with SE phones than other brands (on regular phones side)
    after de-branding TM506, it’s the best regular phone T-Mobile is offering, I mean the freedom, even branded one, you can use Google Maps and Opera Mobile with it

  • Rommel

    Its about time!,enough of the damn samsungs!,now launch an n-series.

  • soviet

    i ll give another year for nokia and sonyer to start making unlocked units with tmo 3g.

  • cheapskate32

    I don’t mind snazzy “dumb-phones” as long as they are not charged a smart-phone data plan.

    (Given the data plans available) There is no smart reason to buy a Behold, Memoir, C905 (instead of a real smart-phone or a dumb flip/slider). You’ve got money to burn (on devices and monthly bills) and like feature-poor bling.

    I like the concept of these phones, but how about a more reasonable data plan to go with them??

  • mingkee

    I’d wait and see anybody can hack C905, as it’s newer A2 model (DB3210)
    but again, it’s better SE provides generic version with WCDMA I/II/IV (or at least I/IV)
    SE, you can do it, esp after good sales of TM506

  • uknowme…

    rctennis3811: of course it has AT&T bands, and so does every other phone out there that’s 3G(basically 2100); but that won’t stop T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson from releasing this phone with T-Mobile’s AWS 3G bands(1700 & 2100)

    i believe “foo” said we’re getting this model for sure, and i believe him and i can only pray that it definitely comes to t-mobile; because two 8.0 Megapixel camera phones in T-Mobiles line up would be awesome.

    but i guarrantee you for sure that a 3G Slider phone with a Sony Cyber Shot 5 Megapixel camera will be heading to T-Mobile!


  • mingkee

    what is the other CyberShot phone?

  • James T. Kirk

    You wanna fight me Rommel? Lets put their name to the test! N Series please, Don’t make me come down there!

  • Batman

    “I’ll look into it”

  • James T. Kirk

    Where’s my damn torpedo Bones!

  • achilles

    Since it’s not a Blackberry, and has a non 3.5mm headphone jack, T-mobile will probably get it. Why do companies keep leaving off features that should be standard?

  • fons

    Well, I have the TM-506 right now and I’m quite pleased with this baby, so I truly hope T-Mobile gets this new Sony-Ericsson…We need more phones like these..