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Sidekick fans, lookie lookie…

Well details on this are sketchy at best, but this should definitely get sidekick fans paying attention. Truth be told nobody can really say for sure if this thing is legit, limited edition or something Souljaboy managed to get pimped out. Engadgetmobile is running with the story and we tend to agree with their thoughts, danger has definitely gone limited edition in the past, tony hawk sidekick anyone? So its not … [read full article]

Free (Samsung) Phones For All!

That is possibly our best graphic to date, wouldn’t you say? Anyways, time to bring our users some exciting news….that is, if you were looking at picking up a new Samsung phone along with a hefty 2 year contract. Starting on September 3rd, and ending on October 14th, all T-mobile Samsung devices will be free. The higher end phones will in fact have mail in rebates (MIRs), but in the end T-mobile will … [read full article]

The HTC Dream WILL have GPS

If the above picture doesn’t prove it, we don’t know what does. Recently we have been getting a lot ton of questions about whether the HTC Dream will have GPS or not. For a lot of people that will make or break the phone, and we’re here with some good news. From the looks of Google’s top 50 Android programs (PDF) from the Android developers challenge, it looks like a very … [read full article]

T-mobile is scaring us…

T-mobile, what happened? You went from releasing phones like the W490 (three times, with new colors each time), and having the internet crawling with complaints about your phone selection, to having some awesome 3G and UMA phones being added to your lineup. You were just waiting to role out 3G before you unleashed your phone arsenal on us wern’t you? Here are two words you don’t hear often in the same sentance: T-mobile, … [read full article]

Do you like e-mail? Take a peek…


Well here is a great phone gadget if you like E-mail, and nothing else. Peek, a startup company trying to gain traction in the wireless industry, has made a slick e-mail only device for users that haven’t discovered Blackberrys yet. The Peek will run off of T-mobile’s network, and charge $19.99 a month for unlimited e-mail. Notice the lack of any start or end call buttons? That is because the phone doesn’t make … [read full article]

Feature of the week: SkyDeck


At TmoNews we strive our best to bring our readers the best and newest features available around the web. That is why last time we featured YouMail, and today we are featuring SkyDeck. SkyDeck is a unique service, that provides something that mobile phone companies should have provided years ago. In one sentence, SkyDeck takes your cell phone activities (from, puts them into their own easily navigable list, and analyzes … [read full article]

Android screenshot heaven…

Ok since we’re all hyped up drooling on Android right now I figured why not have one more post today. If you haven’t heard, after this mornings FCC release a new Android SDK was pushed out and word is that this graphic interface is different than previous versions. Nothing much we can say about it, just enjoy the pictures: The guys over at Mobilecrunch have the rest of the gallery, enjoy!! Remember, these images are … [read full article]

3 more markets going live with 3G

Minneapolis, MN/></a><br/><a href=

Just a quick update on the endless road that is T-mobile’s 3G role out. Lets start out with a little something for those who are in Baltimore. Surprise! You have 3G. Yep that is right, Baltimore is flipping the 3G switch tomorrow. Who is next you ask? Houston is getting 3G on August 19th, aka tomorrow. Finally, Minneapolis is flipping the long-awaited 3G switch as expected on August 20th.  Sounds like this is coming directly from T-mobile, … [read full article]

FCC Approval is a "Dream" come true…

Happy Monday Tmonews fans, and a GREAT Monday morning it is! Oh yes, as you can tell by the picture above the FCC has graced us with what we all could have wanted to wake up to. No no, not 8 gold medals. Better! First “real” proof that the phone codenamed “Dream” is really not true to its moniker. Sporting a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900 radio, these FCC docs give us the best news … [read full article]

TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome back!  Here we are, ready for the second installment of the TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up.  Now that we’ve had a little time to rest, unintentionally I assure you, we are ready to get back to business.  For those readers that may have missed the first compression of a weeks worth of forum activity, the plan is to bring all the excitement and fervor to you faithful TMoNews readers.  Because, let’s face it, we can’t all … [read full article]