T-Mobile G2 Versus Samsung Epic 4G In Cnet Prize Fight

Just as I was about to sit down and write a little op-ed on the whole T-Mobile “4G” naming game, I came across this tweet from @tmobile. That’s right it’s a Cnet prizefight pitting the T-Mobile G2 versus the Samsung Epic 4G. I’ll let you all watch to see who the victor is but all I can say is go T-Mobile!


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  • QuikZilver

    Epic got KTFO!

  • Ali

    I am actually pretty surprised that the G2 won out seeing as even though it is on H+ vs WiMax the overall picture quality and specs on the Epic are just a little bit better.

    I will admit, if you go specifically by specs, the G2 doesn’t seem special…But actually using it goes to show you that it’s more than just whatever the numbers say…Both are great phones!

  • Bimmerz

    Good find David! While I haven’t handled the G2, I do miss the Epic that I had for awhile. While I may miss the Epic, I don’t miss the poor call reception with Sprint.

    • blah

      Agreed, if WiMax wasnt DOA I would have likely jumped ship. But HSPA is the clear choice for the immediate future…

  • FILA

    its gotta be stock and no Sammy, and it already won in my book

  • Manny

    Just got done watching…close “prize fight”.
    Anywho… when are you going to post your post about the mytouch 4g name? I wanna read it!

  • Housetek

    i do love my g2

  • Bigmerf

    sweeeeet, still wont replace my nexus.. but nice for tmo to whip some sprint ass

  • nerdlust

    that g2 looks so sweet

  • fatboy97

    Very good prizefight… and of all places from CNET… I thought they did a great job.

  • 2FR35H
    • Kickstar13

      I don’t see anywhere in that article where it even mentions the device is coming to T-Mobile USA.

      • hello

        does T-mobile UK have HSPA+ ???

        if not then it will be coming to the US.

      • Does the UK have HSPA+ with tmobile?

        • Kickstar13

          T-Mobile USA isn’t the only Carrier in the world that has an HSPA+ network…

          I’m definitely not ruling out that it won’t be coming to T-Mobile, but at this point in time there is very little evidence of a T-Mobile USA launch.

      • la_resistance28

        Good point by hello, it looks like it’s sporting HSPA+ support. Could T-Mo US really push out 3 HSPA+ phones by the end of the year? I’m leaning towards “no”, cuz I don’t think they’d release this so soon after the MyTouch 4g and have it steal its thunder… Maybe early next year?

      • Hey David search for hspa+ UK tmobile on bing and google.

        Search for it on the tmobile uk page.

        Both results = nothing which means it will be coming to us 4 sure!

        Also we didnt even know about Hspa+ phones until we first new about the network, RIGHT?

        So what makes u think any other carrier in the world will get that phone on tmobile?

        The page clearly staes TMOBILE! the only support of HSPA+ networks in the UK is VODAFONE or however u spell it.

      • Aslo as of right now, TMOBILE USA is the only T-mobile carrier on HSPA+.

        ANd this isn’t a duplicate comment!!!!

        (love your site but hate the non human moderator.)

    • JD

      This phone looks pretty awesome. Could it be that the X6 is sporting a ffc? It isn’t listed in the specs, but the pics make me think it could be there…

    • Aslo as of right now, TMOBILE USA is the only T-mobile carrier on HSPA+.

      • Homey

        Dude…. Lay off the caffeine.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I don’t see anything in there that gives me belief its a T-Mobile USA launch. Nor will I post every single HSPA+ story that comes across the interwebz. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely possible these devices COULD come to T-Mobile, but posting every story regarding HSPA+ devices, network news etc would devalue the purpose of this site. There are simply to many stories to worry about them all. There are 42 operators of HSPA+ services around the globe as of February, that’s why its not posted.


      • Ok lol. thanx for the great site! keep up the good work.

        ( ill be keeping my mouth shut now for the next couple of seconds)

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea u guys.. it doesn’t matter if it supports HSPA+ .. it matters if it supports TmoUSA 3G BANDS! surprised no one else corrected them by now.. smh

  • funkmasterC

    If T-mobile would just push the OTA, some of these points like the hotspot would be negated. The Wifi calling would also be a plus. I am still scratching my head as to why they dropped the processor speed when it is capable of so much more.

    After using the G2 for a while and loading a ton of apps, it is starting to bog down a little. Time to put it on a diet.

    I wish T-Mobile/HTC would have done more to improve the media experience, but Samsung has a lot of experience in that world. I have used both – the Samsung feels cheap and the G2 feels like a brick with a wimpy hinge (sorry – its true though).

    Maybe Google will port its Google TV technology over and update the media experience in Gingerbread. We’ll find out soon – I really hope the folks that purchased the G2 don’t get screwed because of the rumored 1ghz requirement.

    • Masai

      Yeah, first thing I did when I got my G2 was root, enable wifi tether, disable all the bloatware, and overclock to 1.2ghz.

      This is stuff that should have been done by t-mobile.. don’t know why they feel the need to punish the novice consumers.

  • hello


    Because then all their upcoming htc phones will look like total crap

  • does any 1 thinkso?

  • archboy

    Cnet is crap. Their reviews are terrible and I just don’t listen to them anymore. After a using them to see reviews of some tech that I was interested in and they are so off. Bonnie Cha is the Dragon Lady of bad tech reviews after that Apple fanboy Asian dude which does the prize fight. Meh. The only thing I like from them is Buzz report just because Molly is funny.

    • mofo

      stop hatin you assh*le

      • hamajama

        No he’s right, CNET is AWFUL. I will stick with Engadget any day.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Well what about us!!!

  • Izubon

    “Maybe Google will port its Google TV technology over and update the media experience in Gingerbread. We’ll find out soon – I really hope the folks that purchased the G2 don’t get screwed because of the rumored 1ghz requirement.”

    Is it possible that they slowed the G2 down on purpose and then when the Gingerbread update comes out jack it back up over 1 ghz ? Could also explain why we only have 1.2gb left.. They might be saving the space for something big..

  • somebody

    cnet review = useless

  • jesus

    wat r u talking about cnet my g2 has mobile hotspot, and is now OC to 1440 mhz so beat that!!

  • Snoopyalien24

    Wait really? Google tv or gingerbread is going to require a 1ghz?? So I should wait for something better then the g2 (must have keyboard so no mytouch 4g)

  • Eric

    Sooo what you’re trying to say is, the g2 is better NOW, but once the epic gets froyo it would be better?


    I’m not a sprint fan by any means, Tmobile is the best network, but from having both these 2 phones, I think the Epic is better that’s why I stuck with it. Sure it feels plasticky but the screen (amazing) and all the features was the deciding factor.

  • James

    Data speeds should be a separate score. He kept on mentioning how the Samsung Epic 4g is a 4g while the g2 is only on HSPA+. Did he bother checking the data speeds? Its only a name, since the g2 would crush the epic. Other than the amoled screen, the epic has nothing on the g2, especially with the overclock.

  • Mark

    I decided to walk into a tmobile store on a whim recently just to play around with all the smartphones and I was so impressed with the G2. It’s the one device that really caught my attention as soon as I held it in my hand. It felt so solid compared to the other phones. The comparison I immediately thought of was like the G2 is to other phones in terms of body construction what the macbook pro line is to other laptops in terms of body construction. There is just no comparison, i immediately fell in love with it.

    The customer rep, took out another G2 they had behind the desk so I could actually sit down for a good 10 minutes and really toy with it, it was incredible. I was absolutely shocked at how fast I could browse the internet and how clear every page I visited was.

    I have been saving up to upgrade my 2006 macbook pro to a new macbook pro at the end of the year but after playing around with the G2 I decided to postpone my computer upgrade and instead bite the bullet on a new G2 + data plan purchase. I didn’t buy it in store, I want to wait until November 3rd when all the new devices and planes officially release just so I can explore other things before I commit to the G2, but I’m 99% positive I’ll be picking it up on the 3rd or 4th.

    The internet was so fast and the phone was so fast itself AND the QWERTY keyboard was so comfortable to use that I feel I could use the G2 as basically a netbook for creating/editing word and powerpoint assignments right on my phone. Obviously nothing extensive, but the phone is good enough that I can finally see myself getting work done at times I usually waste doing nothing because I can’t bring my 15″ laptop with my everywhere.

    Has anyone here who owns the G2 used any Microsoft Office apps yet? And how have they worked out for you? That’s definetely one of the big selling points for me, just the ability to easily edit documents right on my phone and having it be a not painful experience.

    Anyway I’m glad the G2 seems to be getting a lot of praise because I’ll be a first time data user and I want my $30/month to really be worthwhile.

    • Microsoft has not released an Office suite for Android, and I doubt they will.

      I have been using Google Docs without too much difficulty. I think it’d be better as a native Android app than a web app, but it does the job.

  • 808in702

    At the end of the day, the Epic is still a Samsung which should be found in a Toys R’ Us. The G2 stands up to the battle with some misguided points, however the G2 is more of an adult phone. The Epic look likes a bootleg version of an iPhone and something that a 9 year old should be using. Love my G2, thats why I stayed with T-Mobile and did not switch over to that terrible service known as Sprint!

    • if you dont want your epic (or any android phone) looking like “a bootleg version of the iphone” then change your launcher. I dont judge phones by there launchers when there is plenty to choose from. i do know one thing that g2 is tmobiles new guinea pig haha.

  • Sparticus

    G2 is the best android phone I’ve ever used. Actually the fastest smartphone, hands down. The keyboard could be better though, and I was hoping for a little more in the battery department. I got a vibrant b/c I needed more battery life for work. Cant believe how buggy and laggy it is. Im gonna get either another g2 or a mthd with one of my other upgrades. Too bad the defy is a turd….would be great for kayaking.
    @808in72, the samsungs all feel like toys

  • ronthegentleman

    i left tmobile to get the epic, woulda had the G2 so i had to check out this battle. I actually think the end result was bs. many of us with these high end devices are looking for the capabilities, the fact that the end result came down to call quality is bs. I havent noticed any bad call quality with my epic. the G2 is great, but there aint that much special about it besides the “sliding”, personally i think the epic won this one.

  • Young Brezzie

    The Epic did not win @ Ronthegentleman, T-Mobile USA does have HSPA+ its in los angeles, and orange county, fresno, sacramento, san francisco, philly, new york, its starting in the big cities and moving outward. You just wont see HSPA+ on 3g phones or at least on android phones until they have froyo update. some of these comment are just redicules. I hear a lot of haters on this site its called tmonews for a reason.