More myTouch 4G Screenshots Appear, November 3rd Launch Not Close Enough

Let’s be real clear about this right from the start since so many seem to be asking the comments without searching, the myTouch 4G (as we expect it launch, 99% confidence) will launch NOVEMBER 3rd. With that in mind we present you with a few more screen shots for you to lust over while we count down the days till launch. No live shots here but we’ve got quite a few to salivate over if you wish to see a small gallery over at this link. Enjoy the images!

[nggallery id=21]

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  • cellswag5

    Nice. But I already have a G2. Ill wait for tmo to get a better phone with a fcc. And after fcc becomes a lil more main stream

    • Mp

      I’m pretty sure it’s FFC not FCC. Completely different things. But anyway I’m happy with my G2 also I wish they got the desire hd

    • vincent

      Why? Pretty sure FFC has been around for many years and now all you A-holes are looking toward it. ridiculous.

      • blah

        yes because because mobile technology has ALWAYS had the bandwidth to support several mbit/s over its data network… FumbBass

      • Jeremy P.

        @Blah. Not ALWAYS, but at least since 2003 according to an article entitled “iPhone 4’s FaceTime Video Calling Isn’t A First” on

        The Motorola A835 had a secondary camera and was announced in 2003. (info from gsmarena). So while not ALWAYS as you say. I think 7 years ago qualifies as “many years.”

      • Gooseilini

        Oh, I know the Pentagon has been using it for years and my dad’s in the…. FCC

  • Tony

    I got the G2 because the keyboard is more important right now than an FFC. By time FFCs become really common, I’ll be ready for the next phone anyway.

    • even bigger mac

      Yeah me too plus this phone sux

      • blah

        Nah we gave that honor to you.

      • mikeyo

        god you must be ten or something.

    • Androidless

      While I concur that a FFC is not as important as a keyboard, wifi calling is way more important than both a FFC and a keyboard combined. At least, it is to me.

      • mike

        i have wifi calling on my G2 problme solved

  • jp

    Cant come soon enough.

    • blah

      This phone has me coming right now..

      • Midori

        @blah LOL!!

      • Evan

        Coming, to the T-Mobile store? I think you need to drop the “o” and replace it with a “u”.

  • blah

    Ok Seriously TMO why the big secret. WTF, just give me a freaking release date!!! or at least let me pre-order it. I dont care just announce SOMETHING! Whats the problem? I really cant get rid of this darn Cliq XT fast enough…

    • David, Managing Editor

      Dude, I’m giving you the release date.

      • alex32g2


        Also, i remember you did an article for the tmobile vibrant owners where it said something like “After 2 weeks of owning the device, whats your review” or something like that.
        I hope you do one for the G2 soon (:, id love to give my Pros and Cons about it (mostly Pros).

      • redman12

        $199 with 2 year contract I assume?

      • blah

        I know, I just want to hear t-mobile make it official. An announced date will lessen my agony… Im an original g1 owner who was forced to switch to the cliq XT when my g1 bricked 2 months ago. Literally everyday has been torture, I cant even get google navigation!!! Native Exchange… nothing…sigh. Of course I was going to get the G2 and would of had it had either a MSM8255 processor or a FFC. SO the MT4G/HD trumped it which is why I can wait the additional month….

        Love high-end specs and this will be the fastest phone on any provider on any network for a while.

      • JaylanPHNX

        I’ll back David up. My TMO dealer (that’s what I call my guy at the mall) told me last week that they’d be getting a demo today. That pretty much confirms next week’s launch to me. I’ll be checking it out first hand tomorrow.

  • Illegal Machine

    I’m still a little nervous T-Mobile hasn’t had an *official announcement!!!1on1* that his phone is coming November 3rd, like they have the HD7 and LG Optimus.

    Hell, I can preorder the HD7 right now, and it doesn’t come out until the 8th.

    People have had hands on reviews with fully functional HD7’s. All we have of the mytouch is some photos of a Mytouch 4G that isn’t allowed to be turned on, and some video posted by a NINJA who smuggled video of it onto youtube.

    This phone just doesn’t *feel* like it’s coming out in a week and a half.

    • Meego

      What is wrong with you people?!

      November 3rd is the launch date! Some of us have even played with this phone (including me)! I tested the video calling, I browsed the internet, I watched TMO TV, and I’m not the only one on this site. From the mouth’s of TMO higher-ups – that manage entire regions … the MyTouch HD is launching NOVEMBER THIRD. Stop with the ridiculous comments!

      • It’s good to hear again that it’s launching on November 3rd, but like some of the others, I’d like to hear a presale announcement from T-Mobile since others launching around the same time already have been announced.

        In other news, by the way things are going with the Froyo OTA, I’ll have it a few days before it won’t matter. lol (The OTA deadline is Oct 31st with the MyTouchHD/4G launching 3 days later.)

      • blah

        We are all anxious plus we want to know why the big secret? Why not just give the official release date and be done with it? Why continue to tantalize us with one slow leak after another. Even the iPhone leaks came more regularly… Ive never seen a phone with some much security tied to it, but its likely because its one helluva phone.

      • PackerBacker

        Since you’ve played around with the device, can you tell me if it has an LED indicator for incoming text and email messages? Also, does it use the same battery as the G2, and is the device dockable like the Vibrant?

  • FloridaGuy

    Cant wait till the 3rd now :). Will there be a pre-order.. something on the lines of G2 launch ?

  • J-Hop2o6

    for the ones that doesn’t know yet, the myTouchHD/4G = Emerald (Tmo’s internal codename) & HTC Glacier (HTC’s internal codename).

    • Ray

      correct,this is project emerald,but you’re wrong about the other one,the G2 was the HTC Glacier.

      • dethduck

        No the G2 was the HTC Vision, Internal codename for T-Mo on that was Vanguard.

      • J-Hop2o6

        correct dethduck

        myTouch HD/4G = Glacier (HTC) & Emerald (Tmo)

        G2 = Vision (HTC) & Vanguard (Tmo)

        for the Glacier ROM screenshots, check here: it is the SAME myTouch 4G/HD ROM.. so yea the HTC codename for the myTouch 4G/HD was/is Glacier.

  • alex32g2

    For the people who have upgrades, id totally buy the HD7 over this mytouch phone by a mile.

    • Illegal Machine

      NOOOO way am I jumping on a Windows Mobile operating system from jump street. I’ll give them a solid year or two before putting faith in it.

      All past versions of windows mobile were cluttered garbage. They need to earn me back as a customer.

    • somebody

      why its basically hd2 + kickstand

      • blah

        or Alex, you can save yourself $200 bucks and just install it on the HD2 when XDA manages to port it over. Its literally the same exact phone in a new dress.

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    Tobile Rep said pre order starts October.27

    • Illegal Machine

      Paulie. Lets go get some MyTouch 4G’s, then thow our G1’s off an aircraft carrier like Maverick from Top Gun….

      • kai

        or like Rose from Titanic…

      • Illegal Machine


        God willing!

  • Kris

    Yeah, the release date is awesome! Soon to be a switchover from AT&T. Now just the price would be wonderful.

  • Galen20K

    CANNOT WAIT! I am eagerly anticipating buying this phone just waiting for the chance to pre-order this killer phone. The problem is I still really LOVE my Nexus One even tho I know the MyTouch 4G/HD is wayy more powerful. If only I could have the body styling of my Nexus One with the Power and components of the MyTouch! dare to dream I suppose LOL

    BRING IT T-Mobile! – D

    • David

      Agreed! Struggling to officially like the MyTouch styling. The Nexus One was a winner from day one. Would have bought one had it been viewable in a store before I plunked down $530 on it. Which is exactly why I never bought it… (Finally saw it in person a few months ago. It was quite the beaut!)

      • Ray

        yup,I love my nexus. basically the only thing I want from the new mytouch is the WiFi Calling,but that’ll be ported over easily. I really don’t care about the FFC,and I only have EDGE coverage where I live,so hspa+ support is pointless for me.

  • fatboy97

    Thanks for release date… I know I’ve seen it before, but nothing saying it was officially being released on Nov 3rd… only saying it over and over again… sorry, I just could not believe it… I’ll be there at the door on Nov 3rd.

  • Illegal Machine

    3.8″ screen.

    How about thickness? Weight?

    • XfooYen

      I’m just shy of 2in. thick, but, dude I’m not gonna weigh it.

      • Illegal Machine

        Peen jokes!

      • Illegal Machine

        And “fooyen” sounds Asain, so it sounds like you got thickness and length confused.

      • Bimmerz

        LOL @ XfooYen!

  • XfooYen

    MINE! MINE! hehe. MINE!

  • nexus2

    Anyone else notice on the clock app the FM radio. y y y cant my nexus one get the fm radio activated, outside of CM6 of course, it suks. I want my FM radio

    • ren

      Try tunein radio app. You can get local channels with it.

  • Robert

    When can we expect an OTA update to fix the problems it comes with?

    • Illegal Machine

      Awesome post.

      And when can we expect checks from cell phone companies for being their beta testers?

      Same goes for Video Game companies, too.

    • Barry

      @Robert realest comment I’ve ever seen on this site lol

  • Midori

    I cant wait to pre order this phone, Fedex packages are like the cherry on top of the phone! LOL!!!

  • Bimmerz

    Looking forward to some live vid reviews, heck even CNET doesn’t have 1, just some guy holding a non-functional device. Tmo needs to show TmoNews some love and give David a device to review for us!

    • Barry

      I’ve mentioned that exact statement before.

      • Bimmerz

        Great minds Barry! ;) While I was glad to see the MyTouch run on the Nexus, I’d prefer to see a live demo of the phone, on the actual phone itself! It’s so odd that Tmo has not given this to anyone to review – with launch date being so close.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Review phones have not been sent out yet…because they know you want to see the review so they are holding off. All. Your. Fault.

      • Bimmerz

        Damn David, if I have that much power – maybe I can sweet talk them into just sending me the device, and I’ll do a live demo vid for it! lol

        • David, Managing Editor

          Nope, I’ve already spoken to the powers that be, you are not allowed to pick up a phone. Sorry, I went to bat for you and I was told you did something bad!

      • Bimmerz

        Oh well, thx for trying David! I am guessing this is what they told you too, when you went to bat for yourself to get one? ;)

  • Willie Singleton

    Loving the phone and its features, cant wait to get my hands on it. Im currently running desire hd rom on my nexus till this comes out, Do you know the pricing yet David?

  • Christina

    can’t wait to get it!! still can’t decide on the colors.. red or plum?? i just hope the battery life is better than my mytouch slide!

  • yesman

    when will g2 get the wifi calling & hotspot update.

  • somebody

    can someone clarify i thought tmobil did not support Tethering

    • RolloC84

      They don’t yet. But they have said that they recognize it’s a feature that is important to their customers and they are working to support it in the future. Maybe this is step one to making that happen. But as of right now they still forbid it in the terms and conditions.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmo had tethering on their phones for years.. they allowed it, but never supported it (aka hush-hush about the feature).

  • dedskwirl

    @David: wouldn’t all this quietness by T-Mo sort of give foreboding of terrible failure and thats why they’re not really making it big?
    Otherwise I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT….! I played with the FFC on my girlfriends Sprint Evo 4G last night, now I see why the people don’t want to buy the WP7, no FFC. The FFC is the bomb, the nuke, yeah…! The FFC is a must got to have on my next mobile device, WHO THAT…! MyTouch HD with the FFC….!(lol) WHO THAT…!

  • James

    So we’ve settled on myTouch4g as the name?

  • FILA

    official name is MyTouch HD, asked a T-Mobile rep, no “official” date yet

  • NokiaN900User

    November 3rd is confirmed by my SOURCE. Im 100% sure

  • JackMatt

    GAHHHH damn to many days, my MyTouch 3g is getting on my last nerve, even with FROYO!

    • GrammarNazi

      *Too, not to.

  • George

    omg…such a tough decision, this or G2??? damn it why can’t Mytouch 4G come like a year later!!!!

  • J1

    I was about 75% sold on the nov 3rd release date(nov 10th seemed more likey).. but after seeing/reading our editor in chiefs conviction, I am now a believer..

    Nov 3rd can’t come soon enough.. especially considering I sold my ip4, returned my g2(sadly), so now I’m stuck with this p.o.s. cliq ugh.. t-minus 9 days and (impatiently)counting..

    • blah

      I think we should have an official “hate cliq thread” also would be interested in iphone 4 owners who uses this phone as well for comparison.

      • J1

        “Hate-cliq forum” lol.. I sold the ip4 b/c I was over ios.. I returned the g2*tear drop* b/c I was over physical k.b.’s..

        Although imho the mytouch 4g/hd won’t best the ip4 or g2 in a beauty contest.. but it WILL be a huge seller, that competes directly against and wins(in certain areas) over the ip4 and g2..

        The mytouch4g and g2 represent a powerful one two combo for tmobile.. we just need a 4.3in htc android beast ftw/k.o. ..

  • ogopogo

    This is the ONLY phone to own, unless you really really really really want a phone with a physical keyboard (G2).

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’m thinking myTouchHD/4G + ADW Launcher + Sense Widgets = My next motha effin phone!

    • immadroid


  • scott

    wow, i really want the recent apps menu on the notification window. is there something from the market that will do this?

  • imgunnaeatu722

    Does anybody know if there’s a way to turn off espresso? I want this phone but I would like stock android

    • Manny


      • JaylanPHNX

        There are several ways to get rid of the most annoying bits of Espresso, but the two most popular are ADW and LauncherPro.

    • 2Noob4U

      I prefer decaf myself. Espresso gives me a case of the wicked craps. To turn it off it’s “definitely” Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging > Root access> *cough* Cyanogen *sneeze*

      I dunno maybe it’ll run on Donuts and Cupcakes for a while till you get thirsty and want your Espresso with a Gingerbread cookie, but if that ever happens I’d seriously throw up on myself.

  • GrammarNazi

    Did anyone notice that whoever took the screenshots is using the same temp root method currently available for the G2? It’s an app in the market called VISIONary made by Paul @ MoDaCo. LOL.

    • mikeyo

      thats because the screenshots are from a nexus one with the rom loaded on it.

      • GrammarNazi

        Why would someone be using VISIONary on the N1? /rolls eyes

  • Kerry

    I have the MyTouch Slide which I like a lot, but its a bit slow at times. The 1GHz processor will be a nice upgrade. I’ve also stopped using the physical keyboard so I’m thinking its time for a touch screen only phone.

    I think I can roll the MTHD/4G for a couple years. The Espresso ROM is actually pretty nice and polished. The only thing I don’t like is the crap ware loaded on the phones, but that seems to be happening all over the place.

  • Robert Duvall

    The official name is MyTouch 4G, not MyTouch HD. That’s the reason the device hasn’t been officially announced. T-Mobile’s legal department is trying to make sure they can avoid a lawsuit before they announce it as the MyTouch 4G. And you can’t announce a phone and a release date without a name, that’s kind of silly. I’ve had hands on with this phone and it is incredible. The only thing I don’t like about it is the screen isn’t on par with the Vibrant or iPhone. But other than that, no complaints. I’m positive everyone that buys one is going to have a blast and absolutely love it!

    • blah

      Dang it! See what you people did with your naming issues!!! I swear this phone better not get delayed over a name… i will be soooo ticked you guys seriously do not understand the agony of the cliq….

  • Robert Duvall

    BTW, even though it isn’t officially announced, they’re still rolling with November 3rd as of today.

  • Barry

    I feel espresso gets a bad rap. Personally I like it. I wonder if this will have the back to stock tool like the G2. Which I feel really handicaps the device.

  • J1

    Here’s a nice little article by the folks over at androidandme, discussing the mytouch(insert official name here) confusion, also T-mobiles use of the term “4g”..

    they even give David a shout out lol..

  • whgar

    i am surprised by no announcement, i’m guessing nov 3 is too early.

    • 2Noob4U

      And you would be wrong!

  • Rob

    What does FFC mean???

    • Bimmerz

      FFC = Front Facing Camera

  • Memphis10

    Anyone know when the mytouch dock charger might be coming out????

  • Rav

    Wow !!!! This is sweet. I returned my G2 couple of days ago. I can hardly wait for my Touch 4G !!!

    • immadroid

      same here, except i’m gonna try my hardest and wait a week or two for a price drop cause 2 weeks into the g2 being out i saw it on amazon for $89

  • mtnman

    Can’t wait till this comes out. It has everything in a phone that I want (except a 4.3″ screen). With a FFC I can talk to…Well I don’t know, but in a couple of years when the rest of my family catches up to the 21st century maybe I can. lol

  • somebody

    so does it make calls?

    • Josh M.

      the real question is….Will it Blend?

      • 2Noob4U


  • N1

    This may be a bit off topic…but can anyone tell me if this will have the ability to use live wallpapers with the stock 2.2 froyo, and whatever htc sense UI this is coming with?

  • Rami

    Hey David,

    Just an FYI, I was at a T Mobile Store in Cincy and actually played around with it. They had some sort of Sense on it, but not sure if it was stock or beautiful Widgets. Anyhow, I did ask about pricing and they said $250 w/2 yr contract..

    Thats all I got.,

    • David, Managing Editor

      Its a version of Espresso which ran on the myTouch Slide I believe. Not sure about the $250, I would imagine thats prior to a rebate?!

  • Marco

    That’s one thing I would really like to know too N1. It has the processor to handle live wallpapers so let’s just hope it don’t dissapoint. I’m pretty sure it will support live wallpapers

  • Josh M.

    I happen to think the expresso UI looks nice. So does TouchWiz. I know alot of people here don’t like it but you should look at it this way, at least these companies are skinning the phone to make it as attractive, or more attractive, than the Iphone UI. Android Needs a better UI, honestly.

  • Josh M.

    I can haz Mytouch 4G?

  • hott

    this is flippin awesome!!!!!

  • Vaidyn

    Does anyone know pricing on this?

  • Fixxer56

    Just found this video of the phone on
    You tube!

    • MrMeNaCe

      lol dang ur fast

  • MrMeNaCe
  • Fixxer56

    I just happened to search for something else on youtube and there it was! Pure luck on my part.!lol

  • Mae Mae

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