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T-mobile USA aquires $98 million in spectrum from NextWave

T-mobile USA purchased over 65% or NextWave Wireless’s most recant sale of AWS Spectrum. Over $150 million of NextWave’s AWS (1700/2100 MHz) spectrum was sold, $98 million of which went to T-mobile U.S.A. while the rest was distributed between Atlantic Wireless, ACS Wireless, and MetroPCS. Back in 2006, T-mobile U.S.A., with the help of Deutsche Telekom, spent roughly $4.2 Billion to purchase AWS Spectrum across the United States. This most recent purchase from … [read full article]

Featured add-on of the week: YouMail

Every Wednesday TmoNews will feature a free add on, which is aimed to make our readers lives easier and more efficient. This week’s feature is YouMail. We rarely hear complaints about T-mobile’s voicemail system, but a step up can’t hurt right? YouMail provides users with many cool features that T-mobile’s regular voicemail does not. Here is how it works: You set your phone to forward unanswered calls to YouMail Optional … [read full article]

T-mobile "fights back" against ETF evaders…

Well not really, consumerist in its usual grand form got a little info from a reader as to who exactly can qualify for this get out of jail free card. Two little rules and we will call them “flimsy” at best to steal consumerists verbage. 1. Can’t have unlimited messaging bundle on your account within the past 3 months 2. Has to have been charged for text messages during the past 3 months I know this … [read full article]

Rokr Users Get Software Update

A mere two weeks after the release of the Motorola Rokr e8, users are already receiving software updates. This over-the-air (OTA) update will begin being sent out today, July 21st. Either T-mobile is doing their best to give customers the best phones and software possible, or they received so many complaints about the Rokr in the last 2 weeks that they were forced to release an update. Either way, we’re guessing you probably … [read full article]

Details emerge on T-mobile's plans for the remainder of 2008, and we like em!

Users that have been getting antsy about the T-mobile phone selection have been told that we are experiencing the quiet before the storm. Well as we get nearer to October, the storm is approaching and the news is rolling in. First and foremost, a follow up on this article we posted on July 5th is in order. Over the next few days, after the rumors passed around the internet, we got … [read full article]

Nokia 7510 Supernova coming to T-mobile USA

Well this one is out of left field, but you can’t really complain about a phone that is called the Supernova. Wait, yeah we can! Where is the 3G or UMA?! We can expect this to be another Nokia music phone, marketed toward the young, hip-type that love funky phones. Talk about an iPhone killer…the Supernova sports a 2 megapixel (VGA Video…not bad!), 6 hours of talk time, quadband EDGE, FM Radio, and … [read full article]

Parents rejoice and teens cringe as T-mobile prepares to launch new minute allowance services

We’ve been hearing a lot whispers of some kind of new Minute Allowance feature with T-mobile, but thanks to our faithful tipsters we can safely say that teens around the US are not excited for July 30th. From what we are hearing, minute allowance is designed to keep families connected, and overages down. Parents will be able to control minute usage, costs, and more, via both and their T-zones portal on their … [read full article]

Nokia 1608 to release on July 21st, T-mobile customers cry

We have been asking for some high end devices, and look what we get! We know, we know, your asking why we would post something this trivial and unimportant. Well we’ve gotten in a lot of tips today, and we’re happy to say that this is definitely the most unexciting. For those five or six tech-savvy readers that are actually interested in this device, it will be released for prepaid only, so it … [read full article]

Tony Hawk Sidekick LX available to current T-mobile Customers

The special edition Tony Hawk Sidekick LX, being publicly released on July 16th, is now available to current T-mobile customers. When customers login to, the online T-mobile customer portal, and go to “upgrade phone,” the Tony Hawk Sidekick will show up with its full $499 price tag, in addition to the price which you can get for a 2 year upgrade. Remember, the user whose screen is shown above has recently signed … [read full article]

T-Mobile offers sweepstakes through the Xbox 360

Well, our favorite carrier is now on Xbox Live with a Play & Win sweepstakes with prizes for all! Yeah, there aren’t as many prizes as last time (which was 435 Microsoft Points cards in the amount of 4,000 points each) but there are a lot more ways to enter than just playing one game this time! First, the prizes: Eight Grand Prizes: A prize package consisting of an Xbox 360 Elite console, … [read full article]

National T-mobile 3G launch on October 1st?

Once and a while we will ask our users to take an article with a grain of salt. We’re going to up the ante here, and tell you to take this one with a whole damn bucket of salt. That said, we have some exciting T-mobile news to bring you don’t we? Well according to an anonymous tip TmoNews got, 3G is being lit up in T-mobile’s top markets on October 1st, … [read full article]

Happy Birthday America!!!

Get your grills fired up, your lawn chairs ready and your friends and family together. That’s right, HOPEFULLY you know that today we celebrate independence day. “O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light…” So from all of us here at Tmonews to all of you wherever you are, happy birthday America!! Because we love sarcasm here at T-mobile, I leave you all with this youtube clip, from a “classic” 4th … [read full article]