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BlackBerry 9700 Goes Official November 16th

Look, this isn’t really going to surprise anyone, but T-Mobile officially posted the Blackberry 9700 for a November 16th release date today. We’ve had suggestions it might have been pushed back two more days to November 18th having already been pushed back an entire week. As it stands, T-Mobile seems to really want to introduce their very first 3G Blackberry November 16th. Unless of course you’re a business customer, than you get it today, … [read full article]

Behold 2 Shipping With Android 1.5

With only 11 days remaining until the expected release date of the much anticipated Samsung Behold 2, we all want to know what the specs are and most importantly what version of the Android OS will it ship with. Today, via T-Mobile Phones Blog, it looks like the Behold 2 will sadly ship out with the outdated Android OS 1.5. But not to worry, a new video from Samsung Mobile has confirmed that the Behold 2 will … [read full article]

Viva TmoNews!

Well, you may have heard something about this, but Verizon released their Droids upon the world today.  There was all sorts of fanfare, and teasers leading up to this date in history and it has finally happened.  Today, Android grew, not only to incorporate an additional carrier, but the evolution of Android is upon us.  I went and spent some time with the two new Android phones and well, I wasn’t entirely impressed hardware wise.  The Eris, … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s “You Got It, America” Ad

Many of you have already seen the commercial T-Mobile aired almost 2 weeks ago during the “So You Think You Can Dance” show, on October 27th. The commercial briefly introduced T-Mobile’s new Even More plans. And as you may recall, I posted my thoughts on the Motorola Cliq ad, designed by Motorola, in which I rambled on about how important advertising is for a company. I was very impressed with the ad because it was right-to-the-point, … [read full article]

Sprint Is From Mars, T-Mobile Is From Venus

There is little argument T-Mobile didn’t post the kind of third quarter results they would have hoped for. Calling it less than impressive would be too kind, but this MSN Money writer is calling out T-Mobile dead in the water. Frankly, it’s a biased, opinionated writing by someone who appears to have more of a grudge against Magenta rather than an outright argument. I can’t invalidate his points, but I can call them extreme as one … [read full article]

More Sidekick Data Recovered

Its been a while since we’ve heard any updated info from T-Mobile regarding the Sidekick Outage. But it looks like T-Mobile has finally managed to recover all data that was lost for Sidekick users. Yesterday T-Mobile announced via their forums that now Sidekick users can proceed to recover calendar, to-do list and notes that were previously lost as part of the Danger/Microsoft service disruption. Follow the easy steps after the break to recover your calendar, to-do … [read full article]

Behold 2 Walkthrough

We’re rolling in Behold 2 goodness these past few days and this time we’ve got a whole walkthrough to show off. Courtesy of one of our ninjas who graciously took a 3:16 video for everyone to see. The video speaks for itself and really I’ve got nothing else to write.

N900 On Sale Over At Dell Small Business

If you didn’t want to spend $1,000,000 dollars on your next device, perhaps purchasing an unlocked N900 is more to your liking. Dell is currently unloading the N900 unlocked with all their usual coupon offerings for a low price of $442 + Free Shipping + Tax. This deal comes courtesy of the fine folks at Slickdeals who know a thing or two about bargain hunting. If you’re looking to treat yourself to the super device … [read full article]

How Much Would You Really Pay For A MyTouch?

You know, I really don’t know what to say about this other than wtf is this seller thinking? I sincerely hope this was a typo and/or a joke. Look I like the MyTouch, it’s a great size and a lovely little Android phone but $1,000,000 dollars is a little more than my holiday fund will allow. What I really want to know is what’s with the 11 cents? Anyways, hit the link for the full eBay … [read full article]

Nokia 3711 Now Available

Just in time for the Holidays the Nokia 3711 finally launches today! T-Mobile’s newest Nokia device, is a low-end flip phone that would be great for customers looking for a user friendly phone with 3G capabilities. Not to mention this would be the perfect gift for a beloved grandparent, not into complicated phones. The Nokia 3711 is availble for only $69.99 with a 2-year commitment or $159.99 for those of you that dislike contracts. Order yours … [read full article]

Samsung Behold 2 Goes Cubed

Our ninja sources are at it again, this time with a look at the Samsung Behold TouchWiz interface. The “Cube” is a different take on the Android platform and from the looks of the video, will either be a smashing hit, or a what were they thinking. Edit: While the video might appear to showcase a little lag in the interface, the ninja source assures me that there is little lag and its just the choppy … [read full article]

T-Mobile Posts Third Quarter Results

T-Mobile reported third quarter 2009 results this morning and the numbers are less than impressive. Let’s just get right to the chase and mention they reported that in the third quarter of 2009, total customers declined by 77,000, compared to net additions of 325,000 from the second quarter of 2009. Comparatively, the third quarter of 2008 was met by net customer additions of 670,000. The number of contract customers declined by 140,000 in the third quarter … [read full article]