T-Mobile And Nokia Officially Announce The Nokia Astound

While the Nokia Astound won’t be the biggest handset news from T-Mobile at CTIA, it’s the second T-Mobile phone to deliver an 8 megapixel camera. For a small handset however, its packing quite the punch! As expected the Astound will arrive on T-Mobile shelves on April 6th for $79.99 after rebate.

The Nokia Astound will feature a 3.5″ capacitive touch AMOLED display with a dual-LED flash on board an 8 megapixel camera. Capable of uploading 720p video along with free turn by turn directions through Nokia and Ovi, the Astound won’t win over the Android faithful but it’s certainly got some appeal. You can hit all the details below in the full press release and our gallery from the Nokia Event! We’ll have some video up tomorrow for you!

Nokia delivers Astounding smartphone for T-Mobile USA customers

WHITE PLAINS, NY, and ORLANDO, Fla., March 22, 2011 – Inspired by U.S. consumers who want an affordable smartphone that offers a simplified user experience and on-the-go entertainment, Nokia today continues to broaden its Symbian smartphone portfolio with the introduction of the Nokia Astound. Offering value without compromise, the Nokia Astound will be available exclusively from T-Mobile USA beginning April 6.

The Nokia Astound’s sleek stainless-steel design features an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and 720p HD video capture, a brilliant 3.5-inch capacitive touch AMOLED display, free turn-by-turn navigation from Nokia and access to thousands of free and paid apps via Nokia’s Ovi Store. The Nokia Astound makes it easy for consumers to stay connected. The Astound has three fully customizable homescreens, giving quick access to email, and the ability to check the latest from Facebook and Twitter, or just surf the web. Consumers can kick back and enjoy the Astound’s entertainment features by playing pre-loaded games like Fruit Ninja, listening to the lastest music with the Slacker Radio app, or browsing their own music and video collection, right at their fingertips.

“As millions more consumers make the switch to smartphones, Nokia is proud to offer an alternative that is not only easy and fun to use, but is also very sexy and sleek, unlike anything in its price point,” said Mark Slater, vice president of sales, Nokia. “With a user experience rounded out by Nokia’s Ovi services, including Maps and Store, consumers will be delighted to discover Nokia’s premium design quality with no compromises on services and apps, made affordable with T-Mobile.”

“As T-Mobile continues to make owning a smartphone easy and affordable, we are thrilled to introduce the high- quality design and entertainment experience of the Nokia Astound,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Offering the features of a high-end smartphone at a great price, the Nokia Astound is sure to appeal to a broad array of consumers.”

Uniquely crafted, the Nokia Astound is an example of the quality and impressive hardware that consumers associate with Nokia. Its AMOLED touchscreen is protected by ultrathin, damage-resistant glass and surrounded by stainless steel, which completes the attractive yet durable design.

Equipped with the latest commercial version of Ovi Maps1, the Nokia Astound provides free voice-guided, turn-by- turn navigation in almost 100 countries in 46 languages. The Nokia Astound comes pre-loaded with automotive grade maps for the entire U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean2. With more than 8,000 3D landmarks and free premium content like Lonely Planet guides and Tripadvisor, consumers can explore new places and experiences along the way. New features include improved search engines and WiFi positioning, a drive assistance mode for real-time traffic updates, maps of public transit lines, and the ability to check in to places and share great moments with friends on Facebook, Twitter and many local social networks.

With the Nokia Astound, consumers can visit Ovi Store to discover new apps, games and themes to customize their device. Each week, Ovi Store continues to grow and add more great content that supports 32 languages in more than 190 countries. Currently, Ovi Store sees more than 4 million downloads worldwide per day, including popular apps and games like Angry Birds, OpenTable, Shazam and Galaxy on Fire. As an added convenience, apps and services can be billed directly to a consumer’s monthly T-Mobile bill or credit card.

Visitors at CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Fla., can visit the Nokia Lounge, booth #1626, to experience the Astound along with other Nokia solutions and meet developers who are creating compelling apps and content for consumers to enjoy on Nokia devices.


1 Ovi Maps uses automotive grade maps from NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data. 2 Additional contries and languages are available to download free from Nokia. Data charges may apply.

PRESS RELEASE 1 (2)The Nokia Astound will be available nationwide starting April 6 through T-Mobile retail stores and online at http://www.t-mobile.com for $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate card with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan.

The Nokia Astound will also be offered at select third-party dealers, and at leading national retailers including Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Target Mobile locations and Walmart. For more information, visit http://www.nokiausa.com/astound.

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  • Anonymous

    maybe if it didnt need a data plan… i see no reason to buy this phone

  • Lolwrut

    played with one when the nokia rep came to our store last week. definitely a very very very responsive phone.
    i wont buy one, but i can see it appealing to a lot of people.

  • SkyPirate600

    tmo has been releasing quite a bit of new phones recently :D

  • SkyPirate600

    tmo has been releasing quite a bit of new phones recently :D

  • If this doesn’t require a data plan or it only requires one that is 15$ or less.. I can see this phone being very good for a general user, I’d probably use it as a backup with those features.. but unfortunately if the merger goes through there’d be no point.. anyways.. I think my Cliq serves as a great backup to the soon to be mine Pyramid :)

    • Actually this phone makes perfect sense this phone supports 850/1900/2100/1700/900 3g radios so when at&t pulls the plug on 1700 this phone will still support the other 3g bands. http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_c7-3394.php. Nokia is the first company to have 5 radios supported on a phone and people hate Nokia but when it comes to innovating hardware they kill competition except for those ARM CPU chips lol.

      • Wendell

        In the link posted in Deaconclgi’s comment, it lists the Astound as pentaband, as I’ve seen the C7 listed. But on the T-Mobile site and the “regular” listing on Nokia USA’s site, they omit the 1900 band. If this is correct, would it pose any problem w/r/t the possible switch to AT&T 3G? Thanks for any insight!

  • ThatOneGuy

    First 8 Megapixel phone was the Memoir….this is the second.

    • Brian


    • Kim sharelle

      I was just getting ready to post that. If the memor would have been a android I probably wouldn’t have upgraded. I loved that phone.

  • eYe

    Any word on the required data? I got couple upgrades available but don’t want to shell out for data plan, I’d get couple of those in a hear beat.

    • LC

      If it’s a smartphone, it’s pretty much a given that it’s going to need some sort of data plan. Especially if a rebate is involved.

    • Falegria

      According to the nokia guy that came to my store, there is no required data plan. $10 phone first web will work with it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks kinda like the MyTouch 4g…

  • Christye

    Fact check… its the second 8 mega pixel phone on tmobile… samsung memoir was the first

  • Guest
  • Jomaxwel

    Having a Android powered phone without a data plan is like haveing a car but no gasoline. C’mon now.

    • Anonymous

      Works just fine with wifi only.

  • Scrizz

    shame it’s not $79 no contract. xD

  • rudy

    If I could keep my 10 data plan i would def get this. if not i’ll pass

  • Alansalaz2

    tmobile had the samsung memoir which had an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash… so it wasnt the first phone for tmobile to have an 8mp camera

  • Mrand07

    Please Read and comment. yourworld2day.blogspot.com

  • Will this have UMA?

    • ivan

      yeah it will have UMA and the FFC will work on the 3g network

      • Very nice. I had a demo unit of the C7-00 from Nokia USA 2 weeks ago and I loved this phone. My unit was a Euro model (no branding) but worked better than my Samsung Vibrant on the T-Mobile network.

        I just don’t like the UI that much. If this had Widows Mobile then maybe I would jump on this. Wonder if Nokia made this phone and the newer Symbian 3 phones upgradable to WM at some point?

      • Meagan

        No UMA listed in the specs on Tmobile site. You must be prevy to some other information.

    • Alfa95

      Yes is has UMA hardware and software. What this means, is that you wont get the dreaded dropped call when swiching from wifi to cell tower.

  • Too much T-Mobile branding on that thing and anything under 4 inches is a bit small these days. “That’s what she said!”

  • Uranus

    You’d think by now, that after selling out to AT&T that T-Mobile would grow some and finally start cranking out some good phones. I guess that is never going to happen, smh…

    • Guest

      Your comment is just like your name – stinky stupid. You even think before writing?

    • butnakedavenger

      hahaha yeah because changes like an overhaul of one’s handset lineup normally happen over night. Geez T-Mo, bunch of slackers.

  • Mistykz

    Samsung Memoir had an 8 mega-pixel camera, no?

    • lololol


  • Manusferrera

    Wow does symbian look outdated and I believe that the samsung memoir was an 8 megapixel camera.

  • Jake

    does anyone know how much it will be off contract?

    • Anonymous

      According to Nokia US, it is $375 without a contract.


      It is a shame that people have brand loyalty one way or the other because at this price you get more smartphone features and access to HD games AND high quality hardware and software.

      Also, Opera Mobile 11 and Mini 6 are released today. Grab them for your respective OSes over at m.opera.com!

      • Jake

        Awesome that’s not a bad price. Thanks for the info!

        • Autoexec.bat

          It’s actually $349 without contract. If you click “Pre-Order Now” and then click “Replacement Device” it shows $349.

      • Jake

        Awesome, that isn’t a bad price. Thanks for the info!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Not bad. Hopefully the Nokia N950 will rear it’s face soon. They have a tendancy to leak info on a phone and wait until it’s almost outdated to release it at ridiculous pricing. Come on Nokia, N950 by Summer!!! Me needs Meego!!!

  • wpdude

    This guy is the Managing Editor, isn’t he responsible for fact checking others. Like everyone else is saying the Samsung Memoir was 8 mp. It was the best camera available on a cell phone for a while here in the states. That’s why it bothers me everyone is stuck on 5 mps, when T-Mobile had that phone 2 years ago. And this Nokia release is because of the attention they received from the WP7 deal. They figured they would push out some phones, make some money of the free(billion dollar) publicity.

    • Anonymous

      The Memior didn’t take great pictures, even with 8MP due to a poor camera lense and software. Even the Xenon on the Memior was weak compared to the Nokia N82. My N82 with 5MP Zeiss took way better photos and video. I owned both at the same time and ended up sending the Memoir back 3 times and cancelling the line due to horrible audio recording quality during the videos.

      The 8MP sensor of the Memoir also output horrible video as well. Video res was at 720×480 (N82 640×480)if memory serves, but the poor optics and software didn’t handle lighting and motion that well. The Memior was a case of being ahead of its time MP wise, when really only Nokia made great phone optics, software and microphones. To this day, I love the design of the Memoir and would like to see another phone with that type of camera centric design but with the optics, software processing, powerful xenon flash and microphones to make it worth its weight in megapixels.

      Also, don’t think that the Astound is being released just because of the Feb 11th announcement. It takes MUCH longer for an OEM to negotiate a deal, modify a phone, develope OS customizations, OS specific applications, test the device and then release it. Nokia is known for software delays and generaly moving about in a lethargic manner. I, as a long time Nokia supporter, can’t even say with a straight face that they somehow managed to get all of that done in less than 2 months (Feb 11-April 6 release). If Nokia could move that fast, they wouldn’t be transitioning to WP7.

  • Edsternospam-g

    Oh the irony … a dead-end Mobile OS on a dead-end Mobile Network.

  • T user

    This phone is now on the T-Mobile website. No Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi calling listed under specifications. If this is true, then the phone seems pretty worthless.

    • Meagan

      Even if it came with the WiFi calling app, it won’t work on the AT&T network. So all you peeps using WiFi calling, get out that box of kleenex.

  • T-user

    It seems that all the new upcoming T-Mobile smart phones, like the Astound, don’t mention either Wi-Fi data or Wi-Fi calling under individual phone features, but you can check the “Wi-Fi and Mobile calling” box on the left side and all three of the new phones (G2x, Astound, sidekick 4g) come up.

    The Astound, at this point, has both Wi-Fi (based on Nokia USA website) and Wi-Fi calling.

    If the proposed merger goes through, which I doubt, then it appears they may axe Wi-Fi calling/UMA. It also seems that they are not advertising Wi-Fi data as a feature anymore.

    In the worst case of the deal going through and UMA/Wi-Fi calling being done away with, then my back up plan is to install a Wilson signal booster on the home. I will even play ATT at their own game by switching over to the lower cost version called Consumer Cellular. That will let me keep a smart phone on the network without paying for a mandatory data plan.

    No way will I pay more money for fewer minutes, fewer useful services, dropped calls, and things I don’t want.

  • Excellent, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. Thank for this imformation.