(Updated) T-Mobile Releasing Unlimited Promo Plan April 13th?

Update: There is a catch to this plan regarding data usage, after the first 2 GB’s of data speeds are throttled till the bill cycle resets. Check out the image below for more detail!

Rumors of an unlimited $79.99 unlimited plan first surfaced back in the middle of February and was then delayed for unknown reasons. Well it’s been delayed no more as the $79.99 “Truly Unlimited Data + Talk + Text for $79.99” a month is back and arrives April 13th. This is an individual line promotion only and can only be paired with an Even More account. The existing $79.99 1500 minute Talk + Text + Web plan will be grandfathered as of April 12th.

The unveiling of this rate plan could be construed as a “business as usual” mindset for T-Mobile hoping to increase their customer count ahead of a possible AT&T deal. Either way, it’s still a great deal.



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  • Former Customer

    MetroPCS Launches the same thing for $40 with tax included. Huh…

    • Javi080

      metro pcs sucks and there phone suck too

    • yyevo

      MetroPCS isn’t nationwide and isn’t in my area. Eff off.

    • Anonymous

      metroweb is not real data. The unlimited data metro offers is only a text based browser. No downloads, no youtube, no instant messaging, no emails…that’s not real data.

    • Anonymous

      You have to have a android phone and $60 plan to get real browser you tube and all that good stuff. Think that’s where I’ll be going after the merge.

    • Hatesmetropcs

      metro pcs sucks…

    • Longdingdong


  • The unlimited still beats At&t’s.

    • Ilyas_k15

      Anything beats AT&T

    • ako

      sure… they throttle your speed to be useless. Unless you like to wait for 5 mins for the browser to load up.

      • Would you rather be charged 10$ for your next Gigabyte after the 2Gb 25$ plan?

  • “Update: There is a catch to this plan regarding data usage, the first 2GB of data are unlimited and after that data is throttled till the bill cycle resets. ”

    In other words: ” you can go as fast as we let you and as far as we want”

  • No family option… wtf?

  • In response to metro comment….Depends on your market. Here in orlando they have 4g. There phones are quietly getting better. Not like tmo gets the best either. Far from it if you ask me

  • Ilyas_k15

    These guys at T-Mo are so full of crap, how can it be “truly unlimited”, if only the first 2gb of data is unlimited? That’s like saying it’s absolutely free if you pay me for it. I hate these ridiculous tactics to attract attention. They think that an average consumer is incredibly stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Nowhere does it say unlimited data, speed, Text and talk. It is unlimited data.

    • Guest

      You are not very bright IIass. Learn to read and listen to Bk

    • Hugachia

      i dare you to find a GSM network with amazing customer service and prices like tmobile’s…it is not ridiculous attention attracters, i dont think your very smart llyas…read again before you post.,..

    • Thehughesclan

      then go to att now while it is double the price and slower speed..or better yet go to sprint..oopps again double the price…or verizon..ooooooh nevermind allot more expensive…try cricket that is up your alley..CHEAP

      • Kiteman

        And in less than 12 months this whole thread will mean nothing. We will all be on ATT. Maybe we should start looking at their plans and phones and see what is best that we can do. It only a matter of time, so everyone Chill out and start looking for other plans now, but wait by this time next year there will even more changes in Wireless, Data, Voice, and Text. T-Mobile did not ask our opinion about the merger. It is about money.(lol) Get used to paying more and getting less. It is a shame for all of us. Our only hope is with the FCC stopping this merger and then what. Our plans will only good with TMO until they expire with ATT. Then let this discussion begin again. Maybe TMO News will still around (I hope so :) and if not all of us can voice are opinions to ATT.
        I remember my Parents sitting around talking about the good old days. Think about it , Peace :)

  • james

    You can’t call it “truly” unlimited if you throttle the speeds.

    • Anonymous

      Nowhere does it say unlimited data, speed, Text and talk. It is unlimited data.

    • ako

      Thank you!

    • Actually it can. No where is the representation made that ALL data is at the same RATE OF SPEED. Unlimited means that you can use as much data as you can consume (at the provided speed).

  • just two gb ? i use 15 gb minimum a month

    • Anonymous

      I use around 3-4gb a month and I’m on my phone all day everyday. I don’t understand how someone can use 15gb unless you tether…regardless, this is a cheaper option for people who don’t mind the throttle. You get throttled currently at 5GB anyway…and if you already have the UNLTTW, you’ll save $20 a month to get throttled earlier…not a bad deal. I can deal with slightly slower internet for 20/mo.

    • Roger

      I use 30MB a month over cellular and that basically means I’m paying $1 per megabyte!

      I actually use several GB of data but most of the time I am at home or work where I provide the connectivity via wifi. In my home town when outside I usually get edge so I couldn’t get much data anyway. That means that most of the data over cellular is consumed while commuting.

  • justinglen

    i really wish the tipster would’ve clicked the Even More Plus link at the bottom of that screen and told us what we all *really* want to know!

    • Kahunaman

      I can tell u. I see it from my computer screen at work. $60 even more plus(no contract)

  • aLb3Rt

    WTH is at&Tmobile smoking this time?! Unlimited 2GB?!

  • Dg

    I am a current T-Mo customer. I have always been able to get unlimited everything for $79.99…The catch is I pay full price for all phones.

  • Anonymous

    Will this still be here when the HTC Pyramid comes out. If so I might just have to get a contract. But just 2gb would really hurt me.

  • Anonymous

    so basically….my simplemobile plan.. I pay 60 dollars for the same thing, infact i got throttled at 2gb aswell, but i only have 2 days left in my bill so its all good, 60 dollars a month is awesome…..untill the merger with att which will probably kill simplemobile

    • Anonymous

      This is a contract plan…meaning they also got a discount on a phone. If you want a no contract plan its 60 just like simple mobile, and its using allllll of T-Mobiles towers…not just the 2G towers that simple mobile uses. Plus its a postpaid account, unlike that prepaid crap that is simple mobile. How many simple mobile stores are there actually? Non-existant customer service too…wow. can’t believe anyone would actually go to them wow.

      • Anonymous

        2g towers? what? I get full hspa+ everywhere my friend with t-mobile gets and I only paid 300 for my g2 practically brand new, who wants a “discount” on a phone and pay 20 dollars more per month? As for the roaming, yeah bummer I don’t get that, but who cares I rarely leave the city and if I do its to areas where there is simple mobile coverage (t-mobile). I get capped at 2gb but I pay less per month than say AT&T. who instead of getting capped have to pay overage charges. Customer service? Why would I need to call customer service you seem to have the idea that a person spends a substantial amount of time calling customer service.

        As for EM+ I don’t think they offer 60 dollar unlimited minutes/text and 2gb throttled data.

        • Anonymous

          You paid $300 for a G2…that’s irrelevant to Simple Mobile though, because you could’ve bought that as a customer or not, no? When a certain discount is good (think father’s day promo/valentine’s day promo) contract’s are worth it. Not everyone is trying to spend $400 to 600 up front for a PHONE. Contract, almost has always been the more expensive option, but paying it out over time…now you’re able to do it with Even More Plus, which is a great option and I’ll probably switch to that once my contract is over.

          I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 7 years, a Microsoft (Xbox Live) customer for 4, Cablevision customer for 4 years, Boost Mobile for 1 year (a long time ago, at one time with dual service with T-Mobile), etc etc…and each company I’ve had, I’ve had to call at least ONCE, for some issue. Do I call every day, week or month? No. Not at all. Only when I have a problem would I have a reason to call Customer Service. It’s comforting to know though that at T-Mobile, there’s literally hundreds of stores here in Brooklyn…I have yet to see one Simple Mobile store. And, as a Postpaid customer I get someone who speaks proper english, rather than the script-reading, just learned English 2 seconds before I called, outsourced in India/Phillipines/China/Mexico Prepaid Customer service that Simple Mobile offers.

          Simple Mobile doesn’t allow everything for smartphones anyway. No Picture messaging on Windows Mobile Phones, I can’t bring in a OS6 Blackberry if need be, All blackberries have issues with apps and e-mail, no tethering on any phone, why would I want to go into a service that has these problems? No short codes, no 3way calling…who puts up with this. I’d rather go to the company that a) doesn’t have these problems b) Actually owns the towers, instead of “renting” them….I build my credit here, get bills, no problems, haven’t had one issue with customer service YET, and have good coverage.

          As far as the EM+, I was going by what someone else had said in the comments, he said the same plan for EM+ customers is 60. If that’s true, I hope they run this promo for a while so I can jump on it.


    • Anonymous

      One more thing…I could’ve sworn Simple Mobile’s Data limit was 1GB? And If I remember correctly, I thought they cut you off, not throttled? Regardless, not worth it IMHO.

      • Anonymous

        So basically you repeatedly put down this company with no understanding of how it works. You mention all these problems with blackberries and WP7…. i dont have either of those devices I have android and have zero problems with my service. They are getting BIS soon and will probably be one of the only mvnos to offer blackberry services and i believe the problem with wp7 not getting mms already has a workaround.

        Im a college student on a budget dont knock great service and dismiss it as crap especially when you dont even know what exactly theyre offering.

        Either way bickering about it is stupid since even i realise i cant keep getting this deal forever, especially after the merger.

  • Anonymous

    2GB????? They are mimicking AT&T’s data plans already. That is the data cap that AT&T puts on their plans, great, My family and I were the biggest supporters of T-Mobile for years, when I found out my 4 top of the line devices I paid full price for were going to be nothing but paper weights, I could not give them any more of my money. I left for Verizon, Thunderbolt with real unlimited data, no throttling and my plan was about 14 bucks more a month. 12 – 22 GB download and 4 -8 GB upload. I am happy to be with a network that has some minor bugs but are getting better every day and their network is the future network in place today. Think about it people. Good Luck with what ever choices you make.

    • Montelabella

      what are you talking about 2gb? we do not have a plan that has 2gb….unless u choose simple mobile with walmart or prepaid…this new plan is unlimited talk, text and web throttled at 5gb just like every other company actually bettery than most companies….

      • Prod1702

        Read the pics if you go with this plan you will only have 2gb of 3G/4G web. After 2gb you will be dropped down to 2G. What is on that pic is the truth. It was put out tonight for all T-Mobile reps to see on their internal website.

      • Anonymous


    • lol you mean mb..

      • Anonymous

        I want some of them GB DL’s!!

    • Magenta Magic

      You’re phones weren’t going to be paperweights.

      No overages? Wait until your first bill.

      Thunderbolt is a phone, not a plan.

      Biggest supporter of T-Mobile? They have towers named after you?

      And you didn’t have to take this plan. So you left because of an option that wouldn’t have benefited your situation (four lines of service).

      But hell, reason and sanity have no place in Magenta Land, right?

  • Kahunaman

    Relax guys its a promo plan. The promo individual 1500talk with unl text and unl web(5gb then throttle speed) will be gone. The $100 plan is still there for anyone wanting unl talk+text+web 5gb. Most customers aren’t tech savy and just check email, facebook, and a few apps. This is perfect for them.

    • Anonymous

      Video streaming would be my only concern for customers….that’s one thing the average person may do that will devour data quickly…..I don’t stream much but I do flash a lot of roms using rom manager in addition to web browsing, gmail and work email…..I usually come in at just over 2gb per bill cycle

      • Anonymous

        I was at and over 2GB until I decided to leave WiFi on always and force myself to just wait till I get home to DL apps/games. Now I’m between 800Mb – 1GB. A $15 – $20 1GB plan would be nice.

  • Bimmerz

    David, Can you find out if this is going to be the new cap straight across the board? What I mean is, it was at one time 10GB, then they dropped it down to 5GB.

    I am on the Customer Loyalty unlimited plan with a 5GB cap (throttled after the 5GB), will I still be able to use 5GB, or will I now only get 2GB before being throttled down?

    If I can keep the 5GB, then I’ll continue to pay the extra $5 as I am paying $84.99 now – but if I am going to be throttled down after 2GB, then I might as well call on the 13th and save that extra $5 per/month.

    Thx! :)

    • Kahunaman

      Hey. According to the fine print on our side only going to 2gb cap if you SWITCH to this promotion plan. It is a special feature web that will cap you. All current plans are fine.

    • DavidOhio

      You will be grandfathered on your plan, nothing will change.

    • Jayq330

      There is only one cellular phone company that had true unlimited data with no throttling, no caps & overage’s, they even have unlimited mobile 2 mobile with 900 land line minutes! For $80! Sprint, they’re striping it up & if anyone says their slow it’s bs in new york their average is 8mps & upload is about 2 to 3mps. So I’m going with them now.t-mobile you f*cked up! Peace!

    • Jayq330

      There is only one cellular phone company that had true unlimited data with no throttling, no caps & overage’s, they even have unlimited mobile 2 mobile with 900 land line minutes! For $80! Sprint, they’re striping it up & if anyone says their slow it’s bs in new york their average is 8mps & upload is about 2 to 3mps. So I’m going with them now.t-mobile you f*cked up! Peace!

    • Jayq330

      There is only one cellular phone company that had true unlimited data with no throttling, no caps & overage’s, they even have unlimited mobile 2 mobile with 900 land line minutes! For $80! Sprint, they’re striping it up & if anyone says their slow it’s bs in new york their average is 8mps & upload is about 2 to 3mps. So I’m going with them now.t-mobile you f*cked up! Peace!

    • Ash

      Just try to pass the 2GB mark and 5GB mark when this starts, and you will receive SMS from T-mo telling you that you are over the cap.

  • Romedroid

    As usual… family plans are shafted..

  • This plan is BS….use 2gigs and get throttled…..nope not gonna happen….It seems as if this is a plot to ease tmo customers into At&t’s style of pricing…..You’re treading on thin ice t-mo…..two words: mass exodus

    • Deceptivesmiles

      would u rather use 2GB then get charged overages? Quit bein cheap and buy internet for your home and u won’t have an issue

      • Brians Android

        Thats an excellent point of view but in the real world some people depend heavily on there data when on the go. And the megabytes tend to add up quickly. But for the most people in general 2 gigs should more than suffice. For me its ok for now BUT if I were to have 4G or LTE in my area I would use way more than 2gigs per billing cycle. My android is the best thing I have just beneath my wife. IT DOSE IT ALL! but I only have edge so i am screwed most of the time with Wi-Fi. Also I would much rather be throttled down than charged extra for a 2 gig cap. cheers to all. I pray all goes well.

    • Anonymous

      It’s definitely an ATT related move but atleast it’s not across the board for all plans. It’s an option and a pretty good way to lube us up for the ATT transition. If you get used to using LESS than 2GB/mo(which consists of like 98% of ppl) then you won’t be so pissed off once ATT starts slappin overages on you.

      • Frigadroid

        Thanks to some wifi, cutting down on youtube and my jet vd app stopped working, I only used 4.7 last month. That’s the first time since july my Vibrant wasn’t throttled. For some of us who like to use our devices to the fullest capability (my self personally as an entertainment portal) 2 is laughable.
        With the ability of these new phones voice is history, data demand will only continue to increase. I would love to use the tmobile tv or net flix when available but why pay an extra $10 for unusable 50k speed. They need to make the throttle speed at least fast enough to be usable. Then they can find another way to nickel and dime us if they want to be like AT&T.

        • Anonymous

          You need to water that usage down like 2% Milk buddy!

        • Frigadroid

          I have all ready weaned myself down to skim milk. Heck I was over 10g now under 5g. Its use it or lose it so I’m going to use it. T-mobile still makes out fine on me because I don’t use many text or minutes yet I pay for unlimited on 2 lines.

        • jarjon76

          If you’re using your phone that much to watch youtube, videos, etc might I suggest you go outside and get some fresh air? Give your phone and eyes a much needed rest.

        • Frigadroid

          Might I suggest if your to stupid to understand how fast data can add up for someone who travels constantly, you might want to go back to school. Take a few math classes. A little computer science and maybe some psychology, so you can learn that your moronic suggestions are of no benefit.

        • jarjon76

          No need to get so defensive. If you spend your life on your phone, that’s your business. Personally, I find that comical and a little sad.

        • Frigadroid

          Again you fail to realize the point moron! Learn to do the math idiot! It only takes minutes a day dork! I’m glad you find it comical fool, but shouldn’t you be laughing like me at you instead of being sad? I think you need not concern yourself with things that you don’t understand. If you think I’m being defensive get over it, I just played you. If I was really angry I would go Meatloaf on your a$$ ;-)

        • Guest

          You really need a life Friga-losah. Math? CS? You are a moron.

        • Frigadroid

          No cracks from the peanut gallery “guest-o-losa”. If I wanted any crap out of you I would just squeeze your head.

        • jarjon76

          Might I suggest you post while sober?

        • Frigadroid

          You still don’t get it. I think you are the one who is drunk. I could pass any alcohol or drug test because I don’t drink or use drugs.Try staying on topic if you want to debate. You should take my advise and go back to school. It seems you think you know so much, but actually you can’t even understand basic 3rd grade math.

  • Minioninnc

    I’ll take it, I don’t mind paying $20 less per month. I don’t use alot of data anyway, so I say…CAP ME! LOL! The area I am in we don’t have 3G, Edge only, so if they throttle me, I am already throttled on Edge. If they want to punish me, bring HSPA here, then throttle me.

    • HTC Pyramid

      actually, throttling is less than edge speeds but i see your point.

  • MichaelTeo

    I will stick with Straighttalk Unlimited $45/month. No obligation whatsoever!

    • Can you use any phone with that or do you have to use Straighttalk’s phones?

      • jfo

        you can use simplemobile with anyphone some stores have it.

        • Yeah I know that, but I was talking about StraightTalk.

        • Jayq330

          Simple mobile uses t-mobile’s towers, virtual network.they also get throttled after 1 gig.

    • Straight talk? Walmart plan? WOW..lol

    • (cough) Losser!!

    • Magenta Magic

      I love Simple Mobile and Straightalk customers. You guys invariably come to a T-Mobile store demanding we fix your 2nd hand, refurbished phones. Maybe you should buy in to T-Mobile SERVICE to get T-Mobile SERVICE – including hands on care in store. It’s not just about minutes and data and text, you know.

  • This isn’t that bad, but I wish they’d kept the 5GB then throttle cap.

  • (Off topic, but)

    Here lately, the site has come to a slow crawl. Just about anywhere on the net you go, you won’t find anything exciting about T-Mobile. There is just not much to report, and its almost boring to find something new out on the net dealing with T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Your opinion

  • I spotted a typo in the post. The post said:
    “…T-Mobile hoping to still increase their customer count ahead of a possible AT&T deal.”
    I think that is correctly spelled:
    “…T-Mobile hoping to stem their customer losses ahead of a possible AT&T deal.”

  • ocf

    I have been on that plan for a while, but on the EM+ plan.

  • Ok, for the record: 1. Unlimited data means all you can consume without being charged extra above the price point you are given. At no point is the representation made that ALL of your use is at any given speed. That said, why aren’t you mad that you can’t use 4TB of data on Sprint because they can’t provide data at a fast enough rate? 2. The magic, new 2GB “cap” shouldn’t come as a surprise because guess who entered into a contract to buy T-Mobile (hint: the same company that has a 2GB “cap” on their data plan)? Is this such a shock since this is the first new rate plan announced since the merger announcement? 3. Please comment constructively. I would rather hear intelligent debate or discussion on a topic than hear “why it say unlimited when it not unlimited” or something equally unintelligible. 4. I wish there was no data cap at all, the 4G fairy would sprinkle LTE all over the world and for HTC, Apple and Blackberry to collaborate for the ultimate phone – won’t happen. Sorry. 5. If you compare prepaid price plans against a postpaid company’s you are a moron. Plain and simple.

    Please remember these things and make this community better for everyone.

  • NardVa

    I think the new plan is a joke. The 79.99 plan that gives you 1500 anytime mins is a better deal because you get 5gb of data before throttle. Tmobile is giving you less data but more mins with the new plan. The only problem is people dont want more mins they want more data.

    • Kms

      You speak for all people… fascinating.

      Try taking the ego down a notch… or maybe about 8 billion notches.

      • NardVa

        I’m just saying in general as cell phone usage grows it’s more about data then voice mins. Hence the reason why cell companies are going to teir data plans They want to capitalize and profit on data usage. It’s gone be the money maker.

        • Anonymous

          I’m a tech geek and I only use 1GB and maybe 200 minutes a month on my plan. ATT claims(which I believe) that only 2% of their subscribers use over 2GB/month of data. My guess is that more than 2% of people use over 1500 minutes still.

          Oh and the extra GB’s don’t cost anything but additional minutes will so I think more sales can be made with unlimited minutes than “Unlimeted Data”

        • “Extra GBs” certainly cost something. It goes back to bandwidth and utilization. If everyone used an “extra GB” of data, the network would literally slow to a creep from gridlock. That kind of effect would be very expensive to fix (adding more fiber/T1 lines, public relations, churn, etc), so yes, “extra GBs” do cost something. They are very expensive in fact. Therefore, is it better to charge X and provide Y service which is clear and defined, or is it better to offer “unlimited” and be complaining about how your phone never works and how Z carrier is better (which is the same nonsense I hear all the time in these comments)?

        • Anonymous

          Extra GB’s don’t cost US anything. As in If I get throttled at 2GB’s and then proceed to EDGE out another GB of data it will not cost ME anything additional.

          You understood me wrong but I can appreciate your passion.

        • Good call. I am passionate about reducing ignorance of wireless policy and procedure. There is nothing worse than having a customer who wants unlimited everything for 5 phones and 9G speeds for $100 per month and to get all 10G capable phones for -$50 a piece.

          You are right though, in that there is no additional charge to the consumer on use therefore it is unlimited data use.

        • Anonymous

          9G speeds now huh lol. Well it would fire me up too seein a lot of these comments if I was a TMO CSR or store rep.

      • Aerofanbig

        that was a stupid statement

    • Dewey Cox

      The MAJORITY of the customer base ( not us on this site) want minutes.

    • jarjon76

      Since when do you speak for the majority? YOU may want more data than mins, but that doesn’t mean the majority wants that.

  • BigMixxx

    DAMN t mobile. Come on….this ain’t cool. but new signups are gonna buy right into this.

    While it would reduce my bill, significantly…but damn.

  • Anonymous

    tmobile already starting to sound like at&t, using words like after 2 gb, this is going to get ugly my friends, sprint here i come, the fact that they starting to do at&t work before at&t get the approval speaks volume, tmobile already telegraphing whats coming.

    • Jayq330

      Ghats exactly what I stated in my comment, people should realize they’ve been converted already.time to bail out!I’m going to sprint true unlimited & fast speeds.

    • T-Mobile is contracted to be sold to AT&T. I know that may be new to you, but here is something else to consider: Do you think that there is a term in the purchase agreement that says if a new rate plan is offered, it will have similar terms to AT&T rate plans? I would wager a pretty good chunk of change that there is a line in there similar to that.

  • I need tmobile to have a prepaid plan (pay as you go) with low min and high data

  • Chadastrophic

    How can you call it “truly unlimited data” if you lower the cap to 2GB. If you reduce my speeds you are effectively reducing the amount of data I can consume, which isn’t truly unlimited. FCK YOU T-MOBILE!!!

    • WinnerWinner

      whats the overage cost on this plan? no overage unlimited usage. could make it like all the other carriers and charge you when you hit the GB cap. grow up and quit being a baby about it how much data did you use last month? i am on the web a lot don’t tether and rarely hit 2gbs

      • Magenta Magic

        I tether my Archos 101 tablet, stream via ControlMyPC (desktop control) and GMote (music, videos) and barely ever reach 5GB!

        The average person isn’t going to notice a throttle cap. Those who are complaining are the same people who come in to our store whining that they are throttled after two days. Seems they can’t download enough [ video content ] on their PCs and have to do it on the phone also. But you know what… they didn’t get charged overages! Try that on another carrier!

    • Easy actually, you aren’t being charged per unit of data above 2GB which means, you are free to use as much data as you can consume for a flat rate. Did you read anywhere that there was a guarantee of any particular speed up to infinity GB? I didn’t catch that in there.

      Come back to Earth, clean up the mouth, and please be a contributor not a complainer.

    • jarjon76

      If you’re using more than 2GB of data per month you need to put your phone down and take in some fresh air. I’m a heavy user and 2GB is more than enough for me. They have to throttle because of data hogs like you who clog the network because you feel the need to download a million videos to your phone. You data hogs amuse me.

  • i hate energy speculators. Do they really think the economy can handle $100 oil? They are killing recovery quickly

  • I’ll keep my MyFaves 350 min and 300 txt msgs with Android data :) That is all I really need…

  • I’ll keep my MyFaves 350 min and 300 txt msgs with Android data :) That is all I really need…

  • Ash

    So the plans now are better? At least I get 5GB before slow down.

    • Anonymous

      But if you switch to this new plan you will get over 1,000,000 minutes a month!!

      • TweetMo

        Yeah, but in all seriousness some people talk way more than 1500 mins/month. I do. It’s my business phone and 2G will work for me.
        Too bad though that they don’t leave both plans available for the talkers & the heavy data users.

  • winnerwinner

    Simple solution for everyone that says 2gb is to low, blah blah, don’t change to it, wow that was easy i solved all of your problems in one quick second. congratulations and as a one time courtesy i wont charge my standard consulting fee on this and offer this as a one time freebie to members of the site.

  • Jayq330

    There they go getting into at&t’s throttleing business, they’re already getting t-mobile customers into there way of things.being sneaky with there unlimited data but after 2 gigs your throttled. We all know this isn’t unless way of things….until now. T-mobile isn’t our t-mobile anymore get that in your heads, don’t just sign new contracts & join them with there business as usual crap.remember they get $1,300 per contract so their going to get as many new contacts as they can. I’m moving to sprint at least they don’t sell out & lie. There latest commercial states that in there definition of unlimited there is no such thing as caps, throttleing & overage’s! true unlimited plans & at 8mps average downloads in new york, it’s a super deal/steal!.

    • Anonymous


    • jarjon76

      Sprint doesn’t “sell out” and lie? Wow, someone is naive. Good luck with Sprint.

    • Wow, if you believe everything you hear on a commercial, I have some great products for you to buy! I hate to say it, but of course “throttling” and “caps” aren’t in the unlimited definition, but just because they exist doesn’t mean you aren’t getting unlimited (did you catch that, Dan Hesse hoped you didn’t either).

      As long as you aren’t being charged per unit of data, you are granted “unlimited.” Please understand that there is NO COMPANY ON THIS PLANET that guarantees a particular speed for any particular unit of data (KBs, MBs, GBs, etc). So go ahead, run to Sprint and pay an extra 4G fee to have a 4G phone even if you don’t have 4G in your area. Because paying an extra $240 for something you can’t even use is totally “fair.”

    • Guest

      Jay – listen to Greg and stfu.

  • Rickey

    if you have 4g 2 gigs is useless this is a data plan for 3g users

    • Well, I agree and disagree with your point. I believe that 4G isn’t about how fast you can load a web page, but how well you handle media on the go. We, as a country, aren’t ready for 4G as our infrastructure isn’t capable of handling everyone’s 4G demand. Lowering the throttle point, in this case, is a necessary evil to discourage the very thing that causes serious network congestion (video), but still allows for web on the go utilization (web pages, apps, etc).

      I fully expect that in the next 2 years, caps will become obsolete as networks evolve to handle the demand of the customer.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad deal. I will switch to this if they come out with the HTC pyramid.

  • Jaykay

    Dangg!!!!!! I can’t wait till we have access to these plans! Here I come features :D!!! Hahahaha…ima love my commission whenever these plans are released.

  • JustinBeber

    So let me understand this. Right now I have 1500 min talk unlimited text and 5G data for 79.99 and now it will drop to 2G and that is a deal???

    Bend over rover and let Jimmy take over!

    • Exactly, limited GB usage throttling is NOT UNLIMITED!!!

      • Phil, I’m going to have to disagree with you. The term “unlimited data” literally means infinite data [use]. If you pay $20 for infinite data [use], and you use 500GB, 5,000GB or 50,000GB, you should expect a bill for $20. This is because your bill is not dependent upon your use effectively meaning that as data use approaches infinity, your bill has no change. Unlimited data.

        What you are referring to by saying throttling is not unlimited is partially correct. While throttling is a limit of sorts, it is not the limit referred to by “unlimited data” or infinite data [use]. You could be mad if the service was called “unlimited data at 4G rate” where a promise is extended beyond just data use. Now look at any company in the world. Find a package named that, and I will give you a cookie.

        Hate to break it to you, but in every single service agreement, contract or not, there is a clause saying that no guarantee is made to uptime or connection rate. Sorry. If that offends you, perhaps cell phones aren’t for you, OR do something about it: start PhilCom where users can have unlimited data at 4G rate for $20 a month. Good luck staying in business or maintaining a quality network that makes customers want to stay. Sure you may churn 100% of your customer base because they can’t even make a phone call on your congested network, but you do have unlimited data at 4G rate!

    • Bratty

      Are you stupid or really stupid? This is a promo with unlimited minutes and unlimited data. Your current plan has a cap on minutes and unlimited data. See the difference? And don’t start with the 2G cap vs the 5G cap. No one is making you switch so stop acting like a bit*h.

      • How about you start acting like an adult or else find yourself unable to comment.

        • Bratty

          My bad.

  • David or anyone else that can explain this please.

    When you state that “The existing $79.99 1500 minute Talk + Text + Web plan will be grandfathered as of April 12th.”

    If I were to upgrade my account right now (currently have MyFaves 300 with Android and 300 txt msgs) and get the soon-to-be grandfathered $79.99 1500 minute Talk + Text + Web plan, would I then have a 5gb cap with my grandfathered plan?

    Both plans really sound good to me and after doing some math, I’ll be saving about 12-15 dollars a month (incl. my corp discount) when compared to my current plan.

    Possibly looking to get the LG Optimus 2X and this is why I’m debating on switching plans. Keyword being the “debating” part. I much rather keep my old plan and buy handsets outright…


  • Anonymous

    So. Where’s the mythical T-Mobile USA Pyramid anyway? (whistles)

  • JFish

    I love the comments from people complaining about the “data caps” and how its not “unlimited data”. If you need more data then stop trying to cheat the system and get a home internet connection or use wi-fi. I like watching videos and downloading things, but I do that on my home internet, where I can watch them on a normal screen and relax in a chair. Occasionally I will flip on a video on my phone but its only to show someone something while on the go.

    Thank you Greg P for responding to so many people on here in this thread! I agree with everything you said. Its frustrating as a sales associate to deal with people like this on a daily basis. The networks will get there eventually to where it can handle more users and more data, until then if you are worried about it either don’t get a data device or get home internet. If you can’t afford home internet then use wi-fi and stop complaining! Or there are these places called libraries if you are that desperate to watch trailers of “Hop” and your Justin Bieber videos.

    My only suggestion is that T-Mobile and other carriers make a “true unlimited data with no caps” and make it however much a month so that the idiots that think they need that much and the people that actually do need that much and can afford it CAN have it. I won’t complain as a sales associate making commission when these people come in and drop $70 or more for that :)

    • Anonymous

      Your argument is so illogical it almost pains me to respond. You really want to place the blame on people for getting upset after relying on your advertising that states that people are getting “unlimited” internet? Now that’s rich…you lie to people and then you blame them. If that makes you feel better…all the more power to you, but I think you need to read the dictionary and then come back after you’ve received some education.

      • Sevrek

        Well, technically, everyone who is on the 5gb plan DOES have unlimited data usage. T-Mobile is staying true to form. They choose to throttle the data speeds after 5gb but you still can use. it.

        • Anonymous

          The definition of unlimited doesn’t mean just volume, it means “without limits” according to the classic definition. I take issue with the marketing hyperbole, not the right of the carriers to throttle. I’m perfectly fine with the carriers throttling consumers…what I don’t like is that some people may be mislead by the creative definitions of the carriers into signing up for something they aren’t going to get. Just because we here all understand what it means doesn’t mean that the average consumer gets it…and I’m convinced that’s what the carriers are counting on.

        • methodz

          just curious, but what word would you have them substitute “unlimited” with? They don’t stop you from receiving data ever, they just slow it down after it hits X amount. I’m no idiot but I’d say I am the average consumer and I’m fine with their use of the word. Hey man, it is only $60, you get what you pay for.

          I guess if they wanted to sell this plan it could be called the “unlimited 5GB” for $60

          and for those who complain about the throttling they could have a separate plan for you all called the “without limits” plan and make it like $150 and you can go buck wild with it.

          The price comes with the conditions which in this case I am fine with it.

        • Player911

          Have you ever been capped before? You might as well not even have a connection. Applications time out before they are able to grab the data. Tmo cap = 1999.

          If the cap wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Perhaps EDGE speeds would be ok. But this is not the case.

          I have a 5gb cap and don’t really do anything a normal person wouldn’t do. I get my corporate emails, facebook and twitter updating 15min intervals, and I surf the net (originating from Twitter posts).

          I don’t download music, and maybe the occasional app. I do play WordFeud and KingdomsLive which are both internet text based games several times a day.

          I usually use 4.5-6gb a month with normal use.

          I am a IT / Web Admin and I know 6gb of traffic is nothing.

        • joe

          Ummm, right, I use my phone for all of those things + tether and I sit at about 2 gigs. Note that the tether is mainly web browsing, subversion, etc, but still I doubt someone can hit 5 or more with simple browsing and email in a month. Also note that the throttle is to EDGE.

      • Anonymous

        Your argument is so illogical it almost pains me to respond. You really want to place the blame on T-Mobile for people getting upset that the advertisement states they get unlimited data and that’s what they get? Now that’s rich…T-Mobile offers something, and people say its a lie. I think you need to read a dictionary and then come back when you learn the difference between “unlimited data” and “unlimited speed”.

        • Bratty

          BK – you on fire playa! Love the smackdown on Cotay and people like him.

        • You’re dangerously close to your own smackdown. Quit instigating.

        • Anonymous

          I do understand what the carriers intend “unlimited” to mean. What I take issue with is that sales associates don’t explain this to the average consumer who may not understand. Sales Associates want to complain about customers who take issue when they get throttled, but my guess is that those sales folks don’t take the time to clearly explain to their customers what exactly “unlimited” in this context means. You can’t prepare the meal and then complain about the cooking. Whether this oversight is intentional to gain a sale…well I’ll let others be the judge.

          BK, you assume that unlimited doesn’t mean “unlimited speed”. Here is the definition that most people commonly associate with “unlimited”:

          ? ?[uhn-lim-i-tid]
          not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade.
          boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies.
          without any qualification or exception; unconditional.

          Pretty clear to me that unlimited by classic definition doesn’t just contemplate “volume”, but rather “without restriction”. This is what most average consumers believe and the carriers are simply playing word games and as used by the carriers it is intentionally misleading. It is marketing designed to imply something to the common user that doesn’t necessarily square with the common understanding of the definition of “unlimited”. We have laws against false and/or misleading…I’m convinced this usage is misleading to the average consumer.

          I find it reprehensible that T-Mobile employees want to take advantage of using the phrase “unlimited” when selling the feature, but they don’t want to deal with the fallout when their customers discover that all is not exactly as it seems. I find this disingenuous at the very least.

        • Anonymous

          You say that you take issue with Sales Reps that don’t explain to the average consumer who doesn’t understand why s/he may be throttled, when they assumed they were getting unlimited Data and speed. The problem I have with that, is that the average consumer doesn’t use more than 2GB nevertheless 5GB of Data. When I used to work for T-Mobile, in the year+ that I was there, and thousands of customers I dealt with, I saw people being throttled only 4…maybe 5 times. It’s extremely rare, and I was working in a retail store in Brooklyn NY…an area more likely to have heavy data users. The only people I ever saw throttled, were only android users. No people with iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, Nokia’s etc. The sales folk won’t explain the difference between unlimited data and unlimited speed, because a)It’s not false advertising, b) it will hurt the sale, and c) the average consumer won’t understand the difference. I was still working at T-Mobile when they started selling Mobile Broadband, and it was almost impossible to sell, because of the way it was advertised. It was advertised as 5GB No overage, which is essentially the same as Cell Phone Unlimited, just called more-so the way you want it to be called.

          I’m not assuming; I know the way they are pushing it. You’re taking the word unlimited out of context. The phrase they’re using is Unlimited Data. THE AVERAGE consumer, would assume that unlimited data means I can access the data, as much as I want, as many times as I want, and I will pay my bill, and never get charged extra. If the plan was called Unlimited Everything, that would be a different story, but the plan in front of us is called Unlimited Data + Text + Talk. There is absolutely no false advertising, because they are providing you with unlimited Data access, unlimited Talking, and Unlimited texting. If I wanted to access the web at 500GB, T-Mobile won’t cut me off. That means I have UNLIMITED data access. Are you also upset, that this plan doesn’t include International calling or texting? Technically they say unlimited, so why is T-Mobile restricting me from calling/texting overseas? What gives? Honestly it is just common sense, and a SMART consumer, asks these types of questions.

          I do understand where you’re coming from, but it’s because you’re assuming, and/or you assume that most customers are assuming the same exact thing that this bothers you so much. You want it made more clearly, but in reality, making it more clearly doesn’t help sales? Why? Because the average consumer is an idiot. It sounds harsh, I know, but it’s honestly the truth. If I had a customer come in, and they’re buying a Blackberry, why would I have wanted to even mention it? Most blackberry users don’t even consume half a gig. iPhone users, on 2g…why would I have mentioned it? Honestly the only people hitting more than 5GB are android or maybe even Windows users…who most likely do one of two things a)Tether or b) Download movies. And they’re probably not paying for tethering, but hey, consumers won’t complain about that, right? I use a mytouch slide currently (about to switch to a G2X), and am on my phone using data 24/7. Downloading apps, youtube, frequent web browsing, 3 e-mails constantly syncing, Rhapsody streaming on a daily basis for an hour a day, Facebook etc. etc…and I’ve passed 3GB only once. I never connect to wi-fi, but I do have that option at home, so it would not be a stretch to just connect when I get home. I am not the average consumer, I use more than most, and I don’t see the problem with this plan, or the way it’s being advertised.

        • Frigadroid

          BkEnigma’s words coming from a former tmobile employee”You want it made more clearly, but in reality, making it more clearly doesn’t help sales? Why? Because the average consumer is an idiot. It sounds harsh, I know, but it’s honestly the truth. If I had a customer come in, and they’re buying a Blackberry why would I have wanted to even mention it?”
          That sums it up pretty well why some people have a problem with the wording and even why sprint would invest the money to point it out in their latest campaign. Thank God you no longer work for tmobile with that attitude problem.
          The only reason I bitch about 5g is because before we had 10g before throttling for the same money. I understand why they do it. I just wish it wasn’t so slow at 50k data is a joke. Yes its still better than nothing and not worth leaving tmobile, but I think they could bump up the throttle speed during off peak hours. I’m still going to use x# of bits regardless.

        • Anonymous

          Thank god I don’t work for T-Mobile with my attitude problem? Cute. I worked for Customer service for the past 5 years in 3 different companies, in 3 completely different job areas. I know what I’m paid to do, and unfortunately no one is paying me to come to tmonews.com and be polite and courteous. The people that come to this site, are usually more educated about cell phone service, but honestly the amount of people who visit tech/cell sites, compared to the amount of people who own cell phones is very very small. If you’ve ever worked customer service, or something similar like call centers, you shouldn’t have any problem with my post, as you’ll pretty much agree with me. I’m not saying I hate everyone, or everyone who walked in was a twat. During my last 5 years of Customer service, I met some very nice people, some people I still keep in contact with etc. I was always one of the more polite, well-mannered, always willing to go that extra-mile rep. Regardless, you can think what you want, and assume I’m an evil person because I think the majority of smartphone users in NY are not as bright as they want to appear.

          Yes, we all had 10GB, and I do remember that. And I do remember I personally, at first I did not like the move. However as more android and more 4G phones come out it becomes a necessity.

        • Player911

          I agree. Thats like saying, “Unlimited Plan for $59 mo*”

          “*500minutes, 250 SMS, 2gb Data”.

        • joe

          No it is not in anyway. As, after 500 minutes you would either be completely shut off or they would start charging you $$ for each extra minute (which adds up fast, trust me), whereas with the data, you can STILL ACCESS THE WEB and get AS MUCH DATA AS YOU WANT, but at a lesser speed.

        • The 1,2 and 3 in that definition refer to alternate meanings, not concurrent. For instance, if I were to say “My boss fired me,” I mean that my boss terminated my employment. It does not mean that my boss terminated my employment AND set me ablaze.

          Same thing here. Unlimited data means infinite data [use]. As in if you pay $20 for unlimited data, it does not matter if you use 2GB, 5GB or 500GB. You will still only pay $20 for all the data you can consume. In other places, like on your service agreement, you will find a clause that states that performance is not guaranteed for anything – even voice.

          I offer you the same thing I’ve offered everyone – find me a carrier that guarantees specific performance at infinite data use and I will give you a cookie.

          As another example of how we only use one meaning of a word at a time in the English language: If I said “The crew of the Enterprise were to engage the warp drive,” I mean the crew turned the warp drive on. It does not mean that the crew turned on the warp drive and proposed to the drive.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I understand the difference between concurrent and alternate definitions. Your position however is predicated upon ignoring the fact that the three alternate definitions all share a common theme, more specifically “without restriction”.

          Your examples of how people attribute different meanings to words and phrases are irrelevant for this discussion. Your examples speak to contextual differences that are apparent on their face or inherent within a situational context. Here we have not such clarity. The word unlimited in its traditional sense does not have a contextual variance unless such situational variance is clearly defined…again, note that each definition essentially means “without restriction”.

          Here the carriers have not clearly set up the context to make it clear that “unlimited” doesn’t mean “without restriction”. In fact, I’d argue that the carriers are purposefully creating ambiguity and misusing the word “unlimited” to sell a product (note: BK even admits this). The carriers are intentionally relying upon the lack of clarity to entice unsuspecting consumers to “trade up” to a more expensive data plan. However, my point isn’t that the carriers can’t throttle, it is that they should be fully honest and make complete disclosures. I’d dare say that failure to fully disclose could be considered fraud in the inducement.

          If you disagree with my position that merchants should be required to honestly state the restrictions on their wares, then either you work for a carrier or you don’t care about being mislead when buying a product/service.

        • There is no misleading information. Read the piece of paper that accompanies every single phone activation called the “Service Agreement.” This document sets the context of a carrier’s service. There is no arguing with a legal document that clearly defines the fact that quality of service is not guaranteed.

          As I said to someone below: If you don’t like it, then start your own company! Offer infinite data use with unlimited speed for $20 per month. Then, see how fast your company grows, then fails. Sure, people are attracted to excellent deals, however, if network integrity is not maintained, it doesn’t matter how much your service costs as every single customer would leave.

          As far as advertising is concerned, name a company who does not manipulate wording to some degree to advertise. Freecreditreport.com really isn’t free if you want to get into it. When a car ad says $1500 cash back, do you really get a check for $1500? Heck, even unlimited minutes still has a limit before you get flagged for extreme use on any carrier. Read into Cellular South’s 50/50 rule for example.

          In the real world, companies will stretch the truth to get attention – but will not break the rules. If you get excited by absolutes like “never,” “always,” “unlimited,” etc, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. An appropriate position to take as a consume is skepticism. When you hear a deal like that and you are interested, learn more, don’t bank on the ad to have no restrictions (oh, which EVERY unlimited claim by EVERY carrier has “some restrictions apply,” “see a sales associate for more details,” or “not available in all areas”).

        • Duwhel

          you are pretty much the most rational response i have seen so far, so i am replyling my response to this problem on YOUR post (don’t hate me). you by a PHONE. you are buying unlimited date on JUST YOUR PHONE. if you by a truck and are told you will get 25 m.p.g. then don’t expect it to remain that amount if you hook a trailer to the back of it. the same concept applies to tethering. your contract has been met. no one has ever been throttled who has used JUST THEIR PHONE and nothing else. anyone whoo complains about tethering is doing so because they want their phone to be a modem. buy the equipment and service you need. expect to get what you pay for. don’t expect a phone to be a modem based upon words on paper.

      • Anonymous

        T-Mobile does give you unlimited data..just not unlimited 3G/4G data.

    • jarjon76

      Well said. The people that are complaining are the type who will never be satisfied. Data hogs amuse me.

    • Jarrod

      I wouldn’t have ab issue with home internet but Comcast and clear and all the other providers in my area are crappy. On average I use 3/4gigs I dont considered it to be that much

  • Anonymous

    I have simple mobile and was waiting for the G2x to drop so I could finally sign a contract with t-mobile, but these bastards are getting rid of the 1500 min unl text and 5gb throttle point BEFORE the G2x comes out, sneaky.

    How do I get around this? Or am I SOL?

    • Anonymous

      You can go on contract for the 1500TTW plan on the last day of the 1500 promo…then exchange your phone for the G2X…as long as the G2X comes out within 14 days…I think it was rumored for april 20th, and if that’s the case it’ll work perfectly.

      • methodz

        or do what i might do. buy the phone right now that currently lists for the highest on ebay. i’m thinking samsung 4g phone is going for about $400. don’t use or even open the phone, just sell it. use some dumbphone til the g2x comes which is hopefully sooner rather than later and use the 400 you made to buy it unlocked. that is your best option.

        • Player911

          If you already have service, just call them up and switch the plans. The Even More Plus plans are non-contract plans so it won’t it won’t reset the 2 year timer.

          If you don’t have Tmobile, then just set up an account with the 1500 Even More Plus plan w 5gb now. It is off contract and you bring in your own phone or buy one full price. So just sign up the plan wait 2 weeks and pick up the G2X using your Flexpay. They can give you a SIM card with a phone number any time whether you put it to use or not.

          You can’t buy a SG4G for $49 with a 2 year contract, sell it, expect to make profit, and buy G2X… then somehow get out of the contract and move to a non-contract plan.

        • methodz

          I can see how I was unclear about what I said, sorry.

          Khalints has no contract right now. But he wants the G2x which has no confirmed release date.

          The plan he wants will be grandfathered before the release of the G2x. So he has 2 viable options to get the 1500 plan and the G2x.

          One way is to get the plan before it is grandfathered preferably on the last day, and hope that the G2x is released before the remorse period so he can make the exchange.

          The other way is to get the plan before it expires buying a high priced selling phone on ebay sg4g for example. If the G2x is delayed past the remorse period just sell the sg4g and wait the short period of time til the G2x comes out using a backup phone. here is the cost breakdown. sg4g $199. sold on ebay for $400 now you have no phone but $200 in your pocket. G2x comes out after remorse period and cost $500. Your cost to get the G2x in this scenario would be $300 because the cost of the phone minus the profit made selling the sg4g. It is a lot of work but I do this sometimes.

        • Vjballa21

          there is no 1500 plan on no contract genius guy. Also there is no flexpay. Please know what you are talking about before advising customers who will come to stores like mine and be confused cause of people like you.

  • Tim

    I would prefer paying an overage fee to having my data throttled. I’d also pay more for a plan where I didn’t have to worry about either of those things, since I can’t always make it to the library to watch my Bieber videos…

    • Anonymous

      So don’t take the promo? Just keep the current 5GB throttled unlimited internet package.

  • Stewie

    I wonder if the plan can be split, as the second picture show. I’d pay $20 for 2gb.

  • Smitsgymnastics

    in the second photo is it unlimited 2g internet speeds? or 2 gigabytes of internet

  • AdrianG2

    Well, I’ve been waiting on this plan since it was first mentioned in February. It’s sad to see that the data cap will be lowered. I use up to 6 gigs a month.

    Before anyone wants to start flaming me, (yeah I read all the comments before posting), I don’t download tons of videos or music for that matter. I actually barely use youtube. I actually tether my phone to my PS3 to play black ops because the wifi in my home is too unreliable for online gaming. I tend to average between 3 and 5 gigs a month but sometimes hit 6. (This the second time hitting six.) I’m glad I’ve never been throttled though. I’m on the 1500 minute plan and will unfortunately have to keep it because more minutes isn’t a good trade for a lower data cap. I never use over 1500 anyway. I tend to take advantage of mobile to mobile and free nights and weekends. Lol.

    • NardVa

      You would think, with the network getting faster and smart phones being more and more like a computer everyday, T Mobile would increase the data cap instead of decreasing the data cap. I have 1000 Anytime Mins but I never go over 500 but I use between 3gb – 4gb of data a month.

      • Increasing the speed and increase the bandwidth per tower are two different things.

    • joe

      Here is an idea, instead of ruining the network for everyone else, why don’t you man up and buy a wireless router + pay for your home internet? I mean, really, you ask not to be flamed and then come up with total BS like the wifi is unreliable? WTF does that even mean, that your router sucks? That your internet connection sucks? Or that you can’t get a decent signal because you are trying to steal it from your neighbors?

      • Vjballa21

        Thank you joe exactly what i was thinking when i read adrian’s comment. This is why t-mobile has resulted to throttling cause idiots like adrian who decides to abuse his phone’s internet and use it to play videogames. I know they lowered the limit to 2 gigs cause of people like this guy. We have him to thank for the rest of our customers who will now be throttled to 2 gigs than 5. ITs not just him either. I had a customer the other day asking me how to get around the 5 gig data cap cause he networks 5 computers to his phone’s internet!!!! omfg i wanted to smack him in the face.

      • Testament

        Are you F___ing Serious? Why the hell do you care how he uses HIS phone and plan. Are you paying for his internet? Do you even live in the same area as AdrianG2? Believe it or not but there are some places that don’t have Cable or aDSL service and the phone internet is the main (if not only way) to go. If T-mobile or any cellphone provider really have a problem with people using the data that THEY PAY FOR like tethering or streaming video/audio like Pandora, Net-cast, YouTube,etc…, Then what’s the point of 4g?….

    • scott

      Bro I just got the 1500 unlmt txt n data two months ago. They throttled me after about 6-7 gigs. The new plan is NO throttle.

    • chadshadow

      seriously, your paying for service that is just as much as cable, you should be able to do what ever the hell you want with your money, your plan, ppl deciding on how unlimited should be use should understand that word, UNLIMITED. if its unlimited it should be that, not half ass, other wise your paying for something your really not even getting. Unlimited should be use any which way you see fit, cause your paying for it, its your money and that what it said and as far as throttling, if your paying for it you should use it, and not be subjugated, it like buying a car and the dealer saids you cant drive it for more then 5 blocks. what kind of stupidity is that. I find it funny how anyone can tell you to buy something unlimited but at the same time it has a restriction, absurd.

  • Right now i have the Unlimited Loyalty plan which is unlimited Voice for $49.99 + Unlimited Text and Web for $34.99 for a total of $84.98 for unlimited everything. This new even more plus plan is available for $79.99 (looks like its available right now, the website let me select it while i was logged in to my account.) Is there any advantage or disadvantage to switching besides saving $5 a month?

  • W Gross

    Right now i have the Unlimited Loyalty plan which is unlimited Voice for $49.99 + Unlimited Text and Web for $34.99 for a total of $84.98 for unlimited everything. This new even more plus plan is available for $79.99 (looks like its available right now, the website let me select it while i was logged in to my account.) Is there any advantage or disadvantage to switching besides saving $5 a month?

  • i am confused I have had this plan for a long time now, even when I went froma single line with unlimited to family to Even More then back too Even More…how is this a new thing?

  • WySSOne

    Right now I’m on the unlimited loyalty plan that gives me unlimited voice for $49.99 plus $34.99 for unlimited text + data for a total of $84.98. Any advantage or disadvantage to switching to this plan other than saving $5 a month? Also looks like its available to choose right now if your logged in to my account.

    • NardVa

      The disadvantage to switching is your data cap before throttle goes from 5GB to 2GB. If you don’t use more than 2GB of data a month then it would be smart to switch and save money.

  • Anonymous

    I would be remiss if I didn’t note that Virgin Mobile has an Unlimited talk, text, and data(truly unlimited, no throttling) plan for $60..so this plan isn’t all that revolutionary, its more reactionary.


    its a solid plan but this plan is to benefit new customers or ones that are on a 500/1500 min plan if you aalready have an unlimited plan like WySSOne then keep it otherwise jump on it while its around

  • scott

    My plan better be grandfathered in or heads will roll. I’m sure t-mo will do tha right thang! =) been throttled each of the two months I’ve had my phone.

  • SysArch

    Sorry for the noob question(s), but I’m just not up-to-speed on all the ins-and-outs of the T-Mobile rate plans.

    I’m retiring my G1 and buying the G2x. I am out of contract. I don’t know what rate plan to sign up for. What plan would you recommend? Also, (if it matters) I have the scratch to just buy the G2x for $500 and walk away from the $200 upgrade price.

    I use about 800 minutes of talk and 600 text messages monthly. I anticipate being able to keep my data usage under 2GB, but I haven’t had a phone that would also serve as a WiFi hotspot. I could see how that would be both useful and also use more data — especially in my work (I’m a consultant and spend a lot of time at my customer’s offices and they don’t like ‘outsiders’ on their network for fear of viruses, etc.).

    I’d like to strike a balance between lowest cost and greatest flexiblity (being able to bail if AT&T sucks in a year’s time would be nice). Is there any benefit to signing up for any of the Even More Plus plans now and getting grandfathered in after the 13th? Are there any good ‘no contract’ options? What would you do?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!