T-Mobile G2X Retail Packaging Surfaces

While we’re still in the dark regarding the price and release date of the upcoming T-Mobile G2X, the phone itself is already an open box. Pun intended of course as we just received a quick snapshot of the upcoming retail packaging for the G2X. While we’re still running with an April 20th rumored release date, the notion that retail packaging is already in the wild lends credence to a launch any time in the near future.

We’re attempting to verify with our ninjas but we did hear that AT&T 3G is on board. Whether or not that was coincidental or a precursor to a deal is anyones guess but it certainly makes the phone much more attractive to potential buyers concerned about device longevity with AT&T.

As an added bonus we’ve added in a quick look at a G2X training document showing the three best features of the G2X. If you want even more G2X, check out our hands on!


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  • unknown

    I hope it comes out before I leave to Coachella 2011

  • Mnguyen

    I work for tmobile, the phone is releasing on april 23rd…

    • Amdivoff

      you want a cookie?

      • Frigadroid

        I’m getting burned out on cookies. I want a ho hos for my ding dongs!

    • Jeremy

      If you work for TMO youd know we dont release phones on Sat…and we launch products on Weds. #jussayin

    • hello brother, i work for tmo too. I love how i actually learn more about stuff going on on tmonews then i actually do at work…..

    • M Zapata80

      Seriously? I’be been waiting for this amazing phone! I hope it’s true…

    • Hco 1922

      dude jeremy’s right lol i work for tmo as well and i dont think ive ever seen a saturday release.. ill be going to a meeting this saturday we’ll possibly discuss it there ill keep you guys posted!!

    • rubberman15

      You hear anything about the Pyramid?

    • Closettechyg

      Why come on the site and blatantly lie? We don’t release phones on Saturdays and everybody knows it! SMH #noreleasedateyet

  • Anonymous

    I would think that they would be using the ST-Ericsson chip in the Galaxy S 4G for the G2x (21Mbps baby) but I guess not..

  • no keyboard? :(

  • Amdivoff

    Arg! 14.4 DL? no 21DL like the SGS4G

  • lucky881

    Sweet can’t wait to pick this baby up!!!

  • Anonymous

    Given that it is stock, why is it releasing with 2.2 Froyo?

    • No clue, but they are already working on Gingerbread for the G2x apparently.. and I’m guessing Gingerbread will arrive in a few weeks after launch.

      • Lol. As a Vibrant owner I’m guessing a few weeks means about 6 months.

        • Hi_mynameis

          not exactly, this phone is stock so no worries about waiting for 2.3, while samsung tried squeezing some money out of people to update to galaxy 4g. i look forward to the g2x im only disappointed it doesnt come with dedicated camera button and led notification light!!!! come on its 2011!!! lets get on that manufacturers!!.

        • donnyc

          I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an official 2.3 update as the T-Mobile G2, which was released with stock 2.2, has been out for around 5 months and still no 2.3 update.

        • HTC said the entire Desire family will get Gingerbread in May or June. That probably includes the T-Mobile G2, which is a variant of the HTC Desire Z.

        • Tortionist

          That’s why I rooted my G2 and run Android 2.3.2 on it.

        • i wouldn’t completely agree with that…the g2 has stock android as well and still hasn’t received the gingerbread update. But i think this will be upgraded to 2.3 asap. You can see the * next to where they are talking about launching with froyo… Talking about OS updates and what not, cant really make out the rest.

        • Anonymous

          Thats how long it takes for a new android OS to come out from google and now imagine manufacturers having to do the same now why the hell do you expect an operating system to be adapted to a new device so quickly in what 2 or 3 months? do you realize how illogical that is? its not like every phone is built off of the same structure or hardware more so to where it would be easy, you have to account for things not working then as well adding features if its not stock android… I mean what the hell is wrong with you people?

  • Jonathan from L.A.

    disappointed that this phone is 14.4 and not 21. Why does that ugly sidekick get 21? That phone is not even as high end as this phone and to top it off, it doesn’t have a flash for the camera. if you’re have a beast of a phone you need to make it as fast as possible, and 14.4 is just below standard when you have better potential. ultimate fail! not WINNING!

    • Its probably because Samsung makes the chips in the Galaxy S/ new sidekicks.. So they probably can add a 21mbps modem at their own will. Tegra however is developed by Nvidia and made by the OEM. So LG doesnt have a say, unless they add another modem to it. Making it more power hungry and expensive.

    • Supaspydaman

      Plus the camera is only 3 megapixels. Wtf?

      • you must have read it wrong. it says front cam 1.3mp. the back is 8mp. i was a little let down seeing the global version without led notifications but great to see that they tossed it on the tmo version. sad its not faster than 14.4 :(. i was getting excited for when 42mbps comes to my city.. if it doesnt pre merger.. :/. i just recently got hspa+ in my town.

  • pavster

    why no g-bread on this puppy

  • Manusferrera

    i want that phone on the bottom of the picture.

  • Benefit #2 Preloaded Apps.. xD, Preloaded=nonremovable.. why couldn’t we get Spiderman like the Optimus 2x..

  • ArkAngel_X

    14.4? hmmm…. that could just be speeds that are maxed by the OS, with some tweaking, that could be upped with some hacking…. or it could be that since this does ship with the whole wide of bands, that AT&T uses aswell, that even after the switch of networks as a safety precaution…

    • Nope the 14.4 is the theoretical max of the modem it has.. It can probably unlocked to run solely on AT&T, but boosting the 14.4 to 21 would have to do with hardware..

  • Any idea if this is a 4.3″ screen? That is what is gonna decide if it’s this or Pyramid for me.

    • 4 inch.

    • you shouldnt decide on what phone ur getting because of the size of the screen. i would consider the processor and the bootloader status..

  • Guest

    Wait so this phone has 3D capabilities?

    • No, its not the Optimus 3d… But if you’re talking about “3d graphics” games then I’d reply with it has a pretty darn good gpu.

  • confusedmothertrucker

    G2x of Galaxy S 4G?

    • Anonymous

      G2x Pro’s: Vanilla Android, Dual Core, more likely to get Gingerbread, HDMI out, LED Flash, 1080P recording/outputting

      Con’s: no LED notification light

      SGS4G Pro’s: “Faster” 21Mbps, SuperAMOLED screen… that’s it really.

      Con’s: no LED notification light, it lacks(see Pro’s of G2x)

      For me the SuperAMOLED screen alone trumps the G2x. I would recommend the G2x over the SGS4G though.

  • tmobeast

    what happen to 42? or 21?

    APRIL FOOL?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    • Phones don’t necessarily need HSPA+ 21 or HSPA+ 42. If the towers support HSPA+ 21 or HSPA+ 42, then each tower has a lot more bandwidth to share with more users, which means HSPA+ 14.4 users will have their speeds get closer to the theoretical limit. The reason that the Galaxy S 4G was able to get HSPA+ 21 is because Samsung included ST-Ericsson’s chip to support it. The Galaxy S II may be using the same chip, which is why the Galaxy S 4G used it.

  • DOH

    Anyone notice that the Galaxy S 4g is like right in place of the G2x???? Doesn’t make sense

    • Doh

      and im talking about the picture…..they posted the wrong phone in that picture

      • tmobeast

        yupps bro..the one on the top is the real one but the one on the bottom has no front facing camera. lol how s2peeed!
        also its just doesnt make sense how they preview the 42mbps and they only putting 14mbps on their newest high end phone. tmo come on at least 21mbps!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I noticed that too. April fools?

  • BigMixxx

    I caught the 20th date from a T Mobile rep myself. I’m targeting picking up this phone. I think this might be the new HD2 (Can run any and everything)

    • Bad rep! Bad! There’s no official launch date yet. Rep going off rumors and speculation. Granted, it’s probably going to wind up being correct, but the fact is the rep’s source is probably this very blog. lol

  • NardVa

    I doubt we see the phone on 4/20. If so T Mobile ‘s marketing department is doing a horrible job. With this phone about 2 weeks away from being releases nobody has a clue it’s coming except for the people that is waiting for it. (Verizon created buzz for the Thunderbolt/ AT&T created buzz for the Atrix) The phone being released with 14.4mbps instead of 21mbps is a bummer. Being released with Froyo is a bummer to. Any phone being released in the 2nd quarter going forward on T Mobile should have Gingerbread and be 21mbps capable. HTC is already putting out phones with Gingerbread (Desire S) and the last phone released on T Mobile was 21mbps. (Galaxy S4G) It seems like T Mobile is going backwards.

    • Tito!

      I think you should punch yourself, literally. :)

    • Tmoguy1BK1

      T-mobile’s Marketing dept has never done a good job. FYI

    • Samus

      I’ve talked with some staff in the T-mobile stores and they told me that they don’t know about any phone releases till usually 2 weeks tops before they come out. Sometimes they said not till a week before, so it isn’t out of the realm of imagination that it could come out on the 20th.

    • Prod1702

      Yes being a RSA we dont know anything about new phones in the store until a week or two out. I can tell you we did just get the security bracket in my store for the phone a few days ago. Which leads me to think that the 20th is going to be when it is out. There is no reason for T-Mobile to send us the security bracket if the phone is still aways away.

    • Prod1702

      Also forgot to add as well. All of T-Mobiles phone from my understand are pretty much released on a Wednesday which is when the 20th is.

    • Frigadroid

      Google is planning to start doing something about the fragmentation problem as reported a few days ago on several other sites. So hopefully in the future the manufacture and carriers will stop releasing new phones with outdated versions of android and added bloatware.

  • Anonymous

    Still liking this phone. For those bummed about the 14.4Mbps, the latest spec rumors for the HTC Pyramid (including right here on Tmonews https://www.tmonews.com/2011/03/htc-pyramid-specs-hit-the-inbox-launching-in-june-with-android-2-4/ ) state it is also 14.4Mbps so it’s not a deal breaker. I do wish it had the led notification though. I don’t see it listed but maybe it will surprise me when it comes out. Heck my original MT3G has led notification. Blue for my text messages (through handcent) and green for missed calls. Still want it though. I hope it releases on the 13th instead of the 20th and that the gingerbread update is quick (should be since it is stock android build).

  • b3t0

    Are they taking pre orders for this phone”

  • I see it being $499 full retail price. If you look at all T-Mobile’s phones out now on their website, none is more than $499 full retail price, & it hasn’t for some time. It might be a bit more, but seeing how to it has only 14.4 HSPA+, that’s a cut back; so, it would fit the $499 full retail price-range.

  • I really hope it comes out on the 20th, or else I’ll be having the Sidekick 4G. Guess it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. But, the G2x is more high-end & it’s technically more bang for my buck.

  • whosaidwhat

    One thing is for sure. T-Mobile sucks at marketing, that whole department should go. Why are they not marketing the heck out of this phone?

    • Anonymous

      tmo does suck at marketing, but to their credit, hyping up a soon to be released phone is a double edged sword…..its nice to raise public awareness of upcoming devices……at the same time, u don’t necessarily want ppl waiting for a device to launch, but rather buy now. Phones come out so frequently now. If companies constant tease the next best thing, noone would ever buy. Tmo needs to do a better job of pushing current devices…..I’m sorry, but Carly bashing ATT is getting old especially with this whole buyout looming, that ad campaign is just full of hot air

      • whosaidwhat

        Well, the “buy now” approach doesn’t work. Verizon does it the other way and it works. The way I look at it, if someone wants a phone like the G2x but has no clue that it’s coming to T-Mobile, they might go to a different carrier for something like the Atrix. Letting people know ahead of time means, they have something to look forward to. Verizon did it with the Thunderbolt.

        Sure you can’t tease every week but every month or so should be fine.

        Lastly, I wouldn’t call the Thunderbolt and Atrix commercials lame. They might not be as good as the original “Droid does” commercials but they work. AT&T actually shows us how the Atrix with the laptop dock is cool.

        • Anonymous

          Verizon is also the number one carrier in the United States. They’re well known for releasing nice devices back to back to back etc. VZW has the most robust highend lineup of any carrier and ppl still line up to buy every new phone they release. Not sure if that same approach would work for T-Mobile. I agree in some ways that TMO should raise awareness of its products in advance, but in what capacity?. I just feel like it’s walking a very thin line. Devices come out so quickly between all carriers these days….I wonder if it really matters if TMO teases upcoming devices (aside from the internet which they already do)…..I mean ppl are already foaming at the mouth over the Pyramid and that device hasn’t even been officially confirmed by TMO. It’s that type of rapid product release/hype that makes me wonder if a “coming soon” approach would work for TMO. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try…..TMO has always been very, very conservative with pre-product launch marketing. The bad side of pushing products prelaunch is buyers remorse and manufacturer politics. One of the issues behind the Tbolt’s delayed launched had to do with the release of the Iphone 4 before it. You can also look at ATTs weak Android line up before it lost IPhone Exclusivity as an example of how politics affect marketing/device lineup. TMO tends to focus on one thing at a time. They probably don’t want to potentially sacrifice the sales of current devices by heavily advertising something that’s right around the corner. The MT4G has been that focus for quite sometime. Recently, that focus shifted to the GS4G. Look at it this way. TMO will be releasing the Nokia C7 (Astound) in a few days. They pay quite a bit of cash for each device and ship them out to stores in hopes it’ll be successful, so why would they hype up the G2x pre-launch at the same time? It’s that kind of thinking that i feel limits TMO’s prelaunch device exposure. Granted, the G2x and Astound aren’t exactly on the same playing field as far as we’re concerned, but the average consumer may view both devices the same way.

        • Anonymous

          I hear you loud and clear now. It’s sad that TMO can only serve from one pot of soup at a time. By the time they get to bottom of the pot, everybody is tire of eating it but TMO MUST get rid of if in order to bring out… the NEW kind of of soup. In the end two pots with different kinds of soup is more successful than one.

          TMO better not be putting their money on the C7 and the rehashed Vibrant has got to be a slow seller so I completely expect to see Stock Android G2x to be pushed really hard even with their two most recent phones not being out all that long.

        • whosaidwhat

          You make valid points but we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I still feel strongly about them having the worst marketing department ever and on top of that, then should advertise what’s coming more than a week before lunch.

          Starting from CES, all the other carriers announced their big guns. People said, world mobile congress is right around the corner. Well, that came and left. Then we finally saw this phone at CTIA (no Pyramid) and got excited about. Why not keep that excitement and hype by marketing the damn thing?

        • Anonymous

          3 MAJOR even’ts and not one single 4.3″ phone is was very disappointing indeed.

        • Anonymous

          I completely agree with you…I was just trying to justify why TMO does what it does. I’d love to see a G2x/GSlate/SK4G commercial right now! They have some reason(s) for going about things a certain way)

        • Anonymous


      • Frigadroid

        You obviously don’t have a clue about marketing. Don’t let your love for all that is t-mobile blind you from the truth. To deny where the other carriers have had success make you sound like a fanboy who’s opinion is worthless. Don’t let the truth get at you, learn to accept it for what it is.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t tell me i don’t have a clue about marketing. If i was in charge of device marketing, you better believe you’d see sneak peaks at upcoming devices & more aggressive marketing of current devices. Part of my previous post justifies possibly why tmo markets or lack thereof why they do!!!! I can’t deny the success of previewing devices…Look at what VZW does constantly. Why doesn’t TMO do it too? They have to have a reason. Part of it might have to do with $$$$, Although i don’t buy that. A 5 second spot with a quick video demo of the phone with cool music and no actors prob isn’t that much money. You do realize that the majority of my previous post actually bashes tmo marketing right? My comment about noone ever buying if companies advertise upcoming phones definitely doesn’t apply to everyone (i was exaggerating in my previous post)…..Some customers have no idea what TMO offers now let alone what they have coming, but i might be a concern of their marketing dept

        • Frigadroid

          Oh okay, I won’t tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I guess if you want to regurgitate you can have it both ways.

      • Anonymous

        “u don’t necessarily want ppl waiting for a device to launch, but rather buy now. Phones come out so frequently now. If companies constant tease the next best thing, noone would ever buy.”

        I could see a phone no longer being the “next big thing” because something “better” dropped while we were waiting on it to come out BUT that same time frame would not cause people to simply lose all interest and not buy the phone.

        No one here is losing interest in the G2x and we’ve technically been waiting around for this phone since CTIA like 2 weeks ago.

        • Aerofanbig

          We’ve been waiting for this phone longer then that! Ever since the announcement of the Optimus 2X and especially at MWC with hints of it coming to America. I have been waiting for this to drop for many, many months now lol

        • Anonymous

          I know I know I was just tryna be technical there :-D We’ll be wating even longer for the Pyramid but it will still get scooped up like its going outta style.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’ll come out this month. There’s training materials out for it so the launch is right around the corner. The screenshot of the packaging is a good sign too (if its real)….I’m looking forward to the gslate more than the g2x

  • Anonymous

    I thought all 2011 phones were supposed to have HSPA+ 21. What’s with the 2010-based 14.4Mbps speeds?

    I don’t know why T-Mobile names their phones so close to each other.

    MyTouch -> Touch Pro 2

    T-Mobile G2 -> T-Mobile G2x

    People gonna get confused, especially some reps.

    • Anonymous

      Droid – Droid X – Droid etc.

      EVO – EVO Shift

      It aint just TMO doing it.

      • Anonymous

        MyTouch launched at the same time the Touch Pro 2 did. T-Mobile G2 just launched a few months ago, and now the G2x.

        • Anonymous

          G2 came out half a year ago. I hear what your sayin and it probably does confuse some people to a small degree but not enough to stop a sale or sell the wrong phone. “I’m sorry was that the HTC G2 or LG G2x”

        • Anonymous

          If they advertised more it would be less confusing as well lol Although I don’t have a problem with it.

  • Derrick227

    i feel sorry for the people are gonna sign up for a 2 year contract to get this phone, when we all know what is gonna happen to tmo in a year

    • whosaidwhat

      What’s that? Are they going out of business?

      • Anonymous

        WHAT!? When did this happen?

        • Frigadroid

          More paranoia. I’m going to the bank and borrow all the money I can get my hands on so I can live it up like Charlie Sheen on a relapse hooker & pornstar binge, because we all know that the world will end 12/21/12 after the AT&T Tmobile deal goes through.

        • Anonymous

          Man, you are WINNING! You MUST be runnin on Tiger Blood.

    • Anonymous

      If this phone is $199 and will still work properly on “ATT-Mobile” then there’s no problem. If it doesn’t then it was fun while it lasted.

      I think TMO needs to either try 1 year contracts without raising the phone price or lowering the 2 year phone prices. This phone for $149 would ease the worries of a lot of potential customers.

    • Even if the deal with AT&T goes through, it will be a while before they start building out the LTE. So if you signed up for a 2 year contract today, you would likely be in good shape for at least the next 2 years. If the 2gx has 3g for AT&T, yeah you might lose HSPA+, but still have 3g (and better 3g coverage than T-mo has now on it’s own.)

    • Andrew

      I’m pretty sure people will be able to cancel their contracts without an early termination penalty.

  • Prod1702

    For the people that keep comparing this phone to the G2 you need to understand why the G is in front of the 2x. the G1 = 1st Android phone, G2 1st 4g Android phone on T-Mobile, G2x 1st Dual Core phone, G-Slate 1st Tablet on T-Mobile with a real Tablet OS. I am a RSA and when a customer asks me if the G2x has a hard keyboard and wants to know if the phone is like the G2, I tell them what i just said. Most customers are like oh i didn’t. I understand now.

  • Anonymous

    As I’ve been holding out for a 4.3 inch phone, it’s either the SGS2 or Pyramid for me. Are the estimated dates still June for each of these? I really don’t want to wait that long.

    • Anonymous

      There’s zero word of a T-Mobile SGS2 unfortunately. I want one too!

      • Anonymous

        Well that would probably be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I don’t really care if I have to pay a little more elsewhere, the reason I have stayed with Tmo is the awesome service in Chicago.

        • Anonymous

          I can’t see Samsung not having a version for every carrier like last year, especially since T-Mobile did sell the most galaxy s phones last year. But do you guys think the 199.99 standard for high end phones is over because of what verizon and best buy has done with the thunderbolt?

        • Anonymous

          Well the $250 price gouge started long before the Thunderbolt situation so I couldn’t say its directly related. It’ll probably go back down. The ATT Inspire is only $99 so It’s probably just a strategic TMO decision.

        • Anonymous

          Yea that’s true cause I was in a T-Mobile store last week and saw the MT4G for $249.99 and I was like wth.

        • Anonymous

          yeah they jacked up them prices back in Feb. https://www.tmonews.com/2011/02/february-23rd-bringing-about-several-device-price-changes/

          $249 G2 – $149 EVO Shift. That is not how to be a “value” leader.

        • Anonymous

          meaningless without a phone u actually wanna keep right? Sad part is that the SGS2 is my “2 year keeper phone” and even if it does come to TMO, I don’t know for certain how long I would be able to use it to it’s full capacity. Hopefully it will be ATT proof.

  • bigmerf

    Free hotsppt confirmed yet? If not i will stay with my nexus s

    • Kahunaman

      Android 2.2 has that as an included feature so yes.

    • Danishswag

      it’s not enabled on the G2 or any other t-mobile phone without the tethering contract except the nexus series, so I doubt it unless you root.
      It’s apparently pretty easy on the optimus 2x, so I’m guessing it’ll be the same for this

      • Climber42104bg

        I have the optimus t, and this has tethering, so it isn’t just the nexus phones.

      • Anonymous

        It’s on a stock MT4G as well free of charge. TMO is not charging for Tethering even though there is a Tethering plan.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoZRQfKtvZg&feature=related
      1:22 in the video. dont listen to him about preloaded games lol. most of those dont come with

  • Anonymous

    would’ve been nice if this device launched with gingerbread instead of outdated froyo

    • They said it will upgrade to Gingerbread a few months after it’s out. They worlds not going to end because it doesn’t have Gingerbread. Besides this phone is going to be pure Vanilla experience thats better than having a phone with running 2.3 with Touchwiz or Blur.

    • Anonymous

      But they said gingerbread is coming for it shortly after launch, besides there’s only two phone running 2.3

      • Anonymous

        The G2 Gingerbread update is approaching 4 months now so I wonder how timely LG will be. They have yet to prove how fast their updates will be. Just sayin tho.

        • Anonymous

          True, but they seemed to be on point with their optimus updates.

        • Anonymous

          Enlighten me.

        • Anonymous

          If I’m not mistaken I think they updated all their optimus t, s, etc to froyo. Which may not be saying a lot but that was their flagship phone at the time.

        • MtnDew

          The optimus launched with 2.2… there was no software update…

        • Anonymous
    • Auser72

      So what’s better about gingerbread over froyo?

      • Deff

        Over the air paying jawn… and its NEWER DUH. ;P

      • better battery life is a huge plus…
        my g1 with froyotrout rom was getting 8-12hours on one charge moderate to heavy use and now its getting 16-36hrs with gingeryoshi rom

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sweating Gingerbread on the G2x….No carrier branded phone has gotten the update or launched with it yet. I’m starting to wonder if its even worth it at this point. Someone said the Desire family of devices would see the update in May or June. My thought is: if you want Gingerbread that bad, just root your phone. Gingerbread isn’t leaps and bounds better than Froyo anyway IMO.

      • Anonymous

        i agree but was actually referring to as for the new customers or people who are not advanced Android users(root) to experience a gingerbread device on T-Mobile and for T-Mobile to have an Android with gingerbread ahead of any other carrier.as far as root goes i have HD2 running full custom gingerbread(cm7) and well my Nexus One.looking forward to the G2X for my sister.

  • I wanna see the same article but about the HTC Pyramid! Man HTC lags hard with that freaken phone!!!

  • Happy with the phone but they shouldnt have complicated the G2 name.. now when I search for things for it that is going to come up and they just made my g2 seem old now cause I gots no X..lol

    • Deff

      Doesn’t make it older, just makes it different. Example, was the Droid old just because the Incredible came out? No they just appeal to a different audience ya know? It’s all preference. That is why its called the G2X and not the G3. The X is simply an alternative, the only reason why it has the “G” name is because it is part of the “G” series exclusive to T-mobile which means vanilla android. Another example could be the EVO. EVO 4g appealed to one crowd, while the EVO shift appealed to a younger crowd. No big, you still got a new phone :) lol

  • Longdingdong

    No THANK YOU! I’ll pass for the newly & secretly Nokia N8-01 with TMobiles 4g, 4inch qHD screen, 12 mp, HDMI out, 1 ghz presessor. =)
    Nokia lives, baby!

    • JustinMcnairy

      it came with Symbian. It sucked. Android, WP7, or Windows Mobile 6.5 for me

  • Anonymous

    I think that HTC should be a bit perturbed. This phone is not the successor to the popular and SOLID HTC G2 as it could easily imply… much like the Cliq and Cliq XT were labeled to identify succession. It has no track record and appears to piggyback off of HTC’s tried and true product.

    While prior to owning an HTC G2 I eagerly awaited the LG Optimus 2x as it was called then, I now sit comfortably awaiting the Quad-Core phones at year’s end, knowing that my rooted HTC G2 will take me there and beyond. This one came to market too late to make the splash that it touted early on.

    • Anonymous

      So Motorola should be perturbed about the DROID Incredible? It’s just a name and the G2x is in line with the previous G-Series phones(being Vanilla and all).

      To add to it TMO is the only carrier with a G-series of phones so we should be excited about it being the “G2x”

      And how in God’s name is the 2nd Dual Core phone to land in the States late to the market?

      • Anonymous

        Droid is an derivative of Android. “G” is not Android specific and lends confusion in a house with a “G” series that is unrelated to its existing line. I have no qualm with the phone itself, just the naming convention.

        And if you left GOD out of it, you could say that with the advent of the Quad Cores coming this year and the fact that Tmo could have had this phone out by CES, when we all expected it to drop…they may have had a larger audience. Instead, they opted to delay and do a full-court-press on the (real) G2’s and MT4G’s which many of us got in lieu of the “coming…not coming…coming LG Optimus 2X. As a result, many people now have great free phones, rooted and overclocked them and are willing to wait for meatier fare. Unfortunately for us, that won’t be with Tmo.

        • Farhan

          Although Droid is a derivative of Android, the name “Droid” is licensed from George Lucas by Verizon. So unlike the G series of phones or Samsung’s Galaxy line, Verizon pays money to use the name Droid and it doesn’t matter which company makes the phone. Ex. whether you buy an HTC Nexus One or Samsung Nexus S… they’re both still a Nexus phone.

          So stop perturbing people dammit! lol.

        • Anonymous

          LOL – Ok I’ll stop. Ty Farhan. As I said, I have no argument with the phone itself. But it is confusing to the uninitiated. I just got my G2 in January and its running Sweetly. So I’ll lay in the cut till the Quads come out. Licensing. Ain’t it a “B?” And please don’t get me started on Sammie, LOL. Because then, we can talk perturbed for real, LOL.

        • John

          Actually nothing in the name g2x shows its a successor in any way if your following their trending.
          G1 was released and then the phone they called its successor was called the G2

          so if you follow trending of the past G2x would just be a designation and not successor. Possibly being a different kind of phone then the G2 (being that it doesn’t have a physical keyboard and sports HDMI out as well as dual core) that is made to satisfy a different class of people, while still staying true to the Google Experience name.

          I agree with it being late. Initial rumors had this phone dropping around the same time or before Gingerbread Nov 2010.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with u in some ways. I mean sooner is better right? Getting your product out before the competition is what most companies want to do. The iphone forced innovation in a way no other device did before it. On the other hand, companies have roadmaps. They plan their lineups in advance. It’s not like phone deals drop in carriers laps and they just sit on them until they feel like releasing them. Everyone wants the Pyramid now, but why release the Pyramid now when the G2x and GSlate are right around the corner? I understand your argument is about the G2x being released sooner than the rumored April 20th date (i was referring to the Pyramid as an example)….I mean its been awhile since TMO released a new highend device. The GS4G doesn’t count as new. I personally think TMO should’ve waited for the GS2 which they’ll most likely get anyway. To me, the GS4G is nothing but a “filler” device that helped plug a gap in their roadmap……I don’t know what to think about the name G2x. Making a device part of a series (Droid, EVO, G etc) is smart bc ppl are familiar with it. On the other hand, i feel like it shows a lack of originality. I mean every carrier does it so, i can’t knock TMO here. Let’s hope the Pyramod doesn’t end up being the “Mytouch 4G 1.2 w/ Dual Core”…..haha

    • Really?

      WAIT am I reading this right?, you have no intrest in this device because its “poorly named”………that can’t be real life

      • Anonymous

        LOL, Wait still longer. You’re not reading it right. I am not buying the phone because I am perfectly happy with my HTC G2 running Gingerbread and overclocked. I can wait till the Quads come out later this year. I’m over buying phones every 6 months. Once per year is fine.

  • my 2 cents

    HSDPA 14.4mbps??? Booooo!!! the single core Galaxy S 4G has 21mbps!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      because you need to have 21mbps on a phone right?
      You dont need anything over 5mbps

      • galaxylover

        No, you don’t need 21 mbps on a phone, but you need the theoretical capability of 21mbps because of traffic on the network means you’ll see more like 4-8mbps. Its good, but I’d like to have at least 10-15mbps. Web sites are getting more and more complicated.

  • JustinBeber

    Who cares about the speed of the phone? You can not get 8 let alone 14.4. Read BGN. They ran an interesting article on VZ LTE vs Sprint and previously TMO. VZW is kicking butt.

    I have the mifi and my jaw dropped when I measured the speed. It mapped right over to the article. Just what I am getting at home with FIOS; wirelessly of course.

    I love my G2 but its a great day when I see 3M. Read that as almost never. I also live in FLA and can attest to what the other dude wrote about the tornado. It was awful. I mean Metro PCS getting calls, ATT, Sprint, and here I am with no bars.

    I am for the merger. But like the other dude said, it opened my eyes to VZW who I never considered as they are so much more expensive. But are they….. The data plans are priced the same for mifi now and there is just no comparison.

    Also, they have the 5 free lines as well. We will have to see what happens. I would like to have one of each.

    I know this, the free tethering will stop. Thats one reason I locked up the mifi now. Price is only going up.

    Heck the mifi is smaller and way lighter than the phone. I could carry an ipod touch and mifi in less space than the g2. Now that would rock! VOIP calling.

    • Anonymous

      Except the argument here doesn’t apply correctly – Verizon’s LTE is fast, but its extremely limited and has little saturation on the network as opposed to the widely available HSPA+ with leagues higher user saturation.

    • my 2 cents

      I care about the speed because HSPA+ 21 has access to more bandwidth then HSPA+ 14.4. In testing the network across the country a Galaxy S $G will get higher speeds than and G2 or Mytouch 4G as long as you’re in an area where.

      1. HSPA+ is activated at the cell site
      2. Backhaul has been completed back to the switch.

      In these cases your 14.4 phone will reach higher speeds than a G1 or any other 3G phone. You probably will never get to the 14.4 max on the phone but it will be faster than a 7.2 phone. As will the 21 phone will be faster than 14.4, and 7.2. It may not reach speeds of 14.4, but again it will be faster.

      So yes I do care. I want 21 not 14.4.

      • galaxylover

        My galaxy S 4G gets 8 down during rush hour. Only way I’d buy the G2x is if it has 42mbps modem.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, VZ kicks your WALLETS BUTT. But call me Master of the Obvious.

    • no one is on VZWs LTE right now so of course the speeds are great. Just wait til people are actually on it, then it will be slow just like their 3g currently is,

    • Junieruiz

      You mean thundercrack:-) crappy battery crappy display and a old crappy cpu second generation snapdragon the only thing that phone is good 4 is to throw it at someone because it’s heavy as hell the lightest thing on that phone is the baby battery it’s like a tall skinny woman with a shortfat man:-) best thing on that phone it’s the kickstand and the 4.3 inch screen a wannabe evo with out a HDMI Okay let’s do the math the G2X Have a dual core cpu haves a HDMI haves 1080 better cameras a better screen a bigger and better battery it doesn’t weigh a ton and let’s not forget it vanilla android 2.3 coming sooner t-mobile all the way better cheaper faster and they have the best customer care take your hating ass back verizon and go pick up your thunder thunder thunder crap OHHHHHHH…… ;-)

  • Alexa26

    My contact with at&t was over I was thinking of getting this phone but I got a thunderbolt Instead and never looked back. When I heard of the merger that was going to happen I didn’t get it cuz if the merger does go tru its like having at&t all over again which I hated with a passion what a terrible company so far verizon has been good I have not had 1 dropped call which feels amazing on att I ciuldnt talk more than 5 minutes without the call dropping which was annoying only thing I’m not liking on verizon is that the pricing its expensive

    • Anonymous


  • Andme

    Tmonews partner site phonedog.com states that the device will be the first phone to take advantage of tmo’s 42 mbps network. Is this true? Anyone? See link: http://www.phonedog.com/videos/t-mobile-g2x-hands-on/

    • iLuvTmo

      The Galaxy S 4G is actually the first tmo phone to take advantage of the 42mbps network

      • Stream

        Galaxy S 4G does 21mbps…

      • tmobeast

        ahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahjahahhahahah! lol

  • i like it. i’m sure like with every other new tmo phone the price will drop after a month and there will be a newer and better model coming out.

  • George Msi


    • Anonymous

      5hr battery? Sucks
      more expensive plans? Sucks
      Not vanilla android? Sucks
      G2X > thunderbolt

      • Like the thunderbolts battery life is any better? Ha! Battery life for the G2x is actually 7.83 hours. It does have Vanilla Android! As for the plans, unless you get grandfathered then yes it will be expensive.

        thunderbolt >G2x

        • Verizon cheaper than Tmobile plans? can i buy pot from you?

          you can always buy the G2X retail and ask a friend on Tmobile account to have it unlocked and use it on either Tmobile or AT&T since you know… its quadband 3g and 4g capable

        • wtf

          LOLOL… ur joke’s funny..

        • Ttwotone

          English FAIL.

        • I’m sorry it’s hard for you to understand. I didn’t know we had to type everything perfect after all it is just a forum.

          forgive me for I have sinned.

      • Aerofanbig

        wow you guys have reading comprehension issues. G2X is GREATER than T-Bolt, is what SurgicalTech said. TB’s 5hr battery, VZW’s more expensive plans, TB’s Sense bloated software….wow.

    • Anonymous

      Then take your lil’ thunderbolt all the way to another site where such a comment would have any relevance.

    • SysArch

      I’m out of contract and am willing to switch carriers if it makes sense. I looked at the Thunderbolt. It’s a massive brick, but that’s subjective, so I dug into the details. The Verizon rep told me there was no Swype available for the Thunderbolt which sucks because if I’m going to use a device without a tactile keyboard, I want Swype. G2x has Swype. G2x dual-core CPU crushes the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt has no HDMI output. Its thicker, wider and heavier. It has a smaller battery. Its bootloader is locked down. It doesn’t have a vanilla version of Android.

      I honestly don’t know why I’d go for Thunderbolt. It showed promise initially, but it’s going to be eclipsed by the better dual-core machines released over the next three months by all the carriers. Good choice for the impulsive, marketing driven buyer though.

      • Uhm you can just register for Swype beta testing and get Swype like that or use a Market Alternative such as Slideit.

      • LC

        And I heard that they somehow tied the antenna to the phone to the battery cover? Anyone know if this is actually true?

    • Junieruiz

      You mean thundercrack:-) crappy battery crappy display and a old crappy cpu second generation snapdragon the only thing that phone is good 4 is to throw it at someone because it’s heavy as hell the lightest thing on that phone is the baby battery it’s like a tall skinny woman with a shortfat man:-) best thing on that phone it’s the kickstand and the 4.3 inch screen a wannabe evo with out a HDMI Okay let’s do the math the G2X Have a dual core cpu haves a HDMI haves 1080 better cameras a better screen a bigger and better battery it doesn’t weigh a ton and let’s not forget it vanilla android 2.3 coming sooner t-mobile all the way better cheaper faster and they have the best customer care take your hating ass back verizon and go pick up your thunder thunder thunder crap OHHHHHHH…… ;-)

  • GzA27

    ugh i want this phone so badly! i’m nearly dying for that April 20th release date!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice upgrade from my Nexus One, and a great device to use with my loyalty plan. Well done TMobile. (especially for including those att bands).

  • Going_home

    I want one.
    This Sammysung GS4G is not the bomb.


  • Sidekick 4G or G2X. I’m a man of my physical keyboards though. I JUST CAN’T DO IT EVEN THOUGH I WANNA SO BAD!!!! Damn you fingers for loving buttons!

  • brandon

    Any guesses on what the pricing might be?

    • Prod1702

      I am sure it will be $500 retail and $250 or $300 contract with a mail in rebate. I don’t think T-Mobile has ever had a phone more then $500.

      • unless sold at Bestbuy, Expansys or Newegg

        • brandon

          Cool. I’ll be buying off contract as I’m on a T-mobile no contract family plan. The only other T-mobile phone I have considered is the Nexus S, but I’ve been waiting on this release since December. I’m just hoping it’s not beyond the $500 range.

      • TMOChris

        ive seen the galaxy s 4g for 650 at walmart

        • Anonymous

          If you buy it from the tmobile store directly it’s always cheaper. I am hoping for the $500 price point to but will buy it anyway.

  • can we get a G3D???

    would be nice hehehhehe

  • Brooks

    With the supposed release date of 4/20… are we getting a little close to that date without any official release statements from T-Mobile? Or is this normal?

    • Blahbot90

      Yea I was wondering the same thing. But I called T-Mo because my sister is leaving the country for a month on the 25th and her contract expires on the 30th the lady was like “Yea, just swing by a store around the 20th and work something out with the store”. 5 minutes before she had said “I’ve never heard of this phone” so I’m assuming there is a memo in their database that says 20th release date.

      • Prod1702

        There is no memo saying that the 20th is the date its coming out yet. T-Mobile doesn’t give there reps the date until a week or two at most.

        • Blahbot90

          Oh…I mean I was just guessing based on the fact that she pulled that 20th date from no where because I sure didn’t bring it up.

          Good to know I guess.

      • :)

        Yeah I know that we’re just as excited for a release date as everyone else…this whole TBA thing in our system is killing me! I’m so excited to get this phone, and not to mention the G-Slate as well. April could be a very good month :)

      • Tcole1322

        My friend works for tmobile and he told me that they have in fact gotten a memo saying that it is releasing on the 20th they are just not supposed to be talking about it for what ever reason

  • i need opinions!!

    Is htc pyramid worth waiting two more months? Honestly, i think 1.2 and 1.0 dual core processor, and 768mb and 512mb ram will not make such a great deal of performance gap. But i am appealed by 4.3″ qhd display.

    • Anonymous

      It comes down to being patient enough to get that 4.3″ screen. They will both be bad ass phones.

    • Prod1702

      4″ is a enough. I see the 4.3″ one ever day and it does look kinda to big. It has to be pretty uncomfortable when you are wearing jeans and it is in your pocket. I mean .3″ is not much. We have seen the benchmarks of the pyramid on the site here, I understand that they are early ones and might not be real but the 2X won and its clocked slower.

  • Creativebluedot

    Why can’t T-Mobile incorporate Sony Ericsson Android-based phones? I have been a huge fan of Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG but it would be nice to see a Sony Ericsson smartphone on the T-mobile market. Possibly the Xperia Play…???

    • Tree Frogs

      Sony Ericsson phones are a nightmare to deal with as a salesperson. I hope T-Mobile never gets another one. They tend to be unreliable and impossible to troubleshoot.

  • Blahbot90

    I’m rocking the G1 so for me, NOPE. Lol, but the G2x has Tegra, which for me is the icing on the cake (Love my Zune HD). Plus, Pyramid isn’t confirmed to be released in June anyways and the faster your phone, the less battery life. 4″ screen is definitely good enough for me.

    • Blahbot90

      Err, this was supposed to be a reply to “i need opinions!!”

  • Moriaty32

    Too bad it’s not a 21mb/s 4g modem. Oh well, can’t nitpick too much. Release this thing already.

  • I want to get this phone, but Im always skeptical on the battery life with these phones. My blackberry lasts forever. What do you guys think?

    • I think you should get it. My G2 after removing some bad apps, & keeping it under the usual vanilla android lasted me more than a day & a half, & that’s only on a 1300mah battery. Androidandme said the phone gives good enough battery life you expect from Android’s, he said it’s good. It will not get Blackberry battery life, but it should do you good unless you seriously want 3 days out of your device.

    • michael

      To get 3-4 days you would need brightness, wifi, gps, bluetooth, and as many push services turned off, set to 2g data, and not have many background apps. There is NO phone other than blackberry that will get more than 2 days. I am confident this phone could get 2 days normal use though.

    • LC

      This phone is just capable of doing more than the BB, so it’s going to use the battery faster. But if you’re like most people out there who charge their phones at night then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone guessing on battery life is being a psychic and a bad one at that. There are not enough dual core phones out there to even begin to wonder about battery life. It will be up in the air until it is released and we can actually gauge the battery life.

  • aloha

    to those people that keeps complaining about not having 21 or 42 mbps. ENOUGH already if you guys dont like it the DONT BUY seriously were lucky that they gave us 14.4 because the optimus 2x is only a 3g.

    • Galaxylover

      We got conflicting information from Phonedog. I wouldn’t even have been thinking about it if they hadn’t stated it as being the first 42mbps phone. I can understand people wondering about it.

  • shaun231

    the astound is for sale now and they finally moved the g-slate to the all phones list

  • jc

    Anyone else notice that the phone pictured at the bottom of page is not the same as the G2X pictured at the top of the page? I think it’s a Samsung pictured next the the “Specs” table.

    • Deff

      yeah looks like a vibrant. probably just a mistake, that or someone failed at making a fake features page.

  • Tcole1322

    My friend works for tmobile and he told me that they have in fact gotten a memo saying that it is releasing on the 20th they are just not supposed to be talking about it for what ever reason

    • Scotty

      Did your friend mention what the upgrade price would be?

  • Gaww

    General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 / 1700
    Announced 2011, March
    Status Coming soon. Exp. release 2011, Q2
    Size Dimensions 124.5 x 63.5 x 10.2 mm
    Weight 141.8 g
    Display Type TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    Size 480 x 800 pixels, 4.0 inches
    – Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
    – Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
    – Gyro sensor
    – Touch-sensitive controls
    Sound Alert types Vibration, MP3 ringtones
    Loudspeaker Yes
    3.5mm jack Yes
    Memory Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
    Call records Practically unlimited
    Internal 8 GB storage, 512 MB RAM
    Card slot microSD, up to 32GB
    Data GPRS Yes
    EDGE Yes
    3G HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA
    WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
    Bluetooth Yes, v2.1 with A2DP
    Infrared port No
    USB Yes, microUSB v2.0
    Camera Primary 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
    Features Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, touch focus, image stabilization
    Video Yes, 1080p@24fps, 720p@30fps
    Secondary Yes, 1.3 MP
    Features OS Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo), upgradable to v2.3
    CPU Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset
    Messaging SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
    Browser HTML
    Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS
    Games Yes + downloadable
    Colors Black
    GPS Yes, with A-GPS support
    Java No
    – T-Mobile TV
    – NVIDIA Tegra Zone
    – T-Mobile Video Chat
    – Social networking integration
    – HDMI port
    – Google Search, Maps, Gmail
    – Digital compass
    – YouTube, Google Talk
    – DivX/Xvid/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
    – MP3/WAV/WMA/eAAC+ player
    – Document editor
    – Organizer
    – Adobe Flash 10.1 support
    – Voice memo/dial/commands
    – Predictive text input
    Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
    Stand-by Up to 400 h
    Talk time Up to 7 h 40 min

    • 7 hours & 40 minute talk-time is GREAT! You can tell this one is gonna have great battery life.

  • Gaww

    I posted full specs below. Wish I had seen WiFi in the list of apps – is this expected to come OTA soon after release (hopefully)?

    • Joe-smith

      Seriously? #1…. They aren’t “apps”. # 2… YOU wrote “WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n”.

      Geeez, Gaww

      • Gaww

        I did not write – it was cut and paste. I meant to say WiFi Calling above – me bad.

        The list below mentions “apps” like TMo video chat, etc. TMo WiFi Calling is an “app” that gets installed into the /system/app folder. Was hoping it would be mentioned. Poster in different forum said that it usually comes along with an OTA update.

    • Guest

      It has WiFi; you even listed it in the specs

  • Mikesmoth

    if it has At&ts 3G built in they did not negotiate with sprint in good faith!

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same exact thing. Unless they plan on not going thru with the deal and just putting $$$ in their pockets at the end of this so called buy out.

  • AxEffect

    hey guys, you might want to check this out!!!

    Looks like we could see it April 15th!!! Just wish there was a price already…

  • Quailallstar

    What to get…? This or the LG Optimus 3d?

  • Kmb470

    Thanks to the crappy Cliq XT I bought. T-Mobile is giving me this device free of charge and contract extension before it hits stores. Very excited!

    • Chris Zeppelin

      I have a Cliq XT. WORST PHONE EVER! How did you manage do this? Very interested.

      • Julieannbrody

        I have the Cliq XT too!!! Can’t stand it! I don’t know how I’ve had this phone since June. I’m getting the G2X asap! I was going to wait for the Sensation, but the G2X looks pretty good!