T-Mobile G2X Retail Packaging Surfaces

While we’re still in the dark regarding the price and release date of the upcoming T-Mobile G2X, the phone itself is already an open box. Pun intended of course as we just received a quick snapshot of the upcoming retail packaging for the G2X. While we’re still running with an April 20th rumored release date, the notion that retail packaging is already in the wild lends credence to a launch any time in the near future.

We’re attempting to verify with our ninjas but we did hear that AT&T 3G is on board. Whether or not that was coincidental or a precursor to a deal is anyones guess but it certainly makes the phone much more attractive to potential buyers concerned about device longevity with AT&T.

As an added bonus we’ve added in a quick look at a G2X training document showing the three best features of the G2X. If you want even more G2X, check out our hands on!


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