Motorola Defy Free Today Only On

If you’ve had your eye on the Motorola Defy now would be the very best time to go ahead and grab one. Through the end of today, April 7th T-Mobile is giving up the Motorola Defy away for FREE on for new or add a line customers with a 2 year contract.

Water-resistant and dust proof the Motorola Defy may be the safest smartphone you’ve ever owned. Better act fast!

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  • Good Phone- But

    The Defy is very good for phone functions (3G reception, volume, clarity, speakerphone), in addition to computer functions. It is generally waterproof and durable, but my son just cracked the screen on his by dropping it on concrete from ear level (reminder not to hold phone with shoulder). It landed face first. It still works as a phone, even with the cracked screen. We’re checking on whether the damage is covered by Moto under warranty, and if not, what the price will be to fix the screen.

    • Anonymous

      $75 dollars I believe. It’s not covered under warranty because it’s not crack or shatter proof. The phone only has a tiny border around the screen so it’s not going to survive all different types of drops.

      The only problem I saw with my DEFY was poor EDGE reception on the fringe of cell sites in rural areas, and slow network reaqusition in those areas.

      Otherwise the touchscreen is accurate and responsive, 2.2.1 is in public beta testing (closed now), overclocks easily, decent call quality, decent camera, great 3G reception..

    • Ash

      My friend got parts from ebay, fixed his wife’s cracked iphone3gs screen, cost appx. US$20 IIRC.
      I don’t see why we can’t find moto screen parts for about the same price.

    • wow ive yet to crack gorilla glass

  • Fish

    Id rather pay for a phone.

    Moto can eat a D***

  • DQ

    It requires “a new line of service”…

  • Anonymous

    once again still $99.99 for upgraders..

  • Psaux

    Personally, I’d say steer clear of the Defy. I got it for my girlfriend for her birthday, and so far she’s had to RMA the battery once and the handset twice, and we’re getting ready for a third RMA on the handset. Physically, the chassis is great, but without any kind of abuse the phone develops a lot of sound quality and speaker problems, including, but not limited to, the normal, non-speakerphone speaker you would use for a conventional call to cease working entirely. Beyond that, each of them so far has developed serious echos for the incoming callers (think delayed 1 second and amplified … making it annoying if not impossible to talk to her on it). This same effect has NOT occurred with other phones (G1, G2, etc) connected to the same T-mo tower.

    Ironically, I’d gotten her this in an attempt to make sure she had a smartphone that wouldn’t be a hassle. Keep in mind, not only are there these handset issues, but on top of that you have MotoBlur to contend with.

    Unless she’s just had a horrible string of bad luck, I’d say this is one to avoid.

    • Tqf

      The problems you are experiencing may be due to consistent problems with the T-Mobile network. I have had problems like you describe for years on T-Mobile, and have never owned a Motorola phone.

      Loud echoes, delays, and static are all things I have experienced on the T-Mobile network. I would really like for them to work on getting better voice clarity, but these problems have been going on for years. And when I call T-Mobile tech support, they just say “the network has no problems” and to power cycle your phone… never helps one bit.

      • Psaux

        Tqf, I don’t believe that to be the case here. The issues I’m attempting to describe are far in excess of the type caused by the network. I’ve experienced what you’re describing on some towers in my area with a variety of phones myself, but with each Defy so far the issues have gotten progressively worse the longer she’s had the phone, and are consistent across a large geographical area of regular usage.

        It may just be that they keep sending her refurbs for the RMAs that all happen to have the same problem, but so far this has been the worst cell phone experience either of us have ever encountered. I’m not trying to beat on motorola, I’m just trying to make sure people are aware that this kind of thing has been happening to at least one person so that they may make an informed decision.

        That said, I will point out I think the odds of these being generally “bad” are at least fair-to-middlin’, given the low resale value on craigslist and other such places when compared against other comparable handsets.

        • Anonymous

          If you read the phone has very high reviews so it’s probably the phones shes getting. It can happen especially if they are refurbs. Motorola refurbs are garbage.. ask anyone that has gotten a refurb CLIQ or CLIQ XT and not a new one.

        • Bk

          The same exact thing happened to me. I had to send it off to RMA via T-Mobile yesterday. Now they gave me a old nokia phone for 14 days.

          beware guys! The speaker works fine, but I could not hear anything from the caller.

  • Rramos5687

    The Motorola Defy may have high reviews at but this phone is by far the worst phone ever! I have already gone thru 4 Defys, which I’m sure are refurbs and T-mobile will not let me switch to a different phone. My “only option” they said for a replacement is the CLIQ, which needless to say is another piece of junk!!!! Now I’m stuck with a phone that was almost $400 and is not worth a penny to me!!! T-mobile is the cheapest cell phone service, but their customer care sucks!!! DO NOT BUY THE DEFY! you will regret it!!!