Shocker: T-Mobile Customers Overwhelmingly Disapprove Of AT&T Merger

The good folks over at eWeek posted an article yesterday stating that T-Mobile customers have “expressed anxiety and outrage” over the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. As anti-AT&T sentiment builds across the web from angry T-Mobile customers, the question is, where do they go from here? Assuming that T-Mobile customers can’t stomach the notion of becoming an AT&T customer, Sprint and Verizon are the only two national options left. Of course, an entirely separate argument could be made for the reduction in competition from this deal but we’ll leave that to a separate article.

Some T-Mobile customers will be screwed by this deal, no if, ands or buts about it. Some T-Mobile customers rely heavily on their Wi-Fi calling options on either Android or Blackberry devices for reliable service and it could be months or years until AT&T makes a decision as to whether or not such a service will remain apart of AT&T.

The problem is, who is listening? Countless petitions have started with the hopes of stopping this merger but their ultimate attempt at influencing any FCC and DOJ decision is likely to be futile at best.

So where will you go? Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, MetroPCS, a more localized carrier or will you stay with AT&T? While I for one still can’t stomach the idea of AT&T taking over my precious T-Mobile, AT&T isn’t as bad as having to deal with the lack of a SIM card. I switch phones far to often to allow myself to go with a carrier that doesn’t have any sim cards. So while AT&T may be evil, they are the least evil of the bunch when I consider the SIM card option.

What say you TmoNews readers? If AT&T is out, who is in?

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  • Michaelk706

    What is going to happen to Tmonews when the merger happens?

    • The site will evolve with the company, if an AT&T merger goes through, you’ll see a big death star at the top of this site. I follow T-Mobile, wherever she may be and under whatever name.

      • Anonymous

        Magnetta death star.

        • WirelessGeek

          Just to clue everyone in. ATT won’t be able to change much in the first year. All T-Mobile customers that are on contracts, ATT will honor those contract till the end of your contract. Then they can’t make you switch your plan or phones. What they can do is refuse to change your phone out for a new phone without changing your plan over to a ATT Plan. This is going to be weather you are extending your contract to get the discount on the new phone or if you just got a new phone off ebay and wanted to switch it out. So anyone thats going to wait for the first year and then decided you are going to be wasting your time. Nothing is going to happen in the first year that will involve the customers. With the obvious exception of the FCC making ATT sell off certain markets of ATT and T-Mobile to get the approval. You bill is still going to Read T-Mobile for a very long time. Look at when Sprint bought Nextel. Nextel is still around but is being completly phased out now. Im sure most of the general puplic doesn’t even know Nextel still exists. Yes ATT is that bad. You can’t do anything you want because they lock down yours phones so much. Just look at the way they have locked down some of their androids versus what other carriers haven’t done. They are all about the money and customer service comes in last. I would know I have worked for them before.

          Pre-curser to all my knowledge. I have over 7 years in the wireless industry working with a few companies ATT being one of them.

          Anyone that is a T-Mobile customer please look at what happened when Verizon bought Alltel.

        • Noscamiam

          If my experience is any indication of how AT&T will handle T-Mobile customers, then here is what you can expect. I am with Alltel which will become AT&T in about 2 weeks. We were all offered free phones since Alltel is CDMA and is not compatible with GSM. The deal is if you take the free phone your current plan remains in effect and you have 30 days to decide whether to stay with AT&T or bail. You can drop AT&T without penalty regardless of whether you are at the end of your current contract. If you stick with AT&T and decide to get a new device when your old contract expires you can do so and continue with your old plan with, of course, the provision that you are tied in for 2 years. In my case my plan includes unlimited data and text and since I can keep it that way (for the time being any way) I will likely stay with my soon-to-be AT&T service.

    • AT& (I hope)

  • lrnano

    I will try it but if I don’t like what I see I am out to another carrier.

    • Ddhdhdh

      If you’re on contract, expect to see the $325 fee.

  • DumperTaker

    I’m gonna do what Inano is doing. Try out AT&T for a year and see if anything changes. The more changes they put, the less likely I’m sticking with them. Who knows…maybe they might actually be decent. Hope for the best but plan for the worst

  • The only reason I’d stay with At&t is SIM cards but my choice would be Verizon or Sprint.. no preference but if it were on my own nickel and dime.. (soon it will be..) then Sprint with the Evo 3D.

  • davehasninjas

    Gotta agree, as much as I don’t want to become a part of the evil empire, I can’t see myself going cdma at all. I too switch phones quite frequently and going to sprint or verizon would be counterproductive when I want to switch phones to try and get some work done, testing is so easy when I just have to pop my sim card in and start going at it.

  • Frankly I’m sick an tired of hearing people complain about this! If it happens it happens, deal with it! If it doesn’t it doesn’t! People need to look at his in the long run! Like What coverage is gonna be like after the merger and how the network is gonna be much better. But like i said I personally don’t care what happens. If it happens great, if not oh will who cares!

    • Clintre

      Sick of hearing people voice their opinion as you just did? Just because you don’t care it does not mean others can’t or shouldn’t. Get over yourself.

      • grave

        RIGHT ON! Frankly im sick an tied of people (who have no bias on the matter) sharing their thought about not having a bias. dont waste waste your time posting then, dont read news involving the matter, and dont waste our time with your “i dont care” bs. will be no better, worse customer service, and more expensive.

      • Mouse68

        Yea I care! I have family & friends that will lose their jobs due to this merger! Has anyone considered how many people will now be on unemployment? JUST WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS! So why don’t you think a little deeper at how this merger affects real people & real families n not about how the dam network will be better which, by the way, it won’t be better! Do ur homewrk before u make uneducated statements!

    • Techio

      People have a right to voice their opinion. Just like you did. This merger affects many people from customers to employees who will lose their jobs. All you have to look at is the Alltel Verizon merger. You may have no opinion but don’t bash others for having one.

  • Lance

    I’m going to miss the service for the price I’m paying. I very much enjoy the hotspot on my phone without additional charges. I can’t understand why companies feel the need to boost costs to consumers for these services that are only allowing additional functionality of the bandwidth for which they’re already paying. Tmobile understood this and for that, they will be missed. When my bill is effected by this merger, I’ll consider my options at that time. Until then, it’s all up in the air and I’m not going to waste too many cycles thinking about it.

    • Porlicue

      ‘affected’ not ‘effected’

  • tecjunkie

    I will probably go to Verizon since I get a significant discount with them through my employer.

    But I really really REALLY don’t want too. :-(

  • Mrpiccolo079

    I agree with u on tha sim card part cause I also switch phones every few months. But if I left id go with sprint I feel they have a good line of phones out right now and some good ones on the way

  • craigers

    I agree completely. Where else but AT&T? I know we hear a lot of negatives here, but all of my friends I’ve asked have had nothing bad to say about AT&T. Sure it won’t be the love affair we have with T-Mobile but I don’t think it will be as terrible as some think.

  • I find it hard to believe that the government could allow there to be only 1 national GSM carrier. It seems like an obvious monopoly to me. Despite this lock in, I plan to stick with T-Mobile even if the merger goes through because I, like others here, highly value the ability to switch phones often.

  • so in my home town ATT tried to buy a local company called centennial wireless. ATT bought them, but they were forced to give half of it to verizon because they would have had a monopoly in my area. I seem to think that the FCC, even though they dont seem to care about the people anymore, will make ATT give up a lot to gain tmobile. That is my two cents. I dont want this merger to go through because im not looking forward to being told how i should use my phone.

    • In Puerto Rico ATT bought Centennial, and after a year they haven’t migrated all of the customers because of problems with the system, also when a customer go to one of their store to do the switch ATT presents them an offer supposedly the same they had with centennial, buuuuuutttt… at a difference of more than 30 or 40 bucks more… Here in Puerto Rico, the director of the Telecommunications Regulations Bureau expressed to the press this week that she is against the merger because she has a lot of complaints from former customers from centennial being migrated to ATT, and other things.

  • Anonymous

    i need my sim card…

  • yyevo

    I don’t have much of a choice. AT&T has horrible signal quality in Oklahoma City. Sprint has horrible coverage around my house. Verizon has no 4G in Oklahoma. Hopefully, Verizon will offer 4G around here by then. MetroPCS doesn’t offer service in OKC. USCellular doesn’t have decent phones.

    Verizon will probably be my next choice, but I’m not sure yet.

    • Mystical-i

      I have had land line and mobile experience with AT&T in the past. And it’s service sucked big time for me. I’ve avoided AT&T ever since then like the plague. AT&T doesn’t care for customer satisfaction AT ALL. It just wants your money.

    • Donfaber

      Verizon? Verizon is terrible. Rips off customers with all kinds of ancillary charges. My days with Verizon were nightmares.

  • TCG

    There’s a company called simple mobile. They use SIM cards and you can connect any (as far as I know) GSM phone. There is, however, a slightly negative side to this, you have to buy the phone at full price. It’s an investment some people are not willing to take, but the plans are $40, $50, and $60. It all depends on what you want. the web site is Hope that can help some of you out there.

    • Sde

      simple mobile is a TMO reseller (MVNO)

  • Anonymous

    Well, there’s more than just a SIM card difference among carriers: if you switch to Sprint or Verizon, you’ll have to abandon your GSM phone and switch to CDMA, which is essentially unsupported outside of North America. If you never travel, you may not care and some people say reception is better over CDMA networks than over GSM anyway.

    For those of us with good deals under T-mobile, though, any change of carriers will cost us. I, for example, have a 3-person family plan, 1500 minutes, unlimited N/W and mobile-to-mobile and it costs me $85/month INCLUDING the fees and taxes. I have no data plan because I don’t suffer from the “need” to do data on my cellphone and am a heavy computer user using…well…a computer.

    If I switch to any of the big three — Verizon, Sprint, or ATT — my bill will jump to over $100 a month. And small, carriers like Cricket, while making a big show of so-called unlimited plans, have poor or no family plans. SO what if their unlimited individual plan is “only” $59.99 per month. To get 3 of these lines will cost me double what I pay now for a 3-person family plan.

  • IAmDM

    Honestly, who cares about the SIM card if the only GSM player if this merger happens would be AT&T anyway? Besides international travel, there would be two CDMA carriers (Sprint and Verizon) and then one GSM carrier (AT&T). You are effectively locked to one carrier no matter what.

  • Former Tmo Customer

    Switched to Verizon this past Friday.

  • Edwoud

    I’m not sure why the government seems to think that three major competitors within an industry is sufficient to maintain competitive practices. It isn’t. Three is a nice number for maintaining things like price, quality, and innovation fixing at levels that typically criminally enrich the providers while massively victimizing the customers. Beyond that, I see no advantage to anyone except paid-off government overseers and industry providers in allowing the number of competitors within any industry to drop even closely to that level.

    This merger is the same old Ma Bell regrouping it’s monopolistic practices of pre 1983 when it was broken up in Federal Court. Anybody remember $1.00/minute in-state long distance calls in the sixties? That’s what Ma Bell charged for you to talk to grandma 50 miles away. A buck a minute. They’re going after it again.

    The FCC recently, using oppression under color of authority, enacted oversight rules controlling the internet. That wouldn’t seem to unusual except that the FCC has NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO REGULATE THE INTERNET.


    Anyone with a basic understanding of supply and demand, government corruption, and anti-competitive practices will likely understand that allowing this merger further destroys what remains of competition within the industry. It’s tragic that our government is still so corrupt and incompetent that it would let something like this go through. It’s sadder still that the entire country will eventually pay a tremendous penalty as a result of this while a few criminals will likely bask in luxury for the rest of their lives by pulling it off.

    • ghostnik

      your absolutely correct on the whole FCC corruption thing, just look at net neutrality and how companies like at&t and verizon want to stop the openness of the internet and regulate what web pages you can see, how fast the page loads and etc.

      I think we as customers in the telecom market have little hope in wishing that the FCC or DOJ stop this buyout or merger, and should take it in our own hands and stop this merger by simply everyone on at&t and tmobile networks as customers coming together and dropping our individual carriers in both at&t and tmobile.

      As a result we would show at&t that even if they bought tmobile and got the network and spectrum they would have no customers to pay them money and they would simply have a network with no customers to pay them to use there network, not only that but also current at&t customers by boycotting at&t would be able to demand that at&t give them fairer prices for plans such as data, texting and voice. Also they could demand that restrictions in at&t policies be made in the point of them charging for tethering, which in my opinion is ridiculous if someone already pays for data. This would also show the FCC and DOJ how the people of this nation feel about this whole deal and show them that the american people are going to take a stand against this whole crap that the telecom corporations do to us, and then want us to pay for crappy over priced service.

      The point is that we as customers have a choice (and our choice shouldn’t be to just switch to another carrier but just boycott all of them to stand up to in justice and corruption in the telecom market), and we have to stand for something, b/c if we don’t we will fall for anything, and for those who say they will switch to another telecom mobile provider, it will just be the same crap b/c they will charge high prices and crappy services one way or another. Plus, these large corporations wouldn’t be able to afford a boycott b/c of all the money they would lose every hour as the boycott goes on, could you imagine at&t with no customers to pay them for 2 days straight, they would lose there minds at profits being lost.

      • I also agree, the FCC won’t block this deal. I’ve watched the FCC do the same with Cable Co.’s (Comcast?) , and the major telecom’s. Though it may not be ‘rubber-stamped’, it will certainly be approved. A big concern for us T Mobile customers is possible “Divesting” certain areas. An area could be peddled to “Tin Can on a String Mobile”.

  • Sprint’s Common Cents is similar to T-Mobile’s 7 cents per minute. Anyone that stays around and becomes an AT&T customer is going to be screwed.

  • Nightshade

    When the decision is finally made and the ink dries I will be at the end of my contract and will probably leave for Sprint/Verizon. Been with Tmo for 11yrs now and have taken many looks at leaving, but I stayed due to price vs plan offerings that cannot be beaten. If the FCC decides favorably I will be dissappointed in the way the courts view monopolies and what actually constitutes one, a sad day for fair market ideals.

  • Anonymous

    I have AT&T and I hate them they will nickel and dime you to death on everything, Like tethering, most smartphones have the ability to tether built in but AT&T wants you to pay an extra fee to use it even though you already paid for the bandwidth.

  • DD_838

    Talk to Asurion about switching your SIM card. That’s how I got F*ed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don Faber

    Worried about AT&T? Verizon is even worse. Enough said.

  • GSH5051

    My thing is that with the merge of the companies, means the merge of towers. So the fear of having signal loss is probably untrue! I currently have AT&T due to the iPhone and around where I live CELL SIGNAL SUCKS on the major roads. I do understand that there are at least 4 T-mobile towers around me and with the Merger I am expecting my service signal to go up….

    • Hughaylie

      but with the merge of these towers means all of our great android or smartphones will only work on edge now unless we want to upgrade to att service plan and phone and huge increase on plan prices..they announced all 4g tmobile phones will no longer 4g..but operate on edge that sucks

  • Davidajohansson

    I am also a loyal T-Mobile user and have been with them since Voice-Stream. They are hands down the best deal of the four national cell carriers. I also prefer GSM and I am not happy that ATT will be the only national carrier providing the SIM card option. I never understood the complaint with the T-Mobile phones. I prefer Android, and just bought the Samsung Vibrant on e-Bay. These Android phones are great, and you don’t get locked into the Apple web of influence. Seriously ATT and Apple are both anti-competitive. I am hoping that the merger is blocked, because i have a locked in unlimited data plan that ATT will never be able to match. Thanks T-Mobile for selling out your loyal customers. I can tell you that I will be looking to leave if the T-Mobile & ATT merger is approved.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a shocker. Everyone hates AT&T and I’m sure most people are using T-Mobile because they were avoiding AT&T. This merger should never be allowed to happen!!!

  • It isn’t just the sim card option. AT&T have has horrible customer service issues for the 20+ years! Seriously, I remember dealing with them in 1988, and not liking it. And last year, I finally had to give up on their wifi service. I use Sprint now. But if AT&T were to buy out Sprint, I would be very angry. I don’t want anything to do with that company.

  • James

    I don’t understand why you’re so anxious about sim cards. If I want to switch between my phones on Verizon I just dial an automated service that activates a different phone on my line.

    • Whats your turn time on doing that? I can switch sim’s as im walking out the door in about 5 seconds. . .

      • James

        Fair enough. Only takes a moment of your attention, but it does take a couple minutes to go through. I guess if you’re actually switching several times per day then being without your phone during that time could become troublesome. I hadn’t really thought about someone perhaps wanting to swap out phones with that frequency until just now.

    • u must not travel out of the country much….i go to south america pretty often and swap my sim card so i dont have to pay outrageous roaming fees….what verizon number do i dial to do that?

    • Dewey Cox

      Because people think the sky is falling……

  • JP

    What I think is most insulting of all this is T-mobile’s continued airing of their commercials insulting AT&T’s network.

  • M60a2gunner

    It’s not about what you t-mobile customers want. It’s about power, profit, and control. Eventually, there will be one bank, one communication service, one world currency, and one central authority. Get used to it.

    • Oliver Stone

      Conspiracy anyone?
      Isn’t 2012 going to take of all of this for us?

    • Punisher2all

      Maybe you’re on to something..but there’s no way I’m getting used to it! Up yours at&t! C’mon DOJ and FCC, do your job for once!

  • Anonymous

    That’s kind of AT&T’s fault for not better explaining what they plan to do after they merge. Contracts, phones, spectrum transition, etc. They should have posted a little bit more information publicly to lessen the confusion.

    Looking from AT&T’s point of view though, they may not know what conditions the government will impose on them. How many customers will they have to divest? Will they be forced to sell certain spectrum that they had planned on using?

    There’s not even any guarantee that the merger will happen. If AT&T starts releasing full details, the government could interpret it as the company pre-judging the merger review process. The government had big problems with Comcast when they had already started announcing big changes like employee changes at NBC Universal even before the merger was officially approved.

    Dealing with the government is a tricky game.

    • Foxtailmusic

      They really can’t explain what they’re going to do until the merger is approved. The only thing they’ve said is that T-Mobile customers would have to replace their phones with AT&T to use 3G/4G.

  • Dariusdavis20

    heres the thing, screw sim cards! if you have an android phone then u dont need a sim card anyway. also tmobiles prices are going to stay the same the only thing that you should be worried about is unlimited data. but most ppl dont use that much data anyway so it wont really make a difference if it gets capped like at&t is doing now. lastly there will be more android phones to choose from…its not really that bad considering verizons overpriced plans and network that is so large that is actually not as fast it seems and sprint who cant decide when and how they are going to be able to completely upgrade their network at once and not in phases to avoid issues with their devices so get over it, mergers happen all the time

    • Magenta Magic

      Android phones don’t need SIM cards? Do explain, please…

      • Anonymous

        Both of my android phones have SIM cards.

      • MPlovan

        I think he is referring to a time when the address book was stored on the sim; and the fact you log in with your google account and your contacts are synced down immediately.

        I passed that long ago (even without a smart phone).

        He is ignoring the fact that no phone without a sim card can be used internationally.(Android or not).

    • yeah? well heres my thing i go to south america pretty often and swap my sim card so i dont have to pay outrageous roaming fees….i do need a sim card for my phone to work over there….verizons networks might be large….but their phones arent gonna be convenient for everyone

    • Jason

      yea you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about

    • If you are on Sprint or Verizon, you don’t have a SIM card in any phone, including Android. But if you are on T-Mobile or AT&T, you must certainly have a SIM card (even the Android phones).

  • ElStud

    I’ve always chided ATT customers for their backwardness. Now I’m having to take a couple of steps back. If it happens, I’m certain to shop my no. around as my contract runs out during the summer

  • David

    Everyone hates AT&T huh? That’s false. I have only had good things about AT&T and actually prefer them over any other major carrier. At least they have good coverage, better deals (compared too Verizon), and will continue to increase their coverage. If you just wait for the merger and see what comes of it you’ll be happy if what you look for in a carrier is good phones, amazing coverage, and competitive prices. Verizon won’t be getting anymore coverage, their going to expand their LTE to the exact amount their 3G is so all the places without 3G won’t gain any coverage. Sprint has low prices but not a diverse phone selection and horrible coverage compared too AT&T and Verizon. The choice is simple if your a T-Mobile costumer; become part of AT&T and see the benefits instead of being against this deal.

    • ghostnik

      who would care about service if they can’t eat. Haven’t you noticed people’s wages aren’t going up, thats the reason why people in this volatile economy are cutting back, and the reason why tmobile customers love tmobile b/c of the cheaper prices and good service. I don’t care if at&t cell signal can go down 200 meters below the ground or as far as the moon, whats the point if there prices are riduculous and start at a 100 dollars and up, how is that a competition if verizon and both at&t are charging similar pricing, where is the competition of competitive pricing in favor for the consumer, there won’t be any competitive pricing. In fact when have a merger went thru and people’s bills were reduced? Don’t worry i will wait for an answer.

      • ColdFeet

        I think that if more people were concerned about pricing and the economy, people wouldn’t be leaving T-Mobile like they are now. But if money’s your issue, you’ll still have Sprint and Cricket to choose from, not to mention some of the other regional carriers.

        • HTC Pyramid

          don’t believe the rumors and do your own research. have you looked at sprint’s prices?

    • Lake Quilter

      Guess it’s all about where you live, David. We don’t get AT&T at all in our CA home or in our vacation home. Verizon works, kinda, in CA for our daughter’s phone, but not at all in our vacation home. We have Sprint, have for over 14 years, and have NEVER had a coverage problem except in Nevada, and we have a lot of miles on our travel trailer. My brother in PA has an iPhone with AT&T and we can only converse without AT&T dropping the call if he stands in exactly the middle of one room on the second floor of his house. AT&T? Not in my lifetime, but there are some people with good experiences. Just don’t pretend you know the coverage maps, please. And if AT&T had actually spent any money building out their network with all the iPhone money they got, they wouldn’t have to buy someone with a good network and force everyone to wait years to benefit from it.

    • Anonymous

      yeah people on the internet bitching an moaning doesn’t necessarily mean that all 30+ million customers are bitching. A lot probably won’t even know until they send out a letter a year from now.

  • Topagent007

    ATT customer service sucks! I have its DSL service, they have screwed up my bill since September since October 2010, I have to to call them every month; all they can offer is “most customers who have the $14.95/month contract have the same problem” customer service keeps telling me go ahead and pay in full,I will get the credit back next bill. it is ashame to know such a big company such as ATT can’t fix the minnor billing error for month. I can’t wait after the merger, they will screws the rest of us and t-mobile customer as well. Shame on att.

    NADBWATT =Never Again Doing Bussiness with AT&T.

  • michael

    Well, the sim card thing will change. All of Verizons 4g devices will have SIM cards which can easily be swapped between 4g lte devices.

  • tmo-user

    This merger should never be allowed to happen. With the sucker AT&T gobbling up T-mobile, there will be monopolized GSM market. Fewer choice on voice and data plans. I am with Tmobile for more than 7 years. I like their service. What will happen to all the grandfathered features such as GPRS data plan, WIFI UMA calling, $10 data plan etc? FTC should outright disallow this merger. Period.

  • I wrote a very detailed, fact filled, & logical letter to FCC & my state senator. Every little bit counts. If we all speak out maybe we can make a difference. It’s worth a try. If all else fails I’ll either go to Sprint (Affordable, cheapest plans of the 3 left over), or Verizon for exceptional service (Even with the cost, I rather pay high buck for quality than high buck w/ overage charges for bullcrap & Restrictions), or stay with T-Mobile till the take over & hope that the DT representative with their 8% makes a difference & is a voice for the T-Mobile customers as apart of the Board of Directors.

  • Kelleyvictoria

    I’ll probably stay with AT&T because I REFUSE to give Verizon one penny of my money…EVER!!!! With their blatant disregard to customers privacy when they gave the Feds all their customers information without a warrant and their plans to own the internet, it will be a cold day in Hell before I’m a customer and anyone with a brain wouldn’t either

    • Tomdebenning

      I with you Kelly but AT&T is just if not more guilty of the same thing. Which is why I went to T-mobile.

    • Seganesjr

      T-mobile was the only carrier that cared about privacy and it’s messed up that the only company that cared about our privacy is joining a company that could care less about us. AT&T even sold home internet data to feds. Tmobile was going to file suit against feds if they didn’t get off their 3G frequency. That was the only reason Tmobile couldn’t release 3G sooner.

  • I’ll be honest, I joined T Mobile before my Bankruptcy, w/3 lines and @Home service. So my credit sucks and I really enjoy the fact I am on a post-paid plan. I am stuck for this ride, as I sure cannot get a post paid plan at another carrier at this time. I don’t like it, but have to go with it.

    • Galaxylover

      I’m sure there are lots of others in that same position. Also, just having a new carrier run a credit check lowers your credit score. Not cool either.

      • Dewey Cox

        It doesn’t. It counts as a “soft ” hit and does not reflect on your score

  • I honestly am not sure what I would do if this is approved, I certainly couldn’t go back to Sprint (was a loyal customer for many many years but they have nary a world-band phone in sight) and frankly Verizon is on my personal blacklist which kinda leaves me in a corner. I am very attached to GSM for global compatibility (I’m currently writing this from Nerima Ward in Tokyo) and I absolutely love my UMA service. I imagine I’d have to roll over to AT&T if they get approval for the merger but I’m really not happy with that idea.

  • Toni_ldt

    I hate you t-mobile for not caring about your loyal customers and just caring about money in your pockets. If we wanted AT&T we would be with them instead but now your gonna force a relationship that should never happen.

    • SkyPirate600

      They’re not selling for money, they’re selling because they have to, or they’re gonna go bankrupt. It’s not like they want to sell to somebody else

    • jjank

      Its not T-mobile USA selling, it is their parent company, Deutsch Telekom. I’m pretty sure it is a win-win situation for Deutsch Telekom right now because if it goes through they won’t have to worry about the business and if it does not they get some money and other goodies that would give T-mobile USA some better footing and hopefully keep them solvent for the long haul.

  • the advantage of having a simcard is that one can change phones more often since you can sell old current used units in favor of much better ones and lets face the HORRIBLE fact that they pump out better models every 6 month, last yea i was drooling at my current HD2 and 6 months later a shitstorm of better phones come out

    this would be the only reason i stay with AT&Tmobile

    and the fact my dad dropped his free Verizon phone in the toilet and we had to pay full price on a lowend phone as a replacement, atleast if he has another accident with his current crap phone we can just buy a prepaid phone to replace it

  • Chris

    Why did TmoNews remove the articles from the feed? Trying to cash in on website impressions and ad eyeballs before you’re site is rendered moot?

    I guess I can’t blame you. It still makes you look like a sell out, though.

    See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya…

    • I didn’t remove them from the feed, relax. Wait to jump to completely unnecessary conclusions though. I’m trying to fix the fact that some people weren’t seeing articles posted after the 23rd. I’ve changed them back to full articles on the RSS feed, I didn’t even know that had changed since we changed to the new header. Way to go all conspiracy on me though!

      • Frigadroid

        I thought you might have gotten rolled by a hooker at the convention after going out on a bender and was just laying low, but I wasn’t going to say so.

  • Angeldevil75

    sprint here i go

  • Maginot

    Grass is always greener…change is always difficult…in the end, it’s a frickin’ phone and service plan.

    • Jason

      its also money coming out of your pocket. and in this case becoming an AT&T customer would mean ALOT of money out of your pockets

      • Anonymous

        it could result in higher prices, but not necessarily. Unfortunately there’s a long wait to find out.

    • jarjon76

      It’s a little more than that. You may see your cell phone as a luxury, but some people use their phones for both personal AND business purposes. This change will greatly affect a lot of people. Maybe not you, but you’re not the majority. And we’re also talking about people’s money. The majority of T-Mobile customers chose them because they are on a budget. A $30/month price hike, for example, may not be much for you, but for others that’s a big chunk of change. Plus, who wants to pay more for less?

  • Radix42

    I’m a customer of simplemobile, a prepaid wholesale reseller of tmo with an unlimited everthing plan for $60 a month and over $500 of gsm phones in the house. Neither replacing all those phones with cdma phones for a different comparably priced prepaid carrier or paying ATT’s much higher prepaid rates is something i want to do or can really afford. I have faith in them continuing to sell to simplemobile if they have any choice in the matter.

  • Alaskafilms

    Have had AT&T for years. They rock in Alaska. There’s just nothing else better for bills that are always consistent and service in the mountains here. No one else can touch them. I’ve had Tmobile before. They blow.

    • Anonymous

      Can you see Russia where you stand?

      • OCF


      • Kendra

        LMAO. I can’t

  • BigMixxx

    Whether we like it or not…its gonna go through, nothing we can do. I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. I love T mobile, and ATT really should take notice to plan adoption….

    • jarjon76

      Same here. I’m going to hold on to my plan/phone for as long as I can. If I’m the last T-Mobile holdout, so be it.

  • Most ppl who care about plan rates n such dont travel to south america, tokyo, europe… I never leave tge 100mile radius of western NY… So frankly no one offers 4g in my area… So sorints cdma will be just fine for me…. Ppl who dont go international dont need sim card bcz androud gmail symc has made tkibg all ur info to other android phobes very easy.. Whn b4 android sim cards were nice fir takinf ur contacts to another phone…. If u can afford to travel frequently to europe..s america n such i doubt paying 30-40 a month is a big concern to.u… But if you are on SSI ya 40$ us 5% of ur.monthly income…..

    • Anonymous

      While I agree with most of your post, I disagree about the Sim card part. Back then sim cards were essential for contact transfer, and now not so much…but you mention android Gmail syncing…while that is true (I use android btw)…lots of people are not on android, will never switch to android etc…and what about the people who are leaving android? It’s a fix as long as android is around, but you never know when the next big thing will hit. Plus, having recently bought an EVO with a bad ESN (purposely, for cheap) it’s just a pain dealing with phones that don’t have sim cards…Plus, switching phones is a LOT easier with sim cards…unless you like calling customer service everytime. Just the fact, that I have the liberty to use any phone that has a sim card slot with no problem is amazing, and one of the biggest reasons I can’t go back to CDMA.

      • jarjon76

        I agree. While I don’t change phones every 6 months (I tend to keep phones 2-3 years), it’s nice to have the option of switching if the need presents itself. And while I know your contacts can be saved on CDMA, I like having them on a SIM card. It’s what I’m most comfortable with and would prefer not to go CDMA. However, I can’t see myself being an AT&T customer at it presently stands. We’ll see what the future holds, but I’m not optimistic.

      • Charger440

        All this talk about Sim cards making phone switching easy makes me wonder how much money some of you have. I cant afford to buy a new phone often enough to care about a sim card. besides when I do buy new phones I just make the store transfer my info for me. I really hope the FCC/DOJ don’t let AT&T ruin T-Mobile

        • Frigadroid

          Seriously I want a android phone with dual sim capability that works on all frequencies. I guess we all have our wants and needs.

  • TM97

    I doubt it will take years for AT&T to integrate UMA calling. Its a small part of the switch, and it will likely take years for AT&T to upgrade their current switch location with the resources to close the T-Mobile switch. As such, UMA calling will probably remain working on the network. Now, if you switch phones to an AT&T phone it may not work, if you keep your T-mobile phone thats out now, you should be fine.

  • TM97

    I doubt it will take years for AT&T to integrate UMA calling. Its a small part of the switch, and it will likely take years for AT&T to upgrade their current switch location with the resources to close the T-Mobile switch. As such, UMA calling will probably remain working on the network. Now, if you switch phones to an AT&T phone it may not work, if you keep your T-mobile phone thats out now, you should be fine.

  • Skeeterflea


  • Heankrearden67

    Virgin Mobile. They use Sprint, but check out the prices! No international though. Doh!

    • OCF

      If you travel in the states they suck too. I had them before I had TMO. I got coverage in my city, and in the city I traveled to, but NOT in the hundreds of miles in between the two. If you don’t travel, and tend to stay in your city, then I would reccommend them.

  • All honesty, if this merge does happen, I’m hitting the Sprint streets.

    • Anonymous

      I’m already there. Been here for months rockin my white evo 4g.

  • incredibry

    This is hard for me. because AT&T sucks. and i am entirely content with T-mobile :P but things change i guess. but! i would still much rather have the versatility of a sim card, as i also switch phones alottt!

  • Tito!

    T-Mobile is in. That’s not even a question, David? Without a doubt, not even Rhetorical.
    T-Mobile, FTW! (:

  • Kingmob87

    I wish sprint would have bought tmobile. I’m switching to sprint tho at&t gonna jack up prices and not be be worth it.

    • Anonymous

      if AT&T raises prices, you can bet that Sprint and Verizon will too. Sprint is a financial mess and they’ll take any opportunity to raise prices.

  • Mysnizbetta145

    If this happens it will only benefit t-mobile customers and if you are currently with t-mobile your monthly pricing will not change.

    • jarjon76

      That is until you AT&T makes you buy one of their phones and requiring you change over to one of their plans. Ask Cingular customers.

    • Jaygqitalia

      Actually not true. From the statement they made, it says ATT will honor the contract ” for the applicable period ” .. AKA , will honor ur price UNTIL ur contract is over, then you will need to chose a new plan.

  • Proeng

    AT&T is junk… We don’t need them.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean? Their non-iPhone phones not good enough for you? Who doesn’t want a Pantech phone?

      Yeah. AT&T sucks.

  • Blacksheep427

    If you go over to Verizon and get the Thunderbolt, it has a SIM card. I just switched the other day. Works very good thus far. I will be next door to 4G LTE by year’s end, as well. I am guessing it is similar to my old SIM card, if not, correct me.

  • Bimmerz

    Per David’s question; “So where will you go?”, for now I plan to ride it out until the 11th hour (so to speak). I might as well enjoy the services of T-Mobile for as long as I can, and wait to see what happens.

    If AT&T does with T-Mobile customers, as it is doing/and or did with Alltel customers (as posted by Nospamiam, see below), then it maybe worth it for me to stay with AT&T.

    “We were all offered free phones since Alltel is CDMA and is not compatible with GSM. The deal is if you take the free phone your current plan remains in effect and you have 30 days to decide whether to stay with AT&T or bail. You can drop AT&T without penalty regardless of whether you are at the end of your current contract. If you stick with AT&T and decide to get a new device when your old contract expires you can do so and continue with your old plan with, of course, the provision that you are tied in for 2 years.”

    So if I can keep my plan (even after my Tmo contract expires), then I’ll probably stay with AT&T-Mobile. My 2nd choice would be Sprint (based on price), however having tried Sprint for about 3 weeks last year (when the Epic came out), I found that service in my home suxed. So back to T-Mobile I went – and I hadn’t planned on ever leaving! Ugh! What a mess!

    Anyway, I also think as soon as the sale goes through, us Tmo customers that are within that 30-days of deciding to stay or terminate our contracts – that we’ll see some serious offers from Sprint and Verizon, trying to woo us over to them.

    Another thing I am considering, and why I am going to wait it out – is that by this time next year, we will have passed and seen the 3 major phone shows (MWC, CES and CTIA) for 2012, and see who’s getting what – so that may also play a roll in my decision.

    Well that’s my 2¢ worth, I’ll hoping for the best (that the sale fails), but will prepare for the worst if need be…

  • Bklynite78

    the hell with At&t , FCC for once do your job and stop this,,,

  • TMOprophet

    I will wait to see if the deal goes through, but if it does, I will likely go to Sprint. I kinda like Dan Hesse, he seems honest and his new commercial about keeping unlimited data and unthrottled speeds appeals to me. So Sprint would be my first choice, although I hate the idea of going back to CDMA,

    • Frigadroid

      Did you see him on mad money? He did state again honestly that they were watching the unlimited and if it gets to expensive they wouldn’t be able to offer it forever. That is why the $10 extra is warranted he said for new costumers they would like to keep it that way as long as possible.
      After at&t buys tmobile Sprint becomes the underdog company that has to work harder and discount more so I could see a lot of tmobile faithful going that way. It is a bummer though no sim on sprint and travel limitations.

      • Anonymous

        The $10 still amazes me considering how slow and non-wide spread their “Four Gee” is.

      • Dewey Cox

        They will become what T-Mobile was…..the lower priced alternative. I worry about what their handset selection will be though. Take away the EVO line and they currently have crap.

  • OCF

    I will stay a T-Mobile customer as long as I can. If the deal goes through, then I will jump ship to Verizon. The reason being, their coverage. I will have to sacrifice on my plan though. The same plan I have on TMO, costs about $50 more on Verizon. Sprint has little to no coverage in my area, so that eliminates them.

  • Michael Davis

    This raises an interesting legal question. So far the antitrust argument has relied on the remaining competitors minimizing any injury. But if the market is defined as those who need gsm for instance those that need to use gsm compatibility in other countries, then this is literally a monopoly and therefore illegal. There is no competition, not just lessened competition.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, AT&T only has the amount of customers they have because of the no Adboe Flash having, checkerboarding, whopping 3.5 inch screen iPhone. So, T-Mobile has less customers because obviously people never heard of the word variety. Right now, T-Mo’s 4G speeds are blazing, and AT&T’s 4G speeds are a gimmick! Without T-Mo, AT&T can never gain LTE, therefore, their data speeds will forever suffer. In my opinion, T-Mo don’t need to go LTE — their upcoming 42Mbps I think will be penetrating enough to compete with Verizon in the future. Plus, T-Mo’s latest handsets are getting better and better — imagine the amount of handsets that will continue to improove as smartphone spec increase

  • Agreed on the SIM card thing, but bear in mind that LTE, adopted by Verizon and MetroPCS, is the latest version of GSM and does, indeed, use SIM cards. Given there’s still a year before AT&T buys T-Mobile’s assets and customers, it’s worth keeping an eye on Verizon (and MetroPCS, I guess) to see how their LTE roll-outs progress.

    Verizon is making a play of being an open carrier, and to the best of my knowledge they haven’t crippled their Android phones, so they may end up being the natural home for a lot of T-Mobile customers as long as they can get LTE right, and continue going in the right direction regarding openness.

    Otherwise… don’t rule out the MVNOs.

  • Msoares1109

    I myself have Alltel,i had TMobile but when i moved the service was not covered in my area. So after a couple yrs i am moving back were tmobile is offered and figured i would go back to them cuz they would be cheaper than at&t. And now i hear At&t is buying out TMobile. kind of crappy. but i do agree with some ppl here eventually there will be monopoly. it’s just a matter of when. I just can’t believe that TMobile would sell out. But of course money talks. but ill give my At&t 30 days a try and go from there.

  • Kendra

    I know everyone is saying that you will be fine until your contract runs out and until the merger goes through completely but what happens to the people like my mom who hasn’t had a contract for YEARS. Or people like me who have the Even More Plus Plan. There is no way in hell AT&T is going to be okay with people on the Even More Plus plan they aren’t making any money off of us.

    • OCF

      I’m on the EM+ plan, and I fully expect an increase in my bill asap, IF the deal goes through. The EM+ customers and new customers will see the increased rates first. As soon as the deal is final, if it goes that far, I will be heading to Verizon.

      • Manusferrera

        your worried about a price increase and yet your going to verizon doesnt make any sense.

        • Anonymous

          It’ll be expensive with either network. Might as well go with the network with better coverage.

  • branden

    of course sprint is against it. they wanted to buy t-mobile first.

    • Anonymous

      It’s unlikely that Sprint will be able to survive going up against two massive carriers.

      The future: At&T/T-mobile vs Verizon/Sprint

      • Anonymous

        Sprint has only themselves to blame for the poor position they are in. They decided on their own to buy Nextel. It’s regarded as one of the worst mergers ever made.

        Even T-mobile USA’s profit has declined in recent years along with subscriber losses due to poor management by their german owners (which is why it’s being sold).

  • 19fonzy

    Sprint !! I’m rocking my G2 right now but if this merger goes through I’m switching to sprint that evo 3D caught my eye

  • Anonymous

    Something is overlooked: dealers.
    If you go around Chinatown, you may see a lot of T-Mobile dealers who sell contact with imported phones. The merger will kill these dealers.
    These dealers are lot more than dealers with other carriers.

  • Anonymous

    I also change phones like socks, owning 4 high end phones that I paid full price for leaves me very pissed off. I will bite the bullet s far as sim cards go and changing to Verizon. My new Thunderbolt should arrive tomorrow. I paid over $2000 for my phones that are nothing but paper weights. I am very pissed off, T-Mobile was more than just my carrier, I brought over 10 new customers and family members to the T-Mobile family, I enjoyed being a customer and just can not believe I will no longer be able to use any of my 4 phones. I remember just 2 weeks ago they were quoted saying “T-Mobile is not for sale” What happened? They bailed on us, I’m bailing on them.

    • Anonymous

      Considering that it will probably be two years before any significant changes, you just gave away $2000 in phones for no reason. Unless there’s some details you didn’t post??

      T-mobile USA has been for sale for quite a while. DT could never get the deal they wanted until AT&T stepped up to the plate.

    • StormCharge

      Really? Sounds like you have some other reasons for switching that you’re not sharing. Cause as far as I can tell, you could have used those phones another year or two with no changes to service until they became pretty much obsolete.

  • Sticking with AT&T. I’m locked to my sim card as well. Would love for Verizon to get on that bandwagon.

  • Tom A.

    December my contract is up, so I could renew my contract then. Right now I have a $10 unlimited data (non-smartphone) plan. I’d like to get an Android. Pre-merger, I could get unlimited smart phone data for $20 for being a loyal customer. If I can still get that in December I’ll sign a contract. If not, I can get the same deal with US Cellular. Might be pre-paid, but I want a decent Android.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks.

    I was planning on buying the HTC Pryamid with the really good 4G speeds, but now my only decent option is to switch to Sprint :(, even though Sprint’s WiMax network is no where near as fast as T-mobile’s 4G network.

    I really enjoyed using T-mobile, and I wished this merger would of never of happened.

    • Anonymous

      It hasn’t.

  • Imaxjx

    I have T-Mobile Since 2002 and my contract is over now. I’ m leaving T-Mobile tomorrow good bye.

  • XT

    I’m moving to Virgin US. A sim card may be valuable but no contract is king. Sprint service isn’t all bad.

  • Darkraiderfan

    im going to sprint and the evo 3d, att can go to hell with their capped data and overpriced crap

    • Westside_cook

      Welcome to sprint. Been with them for years, rock solid network and best data plans available 3ven cheaper than tmo. I’ll be rocking evolution 3d with you. Can someone tell me the tmo price for 5 lines, all with unlimited data, text, and virtually unlimited talk due to sprint’s anymobile anytime. $235 a month, that’s insurance included, comes out to be $45 a person.

  • Anonymous

    What if… you know T-mo and big red, you know… big red could youse the Customer Support and tmo the deal.. Hey if your gonna merge, just head on for the best no?

  • Guest-Wtaylor450

    T-mobile and at&t the greatness of t mobile and the BS of at&t, what the hell were they thinking once they combine they’re going to lose some much money thats its a shame , why the hell would t mobile do something like this there just no good sell outs now. well hello Verizon. I Hate AT&T!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If this deal goes through and AT&T obtains “robust” LTE — then it’s not a bad deal for customers who won’t be able to switch to another carrier. If AT&T doesn’t gain LTE grounds by summer 2012 when an LTE iPhone is expected, what are they gonna do? This is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree on the SIM card business. Verizon’s LTE network, however, also uses SIM cards.

    To answer your question on “my next carrier”, my answer is simple. Verizon.

    My reasoning is also simple. Coverage.

    It’ll be expensive either way, so I might as well go with the company that’s going to have better coverage.

    I always appreciate T-Mobile’s Even More Plus plans and the fact that they didn’t charge you the same rates if you bought your phone for full price. AT&T’s options? Sign a 2-year contract and pay $XXX.XX per month, or bring your own phone and pay the exact same rate per month. I always thought that that was a huge load of BS. With your own phone, you’re obviously not receiving any subsidies from AT&T, and therefore, shouldn’t be required to pay for an inflated rate plan.

    I personally don’t know how AT&T is going to let us Even More Plus folks keep our plans. Our plans don’t reflect their business model (i.e., charge the customer as much as you can, and then throw on a few more bucks on top).

    • Aerofanbig

      . AT&T will not honor it, plain and simple. You’ll likely be among the divested

      • Anonymous

        I’ll have jumped ship long before that. But yeah. They won’t want any of us Even More Plus folks.

  • Ghoff15

    I think I would give AT&T a chance, maybe they will change their plans when the deal goes through and if they do raise rates and cap out data I guess I would switch…..

    • Frigadroid

      I’m thinking something like that. I’m just going to ride out my contract another 14 months and see where the best options are for me at that time. If my Vibrant craps out before then I have my g1 still in great shape for a back up. It may be slow but it gets the job done for all I really need.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else have Sprint ads all over the place on this page? Specifically, the ones that say, “Switch to any Sprint smartphone and receive a $125 service credit.”

    Oh, the irony.

    • frigadroid

      What’s super weird I was just reading about UK & NC, NCAA notes on the courier journals website (local news for Louisville) and they had an advertising link for t-mobile careers! Talk about irony jeez. They had openings for all kinds of positions. I guess employees are finding new jobs rather than wait?

    • Anonymous

      I sure do.

  • Tatail

    Where I live in NYC we have coverage from Simple Mobile, the good thing is that they also use the same AWS band as it parent, T-Mobile. Now I am in the hopes that T-Mobile is not handing over Simple Mobile to ATTas well.

    • Mary

      T-mobile will no longer exist. If simple mobile contract to use the AWS bands they will become inactive. AT&T wants the AWS bands (mostly the 1700mhz band) for their new LTE network. They will have to ‘shut-off” the t-mobile 3g bands to convert it to their new LTE network.

      This is only a win for AT&T. NOT the consumer.

  • CDG

    I work in the cs/clt dept at magenta and I am glad all the nickel n dime customers will finally get their payback. It is crazy how many customers call in demanding not asking for something free because they have been a customer for xx years. Or they feel, yes feel they deserve some kind of credit. At magenta we have been trained give the cutomer what they want. Will they get this with Att? Some also call saying we are so expensive blah blah…now with att they can really cry about it. Cust like these have made magenta bleed money like crazy. so in the end who is to blame?

    • you

      • CDG

        Jaja..u must be one of those penny pinchers.

      • CDG

        Jaja..u must be one of those penny pinchers.

    • You have to realize that as a customer service tech, you will end up seeing more negative than good. I’m sure the vast majority of T-Mo customers aren’t nickel-n-dimers. I’m still using my G1 and I was planning on buying the G2X outright.

      • Anonymous

        If it’s really a Penta(orHexa)band UMTS/HSPA phone then I just might too. If it ( or the LG Revolution 3D ) are “future-resistant” then it’d be worth a shot because they’re supposed to be HSPA+ phones, and at 21Mbps(or 42Mbps), I’d be pretty satisfied with the performance. And frankly, at that point, I’d really have to question someone who’d think they’d need Hardwire network performance OTA. This isn’t for streaming torrents, people.

    • “so in the end who is to blame?”

      The management, period. Bargaining is the right of the customers, but that does not mean the company has to give the deal that was asked. If I go to bestbuy to buy a tv and demand them to sell that big plasma to me for $5. If the story let that deal to go through, it’s ENTIRELY their fault. Now with Tmo, you are doing a great job as a cs as that’s what the management wanted. However, Tmo losing money is NOT the problem of customers’ demands. It’s the higher management’s failure at successfully running a profitable business.

      • Anonymous

        “It’s the higher management’s failure at successfully running a profitable business.” – PERFECTLY stated.

        Wish I’d seen your comment as I was putting mine together.

        Better Product == more( and happier ) Customer’s

        2nd Rate product ( Moto Cliq, Behold II, G2 ) == “Meh” customers

    • Anonymous

      Sorry some folks have “nickel and dimed” you to death. In all the time I’ve been with TMobile, I’ve never found occassion ask for something for free, that wasn’t already being offered to NEW subscribers, while I hadn’t been on a contract for a while ( I haven’t had a contract since the original one I had when I was on Omnipoint ). I think the one gimme that I’ve been able to take advantage of was the Loyalty 3000 min/$49.99 plan. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a contract extension on that either. I’ve never upgraded to a newer phone through TMobile, I always went out and purchased an unlocked phone, pretty much because the smartphone selection through TMo, in a word…stunk. Until the G1, the last phone truly worth the $$ being asked for it was the original PocketPC phone in 2002. The Dash, the Wing, MDA, SDA ( which I beta tested for TMo ), and TouchPro were overpriced against their competition, and usually released 6-8 months after their competition, and therefore always behind. I leave out the Sidekicks, because while that was an idea WAY ahead of it’s time ( think of Verizon Kin 1 as a off-shoot cousin that was an underachiever ), which after M$ purchased Danger, was destined to wither away.

      That changed with the G1. Finally TMo had landed a phone that was on the leading edge of the market. Then all that changed again with the release of the Moto Droid. Yet again, TMo reverted to that LCD ( least common denominator ) of marketing.

      The Nexus One looked like it might change things, but yet again, TMo let us down by putting on 2 stupid restrictions ( silly 500 minute plan ), and pay more than a new purchaser, if you’re already a subscriber ( even if you weren’t on contract…are you kidding me ? Really ? ).

      Then it was the Vibrant ( and let’s not even talk about the Behold II, shall we. ), which was released without the forward-facing camera ( and subsequently proven to be capable of using it, because the ODM for the parts were sourced within a couple of months ) or LED Flash ( which the CDMA variants got ).

      Then the G2 released and MT4G released, and it looked like…”Hey, these people are getting their acts together”, but I think the MT4G was mostly a let down for folks. Even the G2 was just shy of having been the real Kick A__ phone it should’ve been.

      I can certainly understand the frustration brought on by some folks feeling entitled to something, but for those of us who have been brand loyal, paying our bills, and supporting TMo, it truly has won it’s merits on the backs of you CS folks who’ve been helping us out ( even when you couldn’t get my MMS working for 5 months ). All I’m saying, is look at it from one more perspective, and see that what TMo has been missing to make inroads from being #4 to #3 or even #2, has been PRODUCT, PRODUCT, PRODUCT.

      Have the BEST PRODUCT, and regardless ( as evidenced by the fact that most iFonz customers have STUCK with the Death Star ) of customer service, people WILL ( and frankly, always have ) come.

      The LG G2X has that potential, the Revolution 3D has that potential, the “Pyramid” has that potential….Keep consistently coming out with the “Best of class” phones, and you WILL see a difference in subscribership. I remember just before the EVO ( HTC Supersonic ) was announced, people were really down in the mouth about Sprint ( I know a few people who switched to TMo FROM Sprint ). All that changed with the EVO, releasing even WITHOUT WiMax. Even with an extra surcharge in service. Heck, even that surcharge when the service wasn’t even available in a person’s area. People STILL bought it. People went BACK to Sprint.

      This is marketing. This is what TMobile has dropped the ball on.

      Better Product = More customers

      And it has to be an overall experience. People will put up with a lot, if at the end of the day, the thing in their hand…..does what they want, makes them feel good about their purchase, and, let’s be honest here, makes them feel like they have a little bit of clout, because they have what others might envy a little. This is the point that TMo seems to consistently forget. Again, and again, and again.

      Time to wake up, and smell the______.

    • Gaius_xv

      People only call customer service when they have a problem, ie your company effed up. Your JOB is to make unhappy people happy again. If you can’t deal with this you have no business in customer service. Do yourself and us a favor and quit.

      • CDG

        On contrary I love my job. We have great benefits, great pay and excellent working condition. As far as the main reason call us is that they dont understand the bill not that we effed up. my point was that if you want something call and ask for it not demand it. My point with that is it normally is the same customers who call in all the time. Most of our customers are a real pleasure to work with. I completely agree with some comments that management has spoiled some customers with giving them whatever they want. Someone mentioned also about marketing. I see the thunderbolt lighting commercial and even im like I want one. Versus I see a guy with the galaxy 4g commercial and im like what. Only time and how much money att puts into the gov’s pocket will tell if we become att. After that we have already gotten a letter stating outcomes of layoffs and severance packages that we will get as a result of layoffs…

  • Brian

    What is the logic? They (AT&T) are the ‘least evil ‘if you consider companies with sim cards? After T-mobile is absorbed they will be the ONLY mobile company with sim card phones or GSM phones.
    AND T-mobile customers don’t have to worry about leaving because AT&T has already said it will divest (get rid of) up to 40% of T-mobile customers.

    The FCC will force this and basically “sell” blocks of customers (but AT&T wants it). Since Verizon won’t bid on Tmobile customers that leaves Sprint, Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile to bid on 40% of the customers. The customers are ‘sold’ with plans to another company and are given new phones that work on that network.

    None of this is good for ANYONE but AT&T who assumes control of the 1700 band (Tmobiles 3g/4g band) and AT&T wants it for THEIR new LTE network. AT&T also needs more towers and more 1900mhz space (voice/2g band) that they will get from T-mobile. They need the more space for the freaking IPHONE.

    HOW with the department of Justice view this as a legal merger? They are removing competition to aid another wealthy company who doesn’t will to build out their network itself or purchase bandwidth. Anti-Trust laws were written explicitly for these situations. If it passes? Why do we even have the Anti trust laws?

    We will have only two expensive mobile companies left(practically a monopoly). Sprint acknowledges that they will be of no concern to the new huge companies and will have trouble even getting new models of phones for it’s network. Vendors won’t bother to make sprint version and the big companies can pressure manufacturers not to offer models to sprint. None of this is good for the consumer or the markets.


      LTE Networks use SIM cards. The network architecture is the same a GSM/UMTS. LTE was originally Long Term Evolution for UMTS networks. So your SIM card Monopoly is a fail.
      Try again.
      AT&T uses 1900 for their 3G HSPA network not 2G. Try again.
      Very presumptive to think they will use 1700/2100 for LTE. IMHO they will use they 850 because it is better. It is very easy to adapt the 3G/4G TMO network to 1900 to accommodate AT&T 3G users. Very easy. No time to explain how.
      On top of sprint there are many other small companies out there competing so anti trust laws don’t apply.
      Try again.

      • Anonymous

        TMOTECH …I respectfully submit that ANY LTE phone currently available in the USA at this ( an within the next 18-24 months ) will be of a hybrid CDMA/LTE variety, and that since LTE, according to this map( ) is slated, but not deployed in but a handful of countries, most of which will have DIFFERING SPECTRUM utilized for LTE. You can’t just take a US LTE phone, swap the SIM and hope for it to work immediately. Even if the target network support VoLTE, which it would have to given that for the most part CDMA cannot ROAM, except in small pockets of the middle east, Africa and of course South Korea ( if the bands overlap ).

        Ergo, your argument is specious at best, and not fully informed, at least.

        Here’s a start for you: ( Partial list of LTE launches and network commitments ). For the full list, , or this , and select “Global LTE Commitments”, which will list not only what networks are making commitments to roll out LTE in the future, but those which already have and are in the process of doing so. What “in the process of doing so” can, of course, mean “it’s in a plan somewhere”, but have no concrete physical steps undertaken as yet.

        As of December 2010, 18 networks in 12 countries have deployments already launched ( though not necessarily fully, as both Verizon and MetroPCS are the two US networks, and obviously neither of them is anywhere near total deployment ). That being said, almost 1/2 of the networks stating commitments to launching, have NO confirmed launch dates. Yes, you read right, no confirmed launch dates.

        People are not going to be able to just take their Verizon Thunderbolt, or MetroPCS Indulge ( I think that’s the name ) and just show up in Sweden, and expect their LTE coverage to “just work”. Here’s a little writeup about why ( , yes the link is a little older, but still VERY much true to this day ), and here’s a little newer writeup about spectrum comparisons ( And to put the cherry on top, so to speak ( , a white paper from Motorola itself about LTE deployments, with a lot more spectrum information ).

        Therefore, for those people ( and I made this point in my letter to the FCC ), for persons who wish to travel, and require the convenience of being able to switch to local carriers while they are abroad, or their ONLY options is to utilize a GSM/UMTS/HSPA based phone, that they can swap their SIM’s on. Now that we’ve cleared that up, it should be painfully obvious that if AT&T were to acquire TMobile, that would leave only ONE carrier that could qualify under those circumstances.

        Do some reading people. The information is out there, and took my 15 minutes to dig up all the pertinent links necessary for this analysis. I’m not an industry analyst, but with some digging, you can get as clear a picture as they do, and not just…take any ol’ commentors word for it. Heck, even mine. Matter of fact, I welcome folks to find and present contrasting or differing information.

        Until then, keep calling your Congresswoman, Congressman, and Senators. Or even the FCC itself, and register your disagreement with the proposed buy out of TMobile. TMobile HAS OPTIONS, I’ve spelled them out here before. It comes down to Deutsche Telekom getting off their tuchus and trying to compete in this market.

      • Brian

        There are only a copy phones from Verizon that use SIM cards. They do not function fully as GSM phones in the United States. The Sim chip is used mostly for European travel.
        AT&T primarily migrated it’s 3G system to the ‘better’ 750mhz band. This actually was not a slam against AT&T. The 1900 is commonly used by BOTH AT&T and T-Mobile for Voice calling and Edge data transfer. This can even be observed in the roaming agreements. A T-mobile phone will installing roam on an AT&T 1900 band in an area that T-mobile has an Agreement with AT&T on. The CEO of AT&T model noted that the voice/edge spectrum was already COMPLETELY compatible.

        AGAIN, the CEO of ATT mobile already said he wished to use teh 1700band for LTE. They want to use a wavelength is won’t be used. AT&T will de-activate most of the 1700 after acquisition. The 850mhz band is already HEAVILY used by AT&T. It would bring down most of their smart phones to start use LTE on it.


        You can have many tiny companies that operate with limited access to the country. You create a class system of providers. If you can’t afford Verizon or AT&T you must be relegated to a cell company that may only cover the major metro areas (metro PCS?). People in less populated areas would be required to buy AT&T or Verizon.

        As far as getting better phones? T-mobile and Sprint BOTH to not as access to the better Android and blackberry phones NOW because AT&T and Verizon sign deals that allow them 6month to 1 years exclusivity to the better phones.

        Company size allows you to push your own agenda at the expense of consumers or competition.

  • Anonymous

    Although I feel the end result would be some bad @$$ LTE service EVERYWHERE, I don’t think this deal will go through because it would be a huge monopoly. Unless big Gov’t wants to look even worse for sticking their hand in “even more places” they better not allow it.

    I would most definitely stay with ATT atleast until Sprint made some dramatic reception and speed improvements.

    • Anonymous

      This has nothing to do with big govt. lets not start that here.

      • Anonymous

        Gov’t wants Broadband everywhere. ATT has plan to put Broadband everywhere. This merger creates a monopoly. If the Gov’t let’s the deal pass even if the vast majority (businesses included) see this as a monopoly then how could it have nothing to do with the Gov’t?

        Oh and this IS the place to start that. Being a blog site and all.

        • Simon46

          Verizon own an INSANE amount of unused radio spectrum (bands). The last go around they bought HUGE blocks of spectrum from the FCC. If the government wants complete LTE coverage? –force Verizon to use the spectrum it bought for its LTE network and make Verizon create broadband everywhere. OR they must give the spectrum back.

          This isn’t an all or nothing. If AT&T and T-moble don’t merge it doesn’t mean you can’t do national broadband another way (actually several different ways).

        • Anonymous

          Good point. Just checked out the VZW forcasted LTE map and it looks equal to ATT’s claiming they will have covered after the deal and rollout. If this is the case then the FCC or Gov’t has no reason to allow the deal. If they do, what is in it for them.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          …att has a plan for broadband everywhere….They already have that. What you shouldve said was wireless, thus your agreement was already a little flawed. Att already has a monopoly, this would just make their wireless monopoly bigger. It has nothing to do with govt because this is a well, this isn’t a govt issue. The fcc and the doj has to approve or disapprove of the deal…that’s govts role in this, regulator. Now I’m not in favor of the deal as the next loyal tmobile customer but, govt isn’t the cause nor the issue, the issue is that tmobile is a sale out, not that govt, needs to stop “working”.

          And youre right this is a blog site, but one that should be about these issues and tmobile, if I want to see anti govt post I could just hit up engadget or yahoo news. I, we, didn’t come her for that. And that what we come here for.

        • Frank45

          I never said the government was at fault. The government IS the decider in cases of large mergers and they decide if it is in the interest of the market and consumer for the merger to go forward. They are the deciders per the Anti-trust laws. The Anti-Trust laws are pretty clear in this situation. This buyout would go against the very objective of the law.

          Ronald Reagan broke up the original AT&T in the 1980’s because he said it had gotten too big. What is it now?

        • Anonymous

          You really seem to want to go around in circles don’t you… You read/hear but do not listen…

        • Anonymous

          “The fcc and the doj has to approve or disapprove of the deal…that’s govts role in this,” right, and therefore I FEEL that if they let the deal pass then it will be for some greater interest then just allowing one company to become more profitable. More Broadband in more places. I’m sure building towers is a much better solution to getting fast broadband to people than running cable lines to every house.

          When TMO and FCC,DOJ is the topic then I think it’s safe to say that there will be some political conversation going on somewhere.

      • Frank45

        The government has everything to do with this. I’m not part of any political group by the way (so big or small government is not relevant to me). The Anti-trust laws are meant to stop merger like this. The government either chooses to enforce the Anti-trust laws OR NOT to enforce Anti-trust laws. When they do NOT enforce it is usually because of lobbying by the large companies that wants to do something that goes against competition in the market. AT&T could do all it wants to do without buying Tmobile. They just want to do it EASIER. It’s easier and CHEAPEr to buy tmobile with the entire AWS and tower??! It’s a great idea on AT&T’s part. Not good for competition and consumers though. Anti-trust laws even has a section on this.

        So if the deal has gone through, the Government (big or not) has allowed a monopoly against its own laws.

        • Anonymous

          Yes..anti trusts are messed up…completely. But that wasn’t what I was getting on him about since you know he didn’t mention that. He went out of his way to bring politics up in the situation when in fact there is none, that we can see yet anyway. I’m just trying to do my part and keep all flame wars to a minimal.

          This is a Tmobile blog after all….

  • Jtrip

    I’m as good as gone. My T-Mobile contract is up in May. I’ll be with Verizon when the Droid Bionic comes out. I’m already with Verizon for my cable and internet. Everyone in my area says their mobile service is great with Verizon.

    • Bobort

      I would wait until the FCC approves the buyout. It may fail. T-mobile also gets some nice things if the deal fails;) Your monthly charge will not change until AT&T takes full control. You will save money until that point.

      • Aerofanbig

        He can likely get a bundle deal if he is already using their service. I’m sure he decided this before the Tmo sale

  • “Countless petitions have started with the hopes of stopping this merger but their ultimate attempt at influencing any FCC and DOJ decision is likely to be futile at best.”

    This is a horrible statement to publish. You are basically disempowering the T-Mobile user base from ever calling these people, which is only a self fulfilling prophecy as the DOJ and FCC will get the impression that no customer cares about this. You should instead encourage people to contact their congressmen and FCC/DOJ officials, and let their voice be heard.

    • Common Sense

      Oh jeez kid its just an article, read it or flip to the next one.

      • Anonymous

        Hey. He has just as much a right to say what he wants to say as David has in posting his article any way he wants to. If David doesn’t want any negative comments posted to his articles, they he can turn to large scale moderation ( which would effectively earn a public-at-large black eye for being disingenuous ) or he can turn off comments altogether (see previously stated after effect for not having a thicker skin ).

        That being said, John is ABSOLUTELY on point. I posted in the comments to an earlier news story that included a letter to the FCC chairman and committee members. If David’s opinion is that “it’s a done deal” and that “futile at best” is the ultimate result of any efforts on the part of myself or the public at large are what’s to be expected, then again, there’s a whiff of disingenuousness ( <– someone fix their spell checker this is a word, look it up ) about's attitude towards this story.

        You can't be using the word "beloved" in one sentence, and a couple of sentences later be telling people ( who by the way, you rely on for Ad revenue ) that any effort they might wish to undertake will be essentially futile, and expect them to not be a little incensed.

        I think "Common Sense" needs to exhibit a little more of his(her) stated ability, and apply some perspective of "the other shoe" before telling someone to "flip to the next one". No one died and left you in charge Sir ( Ma'am ), so let John ( or anyone else ) have their say, and if YOU don't like it…you don't have to comment, and can "flip to the next one".

        • Well said, Marcelo! The point was simply to not disenfranchise your readership from doing what they feel is right.

    • Anonymous

      You definitely would be better off sending letters or emails to the people in charge at the government who review the merger. Even sending messages to the execs at AT&T might be worthwhile to force them to address their poor customer service before the merger happens.

  • Aerofanbig

    If you are rocking an Android phone, the SIM card argument is invalid. Android phones can sync all their contact/gallery/data info with Google/Gmail in a matter of seconds. David you should be stoked, you won’t have to jailbreak anymore iPhails, you can just get them as is now!

    • Simo0n467

      Please don’t tell me the Jesus phone people are deciding this issue? lol…please. And if you are a big android user you will not be required to pay more for non-throttled data plans.

      Tmobile is pretty easy about unlimited data. AT&T restricts it ALOT.

    • XTOCb

      No, it is valid!, by having SIM card, when you travel overseas, you switch your American SIM for one of the local carriers and you still have your favorite phone. Well say you phone broke, take out SIM and put in a backup phone and you good. With Verizon or Sprint, you stuck till you get to the store. With SIM you buy the phone YOU like, put SIM in and done. SIM is not just phone numbers.

      • Moises1204m

        but what if you have a backup sprint or verizon phone? is it illegal to get it activated?

  • Jrsystems

    I don’t understand why so much hate against AT&T I made the change one week before the news I was with T-Mobile for over 10 years never had a problem but the lack of goods phones is what made me change carrier. I have been with AT&T for over a month and have not have any dropped calls data speeds are as good or better and the customer service (in USA) are great.

    • Susan

      Because AT&T averages about 30% more for their plans then T-mobile plans. Their customer service phone operation is open only from 9-6pm, they only allow you to save voicemail for 2 weeks, they don’t have WiFi voice calling, you pay your bills a month in advance; need I go on??

      Tmobile offers more feature for less money. Why would I want to pay for less features? Some cities T-mobile might not have good reception and you would have to choose another carrier but MOST metro area in the country have excellent Tmobile coverage.

    • FatesDestiny

      Their customer service is lacking because you can hardly understand what the CS members are saying. They have no Americans working for them…it’s always some foreign person speaking with so bad an accent that it’s very hard to decipher even just what the hell they are saying. Terrible service.

  • Casillas_94

    If this happens and goes through completely i will just have to go with sprint…… And the reason i don’t like AT&T is because almost everyone that i know has always had a problem with AT&T. I say with experience we are still paying off a bill from them 3 years later!!!! Over a thousand dollars in fees that just doesnt make any sence.

  • Zack

    I already left T(raitor) Mobile for metro pcs. Saving me fifty bucks a month.. thankgoodness my g2 has wifi

    • The Dude

      I think Boost mobile is a better option. They are a fully owned subsidary of Sprint. They use all sprint towers and have much better coverage than Metro PCS does.

      • Anonymous

        True, but Boost doesn’t offer any 4G phones at the moment (* unless you pull a “Flash”, and take a Sprint 4G phone over to Boosts ESN *)…

        And for the record, Metro may not have LTE in too many cities now, but they CDMA network now cover 90% of the country. Not that I’m a Metro apologist, but I’m just trying to get the straight facts out there…..

        If people are going to make a decision, they should have the clearest and most complete information at their disposal.

        • The Dude

          I’d actually still wait for a year. Stick with T-mobile for at least the year. The deal may fail. Your monthly charge is the same for a year.

        • Anonymous

          You know what…I just might. Unless Sprint publicly announced something Earth Shattering like “We’re turning on LTE in 60 days, in 50 cities!”, and then saw them do it. Maybe I might switch, but maybe not.

          Sure, I’d stay ( and probably will ) with TMo and take a “wait and see” with my service, but I won’t take a “wait and see” with regards to the proposed merger.

      • Derrickps3

        i agree, i just check metro pcs, and my area isn’t listed as a coverage area. so they are off my list lol

      • Ramonica

        not i the michigan area towers have been down for 6 consecutive months. You may or may notbeableto make or recieve calls here so sprint sucks as well.

  • Techio

    I will not stay with AT&T. I have a family plan that my wife and I love. I will probably go to Sprint due to they at least have unlimited anymobile and unlimited data. Right now AT&T got rid of unlimited data and Verizon may soon follow. So its possible when our contracts are up that Sprint will still have unlimited data. I personally still hope the FCC and DOJ reject the merger. Hopefully the Obama administration stays true to their word about major mergers like this.

  • YouSuck

    I will go to metro pcs before i stay and be an att customer i had att for 3 years and they rip me off change my plan 3 times with out asking then they said they have the right to upgrade my pl;an if i went over on my plan WTF and they drop more calls then metro pcs wow i cant be leave that but they did.

  • YouSuck

    Also after my wife cancel her service with att at the end of her contract they changed her plan and charged her $425 because they stop using the plan she had the last month she had left FK you ATT ! You SUCK~

  • Dru

    Okay, so pro’s and con’s about this right? pro: hopefully this doubles the towers available and doubles coverage. a big con for me though is changing my plan – i left at&t (and cingular) many moons ago for verizon and have been with t-mobile now for several years. I’m hooked up on the “thanks for paying us so much money for the last several years” customer appreciation plan and am quite happy with it. i absolutely need the wifi calling and have set up a dedicated wifi router in my room just for that purpose. COME ON FCC CAN THIS WILL YOU!?!?!

  • Katherine

    I left for VZW a few days ago. I was already able to do so and went back onto my mom’s family plan. No regrets here. No way in heck was I going to get stuck with AT&T.
    BTW, if you get the Thunderbolt, there is a 4G SIM card that is used in it. You can swap it between other VZW 4G devices in the future, no calling in required. It’s not completely GSM but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Derrickps3

    i will certainly not be using my upgrade in sept (when my contract expires). will prolly wait and see what happens, and if the merger go thru, i will be going back to virgin mobile or boost mobile……….hell, they have nice phones and i will be paying less than what i’m paying for now.

  • Derrickps3

    for everyone who believe in God…… word: PRAY…………..prayer changes things, just saying, cause i am surely praying that the merger DON’T go thru in jesus name, amen.

  • Anonymous

    INSTEAD Google should buy source + cheapest plans and some HTC goodies equals a KEEPER,just saying on my half ;)

    • Anonymous

      I remember reading articles last year right after the Nexus One came out. The question, at the moment, was, “Should Google buy T-Mobile?”. I thought it would be interesting because: 1) “Google Mobile” would provide nothing but vanilla Android devices, and 2) Google, wanting to put an Android in everyone’s pockets, would have an incentive to build a fairly comprehensive mobile data network across the United States (more Android phones = more ads = more revenue).

      That being said, the thought of a Google-run customer service center brought my hopes crashing down with a screeching halt. Perhaps they would adopt T-Mobile’s excellent customer service practices, but that would cost money. It’s a lot cheaper having everyone cuss out their computer screens trying to find answers on the seemingly endless number of Google and Android forums.

      Still though, I wouldn’t necessarily frown upon there being a “Google Mobile” to compete with Verizon and AT&T.

      • Anonymous

        You guys are dreaming- a dream within a nightmare. And the nightmare is about to become reality.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, what?

        • Anonymous

          It’d be cool, no doubt, but I’m not under the delusion that “Google Mobile” is a possibility. It was a good dream while it lasted. I’m jumping ship before the AT&T nightmare extravaganza.

    • That’s actually a good idea.

    • i420BBerryBum

      except not everyone likes google or crappy android. buggiest OS in history. google blows

  • todmonsta

    I am actually looking forward to the change…more service in more places…I quite like that

  • Man

    I just typed in and was redirected here!

    • Bimmerz

      Didn’t work for me. “Oops! Google Chrome could not find”

    • Mkd718

      Lmao. Wow. Imagine if it did for real. Damn you at&t!

  • The merger is burned by massive anger, and both sides with Federal Government can’t ignore it.
    What’s next? Should we go to ATT headquarters to count how many bomb there???

  • Anonymous

    If you have Android, you don’t need a SIM card. Google sync’s all of your info on activation.

    • 2JZ_NOS

      Do you even understand the point the writer was trying to make about a SIM card? He said “I switch phones far to [sic] often to allow myself to go with a carrier that doesn’t have any sim cards”. That has nothing to do with the fact that your info is synchronized in Android, but it has everything to do with the freedom to change devices whenever you want by simply switching SIM cards.

  • Anonymous

    As an AT&T customer, I fully understand why T-Mobile customers aren’t happy about this. I’d be upset too.

  • There will be NO options! Especially when Verizon and Sprint merge to become the number one carrier again. We’ll be down to two carriers and no competition. What’s next government takeover of the two carriers because they are too big to fail? Merged into one American Cellular?? Shoot me now!

    • Verizon has said explicitly that they have no interest in sprint. If anything, sprint will swallow the rest of Clear and switch to LTE in the long run.

      • T-Mobile also said they had no interest in selling less than a month before signing contracts. Knowing the time it takes for contracts to be signed, there is a good chance there was an offer on the table when they released that statement.

        • Deutsche Telekom actually said before the announcemnt of the merger that they were keeping all options open. At the time the rumor was a sale to Sprint. But it could have equally been nothing, or a sale to anyone else. I can’t remember if they ever explicitly said that they weren’t going to sell Tmo USA. If they did it was before they’re “keeping options open” thing.

        • i420BBerryBum

          what people forget is that Sprint can barely afford to stay open as it is. How could they possibly afford to purchase any other company? especially for $39Billion which is like 5x Sprints net worth?

        • Sprrint has been on an rise lately. And I think it is likely that the price would have been much lower had sprint been the buyer. I think they’re getting $39 billion because AT&T was so desperate for more spectrum and they knew they could get more out of AT&T.

    • i420BBerryBum

      verizon already said they want nothing to do with sprints crappy network and even crappier phones.if anything, sprint will just fall off the face of the earth after going belly up due to bankrupting themselves with attorney’s fees to block the at&t tmobile merger. btw, I HIGHLY doubt the merger will be approved. the government HATES monopolies, which is what they would become if they were the only gsm network. at&t has already been busted up so many time by feds for creating monopolies. they did it with landlines in the midwest back in the mid to late 90’s . they are repeat offenders and quite frankly, they are criminals and should be shut down entirely. anyway, sprint sucks.

  • Sprint most definitely. They’ll become the smallest of the 3 and will have to become like a new T-Mobile, with awesome devices and really competitive pricing.

  • Nate

    AT&T is not as bad, to me, as these prople let on. I have had their service and they do do things differently.
    I prefer T-Mobile but I think that I could live with AT&T until they demonstrate to me that they are as bad as
    described. Also, new T-Mobile phones will have two antennas and software will be able to turn on the AT&T
    service.I intend to wait and see how this goes.

  • Ya and that is why they are using T-Mobile. There isn’t a bigger fu{ked up company than AT&T, horrible network and bad service. I don’t think these customers are gonna stay with AT&T any more.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t support AT&T as I find their service and prices unacceptable, I feel sorry for the thousands of people who are going to loose their jobs at AT&T and I know AT&T are not going to be up to standard after the merger with T-Mobile.
    For now I’m enjoying Straight Talk’s plans because they have the cheapest unlimited everything plan on the market for $45/month at the moment and I can control my costs and not have to pay any hidden fee’s or pay contract cancellation fee’s, activation fee’s or overages. With all the uncertainty about the merger in the next 2 years and how it’s going to affect peoples contracts and market prices I’m jolly happy being in control of my cell phone costs and I can change to another plan any time I want.
    Straight Talk uses Verizon and AT&T networks which is why the ST coverage is so good and I really like my Nokia E71 smart phone.

  • Shlo25

    I sAy AT&T in as long as plans stay they way they are ……

  • garry

    I hate att it is the worst company now because they bought t mobile which was my favorite. I hate att more than the devil

  • Justin

    Metro pcs here I come…… At least they 4g and android…. F@%& ATT

  • Sundevilalum1994

    If I wanted that crappy carrier AT&T, I would have switched to them. They are the most anti-consumer company on the planet. Crappy signal, crappy phones, crappy data plans, crappy customer service and most closed source of all the carriers. The only reason I would consider staying is due to GSM. I like being able to switch between phones. This is the worst news any technology lover could have ever received. If anyone has contacts at the FCC, please ask for this to be blocked. This is truly an anti-trust violation. It would leave only one national GSM carrier. They would be free to manipulate prices to their benefit.

    • Galaxyman0917

      I don’t see any huge difference between GSM and CDMA that would cause an anti-trust violation. AT&T is crappy now. In a year, when they’ve taken T-Mobile’s network under their wings they won’t be crappy. Everyone is just over reacting to this.

      • Ryanh

        Odd Everyone keeps focus on GSM and CDMA. This are just technologies that do the same thing: They provide cellular service.

        Anti-trust will have a problem with fewer selections of Cellular services to consumers. There are presently only four major Cell companies.

  • i420BBerryBum

    AT&T is garbage. everything they offer is hyped up to sound amazing but in reality it is in fact the worst of the worst. their network has already been proven to be the slowest, mainly due to all the ancient iphones hogging up bandwidth. their prices are ridiculous considering how poor their coverage is. go to new york city and try using data without any problems. good luck with that. everyone I know switches from at&t to t_mobile or verizon. if at&t buys tmobile, I will definitely be leaving. All my other friends who made the switch are leaving as well. Will we go to verizon? most of us probably will, despite their outrageous prices. At least its not AT&T. sim cards arent that important to me so verizon or u.s. cellular. or maybe we should all just get tracfones. smartphones are becoming less practical with all these tablets coming around, I may be content just using a regular flipphone for calls + text. anyone else?

  • Schippma

    I have a question to people who were once with another carrier and AT&T took them over. Did AT&T allow Cingular customers to keep their Cingular plan? Did AT&T allow Centennial Wireless customers to keep their Centennial plan? Does anyone have any input on this? I think this info would help everyone, knowing AT&T’s track record in takeovers.

    • i420BBerryBum

      all i can telll you is this: in early 2004, I switched to Cingular who had recently bought AT&T Wireless. Then about 2 months after, AT&T ended up buying Cingular. Well, AT&T called me to tell me I had to buy a brand new phone and change my plan and do another 2 year contract or I would be dropped from the network. I had just spend well over $700 getting our crappy cingular phones and account set up. needless to say, it was the last time I will ever do business with gAyT&T or anyone of their butt buddies.

      • Jakeff

        The AT&T MOBILE was a joke 8 years ago. It was smaller than MetroPCS back then. They had cheap plans and they were behind Tmobile in size. Cinguar is the main core of the PRESENT AT&T mobile division.

        Cingular was the big gun. AT&T, the entire telecom company, bought Cingular and renamed it AT&T because AT&T has a long history in the telecommunications industry. The industry was changing plans daily then. I believe they came closer to using a combination of the AT&T and Cingular plans. But back then people changed plan prices almost monthly.

        • Kalbri

          Again, AT&T didn’t buy Cingular. Cingular changed their name to AT&T after SBC bought AT&T and BellSouth. History people……
          Cingular was a partnership between SBC and BellSouth. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, not the other way around. AT&T Wireless was renamed Cingular. Later,when SBC bought AT&T (the wireline company) and BellSouth, SBC renamed themselves and Cingular to AT&T because AT&T was such a well known brand name. The current AT&T is really the old SBC and Cingular.

      • Kalbri

        AT&T didn’t end up buying Cingular. Cingular changed their name to AT&T after SBC bought AT&T and BellSouth

    • Kalbri

      Cingular was a partnership with SBC and BellSouth. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, not the other way around. When SBC later bought AT&T (the wireline company) and BellSouth, SBC renamed themselves and Cingular to AT&T. Therefore there was no such thing as AT&T allowing Cingular customers to keep their plans, it was Cingular/AT&T allowing the old AT&T Wireless customers to keep their plans.

  • Eddie

    I love the T-Mobile services, it’s cheap, and reliable. What I don’t understand is, what will we be gaining/losing in terms of service? What are the pros and cons? Till now, all I see is that this merge is highly disliked. What if it actually is better? Sure, you might have to buy a new handset, and adjust to new plans, but if it happens, At&t is all we have left. I do admit, I disapprove of this merge, because I like the prices, which are far better than At&t and Verizon, and I’m sure that with the merge, prices are sure to change. Also, the ability to have UNLIMITED data, which At&t does not. Whether or not it happens, I’m not too worried about it but, I would much rather have T-Mobile, than have At&t run everything. And pardon my language, but screw all the people that want the merge to happen just because you will be able to have an iPhone. That in itself is stupid. But we never know, it might be good or bad.

  • There is nothing good about being FORCED into being an AT&T customer. It’s unfair and should be ILLEGAL especially when you sign a CONTRACT with a wireless provider (T-Mobile) that works well for you, then you are FORCED to SUDDENLY become a customer of a shoddy one (AT&T) that is notorious for horrible customer service, higher prices and network problems. Bring on the merger, the battles are just beginning. The majority of T-Mobile customers are not going to allow AT&T to dictate things to them. Verizon, Sprint, anyone is better than STUPID, ARROGANT, AT&T!!!

    • Sallyus

      Up to 40% of T-mobile customers will be dropped or Divested after the merger (FCC allows this). AT&T will divest T-mobile customers by selling them to other cell phone companies.

      I don’t think they care if 50% of Tmobile customers leave because it leave bandwith they need for present customers. People staying will most likely accept the AT&T plans.

    • bga123

      What ticks me off is that my own carrier TMobile is doing this to me! THey should not have agreed to a buyout and considered a Sprint merger. Anything but AT&T

  • Guest

    Several Things to point out…

    While I can empathize with many who dislike (maybe too light of a term?) AT&T, Let’s at least get facts straight, if that’s okay.

    1. For all those who say monopoly… IT IS NOT A MONOPOLY if the merger completes.
    A. A monopoly must meet two criteria:
    -a lack of economic competition to produce the good or service
    -a lack of viable substitute goods
    Simply put, there is absolutely no lack of substitute goods. OK, for those that are going to argue this point, I’ll name some national choices you can purchase: Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Family Mobile (Is someone going to argue with me on this one?,) Straight Talk, TracFone, Net10, JitterBug… All of these companies provide the same service capabilities in some or full capacity as a post paid contract carrier. When Ma Bell went down, I believe over 60% of the US had NO OTHER land line phone choices but Ma Bell.

    2. You can read the definitions on the other two yourself if you choose, but this is also not a monopsony and if you argue oligopoly, then you are not mad about the merger as 4 to 3 equals only a 33% decline in companies with most of the share… therefore you should have been mad about this when Sprint bought Nextel, Verizon bought Altel, Cingular bought AT&T Mobile and then AT&T bought Cingular… Well maybe the last one just left us too confused to complain, but you see where I am headed. Don’t argue that too few of people own the towers. No carrier owns all of their towers and I believe Sprint doesn’t own any of theirs.

    3. GFAM- Read the contract and do your homework please before throwing nonsense out worldwide. I would like to only discount two of your statements and I’ll leave the rest for the others to pick apart. If AT&T attempts to change your plan or force you to buy a new phone… you’re choice is to sign the new contract or find another carrier. If your plan stays the same, your phone stays the same, your coverage stays the same (or gets better) what will no longer “work well for you?” T-Mobile towers will not disappear overnight is my final argument. Understand this, in most cases, there are contracts on the sites where towers are built exceeding 30 years. My personal experience on the one I have is 50 years (No it’s not TMo or ATT). I would bet AT&T is not about to break those contracts, pay those landowners, and upset 30 million customers causing them to leave or forcing AT&T to subsidize the plan or a new phone. Think about it this way, AT&T is aware their network is at max capacity right now right? You think they are going to add 30% more usage on those towers overnight? I’d be willing to bet it’s not even a consideration for the next decade.

    Finally, Nothing- If anything, will happen for a year! Yep, that’s half your contract, yep if they change contract terms when it does you can leave without paying an etf, and yep the network will stay the same or get better. Keep in mind this, when President Obama ran for President (I don’t really care if you like him or not) he made a promise to cover 95% of Americans with high speed. What is AT&T guaranteeing if the merger completes? Oh, that’s right 95% of all Americans covered by LTE! Who has the most input on the DoJ and FCC and their leadership? The President of the United States!

    • Evinsmc

      Can anyone tell me why this guy is so angry lol.

    • CarlBryce

      You missed a key point to the true meaning of the Anti-Trust laws. When they were written it, there was a litmus test of where the company was buying competition because they did not want to innovate or grow themselves.

      They are buying a company that IS a competitor and has almost an identical network.

      They IS Vertical monopoly. Many of the companies you named actually rely on Sprint or T-mobile to supply towers and 3G bands. It will create a true class structure to the phone companies. It’s even more, ATT or Verizon and then EVERYONE else.

      This is a key thrust of the antitrust. It is whether a company chooses to solve it’s own obsiticles by innovating and doing it’s own company building or whether it chooses to simply BUY competition. Anti-Trust ‘does not like’ companies to simply buy competition. ALSO the laws address whether this is beneficial to consumers. Is it? REALLY is it?

      It’s hard to argue that this deal is removing competition and consumer selection from the market place.

      Mentioning all those ‘tiny’ cell companies does not show competition. They are not even part of the real equation.

      We presently have 4 ‘major’ cell phone companies. We are taking it down to two with this merger. Sprint can hardly survive against two giants in the marketplace. Sprint has already said as much. And any anti-trust lawyer would agree.

  • at@t hater

    I hate to lose T-Mobile, maybe we can derail this yet.

    But if it happens, once they flip the switch and T-Mobile is gone, so am I. Likely I’ll return to Sprint / Virgin / Boost although I’m not looking forward to it. I might research “Straight Talk” . . . . . . Whats a person to do who want to be on GSM? . . . . I doubt Simple Mobile will survive.

    • so and so

      straight talk runs off tmo networking.. when att takes over – straight talk will become part of that.. keep that in mind..

      • Melstar

        They will lose the 3G band. AT&T wants it for their LTE network.

  • Somestone

    i think a reliable merger would be to grab the best of both companies, the name brand would be the least of my worries, but as i mentioned before on this blog, i’ve recently enrolled on a family plan/contract and i would drop att/tmobile as fast as a hot potato, since i don’t see any good outcomes from the merger. i’ve reading around and it seems that ATT its going to do away with most of the tmobile plans, features and technilogies. therefore stripping

    • Somestone

      the good reliable services that tmobile has i think they shoiuld think about it twice since they’re goonna loose at least 30% of a customer base without even counting the peeps that are heading to a contract expiration date, they’re more likely to switch to another carrier. So is this a stratergy from ATT to take out the competition?? or what is it>>> how many more companies are they gonna buy out to force -US- the customer to buy they’re damaged goods??? how long does this have to go on?

      • Somestone

        and now that i think about it; with this merger, there’s gotta be a loophole to get out of this contract. Let’s see how things work out.

        • Zekkas

          First, this is not a merger. This is a buyout. AT&T has no need or desire to keep subscribers from T-Mobile. They are doing this almost entirely for the spectrum to roll out LTE.

        • Veronick

          Yes, it has been already discussed to the FCC that AT&T will drop up to 40% of the T-mobile customers right away (call divestiture). They need more 1900mhz voice for the freaking ipad and iphone.

          AND the Tmobile 1700mhz 3g band to build their new LTE 4G band without disrupting present AT&T customers.

          OF course, Tmobile customers 3G will be disrupted because they will shut it off…lol. You can upgrade to an ATT plan and pay 30% more if you like. But you would not be with T-mobile now if you thought AT&T was ever a good choice.

  • Zeorai

    The merger is pretty bad news in general, but it would not be as bad if we could take our phones elsewhere and just start service. Then the carriers would actually have to compete primarily based on service. What a shocker that would be.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon… LTE has SIM cards…LOL

  • SocalTeknique

    Most likely I will end up prepaying my Nexus S (or whatever phone I may have when the deal closes) until AT&T offers a similar service to T-Mobile (yeah right) or I will switch to MetroPCS when they get full LTE (love SIM carded phones).

    • Sammyj

      Metro PCS has a dismal 4G network. Check on it. It’s very early old technology and to this post has only 1 phone that utilizes the “4G.” All four of the present companies using 3G blow away MetroPCS’s “4g.” They were early adopters and used a more primative type of LTE technology.

  • Woodson24r

    at and t was once cdma tmobile was the first nation wide carrier with gsm ATT then switched toGSM later. how is it ATT’s fault verizon and sprint decided to stay CDMA? it’s not so the GSM monopoly argument has no steam

    • NPS

      Att was never cdma. Some SBC properties were under Cingular. ATT was tdma then to GSM then they were acquired by Cingular who also was moving to GSM

      • Mfoster410

        you just took the words out of my mouth … ATT actually used to strictly be TDMA then they introduced GSM then when the Cingular merger happened they phased out TDMA all together.

    • Conradogalan

      verizon and sprint was PRIME CO. so get your cards rite and AT&T has never ever been cdma.

  • TMoFan

    If this thing goes through I’ll most likely move on. T-Mobile has allowed me to grandfather in my voice plan that works very well for me. When they get rid of AWS I’m not going to upgrade to their higher plans. Sucks because I was planning on keeping my G2 for a while.

    I’ll probably check out Boost, as Metro isn’t available in my state.

    But I’m staying with T-Mobile until the end. The service I’ve been provided with has been phenomenal. Thank you to all the T-Mobile employes who always went the extra mile. The day T-Mobile USA no longer exists will be a sad day for me.

    • Noloak

      I’m going to stay to the end as well. And boost mobile has better coverage than MetroPCS. Boost in fully owned by sprint. It gives you no customer service but it has the same coverage as Sprint at a VERY cheap price.

  • E Hugus

    Why doesn’t anyone bring up the great world wide service from T-mobile? There does not seem to be much concern about this part of the deal. Would that service be lost in this deal? Also it sounds like a big waist of AT&T’s cash when they could build out their own network. Why can’t the companies share towers.and work together.
    Also why will I be forced to go with some provider the government decides for me if I live in the wrong area. Shouldn’t I have the right to chose the best provider for my needs.

    • Susanfields

      AT&T needs many things out of the deal. The have stated they plan to use T-mobile’s 3G network band (1700mhz) to build out and experiment with an AT&T 4G network using the LTE technology. They need that 1700mhz bandwidth.
      The are also desparate for more towers and more voice bandwidth in the 1900mhz range for the Iphone and Ipad.

      T-mobile also has better coverage in area of California, New York and Florida. They would take control of towers and have immediate coverage. The T-mobile voice band and AT&T voice band are identical and work instantaneously.

      This is a big win for AT&T: more towers, more bandwidth, a separate 4g band to build out their LTE network without disrupting their present customers (the Tmo 1700mhz band).

      The only people that lose are the Tmobile customers and the markets.

  • Nyk

    Already bounced. Happily Enjoying verion

    • Evinsmc

      Me too, got the thunderbolt. LTE, and a aim card. Bill is reasonable its like nothing has changed. I used to be an ATT then t-mobile care rep and recently left the latter boy am I glad I did cause when I worked for ATT I felt like a crook. Go Big red!

      • Maryj

        Most T-mobile customers can’t afford a jump to Verizon. I’m glad you found plan you can afford.

  • I did a comparison between the deathstar, big red and what I have now with Magenta.
    I have the family plan with 2 android phones and 16th dumbphone. I pay around 180.00 a monthe for that.
    Deathstar came to 285.00 with less!
    BIG Red came to 190.00 with LTE
    So, if his merger goes through, then to Big Red I go.

  • Mtnman

    Well for us “Regular Joe’s” who don’t switch phones like your underwear each day, then I’ll just have to decide who I’m gonna switch to if and when the take-over happens.

  • Riopato

    Verizon will be my first option which allows me to clump my tripple play fios package with cell service. I’ve been looking at MetroPCS also but I think it’s using the verizon network anyway. depends which is cheaper!

    • Jamie

      Boost mobile has MUCH better coverage than MetroPCS. I would check it out. Boost uses all Sprint towers.

  • Adam

    Hey guys. I’m a care rep. We are all scared about getting canned right now and having to put on a happy face when people call in and ask us about this is pretty bad. We aren’t allowed to tell you all how much this sucks. Just throwing it out there.

    • Frustrated_employee

      I am in sales and you are lucky that you dont have to put on a fake smile in front of the customers…atleast you are behind the phone..

      this is just awful to leave us, the employees, just hanging without any updates etc..

      it will only get harder and harder for us to make any commision, we have already seen the affects with our stores getting slower and slower

      keep your head up would be my only advice

      • Zach

        If it does go through, I’d love to see all the T-Mobile executives let go and replaced by all ATT’s group. Would be poetic justice.

  • sraz

    I have to call AT&T wireless on a regular basis as part of my job. At this point I just automatically hang up when I get someone I know is less than capable, which seems to be running about 40% with their customer service. Although having a combined AT&T and T-Mobile network in my area will be a fantastic boost to my service (they fill in each others deadspots nicely); I’m really not looking forward to the bad customer service and an additional $30/mo on my bill for the same service.

    Although I can already sense the bleeding, I bet T-Mobile will loose a few million subscribers over the next few months whether the merger goes through or not. If we as loyal T-Mobile customers cannot get some reasonable assurance that prices will not be skyrocketing after our contract period, I’ll be headed to Sprint.

    • Jamie

      I’m shocked people jump ship so fast. I’m waiting to see if the merger goes through. You have until the end of the year to quickly jump ship to Verizon or Sprint.

      • Zach

        Don’t give them your money or satisfaction. Some lobby group will “influence” the review groups and it’ll somehow pass muster with some middling adjustments. Let them know now that we disagree with their choice of direction and even if they don’t merge, it’s not because they didn’t try to. They have no loyalty, so why should we? This month is their last dollar from me. Their loss. Once again, why Verizon or Sprint? There are quite a few legit independents who offer national coverage. Do a web search (also see that most have no contract).

  • Evinsmc

    I just made the switch to Verizon from t-mobile…I got the thunderbolt. Imagine my surprise when they pulled out a sin card. The service has been great and I feel Verizon is on top of things for those of us who refuse to go to at&t.

    • Aerofanbig

      VZW’s LTE phones will all run on SIM cards

  • Gaius_xv

    My plan is to wait till the last possible second and sign a new 2 yr contract with tmobile with my current very cheap rates. Then I get a new subsidized phone and att will either have to honor my contract for next 2 years, or break contract and let me go and I keep phone. Is that the way it works? Or is my plan flawed?
    I’m counting on you more knowledgeable posters to give me some feedback.

  • MT3GS

    Service on T-Mobile was almost as good as VOCE wireless a few years ago – The reps are real people that are spread all around the US – I spoke to a girl in Kansas City the other day and as much as she tried to assure me it would remain business as usual, her tone of voice just dictated otherwise. They are awesome people who will hook you up with anything you need, whether it’d be an early upgrade, a charge dropped or some advice on new devices and the such.

    SO, to you, T-Mobile Reps – I hereby salute you as being the utmost finest, well-trained and caring individuals in the wireless industry. Your cordial and attentive service will remain in history along with the many awards you have received for being competent at what you do. Your boss, DT has proven to just as bad as AT&T when it comes to loyalty to their fanbase (I’m out of contract 1 yr and bought my device cash, I was just chillin’).

    I’ve been with T-Mo for 3 years and haven’t looked back. My partner has VZW and has been happy with them for many many many years; I refuse to give AT&T ANY of my cash, so it’s either VZW or no phone for me. Sprint needs to learn a lesson for not going with the flow and making their best phones paperweights anyplace not in the US. At least Verizon has the Droid 2 Global, which is a couple of moons ahead of my slide. At least I can still use my foreign simcard in Europe and have completely unlimited service at less than $120 a month in the US. So… Off to me on my lunch hour today to check out the D2G at my VZW store which is (ironically) across the street from T-Mo’s.

    I’ll miss the community though, VZW users are not nearly as tight-knit as us T-MoHeads

    • Mary

      The problem is that many T-mobile customers cannot afford Verizon. It’s just too expensive. That is why many fight so hard to keep T-mobile from AT&T and its higher prices.

      • Zach

        I think a lot of customers are overlooking the smaller companies (Net10, Consumer Cellular) that have large coverage in the U.S. While if these weren’t available I’d take Sprint, there is no reason for most people to flock to them or Verizon.
        I speak mainly for those (such as myself) who use cell phones as PHONES, in place of landlines and not for email or text (that’s what a laptop is for)… albeit I can pay for text ability on my new service’s plan if I wanted it. With the possible exception of corporate use, there’s really no reason to jump to the big three, so to speak. Use your preferred search engine and type in “cell phone providers with no contract.”

  • Dude

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years. I will cancel my service once/if this happens. ATT just sucks.

    • bga123

      Well Iv’e been an AT&T customer for >10 years and finally switched to TMobile for an Android device when Blackberry stopped innovating (read “Torch”) and was astounded at the quality of service and the ease of doing WiFi calling from my office where data center interference prevents a good cellular signal. The MyTouch 4G has been a great phone. If AT&T takes over I’m gone, but I have no idea to where. I suppose Verizon with an LTE device.

    • Edsonzapata

      where will you go?

  • I’m with TMO because I can’t afford ATT or Verizon. If I can renew with TMO before the merger I will do so and ride it out until AT&T forces me to pay more. Then I will go with…Sprint? Not happy about it but their Sprint Mobile Simply Everything is so cheap that my wife could afford to get a data plan too.

  • Oryandunn

    My biggest concerns are will AT&T support UMA, which is nice for areas with no coverage, but that shouldn’t be as much of an issue once the AT&T takeover happens. The other real nice benefit is I travel for work, so UMA has saved me thousands in phone bills when I’m out of the US. Somehow, I don’t see AT&T passing up my money.

    Also, I use the T-Mobile @Home service for home phone. I canceled my AT&T landline to get the T-Mobile unlimited service for a few bucks a month. Again, I don’t see AT&T passing on taking my money.

  • Tmobile customer

    I agree. I am a T-mobile customer for last 8 years. I will cancel my service after AT&T take over.

    • stevo

      i have been with tmobile back when they were powertele then voicestream. i currently have a bb curve 8900 and am up for a full upgrade on april 9th. i am grandfathered in to my unlimited loyalty plan which includes unlimited data. i’m not so sure that this deal is going to happen. att has a battle on their hands about convincing fcc and doj that this will benefit the people. competition is always good for the consumer. I am way ready to update my phone. tmobile just takes too stinking long to put out what will compete with the competition. g2x. looks good but they are dragging in releasing the phone………… absolutely blows my mind.

  • Wtf deutsche telekom Wtf

    As an tmobile sale Rep employee, this is the worst of the worst that can happen.. I hate to say it but deutsche telekom is 100% a “sell out “.. they could of sold tmobile USA to different non USA cell company, and probably for the same price.. this what happened when voice stream to tmobile.. only a handful of people lost their jobs, while others just put on a different shirt, and continue with their career.. but instead they sold them to their USA competitors, at&t, which I don’t have to explain how bad they are.. at&t is goin to pay 39 billion just for tmobile towers, not their customers, because most will seek other alternatives if deal goes thru.. at&t should just spend half that amount, and just make more and better towers.. if the fcc pass this, without a doubt, 100,000 will be in the unemployment line, customer that can barely afford a cell phone plan will have to cancel, uma people will not be able to make calls, google will go under in sales, and honesty they’ll be massive job lost in all cell companies, mite be good in getting rid of dead weight.. but it shouldn’t happen in this way.. this is 100% a gsm takeover, and the President of the united states should step in and block this.. Ok, his plan was to have 95% of the USA covered in high speed web, but not in massive job lost and 30 million customers force to go in a Horrible company.. I want to say thanks a lot deutsche telekom for having me set up thousands of customers for tmobile in the last 6 years and just to throw it away..

    • EvileEmpireATT

      I agree, I have been with T-Mobile since Voicestream. T-mobile has been my favorite company to deal with the past decade and they really set the bar for what a company needs to be and how to treat loyal customers. I have to say this past week, if feels like I am losing a close friend to cancer, given 12 months to live.

      • been with tmo since janurary 2006, the best customer service i have ever experienced, although their recent “outsourcing” of their call centers recently made me stick to their online chat option. “Hello, my name is bob, how can i help you?” (in an Indian accent) after waiting on the line for nearly an hour………….

    • Mark

      If the president want 95% broadband coverage, Verizon is capable of it. They own the must unused spectrum of anyone. Force Verizon to build more or give up the HUGE amount of spectrum they sit on.

      AT&T buying T-mobile is not the only way to achieve 95% broadband coverage. AT&T would find another way to this sooner or later anyway. T-mobile is NOT the only option.

    • Anonymous

      where did you find the information that DT could have sold this company for the same price to some other foreign company?

      T-mobile USA is reported to be worth less than $20 billion on the public markets. Only a company who has tremendous cost savings with spectrum, towers, and infrastructure would pay a lot more than that. A foreign company might not even be able to trim employees that much since T-mobile USA is a separate operation.

    • Anon

      if you want to keep people reading, dont type in the same context as you speak…

    • Ffcsinmontoya

      This comment makes absolutely no sense. Judging by your lack of grammar and spelling, I take you to be a poorly educated person. Especially with your estimate that 100,000 will be in the unemployment line. I too work directly for T-mobile, and I’m sure if what you say is true, and you as well work for T-Mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU were one of the people that will be let go. I can keep pointing out your stupidity, but your comment speaks for itself.

    • Ffcsinmontoya

      This comment makes absolutely no sense. Judging by your lack of grammar and spelling, I take you to be a poorly educated person. Especially with your estimate that 100,000 will be in the unemployment line. I too work directly for T-mobile, and I’m sure if what you say is true, and you as well work for T-Mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU were one of the people that will be let go. I can keep pointing out your stupidity, but your comment speaks for itself.



  • AK

    While T-Mobile service in my area plain sucks, I still like them regardless! I HATE the fact that we might be a part of AT&T. I don’t wanna give up the UMA option; it works so well for me. Also, having a SIM is also a very good thing since I switch phones every couple of months. If we do become AT&T, I will have to switch over to either Spring or MetroPCS (bad service I know). I just refuse to be a part of AT&T bandwagon.

  • at&t hater

    If you hate the idea of T-Mobile being swallowed up by AT&T like I do here is your change to do something about it. Instead of ranting here among “like minded” people on a site like this one make you voice count. Below you will find those to contact in Congress who can have the most effect on the out come of this. This committee oversees the FCC and is who they report to.

    Use some of your “unlimited” minutes and let derail this!


    Recent Press Releases:
    Rockefeller Says Leave No Stone Unturned in Reviewing AT&T’s Buyout of T-Mobile
    Democratic Press Office – (202) 224-8374

    Mar 20, 2011
    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV today issued the following statement following the announcement that AT&T intends to purchase T-Mobile USA:

    “With every passing day, wireless services are becoming more and more important to the way we communicate. So it is absolutely essential that both the Department of Justice and the FCC leave no stone unturned in determining what the impact of this combination is on the American people. Consumers across the country and at home in West Virginia want lower rates, competition and better coverage. As always in a transaction this large, the Commerce Committee will review the details of the acquisition.”

    Communications, Technology, and the Internet
    Subcommittee Members
    John D. Rockefeller – Chairman
    Kay Bailey Hutchison – Ranking Member

    Communications, Technology, and the Internet Subcommittee
    Majority: 202-224-9340
    Minority: 202-224-1251

    • John F. Kerry – Chairman
    • Daniel K. Inouye
    • Barbara Boxer
    • Bill Nelson
    • Maria Cantwell
    • Frank R. Lautenberg
    • Mark Pryor
    • Claire McCaskill
    • Amy Klobuchar
    • Tom Udall
    • Mark Warner
    • Mark Begich

    • John Ensign – Ranking Member
    • Olympia J. Snowe
    • Jim DeMint
    • John Thune
    • Roger F. Wicker
    • Johnny Isakson
    • Roy Blunt
    • John Boozman
    • Patrick J. Toomey
    • Marco Rubio
    • Kelly Ayotte

  • SAL

    I for one will not mind as much as long a AT&T keeps the UMA service.

    • DannyinBoston

      I love UMA on my BB Bold 9700. All the carriers signals are pretty poor in my neighborhood, so losing UMA will hurt. I will probably end up on Verizon with an LTE smartphone. I may put my wife and son on Sprint to save $, and the fact that they don’t use much data, and they are cheaper (esp. with a ~23% disc. we can get thru my wife’s employment). I’m a moderate data user, and don’t really want to step back to Sprints data network. I expect the Verizon LTE network will bypass their WiMax soon (according to the maps my street already has Verizon LTE coverage, and does NOT have WiMax coverage).

  • TweetMo

    I’d welcome AT&T if they can maintain the great TMo service, low rates and similar coverage areas. I’ll wait til the acquisition to experience it personally, instead of trusting some “supposed” previous AT&T customer.

    Plus I believe those who wait, will receive great offers from other providers at the last moment, if they do decide to jump ship.

  • tmofan99

    I have been with T-mobile since the old days of Voicestream. I loved the great customer service and stellar pricing. Too bad AT&T is the COMPLETE opposite. The only thing I will admit to have a little spotty coverage, but I usually gain it back quickly. Mark my words AT&T, YOU WILL NEVER GET MY BUSINESS!

  • E Hugus

    When I had Verizon, we would wait forever for any new type of great phone to come out. The US has always waited forever for the really great technology and new phones. That is one of the reasons I switched to T-mobile. If this goes through, we will go back to waiting for the iPhone and older versions of any types of phones will be brought out. We will again kept behind what one can get in other countries. Please keep Innovative T-mobile.

  • Funzier

    I would probably stay with AT&T due to sim cards and good gsm coverage in our town

  • NO_ATT

    id love to demolish att headquarters… :D Muwaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah (evil laughter continues)

  • zach

    Consumer Cellular is in. Cancelled T-Mobile this week – regardless of the contract opt-out fee. Still will save money after four months with my new service. No AT&T-Mobile.
    Of course, if there were any real fairness (course not, it’s business), the FCC would shoot this deal down now. And yes, T-Mobile subscribers, next year your rates will go up (if they can’t give a straight answer now, do you really think they won’t raise it? BTW – Check out last month’s Consumer Reports – ATT is dead last in every single category nationwide. This is improvement? Buh bye!

  • Mystrobiggz

    I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to have ANY part of AT&T. First, no unlimited data…….EPIC FAIL!!! Second, customer service…..ATROCIOUS! Third, had them once before, NEVER went a call with out dropping it or having crappy connections.

    I will take my happy a** to Verizon. Sure I will pay more, won’t have a sim card, etc., but I can get a 22% employee discount. I don’t change phones and I don’t leave the country. I know Verizon’s customer service, form what I hear, isn’t great either, but no one’s will compare to Tmobile’s, and anyone’s can beat AT&T.

    I have already contacted Tmobile and had them note my account, IF this deal goes through to go ahead and consider my gone and since this will be a change in the contract, if they even remotely try and charge me an ETF, they will defintely hear from me in court.

    • Marimoody

      yeah well now Verizon customers are being forced to switch to AT&T , I have until may 17th to switch if I want to keep my phone number. so dont run to quickly to verizon…….. jus sayin

  • laont

    I’m running to Simple Mobile, as cheap as Metro, but with a SIM card: The easiest decision ever!!!

    • Jesse

      You do realize that simple mobile is a little step daughter company of T-mobile… right? Simple Mobile runs through our systems and network for T-Mobile.

      • Anonymous

        yea if we go then we taking our little ugly step daughter with us

  • At first I wasn’t going to approve this comment because its in all caps, but reading it is just awesome.

    • Kerry

      It was tough to read, but funny! lol

  • Anonymous

    The issue is, will ATT maintain 3rd party relationships already set in place by Tmo? What happens to the GOOGLE N1 people? Simple Mobile may not get the sweet deal from ATT that Tmo has with it. We have seen ATT charge substantially more across the board for “like services”… why should the Simple Mobile deal be any different? I have no respect for ATT. A few years back when I had DSL, I used a local provider who used ATT pipes. When I moved, that threw into play a several week wait for new service which I didn’t want to go through. I called ATT to see if they could shorten the timespan and they told me that they could get it to me in one week IF I signed on with them directly!!! Talk about sleazy. I was their business partner’s customer. It didn’t matter to them. I called my provider and told them what was said. But really, what could they do? Grin and bear it?
    I left them both and got cable.

    It is imperative that ATT not be the only pebble on the beach or, we may be doomed to God knows what kind of service quality, lousy phone choices and mercurial pricing… Btw, speaking of DSL, you have them to thank for things being as they are. In the beginning, they allowed a customer to get whatever speeds your location would take, depending upon your closeness to the C.O…In fact, that was their big selling point – up to 5 MBPS all for $30 per month. Then, it seemed as though they found that they could throttle the speeds, and divvy them out with the higher speeds getting whopper fees tacked on for the same thing that was originally offered for $30. That 5mbps got whittled down to 1.5 so fast it would make your head spin! Now, if they call the shots in the mobile phone industry, think of the horrors that might result: Pricing: Pay more, get less. Unlimited??? How much ya got? [To get the same unlimited services that I have with Tmo currently, ATT charges $53 more PER MONTH]. Want the latest, hottest phones? We have a couple. You no like? Where ya gonna go??? They have been an Apple and Windows house. The openness of Android might be foreign to them. It puts control into the hands of the consumer. You KNOW that won’t fly!!! – Let history speak for itself.

    *Now* would be a gr8 time for GOOGLE to re-enter the fray and purchase Tmo right from under ATT’s nose. I’d like that. A lot.

  • JJ

    You know ATT is not going to happen for me. No way, no how, not happening. I will go pre-paid as I refuse to get tossed around. ATT, LOL. Are you kidding me?

  • C.L. Holman

    I VOTE NO TO AT&T. I’ve been with TMO for 10 years.And I love their service.

  • I am up for renewal this month, but I am thinking I will hold off. I have been an AT&T customer. The worst customer service ever. Dropped calls…just plain BAD. Not happening.

  • Alan

    I am a T-mobile customer up for renewal in November. I was an ATT customer years ago, and will never (NEVER!) do business with ATT again. Their customer service reps are a bunch of liars, from operators to managers, which speaks volumes of ATT’s corporate culture; it’s a crooked company, and all I wish for it is to go bankrupt.

    I will move to either Verizon or Sprint when my 2-year term expires.

  • Paulgetgot

    I will be taking all my lines to USCELLULAR, You done have to sign another contract after the first one is out .. still get new phones every 18 months or sooner if use your points you get.. You get points just for paying your bill every month and being a customer.. Every one should check it out,, Small regional carriers have cheaper plans.. Ive been with tmobile 10 years and I will not be att customer..

  • Culitor

    I hate att if the merge get done i will go with sprint or verizon att sucks

  • pdinero

    i dont think that is shocking…..its real no one wants this..

    • sasha

      This is huge for AT&T and smart on their part. They get the entire prebuilt 3G network from T-mobile in the 1700mhz and 2100mhz band that AT&T can build their new LTE network on. They, of course, have shut off the Tmo 3G while they do it but AT&T customers 3G won’t be interrupted (AT&T’s present 3g is mostly on the 850mhz band).

      It’s very good for AT&T and its customers.

      Tmo customers? Not so much.

  • Ralphyd642

    ive been a tmobile customer for the last 8 years and if the deal between these 2 companies go thru i will be taking my services elsewhere cuz i dont like att i think they suck like i said 8 years and there is a reason for that…DONT LIKE THOSE OTHER CARRIERS

  • Tjsj4459
  • hateAT&T

    I have had several cell phone providers over the last 15 years. My bad luck has been that AT&T has bought out EVERY one of them. Every time they do customer service goes down and service does too. I have now dumped AT&T’s ass 4 times and I will be doing it a 5th if this merger goes through. I REFUSE to be an AT&T customer.

    The ironic thing is I asked the T-Mobile service guy if he could put a clause in my contract that said if AT&T bought them I would be free of my contract. He laughed and said, “That is never going to happen.” Really? Never got here way to soon. I would pay DOUBLE what I am paying now if I don’t have to deal with AT&T.

    • Dpro

      ATT is not ATT it is SBC. SBC has taken over every cell phone company you have been with. SBC bought ATT wireless and then bought ATT Long distance (which was the last remnants of the real ATT aka Ma Bell) . SBC and Verizon are the ones that bought everyone else.

      • Drew

        That’s the whole problem with this deal. Now 70% of the wireless market is gonna be owned by 2 Baby Bells who “coincidentally” have nearly the exact same pricing on their wireless plans. Really, it seems like these days carriers just buy out companies to fill in dead spots in their coverage maps. Instead of just building a friggin’ tower.

  • Classicccockatiels

    of course we who use tmo are outraged with the thought of this sort of merger. My friends who have ATT say NOTHING good about it at all.. MOst cannot get coverage half the time. I with 3 lines and 7 yrs into my contract with tmo now have to decide where to go.. I WILL NOT stay with ATT , `Do I go with SPRINT or VERIZON?? with just have to look hard at both to decide. They are both advertising hard at the crows for a kill….

    • Dave

      It will take at least a year for this to all be figured out. I would wait and see. You will get more if you wait.

    • I left ATT ages ago…I feel like it’s the only way you can be free. Get rid of the contract crud…why be stuck for 2 years in something you aren’t happy with?!?!?! I went to a prepaid cell phone by StraightTalk. I haven’t noticed good or bad about the coverage (which is a good thing in my mind since it’s prepaid) and I’m saving enough a month to add a couple nights out.

      • Ermacdoctrine

        unfortunately straight talk runs on T-mos network.

      • Ermacdoctrine

        unfortunately straight talk runs on T-mos network.

  • Motormouth Skateboards

    now is AT&T buying TMOBILE or is TMBOILE gonna take over AT&T to make it a better worth wild company
    i have verizon & i pay 71.92 but i only have 450 minutes nights & weekends free with unlimited texting plus inserance or whatever. i still use the nv2 lg phone they dont make anymore. screw a data plan package its too much plus why pay for internet twice. they should make a law that you shouldnt have to pay extra for crap like that.



  • Trvl

    In no way will I become an AT&T customer….my contracts are up next year….which means I will jump ship even if I lose my GSM carrier. One of the stupidest comments AT&T’s ceo made was that T-Mobile customers would be gaining the iPhone….I wouldn’t take that piece of junk either! When you’ve had open-source Android phones, the Apple phones are a major step backwards, and once again AT&T FAILS to understand that quality service and hardware go hand in hand!

    • Dreamcasting

      As a former (and recovering) employee of at&t, I can definitely attest to the fact the executive management are out of touch with the public and always has been. Touting iOS over Android when all signs point to Android surpassing iOS in popularity is simply the latest example of the money hungry, out-of-touch management running Ma-Bell.

    • Cellmart2011

      check out simple same coverage as t-mobile for less..40 unlimited everything 3g and 60 for unlimited 4g..

  • Why would I want to go to AT&T…to be apart of the network with the #1 dropped calls?

    I don’t care if we will be offered the iPhone. What good is a phone if you can’t have a signal? No signal means no texting, calling, E-mailing, surfing the web, and sometimes apps won’t even work without a connection.

    This merger may not be the best thing after all…

    Source of Information:;contentBody;1n

  • Anonymous

    Been a T-Mobile customer forever, I left for Verizon and the Thunderbolt, great phone, speeds are sick but the web pages don’t load any faster then on T-Mobile’s HSPA+. I own 4 phones from T-Mobile so I came back home after pouting for a little while. I juust dig T-Mobile. I hope the deal doesn’t go thru, they come out on top. I think Verizon is OK but I enjoy being able to change sim cards as I choose. I will stay with T-Mobile to the end and just see what shakes out. COME ON T-MOBILE, I’m going to just hang tuff.

  • T-mobile has enough problems with dealing with customer issues as it is. And I believe AT&T make any situation or more situations worse. All the 3G & 4G problems, dropped calls, redunkulous limited data plans @ higher prices, that means no more unlimited data included with text. It’s gonna suck to put it lightly.

  • Dylan

    It is quite possible to switch phones in the CDMA networks on your own, it just takes quite a it of tinkering.

    My family already switched to sprint, and I will do the same. Evo Shift here I come!

    Sprints been good to any Userbase around my area. Like Neighborhood-Yellow. A much better option than Imperial-Red, or Big-Blue-Empire. Nothing will compare to Family-Magenta. :(

  • Iamchingobling

    i switched from tmobile after years and years of loyalty. AT&T blows and is the whole reason i stuck with tmobile for many years. i switched to verizon for the simple face that i was able to get an iphone 4 with an unlimited data plan. take that att

  • Anonymous

    I went and jumped ship to Sprint about 2 weeks ago, as I absolutely refuse to give a penny to AT&T. I know I could have waited until it was actually approved but it’s obvious that AT&T will do whatever it takes to get this approved. I’m actually sad to have left, as I have really loved T-Mobile after being with them for about 10 years. Loved the plans, loved the phones, loved the customer service….there’s been nobody better. When it does go through though AT&T will simply swallow up T-Mobile in name and all….and what people will be left with is AT&T’s phones, AT&T’s “customer service” and AT&T’s dropped calls and crappy coverage. I want nothing to do with it.

  • Juan

    No way, I’m not going to be ATT customer, I love T-Mobile (10 years) if the merge is approved I will switch to sprint.
    ATT is not reliable and customer service is the worst !!!

  • Cherry Berry

    Ughh…..Tmobile made a horrible decision. Don’t you guys see how this has affected your customers?? NO ONE WANTS AT&T!!! They’re so money hungry and their customer service is terrible at best. PLEASE Please reconsider.

  • Traygrr

    At&t just screwed T-Mobile…. everyone is jumping ship for no reason. 1. It’s just a proposal… it hasn’t happened yet 2. T-Mobile is still doing business as normal… new phones and plans and network updates. Deuteche telekom wants to get rid of all national investments not just Tmo. My suggestion is to ride it out worst case you pay an etf. Its better than paying $500 for a phone.

    • AG

      I do some retention work with T-Mobile and you’re completely right. There are so many customers jumping ship right now, even though I advise them that it’s only a proposal and won’t be approved for at least a year. Even after that, a customer’s contract with T-Mobile (rate plans, devices, etc) will still be honored by AT&T. It’s very sad to see so many customers go over the prospect of what could happen a year down the road.

      • Dreamcasting

        If being prepared for the future is “sad” then many will weep. There is paranoia and needless preparation and then there is reasonable and practical preparation – this merger proposal falls into the latter. The government has done practically nothing at all to stop the corpse of Ma-Bell from rising again and consumers know it. To jump ship when the two year agreements are up for renewal and know what we have now is a much better option than playing roulette and possibly paying that ETF later.

  • Brad G.

    All i have to say is that i have been a ATT customer for almost 8 years and their costumer service doesn’t suck. One employee made sure that my data plan fit my phone and that i wasn’t over paying for things I didn’t need. I would personally love for T-mobile and ATT to become one. I do hope that ATT doesn’t try to change everything and that the T-mobile customers don’t get screwed over. I would personally love for ATT to have a better line up of 4G smart phones. Lord knows we need them. I do think that some people are being a little to dramatic. I was an Cingular customer for 4 years before ATT bought them, and almost nothing changed except the branding and logo, and they got more store locations and better costumer service. So i don’t see the big deal, if you don’t like it go to sprint or Verizon and where i live you can even go to Cellular South.

    • Dpro

      ATT did not buy Cingular. Cingular bought ATT get your facts straight. 

    • Quintan

      This guy works for AT&T…..

    • Quintan

      This guy works for AT&T…..

  • too many emails in my inbox

    I recently read someone post that they think Google should purchase T-mobile and I, as a T-mobile customer, like that idea MUCH better. They supposedly are interested in entering the market anway, and the Android phones have definitely gained in popularity since T-mobile first introduced the G1. I think it’s worth it for Google to put the petal to the metal and become cell phone providers. This would maintain competition in the market, give Deutsche Telekom what they want and keep consumers happy.

    Even though Metro Piece-of-s*** doesn’t have good coverage, good phones, or anything worth while, I’d probably end up there if this merger goes through. Sprint’s get such a bad rap, and Verizon can be so expensive that I’d feel like a tool if I joined them. I’d rather keep my pride and pay less, than be raped financially on a monthly basis.

  • Forefx

    Not Verizon, American Takeover Trouble, T-Mobile or Sprint. Try Consumer Cellular. $28. per month – after taxes even. I know… many of you need your data and text plans, but if all you want is a phone service, this works. Had it for a month now and no problems. Sorry, but while I enjoyed T-Mobile, I will not wait until the inevitable and took action. But don’t believe that you need one of the big systems to keep phone service. I’d also check out U.S. Cellular, but it’s not available in the Seattle area.

  • Racer1320

    You don’t need a SIM card, moron, just go with a droid – save contacts to google and you’re home free.

    • @c0ee72abc7bb53acd1074675cbabf47a:disqus I think he’s talking about the ease of changing networks with GSM devices over CDMA devices. I could be wrong here though (in my part of the world we only use GSM networks)

    • @c0ee72abc7bb53acd1074675cbabf47a:disqus I think he’s talking about the ease of changing networks with GSM devices over CDMA devices. I could be wrong here though (in my part of the world we only use GSM networks)

    • @c0ee72abc7bb53acd1074675cbabf47a:disqus I think he’s talking about the ease of changing networks with GSM devices over CDMA devices. I could be wrong here though (in my part of the world we only use GSM networks)

    • @c0ee72abc7bb53acd1074675cbabf47a:disqus I think he’s talking about the ease of changing networks with GSM devices over CDMA devices. I could be wrong here though (in my part of the world we only use GSM networks)

    • @c0ee72abc7bb53acd1074675cbabf47a:disqus I think he’s talking about the ease of changing networks with GSM devices over CDMA devices. I could be wrong here though (in my part of the world we only use GSM networks)

  • I’m experimenting with MetoPCS – Only $40/month for unlimited everything and so far, not a disappointment (of course I had low expectations). But phone and text are decent. Data is a bit like going back to a dial-up AOL connection.

  • guest

    sim cards are irrelevant. BOOST!!!

  • T Mobile

    I LOve ATT !! IF ATT Tomobile merghers fails…   Then Tmobile will file chapter 11 , How do I know, My uncle is Chair men of Tmoblie.





  • For all of you that are not up to date with all the news let me help you out once that AT&T Takes over T-Mobile it will the best thing for both company”s reason being is that since AT&T & T-mobile runs on GSM & every other company runs Digital so lets say that you have T-mobile & your service sux ass & your not close to any WiFi & your buddy has AT&T yet he has 3 Bars well since AT&T & T-Mobile don’t use roaming anymore that’s cause  they refuse to so the next best thing is to buy T-Mobile right now T-Mobile is the #4 they have more people leave them than any other company in the first month of having there service so for those you that say that AT&T sux ass well you might be right there rate plans all sux I have Sprint & that has the best plan then any company can give me & if i don’t have service someplace from Sprint i will have it with VZ because they can roam between towers with no extra cost any more but i know all about the phone company’s just cuz i enjoy helping everyone get to know more about the phone company they are with also a little history for those that never knew this before but before T-Mobile came here who’s towers did they buy in order to work here in the US it was all AT&T’s old towers so just know that all GSM towers belonged to AT&T but even before that AT&T was once Digital but then they switched to having Sim cards which runs on GSM so there is a bit of history for thise that never paid much attention to there phone company’s hope that this helps everyone

  • For all of you that are not up to date with all the news let me help you out once that AT&T Takes over T-Mobile it will the best thing for both company”s reason being is that since AT&T & T-mobile runs on GSM & every other company runs Digital so lets say that you have T-mobile & your service sux ass & your not close to any WiFi & your buddy has AT&T yet he has 3 Bars well since AT&T & T-Mobile don’t use roaming anymore that’s cause  they refuse to so the next best thing is to buy T-Mobile right now T-Mobile is the #4 they have more people leave them than any other company in the first month of having there service so for those you that say that AT&T sux ass well you might be right there rate plans all sux I have Sprint & that has the best plan then any company can give me & if i don’t have service someplace from Sprint i will have it with VZ because they can roam between towers with no extra cost any more but i know all about the phone company’s just cuz i enjoy helping everyone get to know more about the phone company they are with also a little history for those that never knew this before but before T-Mobile came here who’s towers did they buy in order to work here in the US it was all AT&T’s old towers so just know that all GSM towers belonged to AT&T but even before that AT&T was once Digital but then they switched to having Sim cards which runs on GSM so there is a bit of history for thise that never paid much attention to there phone company’s hope that this helps everyone

  • Cellmart2011

    There is a nationwide solution that is slowly catching wind …the name is SIMPLE MOBILE…and it has the same coverage as T-mobile and has leased the network towers which is immuned to bankruptcy under there contract agreement…goto and join the SIM Revolution..flat rate 40 bucks for 3g and 60 for 4g totally unlimited and all taxes included with no contracts…nothing beats it right now !