HTC Flyer Coming To T-Mobile?

While all the T-Mobile tablet focus is on the upcoming T-Mobile G-Slate, perhaps something else is coming to Magenta in the not so distant future. We should preface this by saying we can’t say with absolute certainty that the Flyer will actually come to the US as part of the leaked images acquired by show non US T-Mobile branding. However, the above image clearly shows T-Mobile USA logo markings along with a a subscription feature for the T-Mobile USA YouTube account.

Powered by a 7″ display and a 1.5 GHz processor, the HTC Flyer comes complete with a capacitive pen with HTC Scribe software. The HTC Flyer is a perfect tablet for the artist in all of us and we can only hope T-Mobile brings it stateside.

HTC Flyer Product Page

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  • michael

    I wonder if it will be rebranded as a MyTouch Tab 4G or something

  • yyevo

    Ugh! The Tab I’ve been waiting for!

    Maybe they’ll have a wifi only version, because this isn’t in the budget this year.

  • Ilyas_k15

    it could be a nice device for me, as a college student. i hate papers, and taking notes this way seems to be nice and just fun

    • bozgp

      I have the hp pc/tablet. It was $850 when I bought it almost 2 years ago. Its a laptop, with 4g ram and 300g hard drive. Does everything a laptop does and converts to a tablet. Has a nice spring loaded slot for the pen. it runs micrisoft one note, very responsive. If you want it for school, this is what you want! If you want a toy, then any of the pads out right now are smaller and probably will be enough. I love mine!

  • Anonymous

    I hope this wasn’t the double shot or pyramid :-

    • both the Doubleshot and Pyramid are PHONES not tablets

      • Anonymous

        Actually I don’t think the pyramid is real…sorry.

        • whosaidwhat

          I hope you’re wrong. I really want the pyramid or the SGS2.

          This 7″ screen is just too small for a tablet.

        • Anonymous

          I hope so too, stuff just started looking funny when the picture that was said to be the pyramid wound up being or looking exactly like the shooter / Evo 3D.

        • Anonymous

          evo 3d does not look like the leaked htc pyramid at all.carefully go take a look at the evo 3d and the leaked pyramid.the htc pyramid will be released with android 2.4 ice cream thats why most likely they holding it out on us until google officially announces 2.4 ice cream.

        • Anonymous

          2.4 is not Ice Cream.

        • Anonymous

          so what’s the android 2.4 codename?

        • Anonymous

          2.4 adds features to Gingerbread. Ice Cream SHOULD be 3.x

        • Anonymous

          where did u read that?link me please :)

        • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          nice find i guess 2.4 is still gingerbread and relates to dual-core phones.i still want my HTC Pyramiddddd!!!

        • Anonymous

          Like I said I hope I’m wrong but there were a lot of articles like this linking the two as on and the same last week. And how often does the manufactures initial phone model look like the carriers model, especially sprints versions of their phones. Like I said I hope I those articles are wrong and I hope T-Mobile does get a 4.3″ device at some point, its just looking suspect right now that’s all.

        • Anthony

          i use a nook color which is 7″ and i think its actually a really good size. it provides ample reading size and isnt bulky like the xoom or ipad.

        • Anonymous

          I can tell you with pure certainty the pyramid is real. I just dont know launch specs.

  • Anonymous

    Just bought a 1st gen 32GB iPad today for $399.99 so all else is Fail. This thing is awsome!

    I’m sorry what was that about the HTC Flyer? A pen works on it?… Neat.

    • PennSt.4life

      I have a 1st Gen Ipad, and while I do like it…..this HTC Flyer looks freaking sweet. And a stylus working on it is a logical extension to a tablet. If the price is right, i might grab it. Not with sorry ass sell out T- Mobile though.

      • Aerofanbig

        Go get it on Sprint as the EVO View, its the same tablet

    • *cough* fan-boy *cough*

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah big fanboy here. That’s why I just grabbed my first Apple product ever and an outdated one at that. I’ll be getting a Steve Jobs tattoo on my shoulder this weekend.

      • Rdfrancis516

        I’m sorry but these Android tablets are fail. I’ve never owned an Apple product and have owned Android products since the G1, but it’s amazing that the Android community has turned into the very thing we hate about Apple users, fanboys. Anyone that thinks the Android tabs are better than the iPads are Android fanboys, plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love me some HTC-made gadgets, and I do like what the Flyer has to offer, I have to assume that many T-Mobile customers out there have to be thinking what I’m thinking. That is: Why should I invest in T-Mobile’s network when it’s just going to be taken apart in a year or so?

    Just saying.


      Why would AT&T take apart our network? It is much stronger than theirs is on every level. I work on these cell sites every day and i can tell you that they would have to be smoking some really weird stuff if they thought their 2G/3G network is even close to ours. And they know this.
      If they are smart they will leave our network on the AWS band and tear theirs down. It makes more sense to build LTE on 850 or 1900 than 1700/2100. 850 is a much better frequency band and it will be necessary to compete with Verizon due to the fact that they are using 700 MHZ. The lower the frequency the easier it gets into buildings and the fewer cell sites you need to build to accomplish the same coverage. IMHO I think this is the way they will go. As far as their customers are concerned, it is real easy to add 1900 MHZ to our existing 3G/4G network. Real easy.

      • Anonymous

        It’s unfortunate, but AT&T has already said that T-Mobile’s network will be reconfigured for LTE. The lower frequency argument is undeniable, but it’ll be cheaper for AT&T to transition 33 million T-Mobile subscribers than 100 million AT&T subscribers. I agree with you. The quality of the network (where available) is excellent. AT&T doesn’t really care about that.

        I don’t like it any more than you do, or any other T-Mobile customer does. In fact, I hate it. That 700 MHZ frequency is starting to look pretty attractive, and if my memory serves be correctly, they’ve got $10 billion worth of spectrum at their disposal.

      • Guest

        Easy….. with all due respect I don’t think so. Run a spread spectrum analysis on….well never mind. You are a tech not and engineer. Aren’t you the same one that claimed the backhaul is the same from all towers….

        Maybe you could explain basis why LTE was the defacto standard. Maybe, but I doubt it. ATT speed is almost equivalent to TMOs and that is HSUPA only. Which, by the way, is what most TMO subscribers see. Anyone that has had the webconnect and has monitored the network knows that HSPA+ never logs a pulse and HSPA is a rarity. EXCEPT in the hand selected towers.

    • my 2 cents

      I would say it depends on the device. For those freaking out over the takeover. Purchase a pentaband device. These will work on AT&T’s 3G/HSPA+ network. Hopefully HTC will put one of these radio’s in the US version of the Flyer. The Dell Streak 7 has pentaband radio, so if those worried about buying one of those because of network obsolesence, no need to worry. It works on AT&T’s network.

  • beastly

    If there’s anything more obnoxious than the bottom-of-the-page Best Buy advertisements, it’s the pop-up HTC Thunderbolt ads. I want David to be able to monetize this site as much as the next guy, but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Anonymous


    • Swoosh

      Aye…these thunderbolt ads make this site almost not even worth it.

  • Meagan

    I am not a vegetarian, but am still grossed out by ads that display carcasses. Hurl…

    • Rdfrancis516

      Carcass? That’s meat. You were meant to eat it. Like it.

      • Meagan

        Look’n like road-kill to me…

    • Anonymous

      Looks like a medium rare steak. Tasty.

  • Anonymous

    WTH does TMO need yet another 7″ Tablet for anyway???? We have more Tablets than we do 4.3″ phones for crying out loud.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I don’t understand it, and they’re way too much to have 2yr agreements and a data plan attached to them, the latter goes for all carriers.

    • my 2 cents

      no doubt! I put the thumbs down on the Galaxy Tab after 5 minutes of playing with it in-store. 7″ screen is way too small for what I want to use it for. Does anyone here find these useful? Benefit’s over 9″-10″ screens other than it fits in one hand?

    • Meagan

      Yep, the Dell Laptop was a waste of space in Tmo stores. And that first Samsung Tablet, that was usually no where to be found… is now going to have company. Come on Tmo, bring on the 4.3″ Android with at least 1 LED(cam flash).
      BTW have you seen the video of the Echo on this page?

      • Anonymous

        I ragged on that phone real hard when it was announced but after watching that video it’s pretty damn creative! Really good option for multitasks. Butt ugly tho :-P

        • Galaxylover

          and it’s 3g. Kind of a waste, but I love the concept. It’s ugly now, but when it’s perfected and more powerful, I can see this idea taking off. If it were on tmobile, with HSPA+ I would actually buy it. Like a tablet that fits it a pocket sort of. Nice idea.

  • Derrickps3

    i don’t see why tmo is realeasing or trying to release new phones and tablets when they won’t even exist in 12 months

    • nexus s fiend

      Dude that deal is never gonna get done. Unless a t t bribes the feds then all bets are off at that point. I personally hope they don’t get this deal done for numerous reasons that have been explained throught the last couple of weeks.

  • Blackceasarsr

    they are trying to maximize there already invested funds and also think of it as this as of next year they may not exist so y not go big ur not gonna go broke and att is going to break off t mobile mad money anyway

    thus sayin

  • Awesome, i’ve been waiting for a tablet….now im sticking with my favorite mobile manufacturer and gaining a new tablet….

  • Drivethruboy168

    All you guys bashing on new devices coming out never give up! First you bit** and complain that T-Mobile doesn’t have any powerful handsets. Now they are and you guys are still bit**ing! This whole merger might not even go through!

    • agreed 1000000% sooooooo true….NEVER SATISFIED

  • After using honeycomb no way i would buy a tab with gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    Neat… But honeycomb is the way to go…

  • Swiffy8005

    Yes, Tmo will get Flyer! Also, Pyramid and Doubleshot!

  • Well first I was sold on getting the G-Slate but then the 2yr pricing info came out and it was a NO especially since I don’t need the 3D and anything 3D is for people who fall for gimmicks anyway. so I thought for sure wifi XOOM right? Wrong! after watching the new video HTC put out showcasing the Flyer (link below) I’m back at the drawing board XOOM or Flyer…