Sprint To Oppose AT&T And T-Mobile Merger

It was a sight to see with Sprint and AT&T sitting at the CEO roundtable discussion early yesterday morning at CTIA 2011. Can anyone guess what some of the conversation was about? Well, perhaps the good news (depending on how you view the deal with AT&T) for some T-Mobile faithful is that Sprint seems prepared to fight the proposed merger with the belief it will hurt the consumer through increased pricing and less competition.

“When one competitor has that much buying power they can determine the fate of different products,” Fared Adib, a Sprint executive in charge of handsets, said on the sidelines of the CTIA conference in Orlando, Florida.

Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO also expressed his concerns during the keynote panel of CEO’s in no uncertain terms. “I am concerned about it.” Perhaps with some level of humor Hesse also stated that the deal had ruined his Sunday.

It remains to be seen what lengths Sprint will go to oppose the merger although it’s clear they’ll submit a list of concerns to the FCC and DOJ. The real question is will Sprint be able to block the merger or is that their real goal? It’s hard to know exactly what Sprint’s endgame is but they might force AT&T to make more divestures than they would have if the deal ran unopposed.

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  • Anonymous

    Between this, and their view on net neutrality, I love Sprint.

    T-Mobile is a great carrier, and I would hate to see them corrupted by AT&T.

  • Jane

    Sounds pretty hopeful, that Sprint is standing up to AT&T

    (Hey….”Sight”, not “Site”…too many people keep misspelling that word. )

    • Bloggers curse for that mistype, I already changed it!

  • Ash

    Who knows, maybe if ATT fu*ked up T-mo, then many users will jump to Sprint?

    It might be good for them. LOL

  • TMoFan

    I agree with Sprint, but I have no doubt this will blow through. AT&T has massive lobbying power, and when was the last time the government stepped in to stop something like this? I certainly can’t think of any examples. And let’s just say IF this was stopped, DT will probably just dump T-Mobile somewhere else. They have expressed that they are disappointed with T-Mobile and just want to get out of the US market. I don’t think the $3 billion and extra spectrum in the breakup deal will be enough to change DT’s mind.

    • Suzy

      The 3 Billion, more spectrum and more sharing contracts from AT&T are not for DT to change its mind. It’s what Tmobile gets if the US department of justice says that this deal is clearly a case of monopoly (or in anyway goes against current Anti-trust laws).

      DT is in a win-win. A failure of the merger: DT gets big parting gifts. Merger goes through and DT dumps a non-profitable US arm of it’s company.

      • C C

        Actually DT is not trying to get out of the US game. If they were then they would not take a seat on the board of directors for ATT and they would not take 8% of the company. They are trying to mak T-Mobile stronger by merging it. There is speculation that they will eventually try and buy the merged companies outright and become big players.

        BTW, if DT didnt like TMO USA so much then why did they implement the TMO values, business model, and philosophy into all their other businesses?

        • Deff

          DT stated they wanted out of the US cellular market. Theyre 15 billion Euros in debt and they need to sell them. They may LIKE T-mo USA but that doesn’t mean they WANT T-mo USA. Put it this way, if our government was trying to establish democracy in some third world country, when we have a civil war going on in our own at the same time, where would you want them? Although DT has unfinished business in the US, they need to jump ship themselves and quit while theyre ahead.

        • Mbregar13

          They are taking 8% of the company because that is how AT&T agreed to pay them. $25B in cash, and $14B in common stock. $14B in stock at todays current share price represents an 8% holding of all available common stock. No different than if you or I went out and bought $14B worth of AT&T stock.
          The seat of the board of directors is a pretty commonplace in a situation where one organization is the largest single shareholder of a publicly traded organization.

        • Mbregar13

          Lol @ you for pretending you heard that DT would try to acquire AT&T post merger, or otherwise. AT&T is not for sale. Period.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are right about DT possibly still wanting to drop TMobileUSA. Google had considered it in the past, maybe they would look at it again. Honestly, the Android isn’t going to fare as well without T-mobile. Tmo really helped Google get the Android platform out there.

      Now if the Breakup agreement included Tmobile getting the IPhone they would probably stay and fight it out. The German Ceo said this week the Iphone is partially to blame for sale. :(

  • LOL,all Sprint has to do to capitalize on this and screw AT&T is make an offer to all current T-Mobile customers to permanently honor whatever rates they have now (including grandfathered ones) if they come to Sprint. Hey, it makes EXCELLENT business sense because some money is better than no money and think about it, would you rather not have a customer paying you some money (albeit 20 to 30 dollars less) than a customer paying you nothing but your competitor something? PAY ATTENTION DAN HESSE!

    • Anonymous

      If Sprint was a GSM provider this might be feasible, but since they are CDMA every customer would need a new phone. That would be a nightmare, no one would want to pay for another phone and Sprint couldn’t afford to give away 30 million phones.

      • No, no, no. I did not say for Sprint to give T-Mobile customers a free phone to! If Sprint would accept my present T-Mobile rate plan and at least “try” to improve their customer service, I and many others would go quick because ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN AT&T, lol! Now, the least Sprint could offer on a new phone would be the subsidized/discounted rate, but heck even if they did not and they were willing to honor my grandfathered plan, I would just buy a phone full price!!!

        • Spooln3

          Stop speaking for other people. That is a horrible idea, Sprints service is crap for the most part, everyone would have to buy new headsets, which, contrary to what you may think other people will or wont do, prolly wont want to fork out 4-500 bucks for a comparable phone on their shotty network. Their service is sub par, their customer service is horrible, their phones really arent that great, and 4g isnt even in half of the markets that T-Mo has, why in the hell would anyone want to go to that, when they could have 4g coverage in the middle of the efn great lakes. You have a grudge against ATT for what? because of what other people say? You are the type of person that watches roger ebert and when he says Battle LA isnt good, you start talking about all the things he said to your friends, like you know first hand. Be your own rock dude.

        • andrzejn

          I have to buy new headset anyway when this whole merger is complete because my nexus one will only get EDGE. So same difference if I get it from ATT&T or Sprint. I could be wrong but I think grandfather plan will expire as soon as you try to purchase subsidized phone from ATT&T.

        • Mbregar13

          a) They’re HANDsets, not headsets.
          b) Sprint, or any other carrier for that matter, is not going to go through the hassle to recreate hundreds of old T-Mobile rate plans in their billing system, retrain all of their customer service reps on the details of these obscure plans, etc… when they already offer a plan that is comparable or in some cases better than what many T-Mobile customers already receive.

    • OCF

      Sprint coverage is sketchy in my area, so I would/will jump ship to Verizon. Luckily, I have an unlocked Storm 2 that I was using on T-Mobile, that I obviously could use on Verizon, since it is there phone afterall. If they would price match for even a year, I am there!

    • Dswagg2k10

      One thing to consider is say 10 million customers go to sprint over the merger… Sprint STILL has no clear path to the next evolution of 4G. WiMax is a joke along with there customer service. So maybe for 2 years they will have customer, but congress is going to have to pass a law for them called “No Carrier Left Behind” #ImDone.

  • CharlieSheen

    of course Sprint is unhappy; they won’t be able to compete with Verizon and AT&T/T-Mobile, and will probably have to look realistically at a merger with Verizon down the line because of this.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is already foaming at the mouth to buy Sprint after they start to lose money after this merger (if accepted). AT&T vs Verizon in a Mobile Grudge Match.

    • Anonymous

      didnt they clearly state they don’t want sprint

      • Deff

        ill bet your parents also clearly stated baby’s come from storks.

      • Mbregar13

        Yeah, Verizon did clearly state that. Although Deutsche Telekom CFO Timotheus HÃķettges also stated on March 1st, 2011 that, “the company ruled out an outright sale of the U.S. operations.”

  • skimokid

    Didn’t Sprint want to join with T-mobile at one point? Either way, it sucks for T-mobile customers and a win for AT&T customers… It will be a wait and see for me, wont jump ship just yet. If my plan is grandfathered in, then no worries.. except for customer service.. never had one problem with TMO service.. just worry about crappy ATT reps…

    • Spooln3

      Why would it be a win for one customer base and not the other? That makes no sense since they will all be the same customer base should this go through. ATT already has stated any T-Mo customers will be grandfathered in with their plans, you will get awesome service, awesome headset line ups, and that great customer service will be taught to the ATT reps so you will then get that as well, sounds like a great deal to me…

      • Deff

        correction, t-mo says that they will honor the contracts, ATT said nothing such. And unless you have a phone with multiple bands, don’t plan on getting “awesome” service. Nuff said.

        • Spooln3

          WRONG!!! https://www.tmonews.com/2011/03/att-says-t-mobile-can-keep-its-current-pricing-structure/ Right here on this very site, you need to do your research before you play tough guy on the net. ALSO, if you have been paying attention, which, clearly, you haven’t, some of the phones that have been announced have been tagged as quad bands, meaning that have both T-Mo and ATT bands, and will work once this is completed. Besides, who the hell uses a 4g smartphone for 2 years? No one that I know.

        • Anonymous

          i guess you better get a better phone, one upgrade and your gtg. UPgrade to a phone with lte bandwiths, frontfacing camera and a flash and your solid. no worries, what else do you want the thing to do.

  • Alexanderwardlaw21

    this merger will NOT happen….It leaves NO competition in the GSM cell network in the USA… makes AT&T bigger than Verizon!!… There needs to be competition in this spectrum or it will slow the advancement of new phones, 4G (not real in the US) speeds and wi-fi max…. if DT is so set on selling… try sprint again…. I know it will/would be tough with the different technologies, but it can happen.

    • Anonymous

      This merger will happen, cell phones are not a utility and there is no reason for competion, what else do you want your cell phone to do. T mobile is already producing cell phones capable of lte. God forbid us americans alll agree on one thing, why not cell phones. I dont mind doing some research to figure out what car i want to buy next. Sprint sucks, Verizon charges to much, Tmobile as great customer service as long as you dont get an outsource call center, and AT&T is just saving there asses, i guess its there second chance considering the passed up the Telephone to western union.

      • Spooln3

        Ok So first of all, T-Mo doesn’t Outsource their Care calls, so whenever you call in for a billing or technical issue, you are getting a T-Mobile employee here in the states, second of all, ATT isn’t saving T-Mobiles asses, its actually the opposite, if T-Mobile wasn’t profitable, then why would ATT be paying 39 BILLION, with a B, to get them. T-Mobile has what ATT needs, spectrum, plain and simple, unless of course you are referring to ATT saving their asses, in which case you would be correct. This merger/buyout will take the strong points from each company and the weak points and solidify what has the potential to be a great company and experience for all involved. ATT has a huge base and pretty good service, but horribad customer service, for T-Mo, its the opposite, you put them together, you have something very special.

        I have been on this site for years, and all I ever see are people B!tching about why T-Mo doesn’t have the iPhone, or doesn’t have this phone or doesn’t have that phone, and now, that the possibility is there to have these phones, people want to bitch about it. Cant win to lose. I hope this goes through. Change is good, for those of you who dont think so, go read “who moved my cheese” Peace!

        • Deff

          stop playing devils advocate. grow some balls and support t-mo. change isn’t always good. especially when its a price increase of about 30%. and those of you who don’t think so, go read “AT&Ts Price Rates” on their site. Peace! -___-

        • Timbois44

          Well, You what change got us …. Did you not?…… They can keep there change…….

        • Anonymous

          i agree and i was talking about at&t saving its own ass, sorry i was short winded i was at work…( they do outsource Flex pay care call and the occasional activation call as well as certain billing specialist.) i appreciate your feed back.

    • The underlying technology really isn’t that relevant. If you want an example, look at your local cable provider.

      Chances are Comcast / Charter / TimeWarner is the only company that can provide pay television over coax cable in any given area (yes, there are exceptions… and by the same token, MetroPCS is an exception). That doesn’t mean you can’t obtain similar services from AT&T U-Verse / Verizon FIOS, DirecTV, and Dish Network.

      I’d much rather live with harmonized LTE / GSM than see Sprint take on yet another technology that they can’t integrate, and try to keep AWS kicking. Just look at Nextel’s device lineup if you need more convincing.

      • Spooln3

        ^^^ This, very well thought out and great points, if only everyone actually took the time to think about what this means…


      prior to cingular switching to GSM, t-mo was the GSM monopoly.

      • Dpro

        Ah excuse me Cingular was GSM in almost all of the United States. It was only CDMA in a few regions and that was only because SBC bought up the CDMA carrier there. Just like they bought ATT wireless and and ATT long distance and changed their name to ATT. If you don’t know the facts don’t speak up.

        • No, he’s right. I remember when AT&TWS and Cingular (separate companies at the time, Cingular had yet to buy AT&TWS) were rolling out GSM because “Voicestream” (which became T-Mobile) came available in my area the month after I got a GSM phone with AT&T!

          Voicestream had bought most of the GSM operators in the US at the time, and thus was the only company offering GSM nationwide (and their network was higher quality than AT&TWS’s too.)

          Prior to their GSM switch, AT&TWS and Cingular were running D-AMPS (often misleadingly called TDMA) which was… awful.

        • MIKEEEEE

          @dpro, from august 2001 ’til feb 2002 i carried 2 cell phones. a nokia 6162 for ATT digital one rate and a nokia 6190 for voicestream.

          i dumped att when my contract was up and braved voicestream’s so so coverage because att was changing my billing address every other month and they would lose my check and cut me off and then apologize. screw them.

          i’m an over the road truck driver who drives pretty regular routes and at the time my regular run was from st. louis to st. paul and st. louis to oklahoma city.

          i knew where every call would drop on either phone. the tdma phone would only tell me whether it was roam or att. the voicestream phone would let me search 1900GSM and tell me who the carrier was and request logging on.

          cingular didn’t show up ’til way after sbc and bellsouth started their joint venture and formed cingular.

          i lived in sbc’s hometown, st. louis at the time so it was big news regularly.

          there were a bunch of mom and pop GSM companies around too. ariel in minnesota, i-wireless in iowa, a real mom and pop 3 tower company in hannibal missouri and quincy illinois.

          the main criteria for me having a cellphone are, really loud ringer, a vehicle bracket, and a good signal grabber. that’s why i used nokia up until 2008.

          when my friends were yakking an night while driving we used to tell each other, ‘hey dude be back in a couple of minutes’ because we knew where all the dead spots were.

          BTW; i literally hate ATT, i hate southwestern bell and i absolutely loathe southern new england telephone as i lived in connecticut for many years.

    • Jm

      Of course it will happren. The telephone in our country has always been a monopoly.

    • With the exception of Sprint, the IS-95/IS-2000 (“CDMA”) operators in the US are switching to GSM (that’s what LTE is, the third version of GSM.) Verizon’s switching to LTE. Even MetroPCS is switching to LTE.

      So while the AT&T merger is bad, really, really, really, bad, it’s not going to leave AT&T with a GSM monopoly – a monopoly perhaps on 2G and 3G GSM, but not a monopoly otherwise.

      Which is good news, although I’m even less likely to switch to Verizon than I am going to remain on AT&T when forced to move to them.

  • sprint needs to buy metropcs and cricket lol…..i bet att will eventually buy us cellular also hehehe

  • Levin49

    Please sign my petition to stop the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-att-t-mobile-merger

    • OCF

      Remember, there’s a petition at the petitionsite.com also. Sign, sign, sign….

      • Guest

        WTF I say just let it happen mayb change is good they’ve been last nd tht looks like it ain’t changing anytime soon

  • DetroitTechnoFan


    If this whole thing does go through, despite Sprint’s best efforts, I’ll remember this. I know who I’ll sign up with next!

    • I’ll be 2nd to tag along on that as well, lol. As someone said. I’d rather a “deal” with Sprint, than AT&T. DT gave us the biggest F u, & left us out to be devour’d by tiger sharks.


    YO HESSE, get your checkbook out or STFU.

  • Stratspider230

    I would much rather see a merger (if one has to happen) with Sprint rather than AT&T, lets hope something gets done here

  • Bakerher123

    this buyout will force verizion to merge with sprint and 2 massive companys and in three to four years later metro and all the others might be bought out leaving to big companys price fixing all there services and $100.
    will soon get you 200 min of talk and 1 g web with 100 text .
    if this buyout happens how many tmobile employees lose there jobs . if obama allows this he will never get re elected and will always be know as a comunist. i work in tmobile and we are scared and unshure about our jobs.
    alot of people will be laid off. if this country aproves this i think you will be able to see how people just dont care of keep people in work with healthy jobs.fcc and doj for once in your life at least if you approve please put in conditions so that at&t cant fire or layoff any one.

    • Dswagg2k10

      Please put out that fire. Sir, at&t is going to still need help with these 33 million customers and at&t president has already stated this and will have retention bonuses. Now if your scared your indanger of losing your job, you have a year to look for another one. #JustSayin

      • Phershey128

        I have been thru mergers..the retention bonus is so we don’t jump ship before the tranistion happens. You will get a retention bonuss. and then you will be given your pink slips. This happened when verizon bought alltel. they went to the extent to train us on their billing system and when they converted alltel customer over they let all 10 call centers close.

    • Dswagg2k10

      Oh, and lets not forget, it was DT that sold us out. I don’t like at&t either, but it sounds like it was the only solution to move either company into the next stage of evolution. haha EVO lol

    • jarjon76

      A bit dramatic, aren’t we?

    • Mister Anderson

      I don’t think T-Mobile would be too happy about you posting you’re an employee of theirs, considering you can’t even spell right and use capital letters when you’re supposed to. AT&T wont lay you off after the merger because T-Mobile will fire you first for being such a bad representation of the company due to your poor writing skills….unless you’re just a janitor….in that case disregard this comment on your illiteracy…

  • Spooln3

    What other companies besides Sprint and Verizon use CDMA? Just curious, because if there are only two real companies that use it, then that would be pretty close to a monoply, and not sure about Verizons LTE, but I am sure they will be phasing out their CDMA network onces that is fully up and running, leaving only sprint, so they would then have a monopoly no? I can list 4-5 other carriers that use GSM besides Tmo and att. So this is absolutely not true.



      • Dswagg2k10

        ceicket uses sprint’s towers

        • 23flyt

          No , They Lease Most Of Their Network From Verizon.. Only Roam On Sprint

    • Matt

      Boost Mobile & Metro PCS

      • Boost Mobile uses iDEN. Boost is actually Sprint’s Nextel’s arm’s prepaid unit, they’re not really another mobile operator.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think ‘monopoly’ means what you think it means.

      Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all cellular phone carriers that are in direct competition with each other, despite the different types of technology they use.

      A monopoly would be (for example) if AT&T bought up or merged with ALL of their competitors so they are the only cellular phone carrier. This is unlikely to happen. Tmo being acquired by AT&T *might* be the first step towards a duopoly run by AT&T and Verizon.

  • RR

    From a lot of us at T-Mobile in sales….GO SPRINT GO!!!!!

  • bob

    Seems like a ploy for sprint to get alot of the customers that will definitely leave if the deal goes through…..I seriously doubt that Sprint can stop the merger.

  • Babycosmo45

    WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO SIGN THE PETITION. COME ON GUYS AND GALS. WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE TMOBILE TO AT&T. HERE IS THE WEBSITE LINK- http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/stop-t-mobile-from-being-bought-by-att/

    • Bryanchance

      Oh great! I’m heading to the petition to sign it. EVERYONE please sign the petition.

  • I can’t believe I’m about to say this but here it gos………GO SPRINT!!!!!

  • BigMixxx

    I call it like it is, BULLSHIT!

    It’s customer stealing time, sprint has an opportunity here.

    This deal is going to move VERY fast, convergence of networks, Sweeping agreement with T mobile and ATT to roam on the HSPA+ networks, etc, etc, etc….I mean REALLY fast.

    Planned to last to the end of 2011, the private investors want their money, and they are getting a VERY good premium for T Mobile. Sprint, while whining, look at the lineup they are offering. They are leaning on HTC for success, samsung is a strong up and coming player and RIM will do business with them. They literally have a ton of bandwidth and doing absolutely nothing with it. Sprint could have cut a deal, auctioning of iDEN waves to the highest bidder and ran off with the cash, instead, sat idle. I believe there was a bidding war, silent but it was there.

    The hidden message, ‘ATT you have the hand up in net Neutrality.’ PLEASE DON’t LET THIS SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS.

    The petition, while I will sign, really needs to focus on the Net Neutrality issue. REALLY needs to focus on allowing us to use the free and roaming Internet as we please. If we don’t do something now with this, we will be faced with some tough internet related issues (tax anyone?) in the near future.

    • Navixo

      The Net Neutrality issue is one that is going to be handled in the hands of congress not during a company acquisition. While I agree with you, ATT will have power when it comes to providing certain services that they can choose not to provide to their 129 million subscribers (After they buy tmobile), but that is a whole new debate on free trade etc.

      I for one @ this point would rather see the company in the hands of AT&T than wait and see what happens if the acquisition does not go through. Imagine if you will, subscribers and cell cites for sale to multiple carriers (including regional only carriers) in little pieces. I don’t think any T-Mobile subscribers want to end up as a cricket customer, not saying that would happen, but if they want to sell T-Mobile USA its going to be sold to someone or lots of someones.

      Oh, and on a side note : I am not a fan of what’s happening, it ruined my Sunday just like Dan Hesse for different reasons entirely, Sprint’s real beef is in 12 months they are in last place again with two really big brothers to compete with… which is no different than right now.

      • BigMixxx

        I gotcha, but there is a lot of stuff at play here….the smoke and mirrors piece is the issue of Net Neutrality. ATT will be the single largest stakeholder with both wireline and wireless consumers. Remember they are a network provider. Smoke and mirrors all day long. 39 billion is not a lot compared to what they Verizon paid for, for alltel and the 700 mhz spectrum in which they are sharing with others. (13 million subscribers, 28 billion, block C went for 9 billion and they have to share it with ATT and others).

        AT&T is making out HUGE, Qualcomm’s space for 2 billion, their own investment for 6 billion, 39 billion for a maximum potential of 34 million more subscribers. Yes Net Neutrality is a HUGE issue here, as they will own just as much spectrum as Sprint when they finish.

        This is why Sprint is upset, Clearwire is pissed. ATT has a ton of bandwidth and literally will control the the internet with both a significant Wireless footprint and significant network infrastructure for wireline networking operations.

  • macman

    Although I am a very happy Verizon Wireless customer, I have friends and family on the major 4 networks; and I would hate to see the 3rd/4th place in Consumer Reports Mobile Phone review – AT&T and their poor 2nd rate customer service destroy T-Mobile’s 2nd place in both performance and customer service. Go to any library and read their reports on this from 2004 to today; AT&T has only climbed up from 4th to 3rd place one time to go straight back to 4th the very next report. AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM networks, but this deal will allow AT&T to continue their crappy service in other areas. Save T-Mobile’s reputation and have Deutsche Telekom buy Sprint when they transition to LTE!!

  • #TEAMSPRINT , Kick AT&T arse, & pester the heck outta FCC :D

  • Bryanchance

    I am feeling sick about this ATT and Tmobile merge. This merge must not be allowed to go through. It would create a huge company that will throw its weight around –you can bet on it. Not to mention AT&T is the worst carrier I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. When the first iPhone came out, i switched from Sprint (8 years) to AT&T for the iPhone, three months later I got rid of the iPhone and went back to Sprint. The reason for leaving AT&T: horrible signal and dropped calls and their support staff seems to all be trained to mislead customers about plan rates and services. I also have a Tmobile account for over 4 years and happy with their device offerings and great rate plans. I love my Blackberry with Wifi Calling feature from Tmobile. This is innovation that will never see the light of day with AT&T. If the merge goes through, i will switch to Sprint, even though i will have to purchase a CDMA phone.

    I think AT&T’s got something up their sleeve for gobbling up Tmobile. Maybe something to do with Comcast? Timewarner? Cable companies loosing their digital phone service to Vonage, Skype, MagicJack, Nettalk and all the independant VOIP service providers. Think about it…….

  • Bigjohn7187

    Every single antitrust/monopoly law that this country has is because of Att, lets hope they remember that, and do not approve this merger.

  • mobilepulse

    If you don’t like the idea of less competition and the inevitable corresponding higher prices, diminished service, and fewer choices as a consumer, sign a petition to stop the deal. Let your voice be heard!

    Petition the FCC:

    Petition the President:

    And please help spread the word about these petitions!

  • guest

    Complain to the FCC Now is the time to do it: Yep follow that link below. the proceeding number to use is 11-65. Type a comment in word pad save it and upload it. You can even write a letter (select from the pull down menu). My comments in word pad tend to get long when defending my rights… :)