AT&T Says T-Mobile Deal Necessary For Spectrum Needs

The AT&T T-Mobile deal stories just keep on coming with this report from CNN stating that AT&T needed T-Mobile for spectrum needs or face their own growth problems.

Speaking in Orlando AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega stated that AT&T would face significant challenges “in the short term,” without purchasing T-Mobile. No time frame was given as to when AT&T might face a crisis of spectrum shortage but acknowledged that AT&T had to make a move within the next 3 years.

“With this deal, we’re set,” says de la Vega says regarding the acquisition of T-Mobile spectrum.

“One of the key drivers (for the deal) was the need for additional spectrum,” de la Vega said on a panel at the CTIA Wireless conference. “It resolves the pending spectrum challenges that we’re facing in major cities.”

With AT&T hoping that a T-Mobile purchase will alleviate coverage troubles in major cities, it will still face a tough road in receiving FCC and DOJ approval.


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