FCC Official Goes Off The Record, Says AT&T/T-Mobile Marriage Faces “Steep Climb”

As the wireless world continues to take in the shock of the AT&T and T-mobile buyout news, reports of just how easy or how difficult it will be to find approval for the deal are rampant. Speaking to an off the record FCC official, the Wall Street Journal reports there is “no way” the FCC will “rubber-stamp” the deal. On top of that, the same official says that any deal is likely to face a “steep climb.”

AT&T may be making their own case as to how important this deal along with downplaying the significant concerns the public, FCC and Department of Justice may have. AT&T remains confident that they can push the deal through however.

This wouldn’t be the first time the FCC has approved a deal such as this, may point to the out the example of Sirius and XM radio combining into a single entity.

VentureBeat via Wall Street Journal

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