FCC Official Goes Off The Record, Says AT&T/T-Mobile Marriage Faces “Steep Climb”

As the wireless world continues to take in the shock of the AT&T and T-mobile buyout news, reports of just how easy or how difficult it will be to find approval for the deal are rampant. Speaking to an off the record FCC official, the Wall Street Journal reports there is “no way” the FCC will “rubber-stamp” the deal. On top of that, the same official says that any deal is likely to face a “steep climb.”

AT&T may be making their own case as to how important this deal along with downplaying the significant concerns the public, FCC and Department of Justice may have. AT&T remains confident that they can push the deal through however.

This wouldn’t be the first time the FCC has approved a deal such as this, may point to the out the example of Sirius and XM radio combining into a single entity.

VentureBeat via Wall Street Journal

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  • Infinite

    Nice!! T-Mobile will LIVE!!!

    • Anonymous

      No, TMobile will be more likely bankrupt than LIVE!!

  • as much as i think think att will be able to buy tmo (unfortunately), i think it is gonna be a real pain in the ass with all the anti-trust issues. hopefully enough to break the deal up :-)

    • Deff

      regardless someone is gonna buy us. whether they like it or not, DT wants out. CMON GOOGLE GET OVER HERE AND MAKE A BID!

      • Anonymous

        You don’t know that.. AT&T offered money they can’t deny, money talks! Now if it doesn’t get approved, they can use the 3 Billion to improve the network.. dun dun dun

  • Infinite


  • Drifter702

    Well I hope the FCC and DOJ listen to the people and not the lobbyist!!!

    • Cesarbohorquez

      Ha don’t count on that….

  • cory

    Ohhh how I hope this doesn’t go through!!

  • Rfgenerator

    What I’m betting is going to happen is that ATT (which is one of the largest contributors to the Republicans), is hoping to run out the clock and that their will be a Republican President (and possibly Senate) after next years election at which point this buyout will be approved faster than you can dial 611.

    • jeffy1988

      “Following the money is easy when it comes to AT&T. Figuring out the corporation’s politics is harder. In 2008, for example, the carrier spent $14,736,518 on federal and state office seekers. But the company spread the loot around in a fairly bipartisan manner. Open Secrets classifies the corporation as a fence sitter when it comes to politics, although during the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama was clearly the telco’s favorite.”

    • branden

      with crackheads like palin and bachmann running for president, the outlook is grim for republicans.

      • branden

        or even tim pawlenty, who wont even win his own state if he runs.

  • whosaidwhat

    Yeah Yeah…This thing will drag out for months or years but it will go through just like Sirius and XM deal. Corporate America always wins. Greedy Bastards. Petitions don’t do anything and someone from congress will voice their opinion to get some face time for the next election like they care. They don’t care about us.

    I know it will eventually happens so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. There’s more to life than two cell phone companies merging.

    Do you have any news about the SGS2, Optimus 3D, and Pyramid?

    • ATL Guy

      WOW your whole post was just one platitude after another.
      I love the hippie cry of, ” Corporate America always wins. Greedy Bastards”.
      Funny though how these corporations employ 1000’s if not 10’s of thousands and provide prosperity to many times that.
      Employees enjoying healthcare, bonuses, time off, vacations, ability to send their kids to college, money to buy a house are all part of what you call, “greed”.
      So you wouldnt advance yourself if you could?
      As if this is goes through its a bad thing.

      • whosaidwhat

        That’s all you got out my post huh? Okay. Give your money to them just because they ask. Why? Because they are employing thousands of people and are in the business to make money.

        Truth be told, this merger will get rid of something that T-mobile customers love and that’s the affordability of owning a cell phone; not being charged for things such tethering your android phone, getting a warned about going over your data or not having to pay more than $30 for data, not having to pay an arm and a leg for family plans.

        So you think a big company like AT&T should kill their competition just because they employ thousands of people? I don’t agree with you one bit.

        Like I said in my previous post, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. If and when it starts affecting my life/pocket, then I’ll find another way of owning an affordable cell phone.

      • Martina

        What about T-Mobile’s approx. 42,000 employees? Do you seriously think that AT&T is going to keep employing them? I have VERY high doubts about that. This merger would kill a majority (if not all) of those jobs, drive competition in the ground, create a monopoly that is going to dictate much higher prices and much worse service (because they don’t have to compete against another GSM provider anymore by upgrading the infrastructure) for EVERYONE who owns a cellphone and is very UN-AMERICAN. America was created on competition and free enterprise, our founding fathers are turning in their graves !!

      • Guest

        You make no sense. This merger will mean 10’s of thousands of people without work, and a government authorized duopoly controlling almost all wireless communications in the USA.

        And yes, a handful of people will get very rich off of it.

        • ATL Guy

          go ahead and back up your claim of 10k jobs when you get a moment.

        • Ndfgdfsgbia

          Go ahead and back up YOUR claim of employees “enjoying” their healthcare and making enough money to actually buy a house, smartass. Have your personally interviewed all the employees, or even a large statistical sample of them. Of course not. Typical clueless hypocrite.

  • Drifter702

    As a Conservative Republican i don’t believe they are all in this, as the media likes to spin all these businesses together and always tie one another to the Republican party. Democrats can be part of the blame too, but i dont like pointing fingers. I just want to keep this nice and bipartisan.

    • ATL Guy

      You seem to be the only one bringing politics into this but of course as you stated, ” but i dont like pointing fingers”. Although you did point your finger before saying you dont like to point fingers.

    • Rdfrancis516

      You’re right, but here is what the Democratic party would like it’s sheep to think: Republicans are evil corporatists that “allow” greedy corporations to win and take down the little man. What they fail to realize is that Republicans “allow” this because they historically have understood that it’s not their place to prevent this type of thing in a capitalist-driven economy. But this is all moot because the Republicrats are all the same now days.

      • branden

        i think the republicans are doing a pretty good job of showing they are evil corporatists on their own without help from democrats…. case in point, wisconsin.

      • Martina

        A capitalist-driven economy does not mean that monopolies can completely take over and in this case, AT&T would be the ONLY major GSM provider in the US = MONOPOLY. That destroys competition and choice and with that, creates much higher prices for consumers. In summary, this merger is a very bad idea and nobody but AT&T will win by doing it. Right now customers have a choice between the 4 major cellular carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. If we lose those choices, we also lose free enterprise, competition and freedom. And without competition, the monopoly can dictate the prices which will hurt all customers.

  • Rdfrancis516

    First of all, the government should have no place in this. Everyone that thinks otherwise is ignorant, but unfortunately, our bloated government will always overstep its boundaries outlined in the Constitution. I don’t want this deal to go through for my own personal reasons, but all of these CEO’s coming out of the woodworks stating their opinions that it will “stifle innovation” are simply jealous. They know that AT&T/TMobile will make up the largest percentage of mobile users, making them more appealing to companies like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.

    • craigers

      Seriously? This is exactly what the DOJ and FCC are supposed to do. If you don’t like government go drift off to an island and live by yourself.

      • Auser72

        @craigers, exactly. Every positive aspect of corporations(healthcare, vacations, workers rights), were the result of american citizens making government do something about it. And usually with the corporations fighting vehemently against any advances. We the citizens are THE GOVERNMENT.

        • “We the citizens are THE GOVERNMENT.” This used to be true. Not even close anymore.

      • Actually, no, this isn’t exactly what they’re supposed to do. Stop one company from selling to another? Not even close for that matter.

        • Senor Chang

          you realize that either way you take it, you get screwed, right?

          You don’t want the gov’t to manage mergers… then you’re going to get f*** hard by every corporation out there. In what fantasy world do you live in where conglomerates actually care about you and not consistently devise ways to take your money?

          This situation, the merger, is not the same as something like HDtv signals or net neautrality… those are areas that you can indeed argue that the gov’t should refrain from… but a corporate mergers? Absolutely there needs to be some oversight.

          the gov’t ignored corporate America and let them do whatever they wanted for nearly 10 years and now our entire system is shot to hell and what do people say now? “Oh you didn’t do enough”. Well WTF man, they go proactive and people complain they overstep their boundaries. The become reactive and people blame them for everything.

    • Auser72

      Unfortunately some people are ignorant of the history of Big Corporations, as it relates to the strangle hold they had over citizens of europe( Great Britainin particular). The Constitution original intent was to protect the freedom and liberties of the individual citizens . I suggest you do a quick study of 15th,16th century europe on corporate monopolization of goods, services, and finances. Or read some of the memoirs of the founding fathers and average first generation immigrant of constitutional period. I am not saying that all corporations are evil, but that there has to be a system of checks and balances. The financial fall out we are experiencing now is a direct result of deregulation of financial and energy industries. After corporate lobbyist convinced politician and enough people to sing the same song you are singing now.

    • Uh oh guys, we have a fiscal neo-con/libertarian.

      • Really? Neo-cons and Libertarians aren’t even close to the same thing.

    • Rob

      The real problem is that the government doesn’t do enough!! Who else do you think is going to protect the consumers (citizens)?

  • Techguy

    So, when someone speaks “off the record” isn’t that suppose to mean it doesn’t get published?

    Just saying.

    • Auser72

      No, it means that they are not speaking in a official capacity. And usually expects a certain degree of anonymity. In other words “don’t quote me on this”.

      • Guest

        Another way of putting it is: “My bosses officially told me to leak this fake information to make us look good, but we know we aren’t supposed to, and we’re not going to live up to it, so we’ll call it off the record”. Anyone who falls for this game is clueless. It is just a way of the FCC trying to make it look like they are doing their job, when in fact they are just another group of store-bought unelected politicians.

        • Anonymous

          Excellent point.

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile is sinking….can’t catch Sprint, has similar tech as ATT and we’re complaining about it…It’s a win for att and an a possible lose for tmobile…..I had given tmobile until end of this year and then merging, I personally thought Sprint, but see that now as wishful thinking…will it go through? Probably…..Germans just couldn’t market it’s product properly here in the US….New ads are better, but too little too late…..Never really marketed properly that they were the first to carry an Android phone…alas, wouldn’t have mattered since folks are so iphone crazy….

  • Techio

    This is good news. AT&T will have a harder time with this administration in office. I believe the FCC will make it very difficult. I hope this does not go through.

    • ATL Guy

      You do realize that, “this administration” want to expand broadband to more Americans?
      This merger would seem to fall in line with one of Obamas goals.

      • Anonymous

        actually it doesn’t. I would bet that they would oppose this

        • ATL Guy

          Why would they oppose this?

      • Bob

        How is it “AVAILABLE” to all american at AT&T prices? Only a certain group can afford AT&T cell.

        • Anonymous

          That’s a pretty huge group of people? Honestly, they are more expensive then T-Mobile, but not by leaps and bounds. I did a price comparison on their web site, and it’s not a life changing amount. If you can’t deal with the difference in price, there are many other carriers out there that are cheaper.

        • Anonymous

          You know all of those extra taxes you pay every month on your cell phone bill? That is for people who cannot afford, or don’t want to afford, cell phones..

  • ATL Guy

    Well DUH!
    Of course the FCC is going to state this!
    Part of their job is due diligence and making sure this is fair.
    Although there are plenty of tin foil hatters posting that will disagree.

  • US_Senator

    Well, AT&T owes TMo $3Billion if the deal falls through. So the way I see it, look for AT&T to be spending up to $3B on lobbying (buying) the lawmakers.

    With that kind of scratch being thrown around, me thinks the deal will eventually go through :(

    • Anonymous

      it doesn’t work that way.

      • ATL Guy

        Tmobile does get 3 BILLION if the deal doesn’t through.

  • Techguy

    Putting aside my completely selfish reasons for not wanting this merger to go through, if it doesn’t then it will slow down the advancement of wireless broadband. There simply is not enough spectrum available for too many providers to truly compete in the industry. Unless the government frees up more spectrum for auction, wireless providers will have more and more issues providing enough bandwidth to satisfy their customer base.

    Beyond having mergers such as these, the only other option for the future I see is through government mandated roaming arrangements between carriers. That way, the spectrum is shared between the companies. However, this could lead to price hikes to the customer.

    • Guest

      Ummm… “Techguy”, have you actually forgotten about the concept of technological innovation? That is the solution, not mergers.

    • Anonymous

      BAD LOGIC. We wouldn’t agree to having to every satellite channel turning into CBS just to get good reception???

  • Anonymous

    This is all about the business ecosystem.
    More choice is always better.

  • RoZ


    “AT&T may be making their own case as to how important this deal along with downplaying the significant concerns the public, FCC and Department of Justice may have.”

    “This wouldn’t be the first time the FCC has approved a deal such as this, may point to the out the example of Sirius and XM radio combining into a single entity.”

    Neither of those two sentences make any sense…

  • Anonymous

    I am sure the deal will go through. AT&T has a lot of cash laying around from what customers pay in every month, since they haven’t been using it to enhance their network. I’m sure they will get their way, as much as I would like to think otherwise.


    • Martina

      IF anyone at the FCC and Justice Department has any common sense and integrity, they will not let this deal go through. No matter how much money AT&T puts on the table (or hands the money underneath the table to “buy” officials), the FCC and Justice Departments are appointed to protect ALL OF US, the customers. The proposed merger would be bad for competition, bad for the communications industry, and bad for the US economy in whole, and the FCC and Department of Justice should, as part of their mandate, not allow this merger to continue. I, as an American citizen, want to be able to choose which cellular carrier I give my money to, I should not be forced to have to pay more for less service just because a company wants to swallow up another, smaller, competitor for monetary gains and to monopolize. It is not fair and I know that a lot of other T-Mobile customers feel exactly the same way. If we lose those choices, we also lose free enterprise, competition and freedom. And without competition, the monopoly can dictate the prices which will hurt all customers.

    • Martina

      I wrote an email to all 5 officials at the FCC last night, here are their email addresses if you would like to do the same:


      If you like, I could post the email that I wrote too. I’m going to fight against this with tooth and nail !!

      • Whats the point to fight for a company that doesn’t want to stay alive anymore. If this deal does not go down what makes you think DT will still want to run T-mo USA. Its dead now and either they shut down since many customers are jumping ship or they get bought by Sprint or someone else. Id pick AT&T then anyone else. I might just leave my self but my EM+ plan is too good right now.

      • Ron Dickerson

        the deal frees up spectrum which the fcc is having a hard time with anyway, and will help spread high quality wireless internet service to the masses.. which is a priority of the current administration.

        this will pass.

    • Anonymous

      They really don’t have the cash laying around though. That’s why they are getting a $20 billion loan from JPMorgan. That element of it just grosses me out.

      Thanks JPMorgan! Glad we could bail you out, so you can turn around and fund a deal that will put people out of work and create a duopoly essentially. Tax dollars at work.

  • CAL_08

    The worst part of this potential merger is that it is scaring off current and potential customers from Tmobile. If they keep losing customers because of the merger fear, then it will only increase the likelihood that the merger will go through since Tmobile will be eventually be forced to fold due to a lack of customer base. Plus as a current customer it suck to think that Tmobile has no incentive to keep updating their current network since it will all be wasteful spending because AT&T plans to tear it all down once they get their hands on it.

    • Techguy

      There is going to be no slow down on T-mobile’s part in upgrading the network. If the deal doesn’t go through, T-Mobile is not going to want to be falling behind on network upgrades. Also, it is part of the AT&T and T-Mobile deal that T-Mobile will continue to put the same money into their network as they have previously planned. The last thing AT&T would want to do is pay $39 billion dollars for a network and DT decide they will keep $3 billion extra by not upgrading the network. By federal law, T-Mobile has to continue to compete with AT&T. So don’t worry any about lack of upgrades or effort to improving the network.

      • CAL_08

        But why would they continue to invest in HSPA+ if it’s going to be torn down once AT&T controls the towers? If Tmobile begins to lose customers over this merger, then they will have less funding to support network growth. I agree that they might still be putting the same amount of money into the network, I just think it won’t be focused on 3g or 4g growth/expansion. It’s a lose lose situation for Tmo customers.

        • sino8r

          Because it’s not written in stone, duh! They have to prepare if it doesn’t get approved. Plus, all benefits of a break up clause.

        • ScoobyRacing03

          Plus if it doesn’t go through they’ve made an even larger footprint for HSPA+ along with the upgraded speeds they are doing too. Which could draw in customers if the merger fails. All the while AT&T is sitting idle on doing anything with LTE hoping the deal goes through while Verizon is building a LTE network.

        • aznboy

          Yes but who would to invest 200 dollars and 2 year contract on a phone that may or may not be able to use 3g in a year or 2.

        • Techguy

          Thats not the case either. Several phones already have the AT&T bands on them because T-mobile planned to use those same bands in the near future anyway (T-Mobile uses those bands on their GSM network and planned to reuse them for 3G). So, the newer 3G phones being released are being released with AT&T capable 3G bands.

          From someone who knows these networks, here is the likely scenario if the merger happens:

          AT&T turns down T-Mobile’s older GSM equipment. Customers already have AT&T GSM bands, so this is invisible to former T-Mobile customers. These frequencies get reused by changing T-Mobiles current 3G equipment from AWS spectrum to 1900MHz spectrum. Yes, some older phones will stop working on 3G at this time. However, the timeline for this change will likely be 2+ years. Considering most newer 3G phones already have these frequencies, you can assume most of these old phones will be gone. During this time, I would expect some great deals on phones and contract renewals to weed out the remaining phones. I really don’t think phones will be an issue.

    • ScoobyRacing03

      They are still improving their network, just after this was announced they announced they upped the HSPA+ speeds in a few markets. I’m sure talks of this merger or a merger with someone else didn’t happen over night. I’m sure it’s been in the works for many months. It’s rather clear in the past 6 months they have done a lot with their network by deploying HSPA+

    • https://www.tmonews.com/2011/02/t-mobile-reports-fourth-quarter-2010-results/

      T-Mobile has been losing customers since before this merger happened the only thing they have going for them is pricing

    • Anonymous

      thats y theres a 5 billion dollar brak up fee!!! duhhh, those Germans are crafty ones

  • Anonymous

    “AT&T remains confident that they can push the deal through however.”

    I would say the same thing if I was buying a company.. You can’t show weakness, duh!

    It’s gonna get denied!

  • Blahbot90

    T-Mobile practically just made $3 Billion, AND a way to expand their roaming coverage. Nice.

    • Archie7353

      No this will go through, SiriusXM did and those were the only satelite radio providers. They will have to “give up” things but this will go through.

      • Anonymous

        Satellite radio is hardly in the same league as these carriers.. this affects WAY more people and businesses.

      • Anonymous

        Whoever says “yes” to this merger should go to AT&T right now and see what the company is.

      • AdrianG2

        You won’t find satellite radio in as many homes as you find cell phones. I’m pretty sure that deal went through because ppl don’t really care for XM. This deal is WAY bigger than that.

      • Anonymous

        96% of americans own cellphones: http://www.ctia.org/consumer_info/index.cfm/AID/10323

        I don’t know anyone that ever had satellite radio either, unless it was free for a year in their new car.

        AT&T is certainly getting a lot of bad press. I wonder how much money they will throw at PR?

  • oedveron85

    prepare yourself to say goodbye to good prices and good customer service and say hello to CRAPPY everything else

  • ColdFeet

    Yikes. I just did the math to compare prices and it looks like I will pay only about $10 more for more minutes, 2 gig data on 3 lines, 200 mbs on 1 line, and unlimited messaging, rollover minutes, and “A list”. Less than what I pay now if I go with the next lower plan (but less minutes).

    So the only drawback I see is not being able to side load apps and the 2 gig data cap, which isn’t going to be a problem for me since I am generally under 1 gig now.

    • Anonymous

      Root it, you’ll be side loading in no time.

      • ColdFeet

        Yeah, I figure that that’ll be my only option unless AT&T decides to allow side loading apps. We still have at least a year before anything happens and a lot can happen in that time. And I’d bet that they raise the data cap to possibly even unlimited by then. In the past year, smartphones have come a long way and people are using them more and more for data. Shoot, I remember a time when nobody offered unlimited text messaging and you were limited to 1 or 2 thousand. Times change and so will rate plans and internet packages.

  • AttRulez

    If you don’t like it… get the phuck out. There is always Cricket for your cheap skates. Ha ha

    • Martina

      so how much are those AT&T crooks paying you to post this garbage on here? STFU and GTFU moron !!

    • I’d see China takes over USA than this happens.

      • Ron Dickerson


  • Levin49

    Please sign my petition to help stop the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger. Please help!!! http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-att-t-mobile-merger#?opt_new=f&opt_fb=t

  • Anonymous

    It’s all good.

  • Anonymous

    NOT FOR SALE….love it! Lol.

  • Javi080

    no cares about satellite radio i dint even know anyone that used satellite radio


      YOU DONT CARE but millions use satellite radio, shit Howard Stern has 20 million listeners fool! Maybe you should get out more..

    • Anonymous

      Commercial users are a huge, huge market. Ships at sea, truckers, just to name a few. They’re creeping up on the 20 million subscriber mark and they’re reporting in excess of $1 billion in revenue. They’re not exactly small-time.

  • Unfortunately, when the dust settles, AT&T will be given the approval to buy T-Mobile. As much as I dislike it, it’s just reality. The reason why it will be eventually approved is because AT&T is after T-Mobile’s towers and spectrum and not so much it’s customers. Don’t get me wrong, they want T-Mobile’s customers as well, but they know that when the rubber meets the road, they will not be able to prove to the government that this buyout is better for T-Mobile’s 30+ million taxpaying Americans as AT&T’s rates are much higher. The only hope I have is that all WIRELESS ALL CUSTOMERS will somehow benefit from this by the Government forcing ALL WIRELESS PROVIDERS to offer more affordable rates instead of the nickel and dime ones AT&T, VERIZON and SPRINT have now.

    • Guest

      AT&T has 3 main downsides in my mind: 1) Crappy network (dropped calls, etc) 2) Crappy customer service, and 3) They nickel and dime you for everything. AT&T claims this merger would only help solve #1, but they completely ignore the fact that the T-mobile customers who love the company for having great customer service and great prices will see a huge degradation in those areas of service. However, as another poster on here said, “Money talks”, so I will be surprised if those things are ever mentioned in the review of this merger.

    • Tmodondeal

      this is good for AT&T, T-Mobile coverage is very lacking. you get what you pay for.

  • Galaxylover

    Won’t go through. It’s too messy. They’d have an unfair monopoly keeping the tmo customers, and if they “divest” them, the consumer is forced to another carrier? That won’t work either.

    • ATL Guy

      This wont be a monopoly!

  • Attmobile

    I have an idea to save T-Mobile. We are going to use Inception to convince the CEO to break up the monopoly and allow T-Mobile to exist!


    • sino8r

      Lol! I just saw this a few weeks ago! Great movie… hilarious idea ;)

    • sino8r

      Lol! I just saw this a few weeks ago! Great movie… hilarious idea ;)

    • ATL Guy

      Why, “save” tmobile?
      They sold you out!

  • alt-mobile

    As much as I hate to say this, this deal will get approved for one reason and one reason only: AT&T is the biggest lobbyist (i.e. gives the most money to those fat cats on Capitol Hill) in the WORLD. They give more money than Goldman Sachs, and other such notable banks/financial institutions.

    Money makes the world go round…

    • ATL Guy

      More platitudes.
      Honestly are you able to think for yourself?
      It is FAR from that easy.
      The FCC isnt going to make this easy and it could get killed.

      • alt-mobile

        Highly unlikely. There have been many mergers in the past which shouldn’t have been approved. The most recent, and best example, was the merger which made Citigroup. That was an ILLEGAL merger and was only made legal a year after the merger was completed and a law was passed legalizing that merger/acquisition.

      • Tmodonedeal

        it won’t get killed. i am a tmo employee and it will get approved. the question is, will AT&T need to give up something in return for approval from the FCC? i hope not. tmo has the worst coverage of anyone not in a major metropolian area. I see this as a win in services for tmo customers.

        • alt-mobile

          From what I’ve been reading AT&T (if the acquisition goes through) will have to give up some of their frequencies (i.e. they won’t have ALL of the current AT&T frequencies along with T-Mobile’s frequencies). There also was something else mentioned but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

      • consultgirl

        I am a mid-level political consultant, a disheartened one at that. You better believe money makes the world go round and just how much power the lobbyist have. To believe anything else is naive or foolish. ALT Guy is correct in stating the FCC is not going to make this easy, or at least they will make it “appear” to not make it easy, but like all other deals it will be brokered in the backroom with hand shakes, knowing nods to those bought & paid for and leveraging the remaining few votes needed. It will all be finessed and each player will play their part while and the American public will suffer for the greater good of a few deep and powerful pockets.

      • Anon

        do you think ATT would piss away 3 BILLION dollars and a nice chunk of spectrum for the breakup fee if they werent close to 100% sure the deal will pass?

        money talks, bullshit walks.

  • Anonymous

    lol holy crap calm down there turbo, what, your dad invented the satellite radio or something lol damn

    • jaZzyjeff

      I think his dad is Howard Stern

  • RobReder

    You can’t compare the Sirius-XM merger with AT&T-Tmobile. It’s COMPLETELY different beasts. The biggest issue facing both Sirius and XM was the segmentation that was occurring in the marketplace. Neither company would be able to stay afloat without the help of the other. The merger was approved, because if forced to compete with one another, both would have gone out of business. In this case both AT&T and T-mobile are doing just fine on their own, and neither party NEEDS the other to stay afloat.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s your information that proves that T-mobile USA is doing fine?

      DT (T-mobile USA’s owner) is desperate to sell to anyone including sprint which isn’t even GSM. They’ve been losing money on it in recent years and aren’t investing in future technologies like LTE.

  • NS

    Comparing the Sirius-XM merger to this one is comparing apples to oranges. The business model and repercussions of that merger don’t apply here. That being said, the satellite radio merger took 17 months for FCC approval and made a lot more business sense than this one. This could turn out to be a lengthy process, however, AT&T has deeper pockets and more lobbyists than the satellite radio industry did.

  • Guest

    You have as much chance of stopping this as you do of stopping the sun from coming up.

    Deal with it.

    • thediablo

      well then it wont happen. i thought u learned in 1st grade that the sun does not “come up” relative to the earth. the earth in fact rotates both on its own axis and around the sun. ahhhhh we the tmobile customers WIN! winning, anyone?

  • Javi080

    bitch you need to get out more and stop listening to satellite radio so much.


    back in the 80’s……………


    they even went so far as painting a bunch of locomotives.

    i somehow doubt that ATT will get the bandwidth and spectrum they crave so easily.

    too many lawyers have too many opportunities here to sit still for it.

  • Shaggy

    Stupid is as stupid does. Hmm, pay $15/mo fr sat rad, or get free streaming music on Pandora.

  • Meagan

    Latest letter dated 3-25-2011 to Tmobile Customers:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anthony Cross

    i was a T-Mobile customer from 2007- early 2011…i am now with AT&T i believe this is a good idea overall…i didn’t hear people speaking up so much when Sprint combined with Nextel…I had a problem with Sprint doing that and i made a small small impact…i had 35 friends and family leave Nextel in the same day…once the merger happened…small pennies but Sprint should keep quite period point blank…they wanted T-Mobile themselves…that would be the biggest bomb/failure just like with Nextel

    • um, Nextel was a lot less impact to Sprint’s #’s compared to this. Nextel = not so great coverage back in that day. Tmobile is a lot bigger.

  • Concernedemployee

    does anyone else who went to the “challenger” meeting with the top executives feel like they have been lied to??

    I know I feel like that!! I feel like that meeting was a stroke fest of the top hierarchy with every intention to make all the employees feel like their job is secure.

    As for not feeling secure, we get an email today about severance packages!! is that a hint? is that what we have to look forward to?

    this year of sitting and waiting for this to be completed is going to be rough, sales are already down and commisions will go down and eventually people will look for other work.

    I just hope that we get answers of what stores are going to close, who is staying and who is going

    • Magenta Magic

      Same is going true for premium retailers! We haven’t been asked to leave yet, but positions are being cut, ASMs are being asked to compete for three positions that will be left and those who do not get it to step down to sales reps or resign. It is not a good sign, at all.

    • TMoEmp

      At my Call Center, for the month of March, there’s already been 50 Terminations! This deal will get approved and a lot of employees are gonna be outta work. The moment I heard about this merger, I started looking for a new job. I urge you to do the same….

    • LivinTheValues

      Yes, I attended the same Challenger meeting, asked Philip Humm, a question, and met all of the big execs afterwards….

      Now I feel burned, as if it were used car salesmen.

    • concerned_employee

      I have been with both at&t and Tmobile now. I was with the merge with Cingular and stuck through it. What everyone may not know is that att is Union for all call center enployees and the option is there for the store employees as well, all is not lost as employees we have to be strong :)

    • Jthandsome

      I know…yes I was at the challenger meeting…seems like a big joke….talking big plans to the employees, while secretly holding meeting to sell the company at the same time….thats business for you….no one gives a damn about you!!

  • Anonymous


  • Jason

    Comparing the Sirius-XM thing to this is way off the mark. The implications for this deal are far, far more dangerous than the implications of the Sirius-XM deal.

    • Anonymous

      While I understand the point you’re making, I still thought it was a pretty good comparison to draw. I really liked Sirius, I was a happy customer (I have vehicles with both). When Sony…er… XM… swallowed them whole, basically Sirius was wiped off the map. Oh, they kept some of the station names, but the programming immediately went to the XM model. Commercials increased, and the content I liked went away. The experience from a consumer perspective has been very similar — generally as miserable as the three times I’ve tried to escape from AT&T’s miserable service.

      There is actually some relevance in terms of spectrum questions, too, as satellite radio covers only a very small part of the spectrum, and now Sony controls all of it.

      One might even argue that the inadequate CDMA-based Sprint/Verizon offerings are similar to the “not much choice” pseudo-competition that FM and HD radio offer versus the virtual monopoly that XM now enjoys.

  • Steevo

    The only question you need to ask is this: Would ATT, Verizon have lower or higher rates if they didn’t have to compete with Tmobile? Tmo keeps those companies from raising rates as much as they otherwise would.

  • Steevo

    When Cingular Wireless bought AT&T they sold off the old AT&T network and licenses to Tmobile. They had to, it was an antitrust violation. AT&T cannot own essentially all the GSM network and licenses in the whole country.