Clearwire CEO Opposes AT&T And T-Mobile Deal

Chalk up another wireless CEO upset at the prospect of AT&T and T-Mobile coming together in holy matrimony. Clearwire’s interim CEO John Stanton (a former CEO of T-Mobile USA) expresses a high level of concern with the possible deal. Stanton criticized the deal calling it a “huge challenge to competition in the industry.” On top of that statement Stanton also stated that a potential deal “‚Ķrepresents something we’re seriously concerned with.”

Stanton went even further as to accuse AT&T of “stepping on the air hose of T-Mobile,” and accusing AT&T of unscrupulous practices. “They’ll beat you up, and then they’ll buy you.”

John Stanton, we agree.

Phonescoop via Wall Street Journal

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  • He wouldn’t be saying that if he was still the CEO of T-Mobile.

    • Youtube

      exactly….i used to work with ceo’s, vp’s and regional managers that had little man syndrome

      pathetic, completely pathetic

  • Hezza

    hes just mad cause he is with a failing company with clearwire on a failing technology (wimax)…..

    little man syndrome

    • ATL Guy

      Exactly. He needed a little press time for his failing company.

      • Especially since he won’t come to a deal with Sprint.

    • Exactly since Sprint will be jumping on the LTE bandwagon soon…Wimax is sooooo slow anyway!!!!

    • Tmodondeal

      clearwire is slowly dying. just being propped up by sprints cash.

    • Jayq330

      Funny to talk about a company that’d on the same boat, doing worst than t-mobile but is still here. Something we cant say about our before anyone makes another dumb comment think about the situation your in.sprint might actually end up owning 40% of t-mobile customers if at&t has to divide the customers to make this plan go threw in order not to seem like a monopoly. Oh & when they say sprint is going lte they mean clearwire also. We all know that those wimax towers only need a firm ware upgrade to turn lte & they already have more towers up than verizon so I’m pretty sure theyre not doing as bad as you’re making it out to seem.

  • cory

    the more CEO’s that oppose, the better!

    • Annonymous

      if you dont agree with merge, one needs to write their congressman/representative instead of posting useless comments

  • Anonymous

    Those involved in the buyout #winning…..competitors #trolls……

    C. Sheen

  • ATL Guy

    How exactly is AT&T, “stepping on the air hose of T-Mobile”? Its not like anyone put a gun to DT’s head and forced them to sell tmobile. All this, “poor tmobile” talk is pathetic.
    Companies buy companies deal with it!

  • ATL Guy

    How exactly is AT&T, “stepping on the air hose of T-Mobile”? Its not like anyone put a gun to DT’s head and forced them to sell tmobile. All this, “poor tmobile” talk is pathetic.
    Companies buy companies deal with it!

    • Deff

      agreed. DT wants out, its not really ATT doing the harassing. But shame on you for jumping ship already, at least PRETEND ur still loyal to T-mo. Even if theyre service isn’t great, they TRIED this year to make a huge stand, reel in some good phones, and even KEPT the lower prices. I just don’t understand why you people can’t at least support T-mo USA. After all, T-mo USA isn’t selling themselves, its DT.

      • ATL Guy

        At this point I personally am staying with tmobile. I will ride this out.
        I have faith that AT&T will do the right thing if only because they (hopefully) realize that if they don’t we will all jump ship.
        Its in AT&T best interests to make the transition as smooth as possible. If we have to get a new phone its also going to be in their best interest to offer us significant discounts on a new phone.
        I bet also we can potentially see special offers from Verizon and Sprint to gain our business.
        The one thing I want to know is if we are going to be allowed out of our contracts with enough time to make a decision?
        I hope that whole process goes smoothly.

        • tmogirl

          That is exactly what AT&T plans to do. They want to make the transition as smooth as possible and are going to work with the customers. They want to keep as many T-Mobile employees as possible because they know we rock at customer service and they don’t want to lose our loyal customer base. They understand that they have a bad rep and they want to change it by adopting T-Mobile’s values, which includes customer is always first (which is a major reason why they want to keep T-Mobile employees). This means good things for our customers, like optimal coverage, better network speeds and a wider arrange of phone choices. There is a bigger picture that has to be looked at. No worries, just because we’ll be under AT&T that doesn’t mean we won’t still be the T-Mobile everyone loves :D

        • Anonymous

          If you both turn out to be right, this is definitely a GREAT deal.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry hun that sounds too good to be true. Provide me with one article ANYWHERE on the net that AT&T has mentioned the customer service being ANY reason to buy T-Mobile.

          I hope you are right, and understand the need to stay positive.

        • sidekik

          how would we be getting more phone choices? if anything we would have less phone choices.

        • Smackverizon

          T-mobile customer service is dead. So is marketing, sales, HR, Product Development, and any group not specifically associated with keeping the network/towers/data applications going. Sorry to say but its true and its been said internally. These groups are just overhead. Watch for a ton of T-Mobile store closings as well. A lot of them are across the street from AT&T stores. They won’t need both in the end.

        • Aerofanbig

          AT&T has openly said this is about spectrum. PERIOD. They don’t care if Tmo customers stay, leave, or hell start their own mobile service. They need that spectrum flat out, for the iPhail nation of idiots they service.

          They don’t care about the customer base, they were already #2 and had more then double the customers. They could care less about customer service, or they would have already made changes after repeatedly coming in at the bottom of customer service rankings. Wake up people, they needed the spectrum. Thats it. They needed it, we were in the way, they buy us and we are no longer in the way.

        • Jayq330

          Makes me feel used.

        • Jayq330

          At&t doesn’t care about the customers all they want is the spectrum to have the best lte out, proof of that is in the fact that in the deal if they have to give 40% t-mobile stocks or 40% of it’s customers to lets say sprint, metro pcs our who ever wants them aka us/you guys they would even give the 40% of customers for free as long as the deal goes threw. do yeah they don’t give a 4g#t shit you guys , including me all they want is the 1700/2100 bandwidth. Conny how they actually own you by contract & sell our give you to whatever company without your consent, all because you signed a piece of paper they could pass you around all they want. All the BS acting like they care about the t-mobile customers & telling us everything is going to be alright is crap! F%(K ALL THOSE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO HAD DECENT PLANS,LLETS JUST TAKE THE BANDWIDTH.THEY’RE TOO CHEAP TO PAY FOR OUR PLANS ANYWAY! , that’s at&t thinking :)

      • At least someone has the right frame of mind. Best reply ever!

      • At least someone has the right frame of mind. Best reply ever!

      • Anonymous

        They should become independent! As if that is even possible….

      • Dewey Cox

        It is laughable how people feel we should “support” T- MO……or any company. You and I are just numbers and dollar signs to them.Loyalty in any business is non existent.. They will dump you just as fast as you would dump them for a better deal or new gadget.They have the highest churn in the industry so not much loyalty there. T-Mobile USA never really grew to what they should have been due to lack of vision, CRAPPY marketing and trying to be Wal-Mart in a Nordstroms world.They gave credit to people who had no business owning a contracted cell phone. Then made it worse with Flex Pay. They pushed pre-paid then cried when they saw that churn go through the roof.They pushed “AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE” the way friends push an ugly girls personality. Thats all they had.
        I worked for them for 6 years and have kept my service after I left. I was just a number then and just a number now.No loyalty from them at all. Stick ass !!!!

        • Smackverizon

          you worked for 6 years? well then just think of the retention bonus and severance package you’ll get to move on to greener pastures.

        • Mainlandking

          Smack verizon, he used past tense, so he ain’t getting nothing! He probably mad that he got let go….

    • Unsure of whether he meant before or after the deal, but the whole “Let’s announce that T-Mobile’s 3G phones will be obsolete if the deal goes through” thing certainly seems to be typical of a company out to kill a competitor, which T-Mobile will remain until the deal goes through.

      And, of course, if T-Mobile loses a lot of customers between now and the DoJ and FCC making their decisions, that’ll put pressure on both parties to approve the deal – the less viable T-Mobile is, the less of a competition issue there is.

      • Anonymous

        Just buy the Optimus 2X like me, and You will be fine. (It supports both 3G bands)

        • Sure, I’ll buy a phone I don’t want so that I don’t have to replace my phone with one that I don’t want!

          I was going to buy a G2, I’ve been lusting after them since they were first announced. Not going to happen unless AT&T fails.

        • Tmodondeal

          G2 is not good. you should wait for the GX2 that is coming to T-Mobile in the fall. its dual core and 4G.

      • Jayq330

        If you already have the vibrant you’ll be okay too because it also supports both at&t & t-mobile 3G bands, just need to unlock by entering some numbers in the dial pad as if you were making a phone call.

  • Rdfrancis516

    I hate AT&T just as much as anyone, but this is dumb.

  • Psa343

    What happens to Tmobile subscribers?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is right. Like I have said from the start, the combination of these two companies equals higher prices across the board. AT&T is absorbing one of the only reasonably priced carriers with good service, now we have Sprint left.

  • Anonymous

    im just gonna go along w/grandfather plan until the day at&t calls me to offer an upgrade w/circumstances then i’ll think of other options like maybe jumping to Sprint.

    • Tmodondeal

      100% correct Ghost..don’t change until you have too. Why spend more money until they make you. Smart move.

  • Veteran

    Let’s face it folks, we are going to have two major players in the cellular industry ….Verizon aka CDMA and ATT aka GSM. The little guys will get all the customers who don’t like either.

  • Not as Rich as Stanton

    Funny thing that Stanton would complain. He made a billion dollars when DT bought VoiceStream.

  • Javi080

    wasn’t t-mobile going to buy spectrum from Clearwire. And at&t says there’s not enough spectrum?

  • aktafoo

    i support sprints ceo and clearwire ceo 100%.the only ones that r going to benefit frrom this merger are att customers and att.we as tmobile costumors will b pushed aside.att needs are spectrum in order for them to get 4g,if u dont belive me ask any motorolla atrix owner.they DONT HAVE 4G.


    come up with some cash with hesse and counter offer. money talks.

    • Tmodondeal

      they don’t have the cash or the muscle for that anymore. sprint is a dying duck in the end.

  • Dewey Cox

    Of course Clearwire and Sprint don’t like the deal. There is no love lost between any of the carriers. It is a dog eat dog world and the consumer is wearing pork chop underwear.Sprint is now ALWAYS going to be in 3rd place, but lets be real about T-Mo…..we were #4 and were going to stay that way.For AT&T it was the i Phone and Verizon has the network (real or marketed) Sprint , well…I never figured that one out, and we had……..LOW prices. How many .99 cent stores compete with Macys???? Dotson ran the ship like a drunken sailor and I am sure that he is getting apiece of this pie somehow.He had to have known this was coming.You do not walk away from the kind of job he had without incentives.

    • Jayq330

      Sprint is next with t-mobile when it comes to prices & ideas. low cost plans,$80 gets you unlimited mobile to mobile &900 land line minutes with 100% unlimited uncapped data @ 4G speeds + free training on verizon & more wimax towers than verizon has lte towers & wimax towers can easily become lte in a simple software upgrade. So wherever theres verizon you’ll have service, for that price it’s not a bad deal at all. I’ll be going with them after t-mobile sells out. I wish they didn’t but…sprint is a better choice than at&t trust me & research before giving your money to them. Google & sprint are working together on integrating more software than just google voice, that’d why I like the under dogs, they do the good deals that babysit the customer at no extra charge & for less, just like t-mobile got rid of femtocell’s & turned most phones into wifi phones if there was a wifi signal.that was innovative. The price of the plans bother me to some extent, but feeling like I’m paying extra for the same service is something stupid.

      • Jayq330

        I meant free roaming, not training. sometimes swype keypad sucks.

  • Anonymous

    They lost out on buying T-mobile USA and are bitter that they couldn’t do what AT&T can. is anyone surprised by the negative comments from them?

    If T-mobile USA doesn’t get purchased by AT&T, don’t be surprised that this company gets dumped off on a company that will do worse for customers like sprint. Don’t forget that Nextel customers have been leaving Sprint in droves.

  • FlyerR

    What ever happens with the AT&T proposed merger with T-mobile, Tmo will be a loser.

    Even if it does not succeed:
    New customers will be limited. They will have questions like all you do. Will the phone that I purchased by agreeing to 2 year contract still work? Why should I extend my contract? AT&T can change all contract terms – they are paying 1300 per customers — so they know you will become their cash cows. People hate uncertainity. Verizon is the clear winner here. Good job AT&T. You and your evil twin win.

    If they do win:
    Deutsche Telekom royally screwed you all TMO employees and customers. Wall street couldn’t be happier – as this means synergies (aka layoffs) and better returns (duopoly pricing).

    • Steevo

      If they change the contract terms your contract is over, it’s right in the contract. So no worries about that.

      In fact, if you knew there was a contract change the thing to do is go and buy 15 $400 subsidized phones with new contracts and after the contract change sell them all on ebay.

  • Anonymous

  • T-Mobile Employee

    T-Mobile does have one of the best customer service reps, but will AT&T keep T-Mobile employees/call center reps? Most likely not. Why? It’s much cheaper to outsource like they already do. That means all of us employees that work here thinking “hey we are amazing, we will keep our job” — Think again. Didn’t you receive the e-mail address that was sent to every T-Mobile employee about severance packages and unemployment payouts? Now compare that to the new metrics they are launching. The new metrics are changing and will be getting tougher and tougher every month that goes along so that more and more employees get stressed and quit or fired because they can’t keep up. That way they don’t have to pay out severance packages and unemployment when at&t takes over. April’s CRT metric will be 369. Then May’s CRT will be 364. Then June’s CRT metric will be 359 and it goes worse with MRC metrics and everything.

    T-Mobile employees, you will most likely all lose your jobs.

    • Really?!

      Don’t be dumb. Do you honestly think ATT can afford to “out of no where” handle 30 million addition customers? Don’t get me wrong, the metrics that you are saying are being lowered, but only to weed out the weakest links….maybe you…think of all the other people T-Mobile employs, lawyers, accounts, HR, RP, retail, that is where the bulk of the lost will come from. Its nothing to keep a rep beacuse in a call center in general attrition is high, but why have 2 HR offices, 2 retail stores a block appart, 2 GM etc…those positions with duplication will be lost…so turn your chair back around, lift your head up, put your headset on, and take care of the customers.

      • Jayq330

        Don’t be dumb, don’t you realize that t-mobile’s customer care had been winning awards without having to ” wedd out the weakest links”? & it’s still cheaper to hire out side sources no master how you out it, india has thins just waiting to start getting your calls with cheap service. That’d what happens when you get taken over by cheap & greedy corporations i.e. at&t.

  • Anonymous

  • Tmodondeal

    Of course the clearwire CEO would oppose this. Clearwire is owned by SPRINT! They are just about out of business anyway. the only way for them to make money for their crappy services is to continually get loans from SPRINT. I work at TMO and we are right across the street from a large number of Clearwire employees. They have had 2 rounds of layoffs and are trying desperatly to sell spectrum for cash. They know that this deal will in effect kill them. Why would you get clearwire when you can just get a data stick from AT&T/T-Mobile combined network at 42MB? Ya this guy is smoking crack for sure.

    • Jayq330

      You failed to mention that with at&t those 42mb’s days will have caps, remember it’ll be at&t only not at&t/t-mobile. with clear wire it’s absolutely unlimited uncapped broadband & as competition gets faster so will they & sprint, if they want they can go to lte arty the flick of a switch.not to mention they have towers in more places than verizon so in the lte race sprint/clear wire would win instantly. It ain’t as one sided as you made it seem, I’m a t-mobile fan & customer.but I always like the under dogs & as soon as at&t buys t-mobile I’m going with sprint. T-mobile & sprint are threw only ones with innovative plans & unlimited data, although t-mobile throttle’s you after 5 gigs it’s better than just charging you 10 bucks got every gig.

      • ex Clear internet user

        There is a class-action law suit against clearwire. They are “managing” accounts of “unlimited speed, unlimited data” by cutting bandwidth to 1Mb/s if users are using “too much” of the internet.
        This will be a sweet end to Clearwire lies. There are 1,700,000 users affected.

  • CreolaBrazuka

    +1 I DISAPPROVE THIS MERGER. What can we, as consumers, do to express our DISCONTENT with this?

  • Buba

    Clearwire has no room the speak when it comes to unscrupulous practices take a look at customer complaints and you will see what I am talking abount!